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iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus now available to preorder from Apple Online Store and carriers


The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are now available to preorder from Apple’s Online Store and participating carriers in the twelve launch countries, priced from $199 through $499 on a typical 2 year contract. Last year, Apple sold ten million phones in opening weekend numbers and analysts expect similar results this time. Until the phones go out of stock, preorders made today should deliver on the 25th September when the phones officially go on sale. There haven’t been any rumors of limited stock availability but we’ll keep you posted …


Pricing for the new phones is the same as last year. For $199, you can get a brand new 16 GB iPhone 6s with a $299 64 GB and $399 128 GB storage upgrade option on contract. The larger 5.5 inch iPhone 6s Plus (which is almost identical internally to the iPhone 6s) is $100 at every price tier: $299 for 16 GB iPhone 6s Plus maxing out at $499 for the 128 GB variety. Carriers are offering many types of new phone plans this year, including Apple, so check out our comparison chart to find the best deal.

The iPhone 6s features 3D Touch, pressure sensitive multitouch for things like quick app shortcuts and previewing content, an upgraded 12-megapixel rear camera, 4K video recording, a 5 megapixel front camera. New for this year is also a Rose Gold color option, in addition to Space Grey, Silver and Gold.


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  1. Kai Cherry - 8 years ago

    Groovy. Got mine.

    • ag80911 - 8 years ago

      Easy as pie – 3 AT&T Next orders – no issues. 2 6s 64 rose gold, 1 6s+ 128GB for me.

      • Michael Crandell - 8 years ago

        How did you order? I ordered at 3:07 am EST and my ship date says 10/16-10/23. I ordered with the AT&T App as the Apple Store was still down. If anyone can shed some light on this, that would be great. Thanks!

      • dbtwothree (@dbtwothree) - 8 years ago

        I ordered my 6S+ at 3:02 AM and it went quick and smooth with Apple Store App/Apple Pay. My confirmation email and order status still state a 9/25 delivery. The 3-4 weeks that is currently listed pertains to those who wish to preorder at this time due to the fact that the current supply is accounted for.

    • prolango - 8 years ago

      Just bought one for my wife as a surprise; 6S+ Rose Gold. AT&T’s ship dates were mid-October. Tried ordering it with the Apple App Store app and it kept saying that it couldn’t access my AT&T agreement. After 10 tries, it finally went through!

      In the interim, I tried it reserving it at the physical stores, but the Rose Gold was gone! I guess that will be the popular model this time around.

      • 89p13 - 8 years ago

        I had a similar issue last year with AT&T and their web site. By the time it was all said and done – I had 6 iPhone 6Pluses on my account – while we only had 2 lines and 2 upgrades.

        The only reason I went to the AT&T site last year was the disaster that Apple created by not opening the Apple on-line store until 6:00 a.m. EDT! It took my wife about 24 phone calls to AT&T to get them ALL canceled – while I was able to order the 2 that we wanted via the Apple web site – but they didn’t arrive until mid-October.

        I would never use a Carrier web site again. As I posted above, this year Apple’s iPhone App made it quick, easy and painless. Just as a side note – I did notify the credit card company that I would be making these purchases several days in advance so there would be no credit card / fraud alert protection delays.

        For me this has been the easiest new phone purchase experience since the iPhone 4.

  2. “Personal Pickup is currently unavailable” :(

  3. tush4r - 8 years ago

    I can’t see it. What am I missing?

  4. fromNY2LA (@onestopnyc) - 8 years ago

    do it from the app

  5. joshdoremus - 8 years ago

    Done! Two Gold 128GB’s with no issues.

  6. Sam Johnson (@Gazebo_Sj) - 8 years ago

    Whoo! Got mine. iPhone 6s Plus 64gb in Silver

  7. Kerry Norman - 8 years ago

    I was able to start my upgrade on the Verizon site before at 11:58pm PDT – ahead of Apple. Super easy… Also Verizon is only charging $99 for Applecare + not the $129 that Apple is charging for the 6S. That’s probably a mistake so we’ll see how that goes and if I get the right one….

  8. Shawn Newell (@CVS1726) - 8 years ago

    16GB Rose Gold 6S Plus on ATT says ship date in October.

  9. Whoda (@Whodakat) - 8 years ago

    Way to go T Mobile! I’m on Jump on Demand which is an in store promotion so I thought it would be a nightmare upgrading at 12:01 am. But they gave out a number to call, and I had 4 iPhones ordered in less than 20 minutes. A 64 GB Rose Gold 6S+, a 64 GB Silver 6S+, and two Space Gray 16 GB 6S’.

    • Rolf Haug (@rolfhaug) - 8 years ago

      I totally agree! I was an ATT customer for 6 years, always got an iPhone on launch day, this was my first experience with T-Mobile. I was a little worried when I heard you could only do it over the phone and not online. They impressed me. I was only on hold about 10min before I got a rep, we even got disconnected at one point and she called me right back. Got both of my orders through, 6S 64gb gray and gold. I was expecting a train wreck and was pleasantly surprised. Probably the easiest pre-order I’ve done, ever… and I’ve been doing it since the 3GS.

