Samsung continues mocking iPad’s lack of features in new Galaxy Pro ads

Samsung today posted a series of ads for its new Galaxy Pro tablets and with them continues the theme of directly mocking Apple. This time the target is the iPad Air. In one ad called “Multi User” (above), Samsung highlights the ability to have multiple user accounts on the Galaxy Pro tablet, a highly requested feature among iOS users that Samsung notes is still not available on the iPad.

Another ad, titled “Pixel Density” (below) takes on the iPad’s Retina display, claiming that the Galaxy Pro tablet has a better looking display due to a higher pixel density. Samsung’s Tab Pro 10.1 2014 tablet includes a resolution of 2560 x 1600 with a pixel density of 299 compared to the iPad’s 2048 x 1536, 264 ppi display. 

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Samsung has also posted two other ads today (below), one takes on the iPad’s inability to multitask with two apps open at once. The ad highlights Samsung’s Multi Window feature that allows users to use two apps simultaneously in a split screen view. Another ad posted by Samsung today takes a stab at Amazon’s Kindle and its lack of apps.

This isn’t the first time Samsung has been directly going after Apple in its ad campaigns for smartphones and tablets. Taking on the iPhone, iPad and Apple directly in its advertising has been standard for Samsung for a couple of years now since the “who would wait in line for an iPhone?” ads received media attention in 2011.  Apple has certainly taken notice. Earlier this week we got a look at documents released in the latest Samsung vs Apple patent trial that show Apple’s marketing chief was worried by the success of Samsung’s campaigns.

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  1. robertvarga79 - 9 years ago

    Oh Samsung, so much efforts wasting on bad PR against the best, iPad.

    • Alborz Heydaryan - 9 years ago

      well they’re pointing out all the weaknesses the iPad has. i agree that iPad is the ebst, but it’s far from perfect. and Samsung has been using that opportunity.

      • Povilas Griškevičius - 9 years ago

        Multiple user accounts? On a device thats supposed to be personal? It’s not a weakness and 264 PPI versus 299 PPI is a technicality not something user can actually observe.

      • robertvarga79 - 9 years ago

        Many professionals who use iPads for other things than entertainment only, would disagree about weaknesses…

      • Miloslav Hobbit Diviš - 9 years ago

        Why I would need multiple user accounts when I can afford to buy personal ipad for my kids?

    • thejuanald - 9 years ago

      I really don’t care for my iPad at all. I love all my other Apple products, though. My Surface 2 Pro is an amazing tablet (with a fantastic wacom stylus/digitizer) and a great laptop. I still get tons of use out of my Macbook Air, but my iPad has been completely shelved.

      The main problem with the iPad is that it’s a consumerist toy, meant for consumption. I can’t get any productivity out that thing, even with the new Office for iPad. My Surface 2 Pro is wonderful for note taking, typing, preparing presentations, PhotoShop, using STEM software like ChemDraw, CAD, etc.

      I do fully acknowledge that I’m not the target market with the iPad, though. That market is the Facebook user, Candy Crush player, Hulu watcher.

      • Michael Perry - 9 years ago

        I’m actually starting to feel that way. If it weren’t for iPad’s insane lead on actual apps I would have left by now already. I wish Apple wouldn’t handicap the iPad with their simple philosophy and give users choices for at least some complexity that leads to utility. But as it stands now, some tasks are actually significantly much more difficult to accomplish when compensating for the lack of features and utility the iPad has. It’s a bit disheartening as I was a HUGE proponent for the iPad when it first came out.

      • jrox16 - 9 years ago

        You’re right… Apple believes if you are going to do real productive work, you should be using a MacBook Air which runs a real OS and full real versions of productivity apps. It’s light, thin, and has a battery that lasts about as long as an iPad. Still, I can be pretty productive on my iPad Air using Pages and Numbers. Surface Pro 2 might run a full desktop OS, but it comes with costs like weight and battery life, so why not just use your MacBook Air? I think Apple believes there should be a greater distance between the need for a laptop and the want of a tablet in order for the two devices to make sense to exist side by side.
        I personally have a 15″ MacBook Pro so I always default to my iPad for easy stuff like web surfing, email, or playing Threes. If a 5″ iPhone does materialize, I can see myself possibly not using my iPad very much anymore and defaulting to my iPhone, leaving more work to the MacBook. Hmmmmm, 1st World Problems for sure. :-)

