The confidential internal slides that show why Apple is making a bigger iPhone 6

iPhone-4-5-inch displaysApple internal slides

There has been no shortage of rumors that the iPhone 6 will have a big screen ranging from 4.7-inches to over 5 inches. But why is Apple doing this? They just changed the display size from 3.5-inches to 4-inches and another screen size increase could present a headache for developers, casemakers and the whole ecosystem.

The answer, from Apple’s own research/presentation, shows they have to. There is no growth in the 4-inch phone market for devices that cost more than $300. In fact, that market is shrinking overall.



Below is the slide that shows how Apple ended up in this predicament. It isn’t just consumers wanting big screens for less. Carriers also have it out for Apple, according to the internal slides released (via Re/code) during the current Apple v. Samsung patent trial. Citing the iPhones high market share, subsidy premium, ‘Unfriendly’ policies and lack of alignment, Apple believes the carriers have a strong interest in capping iPhone sales. Finally, according to Apple, competitors are improving their hardware and ecosystems and spending ‘obscene’ amounts of money to gain traction at carriers. That is Samsung more than anyone else.


So what can Apple do?

Apple can sell a 4-inch iPhone for under $300, either forgoing their historically huge margins and/or making a cheap device. Neither of which are very likely. You can currently buy an iPhone 5c at Virgin without a plan for just over $300 but those are likely still subsidized because they are locked to Virgin. It is hard to find a 4-inch iPhone for under $500 on the open market.

The much more likely scenario is that Apple sells a bigger iPhone 6 for its current market price and margins addressing the growing market. At the same time, its current lineup could drop in price and come close to hitting that magic sub-$300 price point.

In short, Apple must make a bigger iPhone.



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  1. Steven (@StevenSaidWhat) - 9 years ago

    I agree, it’s time for a (slightly) larger screen. When I use a friend’s iPhone 4S or earlier, the screen does now seem remarkably small, an impression I admit stems from my iPhone 5 and from other phones I’ve looked at. And while I think the 5 is a perfect size, an increase to a screen size of 4.7, as we’re hearing rumors, would be a nice change. I’m not sure about a 5.5″ screen, however. That’s a substantial increase.

    In any case, I think what protects the entire iOs ecosystem is its uniformity across all phones and platforms, whatever their screen size. My home screen at 4″ looks and performs identically to a 4S at 3.5″. What drives me nuts about Android, and what prevents me from even considering switching, is the insistence of each manufacturer to imprint its own designs into the software. A Samsung performs differently from an HTC which performs differently from a Motorola etc. So if I look at a one friend’s Android phone, the next friend’s Android phone looks entirely differently.

    My point: yes, Apple needs a larger screen, but that’s not the only thing that’s going to prevent a mass migration from iOs. The UE is still, in my opinion, in a league of its own.

    • vikramis007 - 9 years ago

      This really puzzles me. I honestly have no clue as to why people love the large screen phones. I’ve held the Xperia Z1, Ultra and personally have the Lumia 1020 for my MS collection. Every single time I use any of those, I can’t seem to stop dreaming about the perfect-in-hands experience on my iPhone 5. I didn’t mention Samsung only because I just hate the feeling of the ugliest hardware and software design I have ever seen.

      That 7.6mm sleek silhouette and 4″ screen feels like it’s made just for your hands. Increasing the screen size by a tiny margin using the unnecessary bezel without compromising the actual phone’s width or height would be great! Other than that, I’m more than happy with this screen size. It’s a phone after all. If I really want the large screen experience I use the MacBook Pro Retina which clearly describes the amount of times I absolutely require a large screen.

      Before anyone fires my comment with hateful replies, I use my phone for gaming casually and some FPS action at times. I spend a lotta time on the web but thanks to mobile websites that use less data and look just right for small screens, I have no problem with that either. The rest of the time, I use the iPhone for music social networking.

      • George Ou (@GeorgeOu) - 9 years ago

        When Apple comes out with a 4.7″ or 5″ or larger iPhone, you’ll be telling us how perfect 4.7 or 5 inches are.

      • Lee (@leemahi) - 9 years ago

        With all those things you do on your phone, I bet your battery lasts two hours. I hope they fix that.

      • vikramis007 - 9 years ago

        Honestly? It’s the only phone that lasts me for a good 6 hours with a full charge but even that isn’t anywhere near being good.

      • Dean Har - 9 years ago

        “If I really want the large screen experience I use the MacBook Pro Retina”

        Hate responses like these because they’re so impractical. If all iPhone users carried their laptops and iPads with them everywhere, then maybe you’d have a point. Maybe.

      • vikramis007 - 9 years ago

        I’m sorry if you think that’s impractical but my point was the necessity for viewing on a large screen is very low for me.

      • Steven (@StevenSaidWhat) - 9 years ago

        I’m not sure that the current 4″ screen isn’t just about perfect, as well. I can reach everything with one hand, just barely sometimes, and something larger might prevent that. But I can see myself going for a little bit more screen real estate, like the rumored 4.7″. But a 5.5″ would be, for my purposes and preferences, ridiculous.

        I especially like your suggestion to get rid of the bezel and use that extra space for increased screen size. I think that is an excellent idea.

      • Mike Morkes - 9 years ago

        As someone with big hands and thick fingers, a larger screen would be a welcome addition.

    • sparkyf1 (@sparkyf1) - 9 years ago

      The Nexus phones and tablets have no additional stuff added so they look uniform, they just have Android as Google intended. I will only buy the Nexus range of Android.

  2. Eric Collie - 9 years ago

    Apple finds itself in this predicament as a result of similar attitudes that plagued (and ultimately doomed) Microsoft and the post-Jobs (the first time) Apple era — stubbornness and unwillingness to adapt. I am a die hard Apple fan and they almost lost me as an iPhone user by ignoring the clear demand of users preferring more screen real estate in this day and age. The only thing that kept me as an iPhone user was the “stickyness” of the ecosystem, which I began to view not as a positive, but as an obstacle to me actually wanting to switch since the hardware would not keep pace with market realities.

