Beats 1 Radio officially goes live on iOS 8.4, Apple publishes schedule on Tumblr

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 10.58.35 AM

Apple’s Beats 1 internet radio service has just gone live following the release of the iOS 8.4 software update earlier today. Host Zane Lowe introduced the station, saying, “We spent the last three months trying to build this radio station. Now we can build no more.”

The first song to play on the service was City by Spring King. Lowe said the song had been used for a variety of purposes at the station, including sound checks and demos to get other artists on board with Beats 1.

Beats 1 is part of Apple Music, the new on-demand streaming service first debuted at WWDC last month. Users running the latest iOS software can listen to the free Beats 1 stream, which will feature a variety of shows from hosts like Dr. Dre and Drake.

To celebrate the launch, Apple has converted over the old iTunes Tumblr page to a new URL and name focused on Apple Music. The domain now also redirects to that site. The new page includes the schedule for the Beats 1 Service, which uses the user’s location to automatically list local times for the shows.

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  1. fanofmickey - 8 years ago

    Yea, so how do we listen to Beats 1 on Mac? Is there an iTunes update coming later today?

    • Mike Beasley - 8 years ago

      it’s coming at some point. hopefully today.

    • Tom Lynch - 8 years ago

      Its been there since the new iTunes update… Select ‘Radio’ then press listen now under the massive beats 1 banner across the page.

  2. lellis2k (@lellis2k) - 8 years ago

    I hope the “Worldwide, Always On” voiceover they keep putting over the songs is temporary!

    • Jonny - 8 years ago

      Don’t think so. I’d expect to hear stuff like that and the DJs singing along/commenting.

    • george264 - 8 years ago

      I’m willing to put money that the constant talking about Beats 1 is just an introductory thing. I mean, a month in, people who are interested in radio probably already heard about Beats 1 and don’t need this message.

      Still, I’m hating the tiny “Worldwide, Always On” under the music. It’s ruining the songs.

    • Jonny - 8 years ago

      I think it’s just the style of Lowe and his previous show. I don’t think it’ll stop.

  3. spiffers - 8 years ago

    I can hear some repetitive stuff and some angry persons talking fast and loud. When does the music start?

    • Sounds like music to me!

      • spiffers - 8 years ago

        Hmm, so just talking fast ’bout hoes, cars, bling and a gun is music? Damn, I can talk lots of bullcrap,I should probably record that stuff and become rich 😄👍🏻

  4. i keep getting (403) error when i click listen now

    • Matthew Islam - 8 years ago

      Me too unless I use VPN…..where are you using it from? Curious. Could be not part of the 100 countries marketing.

  5. pandren (@pandren) - 8 years ago

    On there are links to iTunes 12.2…. So we guess we have to wait a bit.

  6. baezfelipe - 8 years ago

    So, Apple Music ($10/month, $120/yr) in Czech Republic doesn’t offer anything (besides Beats 1) more than iTunes Match ($25/year). Very disappointing that we were made believe the global roll out of Apple Music would include the feature of listening to songs like Spotify. In the US that’s true (or with a US account) but not with a Czech one.

    • I don’t know what you are talking about, I’m from the Czech Republic as well and my account is Czech too. I can use every feature that is in the US, and the price isn’t even 10$ here, it actually costs 6 Euro/ 165 CZK

    • Akos Szente (@akosssss) - 8 years ago

      I’m using a Hungarian account.
      Beats 1 is currently unavailable here, but the Spotify-like all-access library works.

    • Akos Szente (@akosssss) - 8 years ago

      Oh, and it’s just €5 here.

    • baezfelipe - 8 years ago

      Just discovered the problem. Although Apple Music was switched on, it wasn’t coming up. Had to switch it all off, give it a minute and then back on. Now working. Ok, little bugs…

      • createoffshorecompany - 8 years ago

        How did you turn it off and on again?

  7. fromNY2LA (@onestopnyc) - 8 years ago

    Doesn’t seem to work with iTunes. I click on a link that tells me I need the latest version of iTunes 12.2.1, takes me to Apple to download it, which I did, then installed. Check for updates within iTunes which tells me it’s up to date, yet it still tells me I need to update iTunes.