      • Michael Perry - 9 years ago

        Even simple stuff too. For example my church just started using an iPad and credit card swipe for the book store. One of the older ladies (late 60’s) asked me “Hey you’re the Apple guys, we have some instructions for how to use and manage the payment system in a document that we’d like to add a shortcut to on the desktop and we’ll name it “book store instructions” how do I do that on an iPad”? I sadly had to tell her that on the iPad you can’t actually save documents or shortcuts to any documents on the homescreen and her response was unfortunately “Wow really? I would have thought on an Apple device as much as you rave about them, you’d be able to do something so simple. Can an Android tablet do this? There are other things we’d like to link directly on the desktop so any members of the staff can have everything they need without having to dig around to find the info” my unfortunate response had to be “Yeah they can”; to which she responded “She we take this back and just get one of those then?”. I then proceeded to come up with a way to create the information in a google doc and then bookmark the web address to the homescreen since you CAN at least bookmark webpages directly to the home screen. How embarrassing though since I”m the resident Apple evangelist (no pun intended).

      • thejuanald - 9 years ago

        Michael Perry, I was a huge proponent of the iPad as well. It’s kind of sad and I hope they do something more with it.

        jrox16, my Surface Pro 2 gets about 9 hours of use so I don’t mind (There was a firmware update late last year that increased the battery life pretty significantly). You’re right about the weight issue though, it’s very very noticeable. My main reason for using the Surface so much is the touch screen/stylus/digitizer. It’s amazing to be able to take notes with the stylus or draw chemical reactions/mechanisms/schematics/math equations while taking notes, something I really can’t do with my iPad (I have yet to find a good stylus even after spending around $200 in total with several different styli) nor can I do it well with my Air. Taking notes is okay using the keyboard, but drawing anything or writing math equations while I’m taking notes is awful, especially as an engineer. I use my Air a lot for typing, however, as I don’t really like typing for long periods of time on the Touch Cover for extended periods of time(it’s good in a meeting if I need to type, but not for typing out something like my thesis from grad school). I may just get a full sized keyboard and see how that works when the Surface 2 Pro is docked, however. Plus, I enjoy OS X, so I like using my Air when I can.

      • bobborries (@bobborries) - 9 years ago

        If have a list of 100 reasons why the iPad excels over other tablets, but I won’t post them here, in fear Samsung will use it as a blueprint to completely copy the iPad.

      • thejuanald - 9 years ago

        Name one, besides the app ecosystem (which the Surface Pro 2 beats with x86 and x64 capabilities).

      • robertvarga79 - 9 years ago

        If you cannot get any productivity out of iPad with today’s app inventory, it is nor the device’s nor the ecosystem’s fault…

      • acrdan - 9 years ago

        Why I enjoy/love my…
        (2009)MacBook Pro, iPad (4) and iPhone (5)

        In the mourning
        The iPhone wakes me up and reminds me the “out of routine” things that I need to do. Then I check the news and rumors on 9to5Mac and Macrumors, some sport results and other news while brushing/dressing. Then I use the iPad to make the mourning reflexion with my family members. “It’s time for school” another alarm recalls us.

        In the way to school
        The iPhone works as an entertainment/instructional device in the mounting at the corner of the front mirror. My girls love to see shows about animals and how things work/are made. The cars sound system is used.

        From the parking to the office
        I use my iPhone to check for emails and announcements, while enjoying some music.

        At the office
        I use my MacBook Pro to create the assignments/reviews/test for my students. Then I email them what I have done (assignments/reviews of course). I use the iPad to make the class plan and the reflexions for my students.

        At the classroom
        I use the iPad to record attendance, give the reflexion, follow the class plan, show my precalculus student how to graph functions and lot of other things. Some times I use the Mac here too. But the iPad is King in my classroom. Obviously a projector is used here.

        Returning home
        The iPhone is used to stream music.

