Say hello to Ayeris — Ayecon designer Surenix’s newest theme hits Cydia


Ayecon (that’s pronounced Icon) has long been hailed as one of the most amazing, most complete themes available for jailbroken iOS devices. Today, Surenix, the designer behind that theme, has released the iOS 7-inspired Ayeris (pronounced Iris). The theme features colorful app icons, redesigned interface elements, and more.

Keep reading for a full breakdown of what the theme includes and even more screenshots of it in action.

App Icons

At release, Ayeris supports over 150 apps with more to be added in future updates. A complete list of supported apps can be found on Surenix’s website.

The Ayeris icons are very well-done, as is to be expected. The Apple Store icon looks like the aluminum side of a physical Apple Store. The Messages icon takes on the appearance of its OS X counterpart. The Settings icon gains more depth between the gears. The Pages icon more closely resembles the Mac version, but adapted to fit within the shape of an iOS icon. Many of the icons are more detailed than the stock versions while maintaining an overall feel that fits with the un-themed icons.

image 4

Some of the Ayeris icons even bring a more unified design to certain icons than iOS 7’s redesign. A perfect example of this is the entire collection of Facebook apps. While some of the current Facebook apps share common colors, others (like Messenger) don’t fit at all.

Ayeris unifies the entire line—even the abandoned Poke app—with a common color scheme and design.

While I like what Surenix has done with most of the icons, there are a few I just wasn’t feeling. For example, the colors in the maps icon don’t really make me think of a map. It feels as disconnected from the actual use of the software as the stock Game Center icon. Three other icons that bugged me were Camera, Photos, and Videos. Camera’s icon is not bad by design, it just doesn’t really bring a camera to mind and sometimes throws me off, leading me to think it’s Photos.

The Photos icon, on the other hand, is the most colorful of the bunch. It’s not that I think it’s a bad icon, I’m just not sure it fits in with the rest of the theme. Finally, my biggest peeve with the Videos icon is that it’s so easy to confuse with the Remote icon. I would have prefered to see something a little more reminiscent of movies or TV, which is the primary type of content you’ll find in the app, rather than a play button that could represent any media application.

System Interface

image 3

Many of the system icons have also been revamped. These include common buttons like the share button, back and forward arrows, status bar icons, compose button, and tab bar icons. From the App Store to Safari to Mail, you’ll notice little touches and tweaks that makes the interface more enjoyable.

image 2Sharp corners on previously-square icons have been rounded out (see the share and update buttons above), the tab button in Safari has been redesigned to match the tab-switching interface, and the location icon in the status bar and elsewhere has been changed to resemble a location marker like you might see in a mapping application.

Oddly, these changes don’t carry over to some apps, like the iTunes Store. The sharp corners in the Photos app’s tab bar have also not been rounded, but that makes some sense since photos don’t have rounded corners.


In the status bar, the signal indicator dots have been made a little smaller and the Wi-Fi signal bars have been thinned a bit. Other tweaks include new mail account and mailbox icons.

Overall Impression and Availability

Surenix has put a lot of thought into refining the iOS 7 design, from improving the app icons to softening blocky glyphs system-wide. Aside from a few icons that perhaps don’t work as well as they could, it’s a solid improvement on the existing design.

You can grab Ayeris today on the BigBoss Cydia repo for $3.99. Future updates with new icons and other enhancements are expected to be free for existing owners. If you’re not seeing the theme yet, try refreshing in a few minutes, as the Cydia repos do not always update on a set schedule.


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  1. Lukas Kollmer - 9 years ago


  2. emulajavi - 9 years ago

    Awesome! I hope apple takes this into account! Really interesting tweaks to the icons

  3. PMZanetti - 9 years ago

    Looks fantastic.

    Too bad I ditched my jailbreak in favor of 7.1

  4. Yes (@AMillah) - 9 years ago

    Glyphs I think are the biggest area iOS 7 could see some improvement. Liking the softening of some of the glyphs in here. I especially like the Safari Tabs glyph, makes so much more sense with the new tabs view in Safari than the old glyph does now.

  5. thejuanald - 9 years ago

    This looks great. Jailbreaking the iPhone is the best thing that ever happened to it.

  6. b9bot - 9 years ago

    I already have IOS 7, don’t need to jailbreak and crash my iPhone for this. Worthless!

    • Ryan DeRocco - 9 years ago

      I’ve been a jailbreak for years, and have not once crashed any of my phones. Plus, the tweaks you can make to iOS 7 really do make it the best system out there. Looks like someone just wanted something to complain about.

      • rahhbriley - 9 years ago

        +1 Some people jut don’t get what jailbreaking is really all about. Their loss. At least he didn’t go with the piracy fallacy.

      • Bardhok Ndoji - 9 years ago

        I have done it several times and the guy you are replying to is right! Just after installing couple of tweaks you start to see springboard crashes and battery draining quickly! Jailbreak is becoming more and more irrelevant and pointless. The only thing I could still jailbreak for is quick reply but even that is not a big deal and worth the hassle.

      • thejuanald - 9 years ago

        Bardhok, I’ve had less crashes with my jailbreak than I’ve had with stock ios. There, my anecdotal evidence trumps yours.

  7. Drew (@gettysburg11s) - 9 years ago

    Its too bad that Apple is so dead set against jailsbreaks and jailbreaker devs. It would be nice if they worked together. That way, people could safely do it if they want (probably still voiding their warranty), and a better name could be applied to the process, so that it doesn’t sound so criminal.

  8. Jon (@jonnyb098) - 9 years ago

    Can someone post links to the beautiful wallpapers?

  9. Personally not something that I’d go for (I currently flit between the Soft Remix theme, Pastels and iOS8 Infinity) but it’s lovely work. I’d be interested to know what sort of sales themes like that at $4. I see so much crap for silly high prices.

  10. Ryan Pesso - 9 years ago

    This is definfietley my favorite theme by far. This developers is very talented and made icons that are even nice then many of the iOS 7 icons. If you have this theme make sure to get tiny grid as well. Instead of the normal and small 3 by 3 icons per page in the folder when you open/close it, Tinygrid allows you to change it to 2 by 2, or 4 by 4. Then you can resize the icon in the folder, so i have 2 by 2 icons when my folder is closed and i resized them so it looks nicer.

  11. Clint (@ClintAustin26) - 9 years ago

    Wow this theme is gorgeous. I always jailbreak but rarely theme the OS (every time I tried I ended up in a boot loop in the past). This is really nice. I personally like the photos and camera icons better than their counterparts (besides I usually get to the camera app via control center). I agree that the videos icon looks like they just phoned it in and recolored their remote icon. The best redesigns IMO are Safari and Game Center. This theme is worth every penny.

    • besanford - 9 years ago

      I’ll just stick to Elite 7 by Barsoverbeats. It is the BEST theme out there, not this.