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Opinion: Does the iPhone 6s justify an upgrade from the iPhone 6 after all? [Poll]


A few weeks prior to the launch of the iPhone 6s, I wondered whether an S model could really continue the blockbuster sales success Apple enjoyed with the iPhone 6. Based on what we knew then, it seemed like it might be a tough sell. And at the time, it seems many of you felt the same way: in our poll, only 29% of iPhone 6 owners said they would ‘definitely’ upgrade.

But my view now is that Apple may have pulled a rabbit out of the hat. The company has, I think, successfully dealt with three of my five reasons for being skeptical about the sales potential of the 6s:

  • Force Touch is a techy feature, with limited mass-market appeal
  • The camera improvements are nice, but the iPhone 6 camera is already great
  • The iPhone 6 still feels like ‘the new iPhone’

So let’s look at each in turn, and see why I think Apple may have managed to prove me wrong … 


Force Touch to 3D Touch

Force Touch on the Apple Watch is a very handy feature. Along with the digital crown, it plays a very significant role in creating a workable user-interface on a very small screen.

I was less convinced then that it could be a headline feature on an iPhone. I started to question my view when Mark Gurman revealed that the 6s was going to get a more sophisticated version of the technology, but still wasn’t sold. Until Apple showed us with 3D Touch what it was doing with this new technology: Peek and Pop.

Peek and Pop are, I think, two small features that will make a massive difference to how we use our iPhones. Peek is almost exactly like Quick Look in OS X, where you can press the spacebar while any file is highlighted to get a quick preview of it. That’s a feature I use pretty much every single day.

If I’ve got a bunch of photos in a folder, and want to decide which is the better one to use, Quick Look is a really easy way to preview them – especially in list view, where I can just highlight the first one, press the spacebar and then down-arrow through the rest. If I want to look up a figure in a spreadsheet, Quick Look is much faster than opening it in Excel. If a company has been annoying enough to send me a press release as a Word document, Quick Look is an easy way to skim-read to see whether it’s of interest. Peek on the iPhone 6s will, I suspect, prove equally useful.

Pop gives immediate and intuitive access to contextual menus. Effectively things that currently require two or more steps on current iPhones will feel like a single step on the iPhone 6s. Sure, the reality is we have to bring up the menu then make our selection, just as we do when right-clicking a document on the Mac, but it’s going to feel a lot slicker.

I may have been right that Force Touch alone isn’t a headline feature for mass-market consumers, but I think 3D Touch – with its Peek and Pop functionality – is.


Live Photos

I said before that, welcome as the camera improvements would be, the iPhone 6 camera is already great – and that Apple had touted it as such, long and loud. It would, I argued, have a tough job to persuade us that the 6s one was dramatically better.

And then along came Live Photos. I’m not yet sure what to make of this feature. Will it be a novelty that we’ll enjoy a few times then never look at it again? Will it be something we’ll appreciate on a few photos, but not bother with for most? Or will it be a feature people will absolutely love, feeling that it brings back the memories in a way that the still photos alone don’t?

It’s early days yet in our poll, but at the time of writing around 40% of you love the idea of it, and only 15% see it as a novelty that will wear off.

The increase in pixels may make little difference in a world in which the vast majority of photos are never viewed on anything larger than an iPhone or iPad screen, or as a greatly-reduced image on Facebook. But with Live Photos a feature unique to the 6s, Apple has effectively transformed the camera into a headline feature.


‘The new iPhone’

I argued before that the iPhone 6 still felt like ‘the new iPhone.’ The change in size and design over the iPhone 5s was so dramatic that I still was still hearing people refer to it by this term almost a full year after its launch. With few external changes, I wondered how many of those who like to be seen to be using the latest and greatest iPhone would bother to upgrade to something that was virtually identical in appearance.

But while the hardware has scarcely changed, the software has. Most years, anyone with an older model iPhone can accept the upgrade to the latest version of iOS and get most of the new features. The software experience on last year’s iPhone is little different to the software experience on the latest model. This time, though, it’s different. Peek, Pop and Live Photos are three headline features you can only get with the iPhone 6s. And it’s those features, I think, that are going to make last year’s 6 feel rather more like the old iPhone.