        At home

        The hobby
        During the week I use the iPhone, a Canon t2i camera and other hardware to record stills, video and audio, so now is time for the Mac to shine, photo editing, video and audio editing, that kind of stuff, using the 46″ flat tv as a secondary monitor.

        The girls school stuff
        My wife and I use the iPads and the iPhone to help our daughters to find info, pictures, ideas for the homework’s and projects.

        We use the iPad/iPhone to stream movies and shows to the tv, play games, instruments, find chord diagrams to practice the guitar.

        At home
        I use the iPhone/iPad to read the Bible, books, study departmental lessons, daily reflexions, create programs, church presentations, etc.

        At church
        We use the iPad/iPhone to:
        Give interesting lessons to young members using a secondary (larger) display and stereo sound systems.
        Control the iMac for songs, verses, and presentations.
        Communication between media control, worship team, and backstage.
        We use the iMac to:
        Create almost everything media related.
        Run the presentations, songs, videos, etc.
        Work with the church web page.

        I know I can make (almost) everything I’ve listed with PC/Android hardware, but that’s the beauty of choice, we have chosen to go all Apple because we liked (it’s a pleasure to work with), it’s been working 99.9% flawlessly, and the hardware/software durability/reliability/integration has been awesome (in our experience).

        I consider my use of my iPhone/iPad as productivity/hobby/entertainment related. I was a PC guy until 2007 (white MacBook) and a Nokia/Motorola guy until 2010 (iPhone 4 without antenna issues). This was written in the Notes app in my iPhone. I am not an english native speaker. There are lot of other thing we use our Apple products for, but this has been to long, so I will stop here.

      • thejuanald - 9 years ago

        @robertvarga79, show me a good way to take notes and a usable stylus that doesn’t cost upwards of $100 and only works on a handful of apps (note: I have the Wacom Bamboo and the Adonit Jot Pro, they are awful compared to the digitizer on the Surface Pro 2). Like I said multiple times, I realize productivity isn’t the main selling point of the iPad (at least in STEM related fields except for some cool astronomy apps), but all these people saying how wonderful the iPad is for productivity are lying to themselves or have never tried an alternative. I’m not Apple’s target audience with the iPad, though, because I want more than a toy.

        @acrdan, that’s wonderful that you’ve found your devices to be exactly what you need, and I do the same with my iPhone (and sometimes my Galaxy Note 3), and my Macbook Air at work, except I don’t find the iPad useful at all, and I use the Surface Pro 2 in place of the iPad 3 I own.

  2. Lars Pallesen - 9 years ago

    “Mine can do Pony Princess Hair Salon”. C’mon, that’s pretty funny :-D

    • Alborz Heydaryan - 9 years ago

      I agree… It’s pretty damn funny :D

    • jrox16 - 9 years ago

      It is funny, but at the same time makes Samsung, to me at least, look very tacky and without class. It’s obviously nonsense and an iPad Air can run circles around any Samsung tablet in nearly every way. That’s why every single tech review site rates iPads above Samsung tablets. When one becomes desperate or has a self esteem problem, they tend to mock others with insanely exaggerated claims, much like a bully perhaps does to hide his own weakness.

      • Dean Har - 9 years ago

        Eh, who cares what tech review sites say. After all, there are plenty of websites that have ranked Android models higher than iPhones, yet here we are. Truth of the matter is, every single one of those points are SPOT ON! Multi-window is so extremely practical and so is having multiple accounts. But instead we’re getting Healthbook this fall for iOS 8. People on this site keep talking about how Apple is so innovative and how “its in their DNA”….I use to believe it, not so much anymore.

        I love my Macbook Pro, My iPad Air, and my iPhone 5S. But damn…Samsung’s message is very clear and my patience is dying fast.

        I swear, the only thing keeping me locked on my iPad and iPhone is the magnitude and quality of the App Store and the hardware/design to a certain extent. Otherwise Android has iOS beat, as sad as it is to say.

      • Dean Har - 9 years ago

        And the one thing that pisses me off above all, is that instead of focusing on counter features to shut Samsung up, they’re probably speaking with their ad agency right now about how they can better public perception….

