iGen: iPod refresh expected early next week, iPod Touch may get a 64-bit processor


Just yesterday I was speculating about the future of the iPod, and it appears we may not have long to wait until we learn a little more about it. French site iGen, which has a good track-record, says that the iPod line-up will see a refresh on or around 14th July.

It appears to have little hard information beyond internal model numbers, but based on those speculates that the Shuffle and Nano will see only the color changes spotted in iTunes 12.2, while the Touch may receive a more substantive update … 

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iGen says that the Nano model number is moving from n31 to n31a, and the Shuffle from n12b to n12d, suggesting extremely minor updates. The Touch, in contrast, is reported to be going from n78 to n102, indicating a bigger change, which the site speculates may be to a 64-bit processor.

If so, that suggests I’m right about the Nano and the Shuffle, but the Touch is likely to hang in there for some time yet.

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  1. daitenshe - 8 years ago

    As much as I like to knock the iPod Touch, it really is a gateway device. I probably won’t ever have one again but it was my first (as well as the first for many of my friends) Apple product. It’s kind of a gateway device, if you will.

    • AeronPeryton - 8 years ago

      That’s what the iPod mini was to me. I miss you, used silver 1st-gen iPod mini…

    • John Smith - 8 years ago

      Same here – I told myself I didn’t really need a fancy smartphone/iPhone, tried a (relatively) cheap iPod touch and never looked back … iPhone, iPad

      (Also a market for users who don’t want/can’t have cellular capability e.g. parents buying for young kids, also in some business and hospital environments.)

    • bata684 - 8 years ago

      1st the iPod 4th gen, then the 5th, then the 5s, then the rMBP 15″!
      You ate totally right!

    • BFSEsq - 8 years ago

      This is completely true! I started cheaper with the iPod Touch and after a while I knew my next phone had to be the iPhone. It became kinda frustrating that I sorta had an iPhone already with the iPod Touch, but didn’t, because it was missing features (notably, the phone.) I then got the iPhone 4S. Using the iPod Touch was like a really extended in-store demo of how great the iPhone is. Haha

    • I use ipod touch 5th and definitely will buy new version. I use it every day like personal assistant. I hate design of iphones and i don’t use sim cards. Ipod is the best device for me.

  2. AeronPeryton - 8 years ago

    I guess the nano is retaining it’s iOS 6-inspired UI, yuck.

    Also, look closely at those home buttons. Unless that’s just a render error, it looks like the touch and the nano are going to get home buttons with indents, rather than a graphic outline of their respective app icons.

  3. Scott Gerber - 8 years ago

    I’m glad to see the iPod Touch getting a much-needed update. It’s the perfect starter device as others have commented. It’s also much less expensive than an iPhone since you’re not paying for a data plan. My kids both have one and used it for everything from email, texting, FaceTime, managing contacts and calendars, etc. Just recently, I purchased my 14 year old an iPhone 6 64GB as he’s set to enter high school in August and will finally need more than an iPod Touch. And he continues to use the iPod Touch loaded with music docked in his iHome alarm clock/radio.

    I also think the iPod Shuffle is extremely useful. I continue to use mine for the gym despite having owned an iPhone 4, 5 and now 6. I’ve tried numerous armbands but always return to the simplicity of the Shuffle. I can eventually see replacing the Shuffle with an Apple Watch. Obviously, that’s a more expensive option and I’m not even sure if you can play music wirelessly to Bluetooth headphones (another investment).

    The Nano on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have a purpose. I’d be fine with Apple killing it off.

    • haquers - 8 years ago

      The apple watch does support BT headphones, whereas the shuffle and nano do not.

      • mahmudf2014 - 8 years ago

        Nano does have Bluetooth. 7th generation supports bt headsets.

  4. Looking forward to seeing the new Touch! The 5th gen is really slow/laggy and while it’s great it’s still getting iOS 9 it still needs to be updated. It’s kinda sad that in 2015 if you wanted an iPod Touch that you’d be getting tech that they used from the iPhone 4S. Hope they bump up the specs big time.

    • Mimus Polyglottos - 8 years ago

      We are actually still using a first-generation iPod Touch from around 2008. The battery is still fine, believe it or not. It of course cannot be updated to the latest iOS and most current apps won’t run on it (no iBooks, etc.). But it works for its purpose: playing music, watching video, occasionally grabbing email.

      • PhilBoogie - 8 years ago

        I never liked the fact that it didn’t have HW volume buttons. Was instantly annoying to use; gave it away after just one day of use.

  5. chrisl84 - 8 years ago

    Hope they make it a Touch and Touch Plus in 4.7 and 5.5 in options

  6. Nile Lang - 8 years ago

    I just bought a new iPod Shuffle last week after my one from 2008 finally broke. I take it on every run. Long live the iPod Shuffle.

  7. taoprophet420 - 8 years ago

    Should be able to have the watch app on an iPod touch and have same features as using an iPhone with and Apple watch.

    Biggest change that should come the name. iPod why call it iPod touch and there is no classic iPod left so just call the damn thing an iPod.

  8. Jim Phong - 8 years ago

    An iPod Touch with SoC A7 or A8 and a 4.7″ screen could be the perfect portable gaming console right now..

  9. Josh Taylor - 8 years ago

    I want to be able to put Apple Music on my shuffle!!!

    • AeronPeryton - 8 years ago

      Don’t get your hopes up. The record industry would never allow a device to be authorized then detached and remain active even after you’ve cancelled your subscription. iTunes Match music, sure, but streaming and “borrowed” music will be limited to devices that can sign in to your Apple ID and go online on their own.

  10. iOS 7 was the best running OS on iPod touch 5th generation. With iOS 8 it feels all slow and old :(

  11. Michael Thomas Stehle - 8 years ago

    I think they should introduce a new 128 gig ipod touch and give away a free three year subscription to apple music with every purchase. That would make the ipod essentially free. A spin on the give the device away to get subscribers ploy. The subscription could be used on all of your devices. No reason why every iphone owner who was considering a subscription to apple music would not run out to buy a new 128 gig ipod touch.

    And then bring the ipod up to date spec-wise and make it compatible with the watch. Eventually put the cell receiver in the watch so that the watch can make and receive calls that can be taken on the ipod. Eventually the watch and the ipod cannibalize the iphone. Probably sell a heck of a lot of watches and ipods. And have a lot of apple music subscribers to boot.


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