    Even now, if rumors are true that the iPhone 6 will come in a bigger size, they have already lost a ton of market share, some of which they will never be able to regain. They could have easily trounced the competition (whose only real advantage was bigger screen size) before companies like Samsung were able to gain so much traction and momentum. Instead of using its vast resources in nipping this in the bud before it became an issue, Apple is now using it towards litigation and other waste-of-money and reactionary type campaigns, all a little too little, too late. It’s all pretty sad to me, as both an Apple fan and long time shareholder.

    • Your mostly right except for one thing: there are many people who left Apple ecosystem because of a too small screen iPhones… but they will return when Apple releases a larger screen iPhone. Many people don’t have problems switching back and forth and the fact that many apps / services are now available on both platform ease this process…

    • Tallest Skil - 9 years ago

      >>stubbornness and unwillingness to adapt.

      So you’re blind?

      >>I am a die hard Apple fan and… …as both an Apple fan and long time shareholder.

      Oh, shut up.

      >> they have already lost a ton of market share

      Marketshare they never had in the first place.

      >>gain so much traction and momentum.

      Enjoy your buzzwords.

      • Ryan Park - 9 years ago

        You make no sense. Apple DID lose marketshare, because marketshare is measured in percentage! Apple once held an obscene marketshare, now they’re down to like 17% or something.

        Mentioning that he is a shareholder is relevant, it means he is biased towards Apple, and even still he acknowledges the downfalls here. Obviously we have to take him for his word, but it’s believable given his logical explanation on screen size.

        Oh, and you must have not seen Apple’s internal memo leak, which this guy probably did, because it explains all of this in Apple’s OWN words.

        So, “oh, shut up.”

      • Tallest Skil - 9 years ago

        >>Apple DID lose marketshare, because marketshare is measured in percentage!

        That’s not how numbers work. Please take remedial 7th grade mathematics.

        >>Apple once held an obscene marketshare, now they’re down to like 17% or something.

        I’m sure if you make up numbers to go with the made up stats that everything will be fine.

        >>Mentioning that he is a shareholder is relevant, it means he is biased towards Apple, and even still he acknowledges the downfalls here.

        You don’t seem to comprehend how this works. Him being a shareholder means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER. It does not lend weight to his statements. If they cannot stand on their own (they don’t) due to whatever reason (lies, stupidity, etc.), it doesn’t matter how many Apple products he owns or how much he “likes Apple”.

        >>Oh, and you must have not seen Apple’s internal memo leak, which this guy probably did, because it explains all of this in Apple’s OWN words.

        What internal memo leak mentioned a “loss” of marketshare?

      • sally (@FedGoat) - 9 years ago

        STFU tallest. friggen troll.

        Eric is spot on here.
        Apple is starting to remind me of Nokia and Blackberry with their arrogance, stubbornness, and unwillingness to adapt.

        Blackberry laughed at on screen keyboards, said they were a fad, look where they are today.

        Nokia, who used to be The go to device before smart phones, they got lazy and were so arrogant, they decided they didn’t need to adapt. Look where they are, microsofts b*tch.

        Apple will be 3rd on that list if they don’t learn to adapt.
        Apple used to be an innovative company that were first to do many things.
        That died with Jobs. Now they coast on past achievements and spec bump each year.

      • Tallest Skil - 9 years ago

        Hey, enjoy that FUD, my man. Keep living the dream.

    • George Ou (@GeorgeOu) - 9 years ago

      Exactly. Instead of wasting time and money suing Samsung, Apple would have been much better off competing in the larger screen smartphone market instead of ceding the majority of the smartphone market to Android smartphone makers.

      • oomu (@oomu) - 9 years ago

        lawyers are working and making win for apple

        engineers are working and making winning products for apple

        neither are wasting time and it’s not the same person

        the world is not like that:
        “ho sorry, stop to work on the new technology for the best mac ever, you have to go to defend us against samsung” “I’m an engineer, sir” “-so ?”

        I’m not at ease with 5″ iphone. 4.7 seems to me too much already. Of course with an incredible screen and wonderful software I will be impressed. But I LOVE how I can use the iphone 5 with just my thumb.

        I don’t think these giga-phone are that convenient. but yes; it’s certain, the iphone 6 will be big

        and if Apple makes a good job and their technologies are always interesting, in time I will follow the “big iphone” (7 or 8 or 9.. I don’t know) but sincerely, I hope the best iphone ever with best cpu, best screen, best technologies, best software, best camera, will still be available in a decent reasonable size.

        I don’t care if you don’t believe me or if after my huge rant you still think I’m a troll.

      • Alex (@Metascover) - 9 years ago

        Ridiculous. Samsung blatantly copied. They had to sue. Your are being nonsensical.

    • Alex (@Metascover) - 9 years ago

      What is this ‘clear demand’ exactly? Less than 15% of Android phones have screens bigger than 4 inches.

      • robertvarga79 - 9 years ago

        The clear demand that those larger ones are mainly the most popular and best selling either. iPhone, and only the iPhone, needs a nice design upgrade, a beautiful one it deserves!

    • PMZanetti - 9 years ago

      I’d rather use a small iPhone than a large anything else. If Apple almost lost you, then you have little appreciation (or even use, for that matter) for the software you’re actually using.

      That said, I’ll still welcome a larger iPhone.

      • Personally I don’t care if they make a bigger phone so long as there is a smaller one for me to buy. For me it is still a phone and I carry it in my pocket. I won’t buy a large screen phone because for me it’s not usable. I need to be able to use my phone with one hand and carry it in my pocket with out feeling like I got a huge brick in there. I take my iphone everywhere so the larger it is the more inconvenient it is. I know there are lots of people out there that like or may even need a larger phone, so make them a phone, just don’t make only one phone. That way guys like me that like the size of the 4S and 5 can stay using a phone that size and still get the latest and greatest every couple years.

      • hchromium - 8 years ago

        To be very honest, this is what I feel. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have the size for us for the iPhone 6 anymore.

    • Lee (@leemahi) - 9 years ago

      All the new smartphone adopters that are buying google won’t switch back. I don’t think many will switch. I think the litigation costs are negligible when compared to the amount of money they make. The iPad is still their best product. A Jesus watch would turn Apple around, but only if it’s better than the Moto 360.

      • PMZanetti - 9 years ago

        All of this is fantasy FUD garbage. The iPhone is the profit leader at Apple Inc. It doesn’t matter what your thought or impressions are, it matters what it is ACTUALLY HAPPENING IN THE REAL WORLD.