Trade-in data from NextWorth seems to support that. The company tells me that trade-ins are up 210% on last year, but the really interesting part is this: last year, only 25% of trade-ins were of the previous year’s model – this year, it’s more than 50%.


And me? Will I upgrade from the 6 to the 6s? I don’t have a fixed pattern to my upgrades. I always buy my iDevices outright, unlocked and free from contract, so it all depends on how much the new features appeal to me. I went from the iPhone 4 to the 4S for Siri, but skipped both the 5 and the 5S. I bought the iPhone 6 primarily for Apple Pay, though I’ve also come to really appreciate Touch ID.

I’m kind of thinking that Live Photos are a gimmick, though I do think they are something you have to experience before you can really tell. But Peek and Pop? Those are tempting.

Perhaps I should take my Apple Watch approach: buy one and see, taking it back within the refund period if it doesn’t sell itself to me. iPhone 6s Diary, anyone?

What about you? Take our poll, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Update: I talked myself into it – preordered.


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  1. iWagsz (@Iwagsz) - 8 years ago

    I’m keeping my 5S because of the size and hope Apple brings another metal 4″ iPhone.

    • Mark Aquino (@aquinom85) - 8 years ago

      Yeah, I’m still using a 5 for the same reason. Actually have a 5S sitting in a drawer because my wife upgraded hers to the 6 Plus. Frankly, I don’t wear a murse and have no interest in a gigantic freaking phone.

      • Rich Davis (@RichDavis9) - 8 years ago

        I got the 6 and thought it was just right, until after using it for a few months, then it was still too small. I got the 6+ and at first I thought it was a little too big, but now I got used to it, but a 5.2 screen would probably be perfect. i wear jeans and cargo pants, so i don’t have any problems carrying around the 6+. I think the perfect screen size would be 5.2 inch with the body of the newer Apple models.

      • I think you are being a little dramatic.

    • nelson1112233 - 8 years ago

      Can’t go back after the 6 to the 5S

      • I did. It wasn’t too bad – though now I’m sold on the concept of the larger screen (I only had the 6 for a week, since originally we got it for my cousin, but they didn’t want it, so we decided to give it to my Grandfather – I didn’t object to giving it up because it only had 16 GB)

    • I’d like to share something with those feel that they will giving up something special once they leave the 5s model, I have a 6 Plus and I’m happy with it but every time I pick up an iPhone 6, I smile and think, Ahhhh, there’s that iPhone / Steve Jobs feel that I don’t have with my phone. Other than it being a dimension thing, I can’t describe what it is, but it’s definitely there on the 6 series and not on the 6 plus series. I’m rather confident that you’d be comfortable and happy with the 6 series, I miss that feel that’s for sure, and I’m torn about what I’ll be going to next upgrade. But I thought I’d add my two cents here :)

  2. I own an iPhone 4S and I’m planning to upgrade to iPhone 6s for almost a year now.

    • Toms Harjo - 8 years ago

      How’s it running for you? I’ve got one myself, however since 4Ss are getting iOS 9, might even hold back till the iPhone 7 :)

  3. I own an iPhone 4 right now. Should I upgrade? The iPhone 6s is far more expensive here in Germany btw :(

    (958 USD for 6s 64 GB (US price: 749))

  4. x0epyon0x - 8 years ago

    As a long time Android owner and current user of a Nexus 5, I’ll be waiting for confirmation of 2GB of RAM in the 6S before upgrading to it.

    • Charles Lee - 8 years ago

      i am pretty sure there will be 2GB RAM in it

    • tmrjij718 - 8 years ago

      You’ll realize that RAM is not of much importance to Apple since iOS is more efficient coming from Android. People complain about ram regardless when it comes to Safari tabs even though recent iOS history showed that a simple software update remedied it somewhat.

      • Inaba-kun (@Inaba_kun) - 8 years ago

        Not true. The difference between an iPad Air (1gb) and an iPad Air 2 (2gb) in Safari is night an day. The former only caches a single tab, the latter caches several.

      • netputing (@netputing) - 8 years ago

        Let me tell you, I hated the 6 for closing my apps all the time. Close the phone, let it sit 30 minutes and open it again. Google chrome, plus, etc app would all need to “start” again as they were closed by the OS. Clearly with more RAM iOS could have kept them running in the back. This was a real pain… so iOS with 1GB of ram on iPhone is enough? Not at all.