  8. Honestly, I don’t know that I have any more money for Apple. And coming from me, that is saying a lot! I already pay $25 for iTunes match. I’m also paying $10 a month for additional storage for my photos, which in my opinion, is crazy expensive. Ideally, Apple would bundle the subscription fee with iTunes match in some way and reduce the price of the extra storage for iCloud.

    Not sure but I’m feeling less than comfortable opening up my wallet again.

  9. zBrain (@joeregular) - 8 years ago

    re: 3 month trial. say i buy iTunes cards and keep creating new appleid (users). i could use up the iTunes card and register to apple music. would i always get this 3 month free trial?

    • chrisl84 - 8 years ago

      Probably but you would have to recreate playlists every three months….and Apple could reduce the three month trial to 1 month down the road which would mean doing this process three times as often.

  10. I’m not a streaming kind of person, having my own very large library that I’ve been building for over 20 years. BUT. This iOS update is worth it for the new music app. This is by far the best the music app has ever been and I’m finding quite usable. It’s nice to finally be able to view my music BY ALBUM but sorted first BY ARTISTS – that hasn’t ever been available from Apple on mobile, no even the old iPods. It took this long to get someone in there to tell whomever was working on music apps before that they’ve had it all wrong.

    Do I thank Trent Reznor for this?

  11. Tom Who (@TommieWho) - 8 years ago

    There’s no difference in iTunes after upgrading to OS X 10.10.4. Still the same old, awful radio stations but with new graphics.

    • William - 8 years ago

      can you confirm iTunes 12.2 is available on Yosemite? I’m still on Mavericks (but upgrading to 10.10.4 tonight anyway because of the DNS fix) and there doesn’t seem to be a way to run it here.

  12. amine Bajeddi - 8 years ago

    An unknown error occured (403)

    I’ve been trying for the last 2 hours to get it to work but can’t make that happen (all other stations work perfectly). I did reboot the iPhone and everything but I guess Apple is running through some bugs… Hope they resolve it soon

  13. James Matlick - 8 years ago

    I moved to apple music after being with beats music for a year. I have Gigs of data stored on the beats music app. Apple didn’t transfer that data. Can it or should i delete the beats music app and start over?

  14. Stephen (@MorningZ) - 8 years ago

    I’ve been listening for about 90 mins, i definitely like it so far… i don’t mind the voice over since i am hearing tunes i normally don’t listen to (and am enjoying *most* of it)…. so far the biggest annoyance is them bragging how Dr Dre is now streaming and they play “Let Me Ride” but 1/2 the song had it’s word scratched out, that is really sh*tty to listen to like that

  15. patthecarnut - 8 years ago

    The DJs and stations are a total waste for me. Guess I’m not hip!

  16. Lola (@din_lola) - 8 years ago

    Looking at the artists, I am afraid it will be a very monotonous radio station with r&b, pop and hiphop. Will this also be a station for those who don’t like that crap?

  17. Is this what the so called underclass music sound like?

  18. singlebinary - 8 years ago

    Is there a way to save tracks that’s been played on Beats1 live? For example, Spotify has the “Save to your music”. It would

    • Simon Hancock - 8 years ago

      I iTunes mouseover next to the song title and click the … that comes up then click Add to my music.

  19. hodar0 - 8 years ago

    Not sure if this was a bug – but I had about 15 Gig of music/movies on my 64 Gig iPhone 6 (iOS8.3), and after the update – the music/movies was apparently still there however the new Apple Music didn’t see any of it – and tried to re-download it. This caused me to run out of space – which has never happened before. I literaly had 0 MB free memory and my iPhone was throwing up banners about not having any free space.

    I reset my iPhone and erased everything, and restored from iCloud. After a couple hours, I am back where I was before – with iOS8.4 and now 22.1 GB of free space. Apparently this has been going on for awhile. Anyone else see this memory hole?