        And that’s Apple, making the most of amount of money off of iPhone, amongst all their product lines.

  3. aeronperyton - 9 years ago

    There’s something I’m missing from all of this. Is Apple voluntarily releasing their own confidential documents? Why? To cover their backs against copycat suits when they make a bigger phone (like everyone else already has)? Or is this Samsung coloring (supposedly) real internal documents to make Apple look inwardly desperate and defensive? If feels like there’s a very large piece of context missing from this story.

    I would not mind an increase in screen size so long as I can still operate the whole device with one hand. It’s much more than a marketing spin to me, it is more often than not the only way I can use it. If it becomes harder or impossible to do everything that can be done on the device without two-handing it, then I would be very disappointed and likely keep my 5S until the bitter end.

    • zubeirg87 - 9 years ago

      I could not agree more about the one-handed usability of the phone. Especially when Apple themselves made it clear that it was the defining factor when designing the iPhone 5 at 4″ only. I think it will be a shame that Apple now forgoes this good principle just because competitiors are making it bigger. It seemed that competitors had to go bigger because they could not make a small phone powerful enough and with a good battery life. Infact again it was Apple that said that when launching iPhone 5. As a matter of fact Jobs never used to listen to what users wanted, because his point was that people rarely know what it is the best for them. It is a bad sign that Apple now feels compeled to obey what people say.

      My personal opinion is that 4.5″ is the max size for one-handed usability. Let’s hope Apple is still Apple, and indeed comes with a device that fulfills all that a good phone needs to have.

      • Apple will continue to make a 4″ device that is a given…. but they will expand to gain back marketshare… I would expect Apple to try make larger screen devices still very operable with one hand… by reducing the bezel for example.

  4. W. Maxwell Esterhuizen - 9 years ago

    An increase in screen size would *not* be a headache for developers as long as the dimensions remain 16×9. Everything would still fit the screen, albeit at a lesser resolution. But it would give enough time for devs to change the resolution without it looking as bad as it did from the 4/4s to 5.

  5. Jennifer Rellias - 9 years ago

    I guess I’m in the minority in that I don’t WANT a bigger phone! It’s a PHONE, something you carry in your pocket and hold up to the side of your face. Phablet users look ridiculous.

    • Anre G. - 9 years ago

      Jennifer, I’m with you, totally agree.

    • aeronperyton - 9 years ago

      Maybe instead of a larger iPhone there needs to be a cellular iPad mini?

    • Mark Dolan - 9 years ago

      Me too! I think those large phones are a joke but if Apple wants to make one, fine just keep making the 5 size as well. Those other companies had to make larger phones for battery life.

    • Lance Newcomb - 9 years ago

      I agree completely. The iPhone 5 is already too big. I could use my 3GS with one hand stationary and my thumb could reach all four corners of the screen. With the 5 I have to shuffle my hand or use my other hand to reach all corners. The 5 is already too tall to fit in a work shirt pocket and latch the button (something I could do with the 3GS to keep it from falling out).

      • Dean Har - 9 years ago

        You had the option to purchase the 4S, but instead you chose to go with the iPhone 5…Don’t complain

      • Lance Newcomb - 9 years ago

        Dean, you’re completely wrong, dumbass. The 4S has not available in 64GB for a very long time.

      • Dean Har - 9 years ago

        At the end of the day, you made your decision.You chose the ability for more functionality over a smaller form. If most iPhone users had the option of choosing a smaller 4inch iPhone versus a larger one with more functionality, most would make the exact same decision as you. So once again…Don’t Complain

    • PMZanetti - 9 years ago

      There is a size limit for a one-handed, pocketable phone. 4″ might not be it. 5″ likely is. 4.7″ might be the final happy medium.

      Apple is not going to make a 5.5″ phone. That’s a true phablet and no longer a one handed device.

    • jonp1002014 - 9 years ago

      Completely agree!

    • StefanoS - 9 years ago

      Haven’t you realized that we’re not talking about PHONE any more? This is 2014. We’re talking about smartphone that can do a lot more, like play games, watch movies, work etc. If you want just a phone you can always stick with the Nokia 3310 from the 90’s. Calling this device a PHONE it’s like calling a car “radio” because it has a radio receiver in it. 5′ devices can fit all right in a pocket.

    • blakthundar - 9 years ago

      Well Jennifer, some people have bigger hands and would rather risk looking “ridiculous” and have a phone that is more ergonomically functional/comfortable. I have an iPad, iPod and Mac and when my contract was due for an upgrade, I went with the Note II instead of the iPhone 5 due to its tiny 4″ screen. I think a 4.7″ phone is just the right size to not alienate people who like a smaller phone/need something they can easily pocket and people who need a bigger phone or just enjoy have a bigger screen for any videos/gaming they do on it. Personally I am really looking forward to Apple having bigger and multiple sizes as I will finally be able to purchase an iPhone that I know I’ll love.

    • Stephen Brummitt - 9 years ago

      Everybody looks stupid holding a box to their ear, when there are bluetooth, or even wired headsets available for hands free operation. Heck, all you have to do is talk to the device now to have it dial your number. Size is just a matter of either choice, and however much more space is required for whatever hardware is needed to make the new bells and whistles work, plus what ever DHS has mandated they put in to better spy on us.

  6. Kenneth Lin - 9 years ago

    Where is this source from? This article makes no mention of it.

    • Seth Weintraub - 9 years ago

      From the article: “Court documents via Re/Code”

    • Cyclonus5150 - 9 years ago

      Seth – you and your colleagues in the tech press should dig a bit deeper and provide context for this story. The truth is that these slides were composed by members of a lower level sales team. They weren’t in any way informed by nor do they reflect corporate position. Everyone running this story is essentially muting Schiller’s response.

      • Seth Weintraub - 9 years ago

        It is pretty clear this is the direction apple is going. Re: Phil, What else is going he going to say?

      • B Vox (@B_Vox_Pro) - 9 years ago

        Seth, If theses slides are real, how they knew the FY’13 Q3 8% unit growth? According to the slides the date is April 2 to 4, 2013. Something smells fishy.

