Apple seeds OS X El Capitan beta 5 to developers

Screenshot 2015-07-27 16.09.34

Less than a week following the previous beta, Apple has released OS X 10.11 El Capitan beta 5 to developers. The update is available via Software Update in the Mac App Store. The previous beta did not add any noticeable new features, but it instead focused on bug fixes. It is likely that this new beta has a similar focus, and we’ll update this post with enhancements as they are discovered.

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  1. maxleopold - 8 years ago

    Developer Pages are not updated yet…

  2. virtualstorm - 8 years ago

    I am downloading it now. I’ve been waiting for this bet 5 more than any one before. Beta 4 was REALLY BUGGY. Crossing my fingers.

    • Andrew John - 8 years ago

      Its buggy because it’s beta software. Don’t you read the disclaimers when you installed it?

      • Eddie Adams - 8 years ago

        Andrew it appears the only thing you know how to do on these forums is tell people that they shouldn’t be complaining because it is a beta. We get it. One comment of you saying that this is a beta is sufficient enough. We don’t need three more comments of you telling us this.

        These people have every right to complain that the beta is buggy. I am sure a lot of people understand that there will be bugs in a program when running a beta. The users aren’t confused as to why it is buggy or anything. They are simply just stating that it is. I believe the main reason why people were disappointed with beta 4 was because it should have ironed out a lot more bugs. After all, it was the 4th installment into a bigger OS update that is suppose to be stomping out bugs to begin with.

        Andrew, please stop trying to belittle people with your one reoccurring statement.

      • virtualstorm - 8 years ago

        Mr. Obvious!! Go away, you freak!

      • shaunvis (@shaunvis) - 8 years ago

        Andrew doesn’t know how beta software works.

        The ENTIRE POINT of it is to find, point out, and talk about bugs and compare the findings among releases.

        Being silent and saying nothing about bugs you find is USELESS. If dev don’t know something is broken, they can’t fix it.

        Also some people want to help out and test, but need their machine to at least be useable. Discussing the status of each beta helps get more people involved.

  3. Mac Pro 2013 Beta 5 Still have the same bugs! Safari is more stable

  4. MattR - 8 years ago

    Whoever installs it…can you let us know how well it’s working, and if it’s fairly stable now? I downloaded PB1, and it wasn’t bad, but there were some stability issues, which is why I rolled back to Yosemite. I love it though!

    • Andrew John - 8 years ago

      Working fine on 2009 MacBook Pro. The finder window sidebar bug has been fixed. Safari tabs working better. Apps open on second or even first bounce. If you’re unsure about using a beta OS, install it on a partition, then you won’t have to roll back, ever.

      • Eric Mason - 8 years ago

        Yes! I didn’t even think to check on that! It was so irritating that I couldn’t resize the sidebar and have it remember my setting.

  5. jayoxley6548 - 8 years ago

    let me know if its buggy or not I’ve just gone back to yosemite because i just couldn’t stand the lag and bugs but I’m loving all the new features shame the PB are buggy hopefully they will sort this

    • MattR - 8 years ago

      ^^^ Right there with you

    • Andrew John - 8 years ago

      It is beta software. What part of beta don’t you understand?

      • Alex Martínez - 8 years ago

        oh! Please stop bullying people!! EVERYBODY who has installed it, KNOWS it is a Beta.

      • Troll — I think we all KNOW this. If the bugs and user experience isn’t discussed on open forums what’s the point of even having beta software? I have been doing this since before your PARENTS were born.

  6. The side bars on all finder windows now remembers how far its stretched. good fix.

    • virtualstorm - 8 years ago

      yes indeed. it was annoying

      • Mike Beasley - 8 years ago

        I won’t believe it until I’ve seen it working for at least a week without forgetting the proper size. I’ve seen this problem “fixed” too many times in the past and now I’m cynical and jaded.

    • Howard Aitken - 8 years ago

      Yes that was SO annoying.

  7. Kaloyan (@kalo_angel) - 8 years ago

    Some things that I find absolutely annoying:

    1. You can no longer scroll continuously through fullscreen spaces, you have to stop and wait on each one.
    2. When Safari is in fullscreen mode and the cursor touches the left edge of the screen the reading list menu opens, it interferes with everything I do and there isn’t an option to turn it off.
    3. still no option to turn of the cursor from becoming huge when you wiggle it

    • Kametrixom (@Kametrixom) - 8 years ago

      1. If you mean by scrolling to use CTRL and left/right arrow: This is working for me, I can go through all Desktops/Fullscreens pretty fast and there is nothing stopping me

      2. Wow, didn’t know that, it’s useful for me because I need the reading list sometimes. It’s not very easy to trigger it though

      3. Yes this is annoying me too, but I think it got a little harder to trigger it, I have to wiggle it quite a bit. Anyways I think that’s one of the most useless features in El Capitan, maybe it’s supposed to be a gag?

