Pad and Quill, maker of incredible cases for Apple products, release new hand-made leather bags (+giveaway)

Update: Pad and Quill is taking: 20% off iPhone cases,  25% off MacBook cases for 9to5 readers

Brian and Kari from Pad and Quill have sent me a few of their drop dead gorgeous iPhone and iPad cases over the past few months. These are hand-made with natural leather and wood materials with high-quality stitching throughout. The ‘Little Pocket Book’ above is a great wallet case for the iPhone 5/5s.  You can just feel the quality of the materials and craftsmanship here. People stop and ask me where I got my iPhone case and if it was hand made.

This week, Pad and Quill launched the Satchel Bag, Messenger Bag and Field Bag (videos below).  Again, incredible looking product for any Apple user that wants to differentiate from the every day stuff. If the quality is anything like the iPhone and iPad cases, these will be around for a long time.

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You can also find some of Pad and Quill’s collection discounted at Amazon.

Oh, and we’ll give away a few products from Pad and Quill to insightful feedback left in the comments on these products.

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  1. Masato Webb - 9 years ago

    This is really the kind of quality apple product case i’ve been looking for. The detail and quality that goes into making this product seems to really match that of an iPhone, or any iDevice. I really like this product

  2. These products look like fantastic travel gear! Class, durability and functionality are three words I would use to describe these products.

  3. Had the Little Black Book case from Pad and Quill for my iphone 4s and it was truly stunning. Definitely one of the best cases I’ve seen/ used. Never understood why people who put down hundreds of dollars for their idevice don’t want to spend a little bit for a quality case to put it in.

  4. Finally, an iPhone case that is timelessly chic and practical at the same time. iWant!

  5. lorensc - 9 years ago

    It’s interesting how much of a difference using high quality materials and handmade processes can add to the experience products like these effect on their owners.

  6. Daniel Hoang - 9 years ago

    Leather and waxed canvas are great materials that will wear and break in well over time. It’s always well worth the effort and expense to purchase well crafted products that will last a long time. Just make sure it’s a design that will work for you over the long run and invest in leather car products (recommend Chamberlain Leather Milk) and get fabric wax to upkeep the canvas.

  7. tkdennis - 9 years ago

    People often say negative things about expensive cases and bags, but why not protect your beautiful devices with beautiful products.

  8. Julius Hernandez - 9 years ago

    Would really love win one of these. I think pad and quill are one of the few products that scream quality. Love the cases they make for the iPad air.

  9. Alex King - 9 years ago

    These look amazing!

  10. It’s always nice to see a pro-tech company that doesn’t settle and expands to a whole new field, but one that makes sense for them specifically. I’m betting they’ll be porting the gathered experience from developing durable protective hardware (for something so tossed around like an phone) to the making of top-class travel bags that look amazing. The 25-year warranty is, in itself, a statement to that.
    Oh, and that beautiful whiskey leather will only age well.

  11. sunhou - 9 years ago

    I have their Little Black Book for my iPod Touch 5th gen. It’s very nice, and gets a fair number of comments from other people. Though I have 2 issues with it. (1) The elastic strap broke. I think I had it for about 7 months or so when that happened. (2) I keep it in my jeans pocket, and sometimes there is some dust/lint in there. I’ve often wished the case had some little piece that could slide over to cover the iPod’s rear camera lens to help protect it. I think a little sliding piece could be made within the current dimensions of the case, i.e. it wouldn’t require the case to be any thicker or larger. I’ve yet to see a case with this feature, but maybe someday.

  12. eroneree - 9 years ago

    Those bags look amazing, but the three videos are all identical except for the title. Feel free to watch the video once and then spend the next four minutes coveting those bags.

  13. Cary Goronkin - 9 years ago

    After having used another brand similar to this I would normally be reluctant to even consider purchasing. You’ve done a nice job writing a very convincing article and after visiting the Pad and Quill website I’m tempted once again to purchase such a product. We’ll done!

  14. eroneree - 9 years ago

    I find it fascinating that they take a potential negative like sourcing labor to Mexico and really own it by having the worker sign each bag. It creates a sense of empathy with the worker and I imagine the workers take greater pride in their craftsmanship because of it. Certainly the bags look like they are lovingly made.

    I assume Pad & Quill is paying their workers well because they seem to be taking a very human approach to foreign labor. It’s nice to see.