  7. Sue Mullins - 9 years ago

    In my opinion it’s not the size of the device but what you use it for. If you want to text all day long, the a larger keyboard would be attractive. And many do the two thumb tango. But if you want a device to check the weather, traffic conditions, make a hotel reservation, pay for your Starbucks, pay a bill or buy something on eBay, a larger screen isn’t necessary, just make it big enough to tap with one finger. What is more important is being able to store the phone in a pocket…

    • Stephen Brummitt - 9 years ago

      It seems to me that Apple is missing out on another untapped market here! I-Clothes with pockets large enough to accommodate their products!

  8. Tom Magrini - 9 years ago

    Any phone with a larger screen size has to comfortably fit in one’s pocket and still be usable with one hand. Phablet users look ridiculous and are clearly compensating for a lack of size in another aspect of their lives. If I need a larger screen, I’ll use my iPad mini.

  9. therapcat - 9 years ago

    MAybe people are buying larger phones because the batteries last longer in those phones. I don’t care about the screen size, but I’m upgrade eligible and itching to have a phone that lasts till 5pm. Tired of having my work phone outlast my iPhone 5s, 3 to 1 on a single charge.

    • Tallest Skil - 9 years ago

      Nope. The larger phones only exist at all because their creators were either too lazy or stupid to miniaturize the parts needed to make a modern smartphone. Because there wasn’t any specialized engineering put into the hardware, they drew more power than their Apple contemporaries. Because they drew more power, they were forced to have larger batteries. And because they were forced to have larger batteries, the screen was made larger so as not to have unwieldy bezels (which also forced larger batteries).

      • PMZanetti - 9 years ago

        This is more true than most realize. The fact remains however, that the size of the screen has drawn people’s interest. To the average idiot, its one of the few noticeable differences between models. And lets face it, to ANY human being its at least the FIRST obvious difference. So it attracts attention, at least a primal level…bigger = better.

        So while larger phones may yet be popular in numbers, it is a whole other thing to consider where market growth is. And it does make sense, that the larger phones, that are obviously something a person doesn’t have (compared to their small phone) can be a primary motive for upgrading (hence market growth).

      • Will Maynard - 9 years ago

        “The larger phones only exist at all because their creators were either too lazy or stupid to miniaturize the parts”

        Or… you know… there’s actually demand for it? It’s quite a bit easier to actually read text on the Note 3 than an iPhone; I’d much rather read my ebooks on my phablet than a company iPhone. Media and games look much nicer on a larger screen, too.

      • Tallest Skil - 9 years ago

        >>Or… you know… there’s actually demand for it?

        No, I’m explicitly telling you why they were first created. Before these phones came into being, every single telephone that had ever been made was usable with one hand. There’s not much demand for something that inherently can’t work the way it’s supposed to.

        >>Media and games look much nicer on a larger screen, too.

        That’s why tablets and televisions exist.

  10. mrabernasty - 9 years ago

    You all must realize that we are not the majority of Apple’s clients. The majority are young teenagers-young adults that think that a larger display would be cooler. (The bigger the better, right?) Apple enthusiasts, like ourselves, make up only a small percentage of who is actually buying their products. So give Apple some slack here. If the majority of their clients wish for a bigger display (even if it’s not a good thing) then Apple has no choice but to produce one. If they didn’t, they would lose more customers than they already have.

    • Steven (@StevenSaidWhat) - 9 years ago

      I’m not certain I agree that teenagers and young adults are their primary focus. I still believe Apple goes after, for obvious reasons, the upscale user first and foremost. If the teenagers and young adults have money, then sure, they fit the profile. But Apple knows that, if it can get an iPhone or iPad in your hands, you’re likely to purchase an iMac or MacBook as your next computer.

      Apple wants customers with deep pockets, no matter the age. As they proved with the 5C (which hasn’t been as successful as they predicted), they’re not going after that low price point. I would actually guess that their less-than-stellar sales with the 5C takes them in the other direction. If being the high-end phone/computer means fewer sales, that’s OK with them. It’s all about the profits, not the units sold.

      • Cyclonus5150 - 9 years ago

        Youth is absolutely not the demo Apple focuses on. They don’t target a specific demo. They make products that they believe will enrich the lives of most people. Their core customer is everyone from the demanding creative to the bus driver in Wichita Kansas. If they thought a large screen on a phone was that important to their customers, they would have done it years ago. The truth is, outside of the tech echo chamber, most people don’t seek out a large phone.

    • PMZanetti - 9 years ago

      That’s not quite how it works. Apple’s primary market that they want to see growth in right now is EXISTING smartphone owners. These are the people that drove market growth for the last 7 years and these are people who have caused growth to slow.

      Apple is legitimately concerned that people with 3″- 4″ phones will be looking to upgrade their phone. At a primal level, they may be drawn to something physically larger in size that is available….unable to resist the idea that bigger is better. Since an overwhelming percentage, maybe 75-85% of all these people will have no idea WHY one smartphone is better or worse than another, they can only go on what they can see, and what they can discern to be different.

      Bigger = Better is a common human fallacy and easy to fall into. Apple doesn’t want to miss the boat when all of these cavemen come up against this decision and end up getting something else because, “I had a Apple phone but wanted something bigger.”

    • fjpoblam - 9 years ago

      I agree. I have no problem whatsoever with the majority of iPhone users wishing for a larger iPhone face. Cool. Matter of taste. As for me, the bigger it gets, the more apt I am to consider even a teensy “feature phone” which won’t make such a dent in my jeans. I can keep the apps on my iPad Mini. A place for everything.

  11. Mr. Grey (@mister_grey) - 9 years ago

    I would still much rather have a “phablet” and thus only have to carry one device.
    That would mean more of an “iPad nano” than an “iPhone maxi.”

    • PMZanetti - 9 years ago

      Such a thing doesn’t, and cannot, exist. If the iPad mini is not the device you describe, and what you want is smaller than that….its not an iPad. The iPad mini is just barely an iPad as it is. Any smaller, and its just a big iPhone.

      All you can do is scale up a phone device to become a phablet. There is no replacing the usability or purpose of an iPad with a plablet.

