Apple’s success in enterprise market “unbelieveable,” with more to come, promises Cook


Business Insider highlighted Cook’s celebration of Apple’s success in the enterprise market in the analyst call following its quarterly earnings report.

It’s up to unbelievable numbers. The iPhone is used in 97% of the Fortune 500, and 91% of the Global 500, and iPad is used in 98% of the Fortune 500 and 93% of the Global 500 […] 90% of tablet activations in corporations are iPads. And 95% of total app activations were on iOS … 

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Cook noted a recent IDC report on market share in smartphone and tablet in the U.S. enterprise market, putting the iPhone at 59 percent and iPad at 78 percent.

Apple is believed to have made significant gains in iPhone adoption as a result of the implosion of Blackberry, once the default choice of corporate smartphone, and has been actively pushing the iPad as a business tool.

While the focus of the comments was on iOS devices rather than Macs, Apple Stores are also promoting to businesses the ease with with Macs can run Windows as well as OS X, making the switch an easier one.

But, Cook added, there is much more to come.

I think the road in enterprise is a longer one. … And I think we’ve done a lot of the groundwork as you can tell from these numbers that I’ve given you, and I would expect that it would have more and more payback in the future.

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  1. Lee (@leemahi) - 9 years ago

    If owning an iPad in business is anything like owning it as a student, I bet pulling up an app and then switching that app to a few apps ago is a f***ing chore. You say, “hold on, lemme pull that up…” You tap the screen toward your app, oops you pulled down the search by accident. Then 10 secs later you find it, your in the app, and oops you press a wrong button”lemme fix that real quick” you say. ” let me compare that to the slide on this document,”. You swipe 3 times with 4 fingers to the last app u were using, and it’s reloading everything from the cloud because the memory is 1 gb. Wait another 10 secs, peck some more, and by then, everyone is frustrated by the slow ass ipad. My first 2 years I’d say I love my ipad, but it’s lack of multitasking, small memory, slow animations and pecking small buttons with low accuracy, it’s all sucks. The apps themselves may be amazing and brilliant, but it needs to be better. For business, even school, I would have an iPad with a surface pro2 right next to it.

    • appeffects - 9 years ago

      A lot of what is said sounds like a lack of familiarity. I have owned an iPad since day one and have an iPad Air now. I have never had the scenarios you present. As regards memory, here’s a URL that details how much memory each tablet actually has. You’ll notice that Surface fares the absolute worst.

      Also with iOS7 the iPad has multitasking.

      • Lee (@leemahi) - 9 years ago

        I have an iPad 3 Verizon and 300 apps. I use it 10 hrs a day. and yes the iPad air would alleviate half of these problems, but it still takes time to open up stuff, and nothing can change the size of the amount of ram. I love my iPad. I said it every day since the day the ipad 2 came out, until 6 months before iOS 7 came out. I blame this on apples software for sure. If there was a comparison to open up the 9to5mac site on an iPad verses a MacBook, the iPad would be super slow comparatively. Switching apps would be even worse. I feel like I’m in heavy syrup in iOS 7, because it’s powerful and consistent, but there’s a governor slowing it.

        All in all, if they fix iOS speed, add ram, and make the iPad even faster, it could get a lot better. But with no competition in sight, I might be swimming in light syrup forever.

      • Lee (@leemahi) - 9 years ago

        Well like this right now, I wanted to check Facebook, so I press it, and I think I can use it, but it’s just a dumb picture of what you were looking at 20 minutes ago. So it loads to the top in 3 seconds, then it loads AGAIN to the most recent. All in all, 10 seconds to check fb, when on Mac, it takes on click, f, enter, in 2 seconds.

        I hate it!

    • ikir - 9 years ago

      maybe you are little goofy i don’t have these problems with iOS7 multitasking :-) Sure for many task i use my Mac but iPad is another thing.

    • mburnet6 - 9 years ago

      If you really have 300 apps on your iPad, perhaps you should purge some of them. Even if you think you need your 300 apps, the iPad has enough memory, I’m guessing you mean RAM, to handle anything you need to do. If your device is running slow, you haven’t closed some apps in the multitasking view in a while. Closing apps and restarting your iPad every once and while will solve your lag issue. I have an iPad 2 and an iPad Mini (first gen) and they handle iOS 7 and my 100+ apps just fine.

    • Nashwan Peter - 9 years ago

      It looks like you don’t know how to use & do maintenance to your iPad. I have iPad Air, I don’t have one problem with it.

      “You swipe 3 times with 4 fingers to the last app u were using, and it’s reloading everything from the cloud”, are you sure??. What do you mean reloading everything from the cloud?

      First, delete the apps that you don’t use them on your iPad. secondly, for the once that you use them, you need to make sure that you close apps are running in the background & to preserve the battery life, go to setting > General > Background App refresh. You can turn off the feature for all apps or the one that you select

      When you use some apps, you will notice that the size of documents & data for the app will increase each time you use the app. So Go to Settings > General > Usage > then take a look on each app, for the one that has large documents & data, you can delete it and download the app again. So in this case you will have more memory

      It is ridiculous to say iPad is slow, I have iPhone 4S, the device works really smooth & fast. No single problem with it.

    • slowawake - 9 years ago

      “oops you pulled down the search by accident. Then 10 secs later you find it”

      I actually launch most apps that aren’t on the home screen via Spotlight Search now, not sure why you didn’t just do that. It seems to pull most recently used stuff to the top as well (and you can customize the order/inclusion of different types of results in Settings > General > Search). I type ‘r’ and the first hit is TuneIn Radio, which is exactly what I wanted.

      Similarly, this is how I use my Mac these days as well — Cmd-space to open Spotlight, type the first letter or two and the Top Hit, Safari, is highlighted, hit return.

      I just saved you 10 seconds. You’re welcome. :)

    • Mohsin Javed - 9 years ago

      lol, say what? i think you don’t know how to use an iPad.
      But it was a nice read. my five year old cousin can do better than that.

  2. Tim cannot remove MS from the Enterprise or business market while MS Office is the king. Simple as that. Making iWork free on new Macs was a good move, and I bet we’ll see more activity in that field

    • iphonenick (@iphonenick) - 9 years ago

      $700 to purchase MS cals in order to place a Mac on a domain with Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint and Lync servers is gouging and the business community is taking notice. βλακείας!

    • Alborz Heydaryan - 9 years ago

      true. and they made iCloud documents much better which also is a smart move. but they’re still not on par with Google doc. Google’s online shared editing works like a miracle…
      I was editing a shared file with my friend the other day, and it would take him ten seconds to see my edits… to be fair we were in a starbucks with they internet, but in the same scenario google doc was showing the edits instantly.
      there are still a lot of things to iron out before iCloud becomes my first go-to online editing. (the mac versions are perfect for my level of experience and needs.) but there’s definelty room for improvement online.
      and i think if they improve the 5GB limit on the documents, it would help a lot as well… right now I’m using iCloud back-up on both iPad and iPhone and barely have any space left for iCloud documents….

  3. ikir - 9 years ago

    Success well deserved


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