Concept imagines Apple TV 4 UI w/ Siri, App Store, and more ahead of next week’s refresh


Ahead of a next-generation Apple TV expected to get an official unveiling at Apple’s press event next week, this concept from Andrew Ambrosino imagines a revamped user interface for the device.

We’ve reported extensively on the yet-to-be-announced, next-generation Apple TV and much of the concept from Ambrosino takes into account our reports regarding new features for the device. Most notably, we reported that Apple is currently planning Siri support, a new dedicated remote control, App Store access, and iOS 9’s improved Proactive search features.

The concept considers many of these features for the new Apple TV that will inevitably include a new UI to accommodate new functionality and navigation. However, with that in mind, we reported earlier that the overall aesthetic of the new Apple TV’s software will largely remain the same.


Earlier this month we reported that the fourth-generation Apple TV would arrive for customers in October for under $200 while Apple plans to keep the current, third-generation Apple TV around minus some of the new features included with the new hardware.

Apple is currently planning to unveil its next-generation Apple TV alongside new iPhone hardware and more at its press event scheduled for September 9th.

More images from Ambrosino’s concept below:

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  1. bpmajesty - 7 years ago

    Awesome if it looks anything remotely close to this.

  2. It’d be awesome if it had picture in picture

    • r00fus1 - 7 years ago

      I sense a yo dawg comment here…

      • Jonny - 7 years ago

        We heard you like pictures

  3. Other than Siri and Proactive or whatever it still seems like it will be a lot to sort through. I do like a “recents” like here’s stuff you were watching in the last 1-2 weeks if you want to just go back there. (maybe that’s what Proactive will be like)

    I also hate needing to sign into channels every so often, either a universal sign-in ( I know not really shown here but just a comment)

  4. rogifan - 7 years ago

    If the UI is going to remain basically the same what’s the point of sharing this concept?

    • o0smoothies0o - 7 years ago

      No joke, there is nothing you don’t complain about.

      • rogifan - 7 years ago

        Sharing a concept like this makes no sense if it’s not what the actual interface is going to look like. I don’t care with some random person on the internet mocks up, I care what the real product will look like. Plus mock up doesn’t even match the graphic 9to5 used for all of Gurman’s stories. That graphic had a white interface.

    • chrisl84 - 7 years ago

      HAHA you must be an Apple hater because you didnt slobber all over this post! -Rogifan on every other 9to5 story that someone expresses doubt on

    • Joe - 7 years ago

      I actually agree. If this is just some random designer having his crack at the UI, then why share it? It’s not like Mark Gurman saw the UI and is having a designer draw it up. I hate when designers create a random mockup and then sites like this pick it up. It creates a false expectation. Then when the actual UI comes out and isn’t this, people get upset.

      • SKR Imaging - 7 years ago

        designers doing mockups is always interesting.. even if the final product does not look like it… Sometimes, Apple gets inspired by internet mockups to actually integrate the design feature in a future OS.. remember notification center?.. it used to be a mock up.. then a Jailbreak tweak.. and finally Apple hired the Jailbreak tweak dev to implement it in official iOS. And it’s always great to see what others feel the interface should be because it brings up conversations as to features many would have never thought about before.

      • Joe - 7 years ago

        It also used to be in Android and many other phones. Apple had been working on the iPhone since 2004. Can you confirm that the FIRST time they came up with NC was because a designer thought of it before they did? They have definitely hired some jailbreakers for internships, but it was unspecified as to why. Many believed it was to increase security on the device. I don’t think they need a jailbreak developer to implement a swipe down from the top of the screen.

        I guess my biggest problem is not the designers, but rather the news sites that pick it up and run with the design. It puts it in to peoples minds that this ACTUALLY is what it will look like. Proof: I worked Apple Retail for 6 years. Every day we had people coming in asking about why the frikkin iPhone didn’t have a virtual keyboard that you could use on any surface….

      • SKR Imaging - 7 years ago

        if people actually read the article and understood the words, they would have no reason to think that the mockup is something official..

        people who don’t understand what they just read should not be a reason to dislike media posting of mockups.

        As for the jailbreak tweaks and Apple poaching developers to buy their JB tweaks?..

        Peter Hajas developed Mobile Notifier way before it was released officially in iOS 5 as Notification Center.. Peter Hajas worked on iOS 5 notification center dev team for Apple

      • Joe - 7 years ago

        “Way before it was released officially” – that’s my exact point. I’m not saying they didn’t grab jailbreakers, what I’m saying is that can you definitively prove that they came up with that design BEFORE Apple did? If Apple had been working on the iPad for close to a decade before releasing it, don’t you think it’s possible they had this design as well and saw a talented person and brought him on board?

        “If people actually read the article.” – Again, my point. They don’t. I don’t work in retail anymore, but when I did I just lamented these types of articles soo much. People don’t read these articles, they see this and it becomes truth for them.

        And honestly, I just don’t see the value in reporting on a design that “looks cool” but has no ties to Apple at all and has no confirmation that this is what it will actually look like. I would rather report on things that are actually going to happen, like when Gurman had a designer mockup something that he actually saw. It was really close to the actual thing. But that’s just me.

  5. Aesthetically it’s nice, but this is not that imaginative and just as clunky and of low utility like the old interface… What I would like is to completely break down the silos of apps…. I don’t care if a show or movie is on Fox or AMC or NBC… the Interface should be more like the Apple Store or Netflix…Genres, Curated lists, recommendations etc.. AND I don’t want to have to set dvr for live shows… as soon as it airs even during airing I should be able to watch ffwd, rewind etc the portion aired and stream from online.. no storage at home.. if I set favorites shows it should alert me that it’s coming on soon etc… etc.. etc…

  6. Apple TV interface on a Samsung TV? Steve is spinning in his grave!


  7. Abraham Song - 7 years ago

    Love all of this, but really really hope they have the most important feature: UNIVERSAL SEARCH

  8. Arin Failing - 7 years ago

    AAAHHHH!!!! No Plex love, even in a concept?? JK. It looks good!

  9. Lerone (@yebot) - 7 years ago

    I don’t think Siri will end a sentence with a preposition. Other than that … looks cool.

  10. Thomas Yoon - 7 years ago

    Looks gorgeous, glad the interface is getting a nice once-over for this new launch. If this is actually what it looks like, it’s very inline with how the iOS 9 beta has been looking too, so it’ll be an easy transition.

  11. Whoda (@Whodakat) - 7 years ago

    I don’t care what it looks like as long as it streams Netflix in 4k. Anything less is a total fail (for me at least).

  12. DubDJ - 7 years ago

    Really great concept, hopefully the new Apple TV looks as good as this.

  13. PhilBoogie - 7 years ago

    So, a personalised interface indeed, with each family member their own apps. That will work out great for games, FB and Siri Suggestions. They do need to fix the progress bar; it’s completely off in The Daily Show & The Office.

  14. Looks nice, but I hope to god that’s not the interaction design they’ve got planned. No way I’m scrolling through 100 apps to find the one I want, regardless of how good the remote is. Apps should be there, but play second fiddle to the rest of the system—like the Apple Watch. The primary interface is the watch face where apps can tap in to display data. The scary and tertiary interface are notifications and glances, both of which are lightweight and tightly controlled in what they can do. After that, apps.

    The Apple TV almost *has* to be something similar. A home screen dedicated to something other than apps. I’m partial to a list of I watched shows from across all the app/channels I have installed. From there, maybe a list of apps—but I’d argue in distinct containers. Apps as channels, apps as games, etc.

    I’ve linked this before, but some thoughts and mockups (but not pretty!) here:


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