  12. robertvarga79 - 9 years ago

    They need to combine and introduce two other screen sizes, bigger ones, preferably 4.5-4.7 and 5/5.5 inches, with a new(ish), refreshed design while still obviously remaining familiar with the typical stylish Apple appearences, plus iOS8 with new featuresets and base apps in the same time! Now that MUST happen this year!

    • Tallest Skil - 9 years ago

      Nice FUD.

      • robertvarga79 - 9 years ago

        There is no FUD, especially no F for Fear, as Apple is perhaps a tech company with biggest revenue base (would think), but iPhone, although it is a good product, needs a change, let’s say stylish reinventing it again. FUD is btw completely different thing, but i do understand you have no capabilities for a normal discussion

      • Tallest Skil - 9 years ago

        >>needs a change

        Not for its own sake, it doesn’t.

        >>stylish reinventing

        Happens every two years, and was going to do so without people whining about it.

        >>FUD is btw completely different

        Nope, sorry, try again.

      • robertvarga79 - 9 years ago

        NOt for the company’s sake, right now, Apple is strong, however, only, and only, the iPhone itself needs to be rethought. Fortunatelly they have the talented people there to do so and perhaps this year they are going too. All the other products of Apple received through 2013 beautiful changes, just like their software, so iPhone is next. There is no FUD in, i never said and never would that Apple is in trouble, i stated exactly otherwise, they still make record money, but iPhone must show some changes to keep it in a healthy position of competing with a WP8’s 10-11% european marketshare, and against Android’s popularity (and yes, it is popular worldwide, sadly)

      • Tallest Skil - 9 years ago

        >>the iPhone itself needs to be rethought.

        For what reason? To what purpose? You realize it has been solidly the best selling phone since its creation in 2007, right?

  13. Len Williams - 9 years ago

    For those that love the iPhone 5 and 5s screen size, I’m sure that Apple will maintain a 4-inch model to suit you. If they actually do introduce one or two larger phone sizes, they will be in addition to the existing 5s size so that buyers can vote with their wallets. I wouldn’t worry about the 4″ iPhones going away anytime soon. There will just be more options for users who want larger screens. I currently have an iPhone 4S and I’d love a 4.7″ or 5″ phone so that web surfing becomes practical. My 3.5″ screen is just a bit too tiny and fiddly for browsing the web. With Apple’s immaculate attention to detail, I’m certain there will be an enviable balance between size and functionality

  14. I used a few different Android smartphones before getting my first iPhone 4 a few years ago and my main reason for not getting an iPhone was the smaller screen compared to a lot of good Android devices out at the time. Once I switched to an iphone for a couple of years I though I would enjoy a larger screen on my phone so I tried a couple of different Android phones like the Galaxy S3 and S4 when it came out but after a month or so of using the Android phone I realized that the unity of IOS was more helpful to me since and since I have an iPad and 15″ MBP retina I can get by with the 4″ display on my phone. That is not to say I wouldn’t welcome with open arms a slightly larger screen on my iPhone as rumors suggest. I do believe it is imperative that Apple increase the realestate on the iPhone if they want to keep the same market share they have had in the past. That does not mean they can’t sell a iPhone with a 4″ screen, they just need to offer at least one with a larger screen to give Apple fans a choice of having a larger screen on their iphone if they want one.

  15. Tallest Skil - 9 years ago

    >>“Has to”


  16. rogifan - 9 years ago

    I thought Phil Schiller said this came from one sales executive and he didn’t agree?

  17. nelmat - 9 years ago

    This is all rubbish. Why is growth slowing? Because there are less people remaining to buy an iPhone, we’ve all got one. Apple is moving into expanding markets.

    Will a redesign/new gimmick/larger screen help? Yes, of course it will. People who have to have the latest/greatest will always be there in the queue on launch morning.

    But as for slowing growth? No shit, Sherlock!

  18. rogifan - 9 years ago

    Btw, according to re/code:
    Schiller noted in his testimony that he didn’t agree with much of the document, which he said didn’t represent Apple policy.

    This document came from someone in Apple sales, it wasn’t/isn’t official Apple policy,

  19. Why do people like the iOS ecosystem? Because it works so good on all devices. We have so many apps that work great on iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5/S. There is no real fragmentation for developers yet, extending screen resolution by 176 points in height when the iPhone 5 was released was not much of a struggle for the majority of developers.

    Now consider increasing screen size both in width and height. The switchers (those who need bigger screens so much and are the target audience in this case) will be happy to see a bigger iPhone, but what will they say when they notice that the majority of the apps run in the letterbox mode with black bars on all sides? Will they be happy to see this kind of user experience? Most likely they will think something like ‘iOS is getting more like Android’ or ‘Steve Jobs would have not allowed that’. Someone might argue that developers will adapt their apps for the new resolution as they did for the iPhone 5 screen. Well, as I mentioned previously, it will be much more difficult than with the iPhone 5, due to the increase in width as well. Potentially we are speaking about a transition period of 6-12 months.

    And this is going to be even worse if they release two bigger-screen iPhones, 4.7″ and 5.5″.

    So, at the end of the day, it is all about whether Apple is ready to follow the market and pursue new profits potentially worsening its ecosystem or they will continue to stick to their ideas and concepts (big screens don’t work because you can’t control them with one hand). I hope the latter will be true.

    • Dean Har - 9 years ago

      The long term benefits for a larger screen greatly outweighs the short term obstacles. I don’t think the transition period will be as dire as you’re making it seem, but even if it is, there are just too many potential customers to ignore. After that transition period, they are back to being the best of best and everyone is happy with either their choice of a 4” or 4.7” iPhone.

      If Apple doesn’t increase its screen size and people start to buy other smartphones, a good ecosystem won’t be of any help. You have to keep in mind that the competition is getting better and their ecosystem is becoming stronger. In the next 5 years, I can definitely see the competition having a much more developed ecosystem AND a large variety of screen sizes. At that point it will be too late for Apple to make any drastic changes. Why not make the change now when things are still looking good?

      The people who strongly prefer a 4” screen will still most likely buy a 4.7” iPhone (let’s be honest), but I don’t think you can say the same for the people who want larger screens. Especially now, with the push for unsubsidized phones, I don’t know how long a 4” phone will last with a $650-700 price tag. I love my iPhone but I do feel both native and 3rd party applications could be more powerful with a larger screen.