      • PhilBoogie - 8 years ago

        More RAM eats into battery life. Personally I think Apple always strikes a good balance with these sort of things. Same goes for the battery size, if it were larger for the sake of longer life it would also take longer to charge. YMMV.

        The more tabs it needs to actively keep in RAM the shorter that battery will keep its charge.

        I would expect Google Chrome to reload that page: if it’s displaying something from the Internet wouldn’t you want to read the latest update to whatever you were reading? Same goes for Google+. If someone posted something wouldn’t you want to read that?

      • tmrjij718 - 8 years ago

        I can keep up to 4 tabs from reload on my iPhone 6 and 6+ on my iPad Air 2.
        Never on these devices have I have ever seen an App have to completely close. The apps in the background are not running (unless you enabled Backgroind app refresh). They are frozen using very little amounts of memory to sustain its current activity when you come back to it.

      • David Ding - 8 years ago

        That’s not how RAM works Phil, keeping things in RAM doesn’t take additional power.

  5. David Krug - 8 years ago

    I’m handing down my 5S and upgrading to the 6S+.

  6. chrisl84 - 8 years ago

    The better front camera is the most appealing feature from the 6 but it wont get me to upgrade…..that said, the 7 can’t come soon enough

    • Joe (@realofficialjoe) - 8 years ago

      Am I right in thinking you are partial to the odd selfie now and again?! ;)

      • chrisl84 - 8 years ago

        Haha, I might be known to take a few….I don’t selfie stick though.

      • PhilBoogie - 8 years ago

        The selfie stick needs to go. The most pathetic invention of all time.

  7. Drew (@gettysburg11s) - 8 years ago

    I am upgrading my iPhone 6 to a 6S. The 6S, unlike the 4S and 5S, adds quite a bit of real world value. Its worth the expense (which is basically $300.00, after I sell my iPhone 6 to Nextworth for $350.00)

  8. nathanmroth - 8 years ago

    I’m upgrading to the 6s Plus from the 6. Its 50% new features 50% wanting the Plus size.

    • hayesunt - 8 years ago

      Haha. I’m upgrading for the same reason, but it’s because I have the Plus and want the 6s size. The Plus is just too big and even after a year I haven’t got used to it. Hard to hold, big for pockets, etc. Maybe it’ll be right for you though.

  9. Claudio Cilia - 8 years ago

    I have a 5S and been waiting for the 6S since before the 6 lol

  10. Liam Deckham - 8 years ago

    I am going to keep my 6 Plus. You are absolutely right. It feels like I just got it. Also, if I were to spend money to go from 6+ to 6s+, I think it would be better for my soul to donate that money to charity.

    • Inaba-kun (@Inaba_kun) - 8 years ago

      Well said. Upgrading a phone every year is utterly illogical and totally irresponsible. We live on a planet with finite resources. People should think more of the future and less of their own short term gratification.

      • r00fus1 - 8 years ago

        Its not like the phone is going in the trash – upgraders either sell the old one, return it (jump/next upgrade program), or hand it down. Either way, someone else is getting your old iPhone.

      • mytawalbeh - 8 years ago

        I’m giving my 6+ to my bro, so I’ll upgrade to 6s.

      • While we do have finite resources, Silicon (which makes up most of the phone, including the glass) is the most abundant element on Earth, and aluminum (which the body is made of) is highly recycleable. Apple does a good job in making these phones not too bad for the environment

  11. I’m fine with my iPhone 6. I might upgrade in 2 more models.

  12. Joe (@realofficialjoe) - 8 years ago

    I think the upgrade is more worth it than I thought it would be but I’m sticking with my 6 for another year…

  13. vinokurovalexey - 8 years ago

    Since first iPhone I have never bought an “s” version. 6s will not be an exception.

    • taoprophet420 - 8 years ago

      Only s mode I had was 3gs. Luckily it was when AT&T was still letting you upgrade an iPhone every year. So when to the 4, 5 and 6 plus. I’m glad I’m on a non s upgrade cycle. Wonder how Apple’s and carriers installment plans will effect people’s upgrade cycles.