  15. singingfriar - 9 years ago

    I was a big fan of TwelveSouth’s BookBook for the iPhone 4s, but the quality of the build for the iPhone 5/5s is considerably less. I’d love to try out a Little Pocket Book to see how it compares—or an iPad case to see how it compares to my DodoCase. Thanks!

  16. Would love to get my hands on one of those!

    There always seems to be a unique tradeoff when it comes to using products like these. On one hand, these products add weight and bulk to an otherwise light and carefully crafted piece of hardware. But on the other, a new type of quality is introduced only achievable through handcrafted leather and wood. It’s a true blend of two very different types of beauty.

    A bag to carry those devices however, has no tradeoff. They look amazing!

  17. Lincoln Albrecht - 9 years ago

    It’s a small touch in a bag highlighted by leather, nickel, and wood, but the woven waxed canvass is pretty brilliant. Water-resistant enough to protect your stuff, without looking like a pair of Stain-Defender Dockers.

  18. Matthew Howe - 9 years ago

    Absolutely amazing the attention to detail Pad and Quill put into these. These are not only high quality to start but will improve with age and use, softening the leather and adding character. I am envious of anyone who has such fashion and sense of value to own one.

  19. Jonny - 9 years ago

    I was happy to see them release that Bella Fino wallet for the iPhone. I’ve got a P&Q iPad case and didn’t mind the extra width/height added by the wooden frame but for a phone case (especially the iPhone), I would be more concerned. The Bella Fino looks like it keeps that to a minimum and still adds the wallet features. Definitely an iPhone case I’d consider getting!

  20. Finally a product that enhances the beauty and aesthetic of the Iphone. Perfect mix of class and durability

  21. Zane Vandiver - 9 years ago

    I have the Bella Fina for iPhone5s and it is beautiful. The workmanship is fantastic.

  22. ryguy2303 - 9 years ago

    These are awesome! The functionality is great

  23. matthewthecameraman - 9 years ago

    The combination of simplicity and quality go hand in hand with apple products!!

  24. Ben (@MacBenTosh) - 9 years ago

    Even the name is something old fashion, back when products were made to last and built with quality and function in mind. These look amazing and Apple should be honored that someone chooses to put this on their product.

  25. Jar Markus Boberek - 9 years ago

    I completely understand the premium pricing on these products as a lot of time, thought and resources must gave gone into sourcing a reliable supply of a range of high-quality materials needed here, I am impressed by the craftsmanship that seems to be involved at each step of the production process, which makes each product somewhat unique, I also love the fact that this seems to be a family business and not a corporate product directed at the mass-market. I would love to get an iPhone 5S case from these guys for my baby sis for Xmas:) I can’t really afford their bag yet but if I ever see it discounted I will heavily consider it

  26. K Kapur (@kapurtwit) - 9 years ago

    Natural Materials such as leather and wood veneers are the definition of luxury and go well with a top end product which is both visually and tactilely handled everyday

  27. Michael (@MichaelAGarc) - 9 years ago

    Quality products like these are rare nowadays. As the emerging markets move along, the products start to feel very mechnical and repetitive. The Pad and Quill cases/bags remind us of the functionality and style that a handmade product can have in our lives.

  28. braydenvarr - 9 years ago

    What’s most interesting about their product is how proud they are to show off their products. They truly treat it like a piece of art in their videos. This appreciation and attention is also found in apple. Seems like a perfect pair, IMO. Also – they look great.

  29. John Lowe - 9 years ago

    I wish I could find quality products like this in my local town. I think it is good to support the smaller businesses like this when the quality is equal or better than the generic stuff from Best Buy. Mass produced plastics will never beat the look and feel of quality craftsmanship.

  30. Clif (@Clifw1f) - 9 years ago

    I’ve been using a leather book type covers for my iPhone for years and while I’ve liked them I like the wood accents in this one (looks more like pages). The elastic strap make it look much more like a real book.
    The bags are beautiful.
    I’ll be looking at Pad and Quill for my iOS needs in the future.

  31. Anthony Mooney - 9 years ago

    I love these products. Quality products for our quality products. Definitely not something you would find on the high street.

  32. TrevorKTaylor - 9 years ago

    The contrast of natural materials and aluminum really brings out the beauty of each product.