      • Chris Denny (@dennyc69) - 9 years ago

        I could go with the 4.7″ phone, not anything more. It’s hard to put down one or two reasons why a bigger screen is good or bad. There are so many people who like so many different types of phones that you just have to pick your battles and not do anything as a company that’s going to hurt yourself. Apple is still the best handset maker all around and the money they make from it proves it.

        I won’t say the other phones aren’t nice, the new HTC phone isn’t bad at all, but what keeps me an iPhone user is Apple commitment to their customers, great hardware that’s worth the money and a great ecosystem that Apple has built up for years.

  20. drtyrell969 - 9 years ago

    The idea that a bigger screen is somehow going to save the iPhone is laughable. The operating system is light years behind Android. Apple patches their phones to slow down older models in an effort to force customers to upgrade. The reality is the iPhone 3 had three million times more processing power than the first CRAY computer, and yet we’re still waiting for it to look up what letter I typed on the keyboard. Wake up people, Apple’s time of gouging customers with ridiculous pricing and nefarious slow patching is OVER. They’ve made their bed and now it’s time for them to nap in it forever. They’ve thumbed their nose at every potential partner in the world, and now they no longer have the drop on ANYTHING. Their phones are stale and slow, and with 64-bit processors…wow you have to really push to make a faster chip slower than an Android 32-bit competitor…but they did it! Receptionists didn’t wait for word processors in 1982 when they typed 120 words per minute, but we’re to buy this notion that a phone with 5 million times the processor power has to “think” about how to place a character on the screen. The big three auto makers have played this game for thirty years, and now the Asian and European markets have kicked their asses with better cars that are built to last. Apple is reaping their desserts of their own built-in obsolescence. Enjoy the black Karma guys!

    • dirpdiddlydirp - 9 years ago

      Your naivety here is outstanding. There is a huge amount of processing behind the iPhone keyboard. The touch screen is being polled multiple times a second and filtered by mathematical models tuned to the size and dimensions of a finger tip to remove aberrant touches (Note: this touching the iPhone upside down is so difficult). Remaining touches are then used to calculate the probability that each of the surrounding keys might have been pressed instead. These probabilities together with the probabilities of what the next letter in the partial word or phrase you’ve already typed are used to rank the english dictionary of words to determine the next most likely letter that gets displayed. TL;DR just because something looks simple doesn’t mean there isn’t a shit ton of stuff going on behind the scenes. Please read up on this stuff before posting your mouth next time.

    • Alex (@Metascover) - 9 years ago


    • mockery17 - 9 years ago

      I doubt this person has a brain.

  21. Egidio Gaudi - 9 years ago

    great, now i can use both hand when typing and had extra long thumb like everybody else. and i have to lick my spit. thanks again. and it better be goooooood >:\

  22. Chris Ko Hoffman - 9 years ago

    As much as one can say it’s time for a larger screen, this is a bit concerning for me. Apple has always been about giving the consumer what they want that they didn’t know they wanted. They weren’t about looking at what consumers know and like but rather what they didn’t have and never cared to imagine. They made the trends, not follow them.

    Maybe I’m looking into it too much but Apple simply following a trend doesn’t sit right with me. I hope they aren’t losing sight.

    And by no means is this me against a larger screen, I think it’ll be interesting how they adapt a larger screen without losing the feel of an “in-your-hands” device, I’m just more concerned about the ‘why’.

    • Dean Har - 9 years ago

      “They weren’t about looking at what consumers know and like but rather what they didn’t have and never cared to imagine. They made the trends, not follow them”

      Apple thinks they know consumers best, and its important you realize they don’t. If it wasn’t for market pressure we’d all still be using 3.5” iPhones today. Why it’s so difficult for them to accept change like a bigger screen or simple features like control center (which cydia developers have been doing for years) is mind-boggling and frustrating. I just don’t understand.

      For me, a bigger screen just seems like a no-brainer. The App Store has the best and most powerful applications but sadly, a lot of these apps are limited by the iPhone’s screen size. Developers could really throw in a lot more features, tools, and toggles in their apps if they had more space to play with. Not everyone has an iPad they can just whip out and those who do own iPads don’t want to carry one everywhere they go!

      If Apple goes with a 4.7inch iPhone, they’ll gain tons more customers. And for the minority that say they prefer a 4inch screen, what are they gonna do then? Buy a Galaxy S5 or M8? Besides, we all know most of these people would NOT choose a 4 inch screen over a (reasonably sized) larger one if they were presented with two iPhone options. Let’s not lie to ourselves.

      • Chris Ko Hoffman - 9 years ago

        I never disagreed about the choice of going with a larger screen, I just found it unsettling as their now public reason for going with it. How a company makes it decisions are almost as important as the decision made, since it will set a general precedence for all future internal brainstorming.

        I just don’t want this to act like a box placed over Apple and they now begin to lose their imagination to innovate in an area never truly explored. I don’t want to see Apple as a company that always follows trend but a company that is daring to explore the unimagined.

        I hope this added some quick clarity to my initial rant.

      • Cyclonus5150 - 9 years ago

        Chris please know that these slides have an origin that is being omitted by all of these articles. They originate from a lower level sales team. Sales teams don’t run Apple. Not even close. Apple always has and always will make decisions for the best of the product and their vision for the product. See what they’ve done with Final Cut and the iWork suite as a perfect example. They did what was right for the product, which drew customer ire initially but set the products up for some amazing innovation going forward.

        The real truth outside of the internet is that large screen phones aren’t selling like gangbusters. There’s no meaningful UX gain with a larger screen outside of gaming. You can argue that people want more real estate for handwriting, drawing and general productivity but a slightly larger phone screen doesn’t help much. Those people who are serious about those tasks turn to tablets. Most people who put thought into their smartphone purchase and aren’t just walking into a carrier store and getting whatever the sales guy pushes on them aren’t looking for a large, unwieldy phone. They want a quality phone that’s comfortable and easy to use. Those are Apple’s iPhone customers and I’d say the company is doing pretty damned good by them.