  14. Jean-Raphaël Poulin - 8 years ago

    already bought a retina macbook pro so my battery drainer of old iPhone 5 will have to last another year! Apple got it right with it’s lineup, iphone 6s, apple watch and apple tv are giving me the eye!

    • netputing (@netputing) - 8 years ago

      Yeah, the battery on the 6 plus was nuclear. Does your iPhone 5 serial qualify for the free battery replacement? You should check that. Mine does but my battery is still AOK.

  15. netputing (@netputing) - 8 years ago

    I must be the lone duck but after the announcement I actually decided to sell my iPhone 6 plus while it still had a good resell value and went back to my old iPhone 5. So no, not upgrading to a 6S. I like the new 3D force touch but I actually don’t need it. Actually what I am looking to do is get the next Google Nexus 5X (if this is the actual name) as my primary phone. I had the opportunity to use a One plus One and really like the open and integrated Android 5.1.1 OS. Google’s service are so well integrated on this thing and the applications feel like they are upgraded almost daily compared to stock iOS base apps and third party apps on iOS.

    I also own an Apple watch and intend to part away from it once I get the new Nexus. Will probably buy an LG Urbane or similar smartwatch. I realized I actually don’t use the Apple Watch for what it is worth. My use of it is limited to email notifications from Google Inbox (I don’t use the basic Apple mail), check the time (I hate having to wiggle my wrist to just check the time… Android Wear does not have this issue) or check the hourly weather forecast. I also use it as a morning alarm. That is about it… so I trust Android Wear will give me all this and more as I would really like to use Google Maps driving direction on my watch but it is not available yet on Apple watch.

    So there might be Android switchers to iOS out there but there is also the reverse… and I think I am not alone. Apple does nice phones, Macs, etc. and you can really rely on it… but the price asked for the new iPhones… wow!

    • Has the price of a new (unlocked, off contract) iPhone ever changed?

    • PhilBoogie - 8 years ago

      Thank you taking the time to write down your view on switching, but the other way around like we usually read. I think the products Apple creates nowadays are working so well, in unison if you will, that one can really appreciate it all once you use all their native software apps.

      And when people don’t the experience becomes less nice and I can see why you’d want to switch, thanks for elaborating on that.

      • netputing (@netputing) - 8 years ago

        Correct. I don’t actually use Apple’s native app on iOS as I prefer 3rd party alternative. Like Google Inbox, Maps, Hangout (because I have friends that don’t use iPhone and need to communicate with them also). So this is perhaps Apple’s issue where the Apps ecosystem the create only work well as long as you only use Apple’s apps… but for a lot of users this is not the case.

        For example, I refrain from actually buying Movies and TV shows from Apple because you can only watch them on Apple’s devices… where Google TV and Movies are available in any Browsers (well, sort of) and on Android TV. With Chromecast you can also cast them from Android or iOS mobile devices… so I tend to go with Google here. I think this lack of other mobile OS App support will eventually hurt… maybe not so much right now but eventually it will bite.

        So this is why I pretty much decided to move away from iOS for now to Android so I can experience content like music, movies, tv, books on any devices instead of just Apple’s. I have actually stopped using Apple’s music all together more than a year ago when Google Music was made avail in Canada and I have never looked back. The simple ability to use a browser to manage music is so nice. iTunes need to go to an HTML5 solution for Apple’s sake.

        I must say that the Apple TV 4 with tvOS is super tempting… but I will wait to see if Google will come to it with a searchable version of TV and Movie app as most of my digital content is bought through that and would like to play it on the Apple TV. I will not buy content on Apple’s iTunes until they open and allow playback on other mobile platform.

        Sorry for the long rant ;-)

  16. taoprophet420 - 8 years ago

    iPhone 7 should have a higher resolution and better screen and hopefully no god awful antenna gaps.

    The FaceTime camera to me is the biggest improvement. 3D Touch will be better I a year after. Ore apps use it and Apple has more time to bake it into iOS.

    No single feature or combine to get me to upgrade from the 6 plus to 6s plus. I’m pretty set in the every other year upgrade cycle.

    • Inaba-kun (@Inaba_kun) - 8 years ago

      I hope they don’t put a higher resolution screen in the 7. It would offer no visual improvement but negatively affect GPU performance and battery life. The 6+ screen is already far, far higher resolution than the human eye can see.