  33. Magnolo (@imagnolo) - 9 years ago

    The craftmanship of these products are nothing less that fine art that inspires and protects

  34. Wood and stitched leather – I don’t think these have been updated for iOS 7.

  35. I had a P & Q case for my iPhone 4. It was very high-quality and well made. It’s very clear that they put in nothing but the best as far as wood materials good. If you want a head-turning case, this is it.

  36. I have no Case for my iPhone 5 and need one! So please mama a german reader happy!

  37. Jonny - 9 years ago

    From my post above, if I am fortunate enough to get picked, my email is dummysignups at me dot com.

  38. Karen Harvey (@2BTs4Me) - 9 years ago

    I have a Graduate Artist Series Pad & Quill case for my iPad mini. I love it because it’s pretty, it feels like I’m actually reading a book and I don’t have to worry about losing my place when I close it. :-)

  39. robertrphillips - 9 years ago

    I’ve owned several Pad & Quill products in the past and the quality and design is unprecedented. I’m very excited about these bags. Any one of them will probably outlast most of us!

  40. Steve Sinsley - 9 years ago

    I’ve seen a lot of bags over the last 60+ years. They don’t seem to hold a candle to your Messenger Bag. I would love to have one.

  41. mcapote1990 - 9 years ago

    Looks like a product that will get better with age rather degrade like most backpacks and messenger bags.

  42. Jim Latimer - 9 years ago

    Quality products for quality products…great idea…we spend quite a bit on our iDevices, and I for one an tired of cheap or poorly made cases that I need to replace in a month or less…we’ll worth the price for durability, quality and style.

  43. I love their products, the bag is outstanding, very trendy. I would love to have all their products. The combination of colors make them beautiful. Working on fashion industry this is the kind of accessories I would love to have for my Apple products.

  44. Mike Gorman - 9 years ago

    Excellent report. Glad to see that there is now some organized competition for twelvesouth products. Have to keep them honest.

  45. Harsh Tiwari - 9 years ago

    There products looks amazing no wonder there products looks fantastic as they are handmade. Would love to win Pad & Quill iPhone case.

  46. Chandos Schorstein - 9 years ago

    The real problem I have with the videos is the lack of Smellovision! I bet these backs smell amazing! There’s something amazing about electronics and leather. It’s something old and something new.

  47. jaymallow - 9 years ago

    I’ve had the Contega for two years now. Altogether it’s been one of the best made cases. In fact I have found it to be even nicer than the more than double the cost Portenzo case I purchased a year ago.

  48. KW (@KevinWhitey) - 9 years ago

    Products look pretty awesome to me

  49. Bill Chapman - 9 years ago

    It is very insightful of Pad and Quill to put the little fabric ribbon device extractor in their cases. This alone separates their product from the more-difficult-to-remove counterparts.

  50. whex5 - 9 years ago

    personally i think only high quality material cases and bags could be the ones to carry apple products inside.Ive used the leather smart cover and a leather carrier case that would match with this in an awesome way fyi ;) thanks for the give away!

  51. I’ve always admired the Pad and Quill line of products, and these are no exception. With skillful craftsmanship and attention to detail, they are really a whole level up from your average case, and even a significant notch up from competitors such as TwelveSouth and their BookBook series.

    These bags are a welcome surprise from Pad and Quill, as they really expand their love of Apple products to not just encompass each product, but now a bunch of products together in a happy medium. The bags have been made to look stylish, rugged, comfortable, and classic all at the same time, and both the leather and its accompanying fabrics and materials all look top-notch.

    With handmade products, there’s always that given chance that their final product may not always be exactly identical, especially when it involves encasing or protecting another product that has been designed, engineered to specifications down to the micrometer on most of an assembly line.

    I’ve spent a few bucks on TwelveSouth products, as well as other inexpensive leather and polyurethane cases from other manufacturers, all with not so satisfactory results. Pad and Quill’s line is understandably priced a tad higher, but after watching the various videos (my favorite is the Satchel Bag), it looks like money that would be well spent, and the concerned variations in typical handmade products may be much less of an issue for a company that shows themselves to be quite meticulous and holds themselves (and their products) to a very high standard, especially when it’s backed with a warranty on the leather that will outlast several generations of Apple products (or other electronic products) you might plan on protecting.