  23. Allan Ramano - 9 years ago

    A larger 4.7″ inch screen, no bezels, and some changes to iOS7, specifically, a customizable home page that always displays a series of live information without pressing anything, instead of a static row of apps. That’s the magic formula, I think, that will bring back the droves of users who converted other ecosystems. I know it’ll make me happy. Apple, stop being arrogant and adapt!

    • suprawes - 9 years ago

      I agree, the static homescreen drives me nuts, I would switch to Windows phone if the apps were there. I was really surprised when ios7 didn’t do something different in that department.

      • Chris Denny (@dennyc69) - 9 years ago

        Personally, I think Windows Phone has more going for it then any Android phone when it comes to design,and after watching Build, I think Microsoft has finally caught on. At some point, there will be people complaining why Android hasn’t changed. (okay, yes you can customize blah blah blah.but out of the box,Windows Phone has more going for it,)

  24. Dan (@danmdan) - 9 years ago

    You have to give customers what they plainly want – not what you think they should want. There is a simple rule in merchandising – “the customer is always right”.

    • Cyclonus5150 - 9 years ago

      For some insane reason, the internet has subscribed to a gross generalization that everyone wants a large phone. Where are the sales to back it up? Who’s selling these large phones because the “large phone” leader – Samsung – had a wretched Q4 in terms of it’s S4 sales. In fact, Apple has sold over 410M iPhones since the first Galaxy S went on sale back in 2010. Samsung has sold around 200M Galaxy S line phones in that time period. Again, where’s the killer trend? iPhones are moving better than they ever have.

      This reminds me of the cry for Apple netbooks. Apple was doomed for not getting into that market, remember? How did that turn out?

  25. Eric A Grandi - 9 years ago

    Apple has no respect for people with crummy eyesight….cmon guys!

  26. mockery17 - 9 years ago

    As usual…

    Apple is doomed if they don’t listen to the customers and make a larger iPhone because they are losing market share fast.

    Apple is still doomed if they do and make a larger iPhone because they aren’t innovating anymore.

    Gotta love this world.

  27. I think the iPhone 5’s screen is just right. A larger telephone will be uncomfortable. Maybe the solution will be to offer two sizes such as the Galaxies.

  28. Joseph Frye - 9 years ago

    Apple is at least 3 years late making a larger iPhone. Instead of staying ahead of the curve, they are now falling farther behind it.

  29. Donnie Nesbitt - 9 years ago

    Two points I would like to add.

    My generation, being the first to adapt to smartphones, are staring to experience Presbyopia (age-related macular degeneration) and our eyes are not so good with the small screens.

    1. They need better zoom or text enlargement features universally on the screen or better yet an even bigger screen.

    2. Ramp up the engineering of bendable or better yet foldable glass. A 9″ x 7″ that folds into 4.5″ x 7″ then again into 4.5″ x 3.5″ would work for me!

  30. Mike Morkes - 9 years ago

    Apple also needs to bump the minimum storage size to 32GB if they are going to continue to avoid SD card expansion. Most people just don’t get iCloud.

  31. Robin Miller - 9 years ago

    4″ is a comfortable front pocket size. 5″ is a total maximum. I have a 7″ tablet if I need a larger screen thank you.

  32. Lance Monotone - 9 years ago

    Stop the fanboying, people. It’s just a phone from a another soulless corporation that has been overcharging us and limiting our choices for decades.

  33. Marco Brandão - 9 years ago

    I have a perfectly working iPhone 4S, maybe old for some, but it does still perform satisfactory. I will buy a new one after Apple releases the new device or devices next time.
    Yes, a bigger display is desirable but nothing bigger than 5″. My eyes are not the same and a bigger display would help it.
    What I don’t like is have to carry a device all the time, I hate it. What I’m looking for is a device that can project a holographic image so it doesn’t have a display. Something like a rectangular cube, that is easy to fit in the small pocket of my jeans like Steve Jobs have done with iPod Nano.

  34. asilkfire - 9 years ago

    The problem with Apple is not the screen size but its inability to play well with others. It is in short a more elegant microsoft like platform. The bigger screens on Android platform were not simply a competive ploy. They are to expand the handwriting and drawing capabilites, to the next level. Which was never finished by the Palm OS. Samsung did something that others are not doing and that is listening to their customers. John or Jane who works 9 to 5 and are just surviving. Many of these people who are in the 25,000.00 a year, (or under) tax bracket; can not afford Apple products. Mainly because of the draw back of compatibility with what they already own. If you factor in students, and the ever growing digital art industry; you will discover that Apple is not keeping up. Increasing the screen size without expanding their compatibility will do little to increase sales. Beyound those factor are the baby boomers who’s age require better resolution for failing eye sight, and dexterity. I am almost 60, this entire comment was created in handwriting, and took less than 4 minutes.

    • Rob (@Jaqian) - 9 years ago

      Cool, what did you do your hand writing on?

      • asilkfire - 9 years ago

        The new Samsung tablet. I only have one regret.I should have gotten the 34 GB instead of the 16 GB.The Note 2014 is amazing.

      • asilkfire - 9 years ago

        I thought I replied to this, but in case & didn’t. I have a Samsung Note tablet. The only regret I have is that I should have gotten the 32GB instead of the 16GB.

  35. suprawes - 9 years ago

    I believe the whole reason for creating the 5c was so they could make the 6 larger. That way they get the people who don’t want a larger screen or want a cheaper phone and those that want the best phone Apple can make.

  36. Just make the iPad mini phone capable. Done.

  37. Ethan C. Nobles - 9 years ago

    Funny thing here. People howled about Apple going to a 4″ screen from a 3.5″ one claimed the iPhone had the perfect screen size. Those claims are being recycled, only a 4″ screen is now perfect and a larger one would just ruin the machine.

    Anyone want to place bets on the notion that Apple fans will claim a new, larger one is perfect after a new iPhone hits the market with one?

    One of the main reasons I’m using an HTC One now is that it packs a big, beautiful screen. The problem with Android, however, is that Apple has the better apps store by a country mile. Not to mention some equivalent apps for Android (LinkedIn, for example) are terrible compared to the ones for iOS. Bumping up the iPhone’s screen size is just a critical move. Apple generally gets the best apps first and has some great exclusives. The only thing missing is a larger screen size.