    • danhenrie - 8 years ago

      T-Mobile fail. Bought 2 iPhones on jump on demand 3 weeks ago a 64gb iPhone 6 and 64gb iPhone 6+ . Called in at 12:01 went right to a person who after 40 minutes of discussion told me I would have to pay $100 per phone for simply moving to a 6s 64gb and a 6s+ 64gb. Pissed as H E L L. Gonna miss out on the 25th delivery date cause they can’t get there crap together. First bad experience with them but if it isn’t ironed out soon it’s gonna be my last one too.

      • yuniverse7 - 8 years ago

        I don’t get it. Why would you order a current iPhones when in 3 weeks you’ll have opportunity to order a new version?

      • Dan Bo - 8 years ago

        Are you a dope? If you already bought 2 phones on Jump on Demand you should have already known that it’s $0 for 16GB $100 for the 64GB and $200 for the 128GB up front, as you should have already paid that. Those are the incremental price increases for the higher storage specs per guidelines of Apple. How else do you think T-Mobile can keep your monthly lease payment at $15 a month? I swear… They have their crap together, you’re the one who doesn’t you bonehead.

      • Rolf Haug (@rolfhaug) - 8 years ago

        @danhenrie – call them back. They’re wrong. The person you had just made a mistake, or didn’t read carefully what was in front of her. This was confirmed by the VP of retail sales for T-Mobile in this reddit thread a few weeks ago, and by my local store, and I informed my rep on the phone last night and she confirmed also: If you paid the $99 down for the 6 64GB you do NOT have to re-pay it for the 6S 64GB. I ordered two 64’s with $0 out of pocket.

        @yuniverse7 – that was the deal T-Mobile was running, I did the same thing. The deal was buy a 6 before Sept 8th with Jump on Demand, and get a 6S for the same monthly price with nothing down and no increase, and priority ordering. I bought two 6 64GB’s from T-Mo on Aug 28th and placed my order for two 6S’s last night no problems.

        @Dan Bo – Unfortunately that’s incorrect information; danhenrie was in the right. You do not have to pay the $99 down to upgrade to the 6S 64GB if you already paid it for the 6 64GB with Jump on Demand – referenced in this reddit thread:

    • yuniverse7 - 8 years ago

      I had to wait 30 minutes on the phone, but my 4 orders went through quickly. Two 6s+ 64GB, and two 6s+ 16GB on Jump on Demand.

  10. applewatch20152015 - 8 years ago

    Wow. 2nd year in a row that Verizon was online early. Got in by 2:52am and was done by 3am. Got the 64GB 6S in Rose Gold for my wife and the 64GB 6S Plus for me in Silver. BOOYAA! And it’s FedEx shipping which delivers A LOT earlier than UPS for me!

  11. Justin Knash - 8 years ago

    Use the myAt&t app on your phone to do it. The website is having problems.

  12. 89p13 - 8 years ago

    Apple Store App – Got in at 3:03 and by 3:05 that Space Gray, 128 GB iPhone 6S Plus – Unlocked – Was bought and paid for! on my laptop is still showing “We’re Getting Ready To Open The Doors” and it’s now 3:20.

    Love that Apple Store App!

    • 89p13 - 8 years ago

      Using the App – #2 for my wife – Rose Gold, 128GB 6S Plus, Unlocked was just ordered. I have got to hand it to Apple – Using the App is a piece of Cake!

      Well Done, Tim & Company! So much better than last year!!!

      • Ali Dhanani - 8 years ago

        @89p13- Were you able to confirm the phones were unlocked as an apple rep told me they were not but I think they are. I am looking to take a tmobile version out of the states (GSM carrier) and am just wondering if it is unlocked like the iPhone 6. The apple store rep said it will work on T-mobile and ‘T-mobile affiliates’ globally :S

  13. Steve32 - 8 years ago

    If the website isn’t loading use the Apple Store app on iOS. I used it for two orders, and worked just fine/

  14. Terrence Newton - 8 years ago

    Took almost 10 minutes to get in, but once I did was able to pre-order a silver 64 + for 9/25 smoothly.

  15. Avery Vine - 8 years ago

    Ordered a 64GB Gold iPhone 6s. I have my order number, but not my confirmation email. Is anyone else yet to receive theirs? Should I be worried?

    • Avery Vine - 8 years ago

      Never mind, the moment I hit the post button, I received the confirmation email. All is well!

    • basboyblair - 8 years ago

      Make sure you do a screen grab / or evernote screen shot of the confirmation. You should be good. Or try buying again… it won’t let you rebuy it if you are upgrading your service with a carrier because you would have used it up already.

  16. Man O Man! AT&T opened up literally 12-15 mins before 2AM CST. Went smooth like butter. Apple Store app and the website didn’t come up until 10 mins after 2.

    People had warned me to steer clear of AT&T. Looks like it wasn’t a problem for me at all. Good Luck to everyone else.

    Now the hard part of waiting begins. To make it worse, its friggin 2 weeks this time around.