      • thejuanald - 9 years ago

        The new Galaxy NotePro is amazing. The iPad can’t do a digitizer. The Surface Pro 2 is amazing. The iPad can’t do x86 or x64 architecture (meaning you can install programs, not just little toy apps meant for a phone) or a digitizer. Let’s get real here, the iPad is stale and needs a significant update if it hopes to do anything near what other tablets can do. Not to mention the hardware specs…

      • thejuanald - 9 years ago

        Let’s also not forget multitasking and multiple windows open on one screen

      • vikramis007 - 9 years ago

        @thejaunald I’m not sure bout the Air but honestly, I came to the UK for doing my undergrad and my MacBook Pro Retina mid 2012 hasn’t been turned off even once since September 2013 (Surprised me too!). Meanwhile, my Alienware 17 I purchased here, for college work, in October crashed and had to be serviced 3 times and gave me many blue screens. Are you not running Mavericks?

      • vikramis007 - 9 years ago

        Ugh. That was supposed to be for the comment below.

      • thejuanald - 9 years ago

        I am using mavericks and I was in the developer betas for ever OS X update since Lion. Every update makes you restart. I don’t know why people deny this.

  3. PMZanetti - 9 years ago

    I can’t abide these ads that insist on mocking people who use other devices. It represents the same lack of class that Samsung has already shown by copying other products to create their own.

    • murphof1218 - 9 years ago

      Really? You seem to have forgotten the Mac vs. PC ads. A tad hypocritical don’t you think?

      • abdulwahab16 - 9 years ago

        But apple done it once ( I think they were about 21 ads ) but samsung still mocking apple since 2011 !!

      • Claude-Michael Comeau - 9 years ago

        I get your point, but to be fair, those ads mocked a PC and not the PC’s user. PMZanetti is claiming the Samsung ads mock the actual users.

      • Tallest Skil - 9 years ago

        No. Please learn what the content of those ads is.

      • thejuanald - 9 years ago

        Tallest Skil, the content of those ads were lies. I have to restart my Air just as much, if not more, than my desktop PC when I install an update.

      • jrox16 - 9 years ago

        Not really because those ads never mocked people or users of PCs, but rather the PC itself, which in those days did have tons more issues and bugs than Macs did, not to mention the vastly greater risk of virus and malware infection. Samsung ads make PEOPLE who use others’ products look stupid. It’s because of how Samsung markets their products that I can’t buy them, I’ll go HTC or whatever else. I just can’t support a company that stands behind such marketing.

      • PMZanetti - 9 years ago


        For the good of all, please stop boring us with your irrelevant FUD about your iPad Air and take it to damn Apple store if you don’t know to use it properly.

      • musclecarlover07 - 9 years ago

        @thejaunald pleas give me a lie or 2. I wanna hear this.

      • thejuanald - 9 years ago

        PMZanetti, I’m not talking about an iPad Air, I’m talking about my Macbook Air. Maybe that’s where the discrepancy is from, or maybe you’re just a troll who can’t take any criticism about Apple.

    • Lars Pallesen - 9 years ago

      Yeah, it’s almost as bad as that company that used to mock the weaknesses of their competitors’ PCs in no fewer than 66 TV commercials. What was the name of that company? Mapple? Bapple? hmmm …

      • PMZanetti - 9 years ago

        I suppose its different when you actually have a leg to stand on.

      • thejuanald - 9 years ago

        PMZanetti, but those ads didn’t have a leg to stand on. A lot of them were flat out lies. Like the commercial about constantly restarting. I have to restart my Air just as much, if not more, as my desktop PC. I could go through a list of all the lies in those PC vs. Mac ads, but I won’t.

        Samsung certainly has a leg to stand on with these commercials. All the things they are saying in these ads about the differences in the technology are true.