  38. I’ll take a larger phone. Bring it on!

  39. SkepticalRaptor - 9 years ago

    My preferences are to reduce the numbers of devices I carry as long as I don’t compromise usability. I carry a MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone and a DSLR camera. Mostly the camera gathers dust, although it takes photos at a far better level than any smartphone.

    Here’s the problem. I don’t own an laptop and desktop. Apple (and almost every laptop manufacturer) has given us elegant ways to use our laptops as a desktop with a large external monitor. In other words, I get two devices for one (and yes there are some compromises to my system, especially graphics).

    I don’t want a larger iPhone, but I would use it. I don’t know if it’s large enough to replace my iPad Mini. I read a lot on my iPad, and I find the screen real estate just right, but it’d make a crappy phone.

    I wish there was a large size iPhone that could elegantly plug into an iPad mini or regular sized screen and give you both. That would be cool.

  40. Kyne (@KyneJin) - 9 years ago

    I just chatted with a guy from Foxconn in Shenzhen, China, the factory for Apple Phone, the new iphone is on production and will be launched on June!!! the screen size is 5”, this can be sure, a little bit wider than 5S, but the shape changed, similar to that of Ipad, which makes it look thinner.

  41. Tarkan C (@tarkan_c) - 9 years ago

    Apple does not necessrily listen to customers. Henry Ford did not listen to customers as well when they probably wanted faster horses than a vehicle ;) Apple just do it again. Create a market for disruptive products. i still believe in your innovative DNA

  42. zubeirg87 - 9 years ago

    With all that’s being said about the benefits or drawbacks of 4.7″+ iPhones, I think the most reasonable size would be 4.5″. It’s quite large but does not lose one-handed usability. Then there are significant advantages. It so happens that a 4.5″ display at 326 ppi gives a resolution of 1278×720, hence an HD iPhone. Since the ppi stays the same apps will remain very compatible, but this time with black borders on all sides rather than just on top and bottom. Why go full HD when your eyes will not make the difference at that display size. It would be a complete waste of resources. Better keep those resources for greater battery life. Then a 4.5″ display measures about 56.03×99.6mm, from 49.80×88.54mm for 4″ display. If indeed Apple does succeed in reducing the size bezels we might end up with a phone that is the same width as all previous iPhones, or just a few mm wider. The phone will still feel very comfortable in one hand.
    Now I think that the size of a smartphone should be dictated by either one-handed usability or 2. If you already need 2 hands to use a 5″ smartphone, then you might as well make it bigger. So my opinion is that Apple needs to come with a 4.5″ and a 5.5″ iPhones, while also keeping the 4″ option. The smaller ones for those who like to use their phones with one-hand, and the bigger one for those who don’t mind always needing 2 hands.
    That is my humble opinion..

  43. John Bauerlein - 9 years ago

    I can’t wait until an EMP fucks up all your shit, then we’ll see how worth it it was to debate this shit

  44. ger320 - 9 years ago

    I want iphone and ipads to have a “ruler” on the right side so as to be able to “mark” where one is in an article if required to leave it to finish reading later.

  45. Rob (@Jaqian) - 9 years ago

    Anyone who said the iphone is “just a phone” is missing the point, sure you can use the most expensive all-in-one computing devise as just a phone but they are so more more. I use mine as my main computing devise: gps, camera, reading, netflix, internet, emails, BOINC, scanning documents, accessing my files, oh yes and as a phone. A lot of ppl out there do the same so you want a bigger screen to enjoy all of this. The iphones are beautiful however they are small, expensive and restricted and no SD card (very handy for transferring files). I use the Samsung S3 Mini for all of the above and yes the battery is crap but I’m very jealous of my wifes Samsung S4 running KitKat which has an unbelievable battery life with nearly 50% battery left after running on 4G for ovr 12hrs and to me the screen size is perfect.

    • herb02135go - 9 years ago

      Apple doesn’t care that a larger phone will be too big for you. It’s losing market share because consumers around the world prefer its competition.

      And to those who complain about fitting in your pocket, guess what? The phones aren’t going into pockets. They’re going into purses.

  46. Rajesh Jhamb - 9 years ago

    The rain for the iPhone 6 rumors has just started. According to reports from the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, the all-new upcoming iPhone would be available in September and possibly in two versions with screen sizes of 4.7 and 5.5 inches diagonally.

  47. wootaddict - 9 years ago

    Gimme 5.5″ iPhone please.

  48. yaimonyjok85 - 9 years ago

    Apple is good and strong in the same time, but what exactly disturbing us or the uses is APPLE ID and dose not much with many countries so hw can i waste my monye with out getting a benefits in apple store. last iOS program dose not work with. like if u want like song or picture to transparei can’t…every thing in apple is ID ENTER UR Apple ID ID ID ID..

  49. I DO NOT want a bigger screen. Ever since upgrading to 5 I get ‘thumb strain’. If I want a bigger screen, I use my iPad. For on the move, I need the iPhone, which
    – fits my hand – I can do everything on it with one hand, and that’s how I use it
    – fits my handbag
    – is comfortable to use in tight spaces (the bus).

    So please, make a 5 inch version for those people with huge hands, but keep a neat 4 inch version for those of us who like it as it is. In fact, if 6 definitely is big, I’ll go out and quickly buy a 5s.

    • suprawes - 9 years ago

      I’m betting there will be a 6c that will have upgraded hardware while retaining the 4″ screen. This is the reason they created the Xc line of phones, for those that want a smaller and or less expensive phone.

  50. Don Hardy - 9 years ago

    OK.. two phones would be fine, just like everything else Apple makes.. there’s a large version and a mini version.. one for you tiny girly handed folks and one 5 inch phone for my gigantic crushing hands!

  51. erikstenson - 8 years ago

    wrong – I don’t want a bigger screen. I think my 5 has the biggest screen I need in a phone. now that they made it bigger I no longer have a reason to buy an iphone. stupid move.

    • zubeirg87 - 8 years ago

      I too was a great fan of the 4″ screen because it allows easy one-handed usage. But they manage to make the screen bigger and keep easy one-handed usability with edge swipe and reachability. If u still want the 4″, the 5s is still available and it’s plenty powerful. I’m sure than once its life cyle is over in 2 years, they’ll make a new 4″ iphone and thus keep 3 sizes.


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