HTC unveils new One (M8) with dual-LED flash, Sense 6 software, Gunmetal design

HTC has just announced its 2014 flagship in New York. Dubbed the new HTC One (M8), the device is just as all the leaks have depicted it over the past few months. Most notably, HTC is touting the device’s high-quality metal construction, which it describes “like a premium watch.” (Remember when Jobs described the iPhone 4 as a “a beautiful old Leica camera”?) The device is  available in a new Gunmetal Gray Hairline Finish that makes it look significantly more high-end than its predecessor. Taking a page out of Apple’s book, the device features a dual LED flash on the back, much like the iPhone 5s.

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As with a lot of HTC devices, the company has really went all out with the camera and its software. HTC’s Sense 6 software also adds some new camera shooting modes, including “dual capture”, “selfie”, and “customizable manual.” The camera also features a 300 millisecond focus time, which is 50% faster than the previous generation


As far as availability goes, the device will be available at select Verizon stores today before being picked up by the other carriers in early April. Itt will, however, be available for sale online from all major carrier partners at 1PM EST. It will be coming to additional countries by the end of April, including Australia, Taiwan, UK, Germany, France, China.

We have much more on the new HTC One (M8), including specs and images, on 9to5Google.


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  1. weakguy - 9 years ago

    The best Android phone just gets a bit better. Too bad the photo quality and the resolution are not improved. Otherwise, that shoot-first-focus-later feature really tempts me to get one. Maybe I will get it if Apple messes up this year. I really hope not though.

  2. PMZanetti - 9 years ago

    Oooo…440 dpi….If only my eyes could see more than 300 dpi, it would actually matter!

  3. swaiguh - 9 years ago

    Who said anything about shoot first focus later?

    • desdinova70 - 9 years ago

      HTC did. There is a sensor above the camera lens that captures depth information when a picture is taken. Afterwards, you can change the focal point of the picture by just tapping on the point on the image where you want it to focus (it’s basically a post-processing refocusing via hardware instead of software or multiple exposures like other phones). Since the camera knows how far away each object is, it is able to refocus the image wherever you want. I presume it has it’s limitations, just like anything.

  4. Nick Grant - 9 years ago

    looks like a great phone

  5. Kevin Rye (@RyeMAC3) - 9 years ago

    Looks like LEDs on flash is starting to be like blades on razors. Who’s going to be the first to come out with a 3-LED flash? 4-LED flash?

    • mockery17 - 9 years ago

      I know the answer. THAT copycat company which begins with an S. Add as many things as possible to sound impressive, and market the hell out of it (that includes use of dirty tricks) so some people get to believe they are the best things invented since mankind.

  6. mockery17 - 9 years ago

    This is an awesome Android phone. So much better than all the other Android guys are doing. I would buy it immediately if it ran iOS.

  7. NQZ (@surgesoda) - 9 years ago

    “Taking a page out of Apple’s book” — dual LED flash was from Apple’s book? Excuse me? There have been tons of phones with dual LED flash way before the iPhone 5S…………..

    • Yes (@AMillah) - 9 years ago

      Looks like they followed Apple’s approach in the 5s, with the two LEDs having different color temps, one warm one cool. Which WAS an Apple first. Now lets see if they’ve got the software to correctly analyze the scene and fire the two LEDs at just the right setting in order to get the same results as the 5s flash.

      • standardpull - 9 years ago

        HTC rocks the house down; this is the best phone on the market, hands down. The only problem I have with it is that it is too big to pocket unless I’m wearing fatso jeans. And I never plan to wear fatso jeans. But if I did wear fatso jeans, this would be on the top of my list!

    • Yes but Apple rethought the approach and offered software enhancements to a two tones flash. One would flash in white and the other in a shade of amber determined by the software.

      We do not know how well the new HTC One will perform though, may not even help portray the scene correctly, you never know!

  8. rlowhit - 9 years ago

    Had an HTC while it looked and worked nice for the first year the second year was filled with strange bugs. Random reboots, losing its memory card which required removal and reinsert to recognize, and a memory leak that caused all onboard memory to be used which required hard reboot (battery removal). Made me appreciate coming back to iPhone.

    • desdinova70 - 9 years ago

      Cool story bro. My teenage son has an HTC Inspire from 2010 that is still going strong with no problems, other than he had to replace the battery a few months ago because it was starting to lose its charging capacity.

      • desdinova70 - 9 years ago

        Sorry, the phone was bought in 2011, not 2010.

    • South Jersey Droid - 9 years ago

      Yes, because the iPhone has ZERO bugs… Why don’t you try and make an intelligent argument? iOS 7 is already on it’s 4th or 5th update, and they just found more bugs, so what’s your point?

      • rlowhit - 9 years ago

        Its true the iOS has had updates, and perhaps the HTC I had was not the latest greatest, but if read my post carefully you will see the point I was making is that your mothers a whore.
        Is that intelligent enough for you?

  9. acslater017 - 9 years ago

    Apple will be late to the big screen game, but you still have to laugh when everyone starts throwing in gold models, gun metal models, dual LED flash, and fingerprint sensors…

    • No fingerprint sensor! But hey, you can turn your phone on by swiping the screen! (well, you still gotta input your password)

      • South Jersey Droid - 9 years ago

        Let me know how that fingerprint thing works when you have to wear gloves. That’s right, you can still swipe your screen, or gotta input your password. Fingerprint scanning is a gimmick. Android had it, winter screwed it over, and life went back to normal. Plus, we have Face Unlock, which means, we can just look at our phones and unlock them. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, Android phones can do it all

  10. All I see is, a larger phone (large negative to me) in all aspects, strange camera setup with decent bump in specs although no where near how the competition have advanced, an updated Sense which will be available on the older model, an updated design which is really up to the consumer whether or not its an improvement, and better speakers.

    So good enough after your contract is up from another phone other than the HTC One but I don’t see why there’s so much hype over it. It doesn’t even have anything leaps and bounds better than the original. They just took what everyone else had and improved it (or added it).

    Good phone overall, I just don’t see it.

  11. Matthew Richardson - 9 years ago

    I’m a big apple fan. iOS especially. I love the apple ecosystem. I’ve never looked at another phone as anything but a comparison to how good my phone is. I don’t know why I do it. I’m not proud. However, this phone REALLY tickles my fancy. It looks brilliant. I want to hate it I want to be mad because android only came about because of iOS. (Yes it was being designed and tested before iOS release. But it wouldn’t of been what it is now without iOS. I suppose that could be said for iOS also but I like how iOS doesn’t add things for the sake of adding something). But this is android done correctly. I’m very impressed HTC. Kudos. I still think the forward facing speakers are the best thing for a phone. All phones should do it. It just makes so much sense. We don’t look at our phones from the bottom or the back so why stick the speaker there?

  12. george (@__georgeh) - 9 years ago

    I have nothing against HTC
    Their advertising schemes, forgive me if I’m wrong, but they are less anti-apple than *some* companies.


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