      • jrox16 - 9 years ago

        The difference is that those old ads attacked the PC itself, not the people who used them. The older actor wasn’t portraying a PC user but the PC itself as the old slower buggier platform running in a boring beige box (he wore a beige/brown suit).
        Samsung ads consistently attack the actual users of other company’s products, insulting the people, making those people look lost, stupid, and foolish (“but I have that retina thingy”). In reality, one of those people in the ads could turn to the Samsung user and ask why every tech review site rates Apple’s devices higher than Samsungs, and start listing off those reasons. Or why iPhones and iPads with their new 64-bit CPU outscore the benchmarks of equivalent competing Samsung gadgets.
        Samsung has no class because they cherry pick two features they have (which few people actually care about or use, like the fact you can’t see pixels on an iPad Air already, so it doesn’t matter if the Samsung has some more, it’s just a marketing bullet point without any benefit), and mock others for not knowing about those features. Maybe the reason iPads outsell Samsung tablets 2 to 1 is because people are smart and do know which is better and do read reviews? NO I’m sorry, there’s no excuse for Samsung’s cheap shot marketing. In fact, someone should make a commercial parody of Samsung commercials mocking the Samsung users for not knowing the benchmarks, the review scores, or the many other reasons why Apple still dominates the tablet market on a per manufacturer share.

  4. This actually makes me sad. I mean, Samsung is the most corrupt company I have ever seen so far. They paid bribes, they stole, bash and they even cheated on benchmark scores. Don’t get me wrong, competition is something good but Samsung’s strategy is not ethic, they are one of very few companies that I want them to disappear or go bankrupt.

    • frankman91 - 9 years ago

      Dude come on. That is every single company ever. I don’t understand why everyone on these tech boards makes assumptions that the only time a product was ‘copied’ was the iPhone. “Samsungs smartphone was both a absolute copy, but 1000x worse” [played on loop for the last 5 years].

      Look at any product in the world and you will see some version in almost every competing brand, phones, cars, office chairs, cameras, baby strollers; everything! Can you imagine if a company patented the form factor of a PC or a laptop and sued every company that had that shape; it’s beyond insane.

      Apple and their supporters message boards would have you believe that you can patent a coffee mug as a round cylinder with a handle and if anything thing else comes down the pipeline is should be banned, bankrupted and banished. It’s insane.

      They brought Samsung to court because the dial-er app was also a picture of a green phone and that resulted in “a billion dollars in lost iPhone sales”. Apparently the icon and the scroll bounce was the big thing driving sales?

      Video card manufacturers (to name one) have been tweaking their cards to rock benchmark scores as long as I can remember, people at the top are always bending rules and doing backroom deals to gain an edge, and since when did people start getting so upset when a company points out features that their competitors don’t have.

  5. rettun1 - 9 years ago

    Now what they should have done was show the kid playing a game on the tablet, then handing it to the dad to do some work and showing the separate log in. You know, show how the feature is useful in real life? But I guess they can’t shit on the iPad if they did that.

    • thejuanald - 9 years ago

      Apple’s ads never show useful real-life features. Zooey Deschanel talking to Siri? Come on.

      • musclecarlover07 - 9 years ago

        Dude. Really. What did she do with Siri? She showed what it could do. But the main difference is Apple showed what it would be like in real life. She wanted food so asked for restaurants. Then she used it for her music. Did it ever once mock another company? NO. Samsung only care ls about trying to show one or 2 features that are irrelevant in the bigger picture and trying to bash everyone else. They are like the 5 yr olds of the group.

      • rettun1 - 9 years ago

        I wouldn’t even say that they features they show are irrelevant, just that they can showcase them without. But these kinds of ads really jive with people who HATE on Apple, and that isn’t too small of a number of people. Samsung is feeding the haters, I’d say

  6. Jack Broyles Jr - 9 years ago

    I never understood the “neener neener neener, we’re better than you” type ads. I mean really, I am an Apple person which is why I use this website. I would NEVER own a Samsung anything.

    That being said, this type of ad pisses me off so bad that it actually pushes me away from the targeted product. If a company can’t sell a product on its own merits, maybe the product isn’t worth selling.

    • Lars Pallesen - 9 years ago

      Yeah, Apple would NEVER stoop to making “we’re better than you” ads to sell Macs for instance, right?

    • thejuanald - 9 years ago

      PC vs. Mac ads.

      Also, Samsung TV’s are amazing. You may also own a screen made by Samsung in your Macbook or iPhone. Better throw those out!