      • taoprophet420 - 8 years ago

        GPU performance is the main improvement in the A9.

      • o0smoothies0o - 8 years ago

        It’s sad how scientifically wrong you are on that. The pixel density ABSOLUTELY needs to increase. If you have good vision (hint: you don’t), you can easily see the difference between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sharpness. The iPhone 6 Plus still isn’t good enough though, it needs to be about 6″+ retina for it to be great, and currently it’s 9″+ retina. The fact is though, pixel density goes beyond what the human eye can detect in sharpness, and that is better color. Read DisplayMate and stop stating things like they are fact when in fact they are completely inaccurate.

  17. rogifan - 8 years ago

    Why just the 6? I’m guessing a lot of the upgrades will be coming from 4S, 5 and 5S/5C users. How many people upgrade their phones every year anyway?

  18. brswllc - 8 years ago

    Waiting for 4″ version of iPhone 6/6s

  19. Jason Cardona - 8 years ago

    Will I upgrade from a 6? Nope. Just not enough of an ‘upgrade’ to make me want to spend the extra money. I upgraded from a 5S to a 6 primarily for the screen size. For those complaining about the size of the 6; you’ve clearly never ‘used’ one. I have no issues carrying my 6 in my pocket even with a fairly robust case on it (Pelican.) I had initially pre-ordered a 6+ and immediatly changed to 6 when I held both in my hand. I wouldn’t hold my breath about Apple bringing back a 4″ or candybar style phone. The sales of the 6 and 6+ were just too good.

  20. ron837192 - 8 years ago

    For me, the camera improvements are key. The improved front camera and 4k video are a big deal.

  21. Inaba-kun (@Inaba_kun) - 8 years ago

    The S models are always a waste of space.

    The things I’d like to see fixed in the iPhone 6 are all to do with the shell – it’s as slippery as a bar of soap, the camera bulge makes it wobble comically when placed on a desk, and those gigantic antenna lines make it by far the ugliest iPhone since the 3G. Samsung and HTC seem able to make mental bodied phones without huge antenna lines, so I don’t know why Apple, especially Apple given their obsession with cosmetics, can’t eradicate them.

    The faster CPU is all well and good, but the camera still needs a lot of work. Maybe the S will be an improvement on that area. Low light photography is still basically not possible with a phone camera, and digital zoom is utterly retarded unless you have crazy high mega pixel counts. (Like one of the Nokia Lumias did)

  22. About 4 months ago, I thought that I don’t really need a new phone and will stick with my iPhone 5. I usually don’t buy a ‘S’ model, because they’re looking kind of ordinary to me. But on the other hand, the iPhone 4S solved the antenna gate on the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5S solved the iPhone 5’s scuff and camera problems. It really makes me thinking about preferring the ‘S’ models over the ‘non-S’ models. So I decided to buy an iPhone 6S instead of waiting for the iPhone 7.

  23. dwsolberg - 8 years ago

    The reason I’m upgrading is the new, faster 700 Mhz band for TMobile. I love TMobile, but my wife has trouble with reception in her school (which is concrete).

    • hayesunt - 8 years ago

      That’s one of the reasons I am, as well! It’s great everywhere for me except work. Excited for any improvement.

  24. JR607 - 8 years ago

    I have to say i’ve been very upset by the 6S as with previous “S” phones (3GS, 4S & 5S) apple hasn’t really added that much to it but this year apple has added everything but the kitchen sink to it. i bought a 6 Plus last year and now i’m tempted to buy the 6S :(

  25. Ann Litzler (@ALitzler) - 8 years ago

    Now have an Apple Watch so phone stays in pocket except for pics. 5s camera is fine and phone size is perfect.

  26. accordingtoame - 8 years ago

    I tend to buy them every year for, if nothing else, chip and camera improvements.

  27. migsimoes (@migsimoes) - 8 years ago

    the “s” versions has been always the killing ones, so yes i will upgrade my 5s to the 6s and waiting for the 7s meanwhile

  28. Paul Douglas - 8 years ago

    The 6S seems great, but I have zero issues with my 6 so I’ll stick to upgrading on the tick releases.

  29. hieurock - 8 years ago

    If you think about it, this is probably the largest S upgrade.