      • Kaloyan (@kalo_angel) - 8 years ago

        1. I had forgotten you could do that with ctrl + arrows, thanks! It’s a bit of a drag having to use to hands and the keyboard just to get to different desktop faster..

        2. Imagine going through photos and there are arrows for navigating back and forth, or playing a video and trying to move the cursor away from the video.. It can be handy but an option to turn it of would be great!

        3. It’s for the people who use multiple displays and they have to locate on which screen the cursor is, but for us normal people with only one screen it’s absolutely useless… I’ve never had to aggressively stroke my trackpad up and down for 3 seconds to find it….

    • Andrew John - 8 years ago

      Do you understand how ironic, utterly stupid and absolutely annoying it is to complain about beta software?

      • Towwn (@towwn) - 8 years ago

        It’s apparent that you’re clueless. People are posting “X is being buggy because of X” so that others can replicate the problem and report it to Apple.

        Saying “LOL ITS BETA UR STUPID” doesn’t help anyone.

        Quit being a dink.

      • Evan Senter - 8 years ago

        Not at all? What better time to address problematic features than before the release?

      • James Champlin - 8 years ago

        No. It isn’t. Assuming that these same “complaints” as you so tersely write them off have been properly filed with Apple, this is EXACTLY THE REASON the pre-release exists.

        After seeing your endless posts in reply to people, one would start to get the impression that *you* are the one who misunderstands a real pre-release program and why Apple has started to even offer pre-release business builds to the public. It’s to find out what works and doesn’t and to learn what people like and dislike.

        Look at the recent Windows Insider program that Microsoft ran. Their representatives and Dev team members were very open about their relationship with Insiders, making themselves available online so that they could see (and respond to) feedback directly in addition to the one-way feedback apps and forums. Bet your bottom dollar Apple has people who read these comments and the discussions on forums the same way, it’s just that being Apple, they stay silent.

        In this context, a Dev preview, the open discussion is even more relevant, because developers need to hash out how to deal with the changes and how those changes will affect their software. If something is obviously a regression or an unwelcome change – such as having to pause between spaces – it needs to be hashed out in detail.

        Imagine a large number of developers built their software in such a way that having focus given, then instantly ripped away when someone swipes to it then immediately moves on, crashes it and causes data loss. This wasn’t a problem when the user could swoosh past spaces, the system won’t give the app input focus because it’s clear the user isn’t aiming for it. Now though, if OS X forces the user to pause on the app, it’s going to be long enough to become active. Suddenly an assumed function of the system has changed, and if our hypothetical situation were true, then that means there’s a great many developers who will have to make a change to their software just because of a crappy new OS behavior or deal with crashes on El Cap.

        I dare say they’re entitled to complain about betas. Their livelihood depends on this platform and every change effects their products. I’m not a developer, myself. I only have large amounts of money invested in Apple equipment. That will be my impetus to “complain.”

        In those plain spoken and appropriate words: Deal with it.

      • Kaloyan (@kalo_angel) - 8 years ago

        that’s interesting because these things are features and not bugs, it’s the fifth beta they would’ve fixed them by now don’t ya think?

        If you’re so annoyed by people having opinions, I’m sorry but you’re going to have to suck it up

      • He’s an Windows and Android Fan Boi — definitely not to be forgiven.

      • Dude, really, your comments are annoying as hell and not helping anyone. Do you even think about what you’re saying before you’re posting comments around on the net? The entire point of having betas is complaining about and pointing out bugs that need to be fixed. El Capitan being in beta is even more of a reason for complaining about bugs. Think about it. The entire point that Apple launched the public beta program is that they want more people to report issues with the OS so that they can be fixed and see casual users’ views on these issues. People complaining about these bugs are contributing to the progress of the betas because they’re actually showing Apple what still needs to be fixed and what doesn’t properly work yet. You don’t want the bugs to persist until the final release is to be pushed out to the general public, do you? I don’t think so.

  8. Patrick (@PatrickPoech) - 8 years ago

    Does your upload to iCloud Drive using Finder works?
    Mine is broken since the first beta.

    • Eddie Adams - 8 years ago

      Well in the words of Andrew John….

      “You do realize its a beta right?”

      In my own words…
      I haven’t noticed anything broken since beta 1. Hope it works out for you soon.

  9. drtyrell969 - 8 years ago

    I don’t see Beta 5. Have Beta 4 and an active Dev account.

  10. Brunno Santos - 7 years ago

    Surprised… It’s really FAST! Running on a MacBook Pro Early 2011 (SSD Drive, TRIM Enabled.. 16 GB RAM). I’m not pretty sure about it, but it appears to be like 30% faster then Yosemite.. or even more…