      • mechanic50 - 9 years ago

        Again like it has been said in this thread repeatedly and you are ignoring it, Apples Mac vs PC ads never bashed the person using the pc they were directed to the faults of the device itself. Samsungs ads are directed at users of the device making people who use any device but samsungs look stupid.
        I like others here have said would never buy a samsung product because of that reason. You don’t call your potential customers stupid that is just shitty marketing no matter how you look at it.

  7. Michael Perry - 9 years ago

    Competition is good. I hate Samsung with a passion but it’s not like they are lying in this situation either. Their tablets (albeit with much less of an app ecosystem) really does have these features and I know many iPad users who would like at least one of these features. Apple needs to step up and put there innovation where their mouth is; instead of their failed attempt at putting litigation where their mouth is. That approach so far has yielded nothing but fruitless time and millions down the drain. At least if they enacted revenge by out innovating and offering amazing new features, customers would win from this ‘holy war’…

  8. I hate the samsung/windows ads with a passion. I hate it when companies bash other products. I understand Mac did it for awhile, I didn’t like those ads either. Apple does still have a superior product for what I use it for.

  9. RP - 9 years ago

    Very effective ads. Kudos to Samsung’s ad agency.

    • Michael Perry - 9 years ago

      Indeed… Too bad Apple’s ad folks are just sitting down and taking it.

    • jrox16 - 9 years ago

      Are they? Maybe for some types of people. For me, they turn me off big time. I don’t feel it’s appropriate a mock people who use other products and make them look stupid. That’s what Samsung ads do. You can attack the product, but the way they make their ads, they are attacking the people using the other products, and making them look stupid in order to show off 2 cherry picked features the competitors don’t have. This makes me not want to buy a Samsung, like ever. I’ll get an LG or an HTC first.

    • SA Juntunen - 9 years ago

      Yeah, these ads are effective alright… I refuse to buy Samsung products just that much more now.

  10. rafterman11 - 9 years ago

    Why all the paranoia and obsession over anti-Apple ads?

  11. b9bot - 9 years ago

    And all that Samsung bad mouth advertising and lying is costing Samsung, not Apple. Second quarter in a row where Samsung’s profits fell. Keep it up Samsung your doing a great job.

  12. Overlord - 9 years ago

    iPad Air 2 with iOS 10 will have multiple user accounts! It will a revolution! Wait and see!

  13. Edison Wrzosek - 9 years ago

    With each travesty of an ad that Samsung and it’s goons put out, it just makes me hate them that much further, and love my Apple gear that much more!

  14. zubeirg87 - 9 years ago

    I still doubt the actual benefits of multi window when you can only focus on one thing at a time. It might even be worse to have multiple things on one window as you can get distracted and therefore become less productive. I think multi window is just another one of samsung’s infamous and numerous gimmicks.

    • herb02135go - 9 years ago

      I guess people don’t text and walk , or discuss movie plans while using Fandango, right?
      Yea, multitasking is so useless.

      I often listen/watch videos while emailing. Or use Yelp while watching a streaming event.

      Thing is, multitasking is a a choice. If you can’t handle it, don’t do it.

  15. ikir - 9 years ago

    Retina display is stunning, more than enough! About multi user…. it could be nice but rarely iPad users need it since it is a “mono” user device in my (and Apple view), Macs are awesome multi users computer!

    • herb02135go - 9 years ago

      My Samsung tab is great.
      I would think the expense of the iPad would lend itself to needing a multi user ability but I guess Apple can’t get it together.

      Well, there are 35 people here who are upset by the ads but millions who enjoy the products.

      I used to use an iPad but it was so restrictive – almost Playschool-like.

      Now I can multi-task, save files (very handy for downloading music from the Web) and many things that I couldn’t do on the iPad. At half the price.

      For those whining: truth hurts, doesn’t it?

      • scumbolt2014 - 9 years ago

        “Google Samsung sues over a bad review” (This site won’t let me post links) and see who the whiners are. Plus Samsung is full of shit.

      • herb02135go - 9 years ago

        Full of s__t. Really? That’s the best you can do?
        Samsung products are full of features the iPad lacks.