  30. seventhndr - 8 years ago

    For only one reason, and you didn’t mention it. RAM. Air 2 has me spoiled and makes me cringe at using my 6+ for anything much more than calls, emails, and iMsg/SMS.

  31. Rich Davis (@RichDavis9) - 8 years ago

    I think Live Photos is kinda gimmicky, but it’s not as bad as bumping phones, that was just stupid. On some photos, it’s kinda cool, but it’s not a reason, I think the 3D Touch, better camera, faster processor are more reasons. I’m already wondering what could they do for the next release that will make it a huge leap. I think phones are getting to the point where they have pushed the envelope about as far as they can that makes sense.

  32. Chad Fritz (@Lionsfan67) - 8 years ago

    I still like the Iphone 5c. The size and the way it fits in pockets is not bulky at all. Nothing against the iphone 6 plus but if I want to watch tv on something I will use a tablet at home. I am also coming from a Samsung Note 3 after having a Iphone 4s. I will never go back to droid either. I missed how simple the Iphone was to use.

  33. Mark G Davis - 8 years ago

    what apple really needs to do is, put on the iphone 6s the Beats sound system, now that would really sell me!

  34. krikaoli - 8 years ago

    I think this S version is one of the best in recent years, so good as the Retina Display version was.

  35. triankar - 8 years ago

    It almost justifies it. The combination of the upgraded camera + features justify it enough for me. 3DTouch is also nice but by itself it doesn’t justify the upgrade. And, given that I can still sell my iPhone 6 for a reasonable price, I think I’ll upgrade.

    For me there were 2 let-downs, however.
    – The major let-down was the smaller battery. I’m not sure if this was due to Jony’s obsession or the commitment to keep the same physical dimensions on a tok model (as in tik-tok). Either way, the iPhone (and especially the Watch) needs a better battery.
    – The minor let-down was that they didn’t upgrade the lens’ aperture at the same time. A jump from an f/2.2 to an f/1.8 lens alone would have justified the upgrade, if you’re into photography. Loved the Live-Photos though.

    • Ben Lovejoy - 8 years ago

      The increased power efficiency must make up for the slightly smaller battery, as the same battery-life is being quoted by Apple.

  36. Because I just only bought the iPhone 6 last year, I’ll wait until September 2016 when the next real hardware change to the iPhone arrives with the iPhone 7.

  37. Hossain Muhammad - 8 years ago

    I have an iphone 6 not gonna upgrade until Iphone 7S plus it’s stupid to upgrade every year the iphone 5S is still not considered obsolete so not gonna upgrade its so pointless wasting ur money on another device when ur device is still like new i think people should hold off on the upgrades going from a iphone 6 to a 7S or 8 will be more worth the upgrade and the camera is still awesome on the 6 i have friends with a galaxy s5 and their camera sucks in low light photography and things just dont look as crisp apple increased megapixels in the 6S but didnt increase the sensor size which is bad cuz it stays f /2.2 and everyone knows that if you upgrade megapixels it makes a picture more noisy unless you improve the sensor the galaxy s6 still beats the iphone 6S in photography because they have a combination of a higher megapixels which don’t really matter but the thing thats impressive about the galaxy s6 is the sensor sizs its f/1.9 which means more light will get in then the 6S so the Iphone 7 or 7S might increase the sensor size

  38. Gary Dauphin - 8 years ago

    I am a photographer. Want that new camera and 4K video.

  39. Cai (Kai) - 8 years ago

    For the first time in my adult life, my phone–a 6+– is good enough! It’s unlocked, does 95% of what the new phones do besides those hidden menus, has a very cheap plan without paying some kind of installment plan (it’s paid off), has the better battery, and lets me able to live without a laptop constantly attached to me because of all the multimedia I consume.

  40. I would upgrade, but the battery size on the new iphones is smaller than in the iPhone 6 which is really annoying. I honestly just want better battery life.

  41. amitvedant - 8 years ago

    Yes, 3D touch is cool. It is a feature for not only the techy but for the mass.
    Series 7000 aluminium- need of time.
    Camera- ya 6 is already great but, Apple likes to keep innovating.
    Overall I’m happy for Apple and the potential buyers.

  42. jostian - 7 years ago

    Had the 6 now have 6s but photo quality on 6s is poor, see here


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