  52. landoncube - 9 years ago

    Don’t try and browbeat me into being insightful, please.

  53. I know a lot of people including myself have been looking for an iPad Air version the DODOcase Hardcover since DODOcase doesn’t make it for the Air.

    Pad and Quill make it and it is called the Walden Collection. Took me a couple of weeks but finally found it on P&Qs website.

    Thanks Pad and Quill!

  54. Kayvon Gerami - 9 years ago

    You know, I want to want a case for my iPad and iPhone, so badly. I spend countless hours searching 9to5toys/Mac and other “best case for [insert device]” lists around the web.

    At the end of the day, all my devices stay naked. This isn’t disappointing because it’s my litmus test. If the Apple design is best… Nude it will remain.

    I use smart covers, but not smart cases. The back of the device is where the hard wares beauty resides. The software never has to worry about being bogged down or muted.

    Pad & Quill are new to me. They are within the same realm as the cases I have appreciated from afar but could not afford to justify. Like Element Cases Ronin. The desire and success in choosing something to cover my iOS devices requires a few things:
    1- design brilliance. Exactly as stated in the video, does the design provide the feeling of wonder and amazement that Apples devices give me? Is the design clean, cleaner, simple, more simple, complimentary to the form factor of the gadget?

    2- materials. All natural. If I’m going to take my idevices and cover their nudity, I want something made from natural resources. Wood, leather, cork, minerals, etc

    3- design over protection. Does the product forfeit aesthetics for ballistic protection or flame retardation? If so… Good. I’m not putting my phone in a blender or wood chipper. I bought apple care plus so that I could accessories for looks, not military grade bulletproof, underwater, jump off a cliff protection

    4- fit my style. I am a scotch and water, tobacco pipe, beard and mustache, worn leather everything kind of guy. So if it has bedazzles of any kind, it’s a no-go.

    The contrast between apple’s design materials and the wood and leather and stitching from Pad and Quill’s designs is palpably profound and eye catching.

  55. Kayvon Gerami - 9 years ago

    That is to say… I’d love an iPad air or iPhone 5s or bag for Retina Pro. Anything would be a new, singular, beautiful addition to an otherwise completely unadorned set of Apple products. It won’t be one product amongst an eclectic mix. It’ll be the first of an eventual collection of the family of products from Pad and Quill

  56. I’m very pleased with my little pocket book. Now I’m eagerly waiting for my aria for my new iPad air. Wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one of their new bags to make a clean sweep of it.

  57. John Hannan - 9 years ago

    My iPad and iPhone deserve to be wrapped in something as elegant as they are. These cases are perfect.

  58. I love the fit and finish on these bags. I love the leather clasp for the power cord to hold it together nice and tight.

  59. MacKay Olson - 9 years ago

    I’ve used Pad & Quill products for a number of years. The cases I’ve used were always high quality and the leather used was always genuine and felt great. The only problem I’ve ever had with a Pad & Quill product was the corners on my iPad 2 case broke off after repeated drops from a few feet up (this was over the course of 18 months or so). I was shocked the case lasted as long as it did, what with several small children doing the damage. The new case looks like new and it’s been on for a while now. I would be amazed if these new cases were not super high quality considering my experiences with other Pad & Quill products.

  60. The Latest Reviewer - 9 years ago

    A cube mate of mine has had the Handmade Contega Case for his iPad for about 6 months and I can attest to the quality and stunning signature look of Pad & Quill, but I just don’t know if you can justify the cost. I’m the first person to jump on board with small-businesses that promote sustainability, and with that comes an understandable need to price merchandise at a higher cost, but $120.00 for an iPad case just seems out of the realm of prudent, especially since most of us will be upgrading hardware every so often.

    Don’t get me wrong, the quality and attention to detail is certainly all there and the Satchel looks absolutely magnificent; functionality has certainly been something they’ll beat their competition with and I hope they continue to expand their line with various options and leather qualities. Still, I’d like to see how long Pad and Quill’s products hold up over extensive use; I’m talking years of daily wear and tear, as I’d like to see how well the leather ages and if the fittings hold true.

    Still, cheers to Pad & Quill for the most beautiful cases on the market.