        Curse all you want, but the Samsung ad is effective.

  16. August Young - 9 years ago

    I swear Im sick and tired of the adverts these companies use.. always pointing fingers at other contenders.. its SO childish “mines better than yours is” GROW UP if you are truly that good you dont have to point fingers at someone else…

    • herb02135go - 9 years ago

      Did you post when Apple was ridculing after PC users?

      • SA Juntunen - 9 years ago

        Apple never ridiculed PC users, herb02135go. They pointed out flaws in the PC, which is NOT what Samsung is doing. They are going after the PEOPLE, which is abhorrent, to say the least.

      • August Young - 9 years ago

        it was a general comment ;-) so it works for both sides

  17. Carlos R. Batista - 9 years ago

    Galaxy Tab: “if you are too cheap to get your kids their own tablet, you might as well buy one for the family!” #innovation

  18. Kitzng (@MaxKitzing) - 9 years ago

    I hate Samsung and I hate their modified Android OS! They try to build a cheap (not directly in costs) and copied iPhone, which has a garbaged Android OS in it! Take a look at the Nexus 5: In my opinion is it the Smartphone you can compare with the iPhone, but it is the only one. Samsung just has no taste and try to make Apple Products bad..

  19. frostie4flakes - 9 years ago

    Really? It’s all about the brand and solid plan without distraction. Samsung does great things, but this is not a “Mac vs PC” game anymore. Effective ad? Yes, but all Apple does not keep tossing out new phones which dilutes market impact and creates confusion. That is Samsung has done for itself. It has confused its potential buyer and they are adrift in product. Speeds and feeds are great, but don’t confuse the customer. 5c did for Apple what Samsung is doing to itself, but the 5c has the potential to be Big Box Prepay market that is divergent from the rest of the Apple product. That’s still a risky move as far as confusion is concerned.

    • herb02135go - 9 years ago

      Just because the variety of Samsung products is confusing to you does not equal global confusion or product/brand dilution.

      Apple’s “our way or the highway” may be fine but other consumers want a choice of models. Apple realized it and then unveiled the 5c (copying Samsung strategy) but it failed for Apple.

      If it wasn’t working do you think Apple would have copied it?

      • frostie4flakes - 9 years ago

        Look, Apple has its approach which is a product integration model which is tightly controlled. The bottom line dollar is what counts when you cash in the chips. Apple’s bottom line balance sheet is rich. I don’t agree with a lot of things they do, but it is business not a who copied whom. I think a lot of Apple’s and Samsung’s court battles just drive prices up too. This is strange game these two play. They have different business models. I think Apple runs the risk of product dilution too. I once thought awhile back the 5c was a good lower(reduced significantly by Apple) end phone for Walmart type Big Box Stores, but that may also dilute the brand. The experience in China gives pause for thought on the whole positioning and marketing of the 5c. Samsung makes everything from washers to TVs to Phones. It’s a good brand. I have a Samsung phone I use as alternate on a different number. I’m not against Samsung, or really care who copied this plan or not. It’s just business. The product value is in each customer’s mind as they consider a purchase. All of this is interesting to me, not personal.

  20. waseefakhtar - 9 years ago

    Reblogged this on navigation stack.

  21. Macladybug - 9 years ago

    I can only comment based on my own experience. I just returned from a week long vacation with some old girlfriends. We all wanted to catch up with what was going on with our families, so there was a lot of sharing photos, family videos, etc. One of us had a Samsung Tablet and phone and the rest of us had our iPads and iPhones. Every dang time the Samsung tablet appeared it was a grueling experience. NOTHING was easy… every time she tried to share a photo, receive a text or email there were problems. And the same thing applied to her phone. We had to beg her to put her stuff away and let the rest of us take pictures that we would share with her later.

    So who cares which device has more pixels, more multi-tasking, more features if you can’t get it to work when you need it. If it’s clumsy to use, it might as well stay in the box it came in.

  22. rafalb177 - 9 years ago

    They’ve paid for copying once, they’ll pay again. This time for their silly commercials. And what they’re showing again looks like blatant iPad ripoff. Screw you Shamsung, you have no shame.


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