Apple reveals OS X El Capitan release date: update set to ship on September 30th

Apple hasn’t formally announced OS X El Capitan’s release date yet, but an email appearing in the iPhone 3D Touch demo has given away that the operating system will be released later this month. In the message, marketing SVP Phil Schiller notes that the software will launch on September 30th.


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  1. mpias3785 - 7 years ago

    Too soon. Yosemite is still broken (I still have multiple open tickets with Apple tech support) and releasing a new version of the OS is irresponsible since it’s based on the older broken version. This yearly update cycle has proven itself to be a flawed idea. An OS should not be released until it’s ready, NOT on a schedule determined by anyone other than the programmers.

    • Just maybe the fixes are in 10.11 and just not back ported? With the high adoption rate IOS has this isn’t a far fetched idea…

    • Hunter (@HunterAZNY) - 7 years ago

      Yosemite is broken? I’ve had it since day one with zero issues. How old is your Macbook?

      • mpias3785 - 7 years ago

        2014 top end BTO 15″ rMBP.

      • AnxiousChild - 7 years ago

        you certainly don’t have a retina macbook pro, do you?

    • strawbis - 7 years ago

      Every OS ever released was effectively a Beta requiring fixes …nothing to see here, move along please.

      • mpias3785 - 7 years ago

        They normally don’t stay betas long enough for the next major revision to come out. Yosemite was a really low point for Apple. Not quite as bad as Microsoft’s Win 8, but it made Vista look like a real winner.

    • AnxiousChild - 7 years ago

      you have no idea what you are talking about mate, i am sorry to say so, but this is the truth.
      we, the tech-savvy people, have upgraded to El Capitan long ago and we can definitely see vast improvements and an immensly hude amount of fixes….
      I wish you could see the fluidity and responsiveness of my El Cap right now, while you are being stuck at your laggy Yosemite with sluggish performance all over the system…

      THERE IS NO PURPOSE TO EVEN TALK ABOUT 10.10…. let alone consulting with Apple tech support,…. let ’em be m8, they ain’t interested in 10.10 no longer,… we move on…. we enter the times of 10.11, the era of reigning El Capitan, the superior OS X

      in plain english : your deduction that ‘releasing the new OS X while the old one is still full of flaws is irresponsible since it’s based on the older broken version itself’ is utterly wrong.


      • Mike Beasley - 7 years ago

        my el cap still sucks, lots of app crashes (especially safari) and tons of lag. the thing regularly refuses to wake from sleep and has to be force restarted.

      • mpias3785 - 7 years ago

        Wasn’t Yosemite supposed to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, yet I’ve had no junk mail filtering for the past year and iCloud keychain failing constantly? Pardon me if I take your comments with a few grains of salt.

        I’ll be upgrading, but simply because Yosemite is such a nightmare.

        People forget that the now legendary Snow Leopard took almost two years to mature.

      • AnxiousChild - 7 years ago

        @Mike Beasley, …well, mine doesn’t :) …srsly, I have never had a single problem with waking from sleep or a lag.
        Safari used to crash in earlier betas, now it’s pretty stable… i mean, stable enough for the general public…

        as far as my Retina MBP has been terribly sluggish and animations were really choppy on Yosemite, El Cap is bliss. (at least for me)

    • strawbis - 7 years ago

      I have a 2014 15″ Macbook Pro and have been using Yosemite since its release, apart from initial “Continuity\Handoff” issues, it’s been solid & stable. And it doesn’t require a refresh install every 6 months like just about every version of Windows since ’95 that I’ve used.

      I think it’s great that Apple release a free of charge yearly update for which you’d have to pay Microsoft. It’s not only fixing any minor flaws, it’s giving your OS a refreshing new look and feel! So bring on El Cap.

  2. Yura Cherkoff - 7 years ago

    Unfortunately, this is not how product marketing works. New features are often more important to the general user than quality. That is the whole point of these events. Sad state of affairs, but it is what it is.

    • mpias3785 - 7 years ago

      No, that’s not how marketing product works, at least not for OS X. Look at Mactracker and you’ll see that yearly OS X upgrades are a recent occurrence. Apple used to put out revisions until the current OS was working before a new major revision was introduced. The major upgrades cost about $130, but they were far more stable than these cheesy bug-ridden yearly updates. I’d much rather pay to get a good OS rather than these low quality freebies.

  3. strawbis - 7 years ago

    This from a Demo video of another product, it’s marked supersecret and you don’t believe it’s a plant? c’mon. Besides, they can’t release iOS9 (new features and all) without it being fully compatible with OS-X, so it follows they’ll be released around the same date. Right???

  4. The release date of El Capitan is actually on the Apple website: And it is September 30, indeed.

  5. 黃郁棋 - 7 years ago

    El Capitan 10.11 GM have bugs too…

    1. When you open a big picture(2000×4695) via original preview application, then full screen you’ll see nothing. Yes!!! See “Nothing” ,where is my picture ?

    2. El Capitan 10.11 GM makes my workplace’s wifi can’t connection. it’s fine until I update from 278 to 282a …

  6. James Handley - 7 years ago

    I have Mountain Lion with no problems, and the more reviews that I read about ANY upgrade scares me. Maybe, just maybe, I may upgrade to El Capitan since security may be an issue for the upgrade. But reading these reviews here also leaves me with an uneasy feeling.

  7. Omar Quraishi - 7 years ago

    Yosemite is broken no doubt, specially the bluetooth, you cant run bluetooth and wifi together, somehow it interferes with the wifi and internet shuts down.

  8. tweetabit (@tweetzbitz) - 7 years ago

    Could 9to5Mac post a guide to install OS X (el capitan) clean (from zero) and then install Xcode clean + the command line tools