  61. I find that cases, bags, and most accessories are rather personal. I have four Timbuk2 bags, and none of them are a “one size fits all,” especially considering I’m a teacher. I have a bag for carrying my iPad with its accessories for the classroom (Apple TV, Jambox, etc.). I have a bag for carrying my laptop/iPad and minimal accessories. I have a large bag for carrying everything (iPad, laptop, external drive, etc). And when I want to show off, I have a TF3 Optimus Prime carrying case.

    The one thing I haven’t been able to find is the modern version of “the briefcase.” As an aspiring administrator, it’s what I’m looking at. Waterfield Designs has some good stuff, but I haven’t found anything that really fits with the needs of a modular person. Most bags are designed for “tablet” or “laptop” and a few that have both, but then they sacrifice pocket space.

    I’m interested in seeing what these bags have in terms of space and division of pockets. My ideal bag would carry a laptop, iPad, mophie power brick, Apple TV, Jambox (or mini, at some point), the appropriate cords, and a pocket for flashdrives/stylus/etc (such as the Field or Messenger Bag).

    It’ll be interesting to see how these bags stack up with Timbuk2, Waterfield, and whatever TwelveSouth may have in the works. An example of something that I’m VERY interested in is TwelveSouth’s iPad Travel Journal. It carries everything AND closes up nicely. I’d love to see something like this from Pad and Quill, and if I missed it, please inform me.

  62. rlowhit - 9 years ago

    The iPhone case is a very nice alternative to the various wallet cases offered on the market today. Many on the market seem cheap this is a nice choice for those looking for something better than a cheap ebay case.

  63. shawnrjarrard - 9 years ago

    Thanks for introducing me to this company, the products of which embrace a global sense of engineering — 3D thought manifested in form and function. The phone case, for example, is two fold in multiple ways. We are witnessing the aesthetic of honest pragmatism.

  64. I would just love to hold in my hand such a case for my iPhone, and I guess my iPhone would love to be kept in such a case. I believe that the combination of wood and leather is brilliant. The stitching is a real work of art and I just love the craftsmanship that goes into each and every product, it’s a pleasure to see the videos. Love the whole idea and process, not to mention the whole products :D

  65. Azlan (@Azlannnn) - 9 years ago

    Premium product with a premium customer service.

  66. Deepak Mahtani - 9 years ago

    These are just amazing! I can’t believe this is the first I have heard of them!

  67. Is this an “insightful” comment?

  68. I’ve never used a cover for my iPhone because I wasn’t able to find one that matches the beauty and quality of the iPhone itself…
    Until now………

  69. Rob Moses Photography - 9 years ago

    Looks pretty cool.

  70. Deishawn Knight - 9 years ago

    I had one for my iPhone 4s. I loved how the leather after long term use would become a more dark. The camera was tough to use at the time. (Had to slide it out) But I loved it. Would love to win one here! Thanks guys!

  71. Pad and Quill products truly are high quality. I have the iPad 2 case, as well as cases for my old 4S and new 5s. Not only are they functional and durable, they improve with age. I, too, have had friends ask me if I had them hand made. Great products at great prices.

  72. Well I can tell you it is a very sharp looking case and I think it would make anyone look like instant GQ status. That is all

  73. weid (@mrweid) - 9 years ago

    great case for my 5s. been looking to get one of them for my apple product

  74. Their products always remind me of the leather wallet my dad had – old-fashion, used every day, scratched all over, but well loved. I’ve been thinking about one of their bags for my MacBook Air.

  75. I’m not so sure how insightful for comment will be, but I must say I would love to own any item from Pad and Quill, especially one of the new bags. I owned a Pad and Quill case for my iPad (first generation) and couldn’t bear to give it up when I sold my iPad. It still sits on my book shelf and fits right in. I also bought the phone case for the iPhone 4 and again, couldn’t bear to part with it. Pad and Quill makes quality items, and I love the attention to detail. I also like to support small businesses. I live in a small community in West Virginia and certainly understand the importance of supporting the “little guys.” (many don’t even realize WV is a state and not part of Virginia) Anyway, pick me please!

  76. Mary Bowman-Kruhm - 9 years ago

    We know Apple products are fantastic and Pad & Quill not only enhances them but is a great company–quick response, helpful to extreme.

  77. I am not a “bag” person per se, but If I had a owned one of those Pad and Quill quality handmade bags I would be…Those are beautiful!

  78. Anh Trinh - 9 years ago

    look beautiful…


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