    • Matthew Ronan - 8 years ago

      I ordered via AT&T as well. Had my browser refreshing since 15 min prior to 3am EST. Got my space gray 128gb 6s+, however my order status shows delivering in October… order confirmation was 3:07am

      • jdharvey52 - 8 years ago

        That’s why I won’t ever order from AT&T anymore. They screwed me the past 2 years like that. This past year was the very worst. I always got on their page quicker then Apple so I went ahead and ordered, but they can’t get their stock out and don’t have a lot of stock.
        This year I waited for Apple app to come open and ordered that way.

    • Zaq Miller - 8 years ago

      I have a plan discount through my wife’s work. The AT&T website pushes all device sales (and upgrade check) through their Premier subs-store from and it crashed almost immediately. Used the Apple Store app and went so smooth, although I wasn’t able to use the next with down payment option.

  17. Jonathan Edwards - 8 years ago

    am i the only one having issues with reserving a spot for the upgrade program?

    • Stetson - 8 years ago

      Are you getting the “Update your Apple ID” page?

      If so, you need to reset your password.

    • Yashvind Bhasin - 8 years ago

      Nope, having same issue here. It says program is closed and to check on 26th :-(

    • I couldnt see the Apple Upgrade Program either. Ended up buying it full price.

      I think I am better of this way because I heard a lot of chatter on the web that the Apple Upgrade Program would only let you reserve a slot for an appointment in store for a credit check. You are not guaranteed to walk out with a phone on 25th. I could be wrong and I hope I am for those who are relying on this.

      • basboyblair - 8 years ago

        Well if you don’t pass the credit check you get to finance it through the carrier of your choice option or buy the phone outright on the spot… in either case you have a phone reserved.

  18. brianrmurray - 8 years ago

    As usual Apple Store App is where it’s at. I don’t even know why I have the website as a backup. Ordered 2 6s Plus’ 64GB (1 Silver, 1 Rose Gold) 5 min after preorders started. Both 9/25 delivery. 😬

  19. Keith Anh Le - 8 years ago

    done 64gb Gold Subtotal $849.00 Free Shipping Estimated Tax $50.94 Order Total $899.94

  20. NY3Ranger (@ny3ranger) - 8 years ago

    Wasn’t able to see the option for the financing and not pay full price. But ended up just paying full price because I didn’t want to delay.

    • basboyblair - 8 years ago

      Yeah… you had to do it on / Funny they didn’t include this in their app. When my husbands phone comes due next year I think we will buy his outright as he doesn’t want AppleCare. I am the clumsy one in the relationship.

  21. Just ordered mine from Apple using my NEXT account! FYI, I had to make one additional payment to my AT&T bill before Apple would let me upgrade.

  22. Zachary Land - 8 years ago

    AT&T has all 6s+ models shipping between Oct 16 – Oct 23. Umm, no thanks. Used Apple Store app on iPad, upgraded one line and made 2 in-store reservations for the 25th of Sep. Apple Store app/site is way more stable this year then in previous years. Not sure if thats because they upgraded load of the site or less people are upgrading/buying an iPhone. Either way, happy with how everything turned out.

    • Rolf Haug (@rolfhaug) - 8 years ago

      Or because a lot of ATT’s iPhone customer’s jumped ship to T-Mobile lol. I switched my two lines over a few weeks ago, and I have 7 other friends who did also.

  23. Is apple not selling the standard 2 year contract online?

    • Zachary Land - 8 years ago

      For which carrier? AT&T has done away with 2-year contracts through everyone but themselves. Meaning you would have to go to AT&Ts site/store to get 2-year contract.

      You can currently get 2-year contract through Apple’s Online Store with Verizon and Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile you can’t.

  24. basboyblair - 8 years ago

    The one Confusing/ Bad Option was I wanted to do Apple Financing/Upgrade every year program… but ordering from the Apple Store App is always the fastest (since the Apple Website tends to crash) But the Apple Store App doesn’t include setting up the Apple Financing Option… nothing in mentioned. I ended up going to the Apple Site to try and research it. There it was on the Apple Site, and despite me having waited 5 minutes to find this out I was able to order my model (Silver iPhone 6s Plus / 64 gig) and get an 8am appointment. I have three Apple Stores within 5 miles of me…so I chose the least busy of the three. I think Apple will not have that many people doing the Apple Financing as they didn’t make it easy to find…yet I bet anyone who does finance with them gets priority reservation. (Well, that is my gut feeling…but I have been eating a lot of junk food lately ;-D

  25. I order a iPhone 6s plus 128GB Verizon Space Grey via the Apple Store App

  26. Nate Jackson (@inatej) - 8 years ago

    Yup, I wanted to order using the two-year contract pricing so I had to order directly from AT&T for the first time. The site auto-refreshed and let me in just a few minutes after 2:01am CST. I had no issues getting my 64GB iPhone 6S Plus in Rose Gold ordered for 9/25 delivery. #w00t

  27. Melinda Losee - 8 years ago

    Currently on hold and have been for 30 min. with t-mobile. Before that I called 4 times and it didn’t even put me on hold it just hung up on me. Why aren’t there upgrade options for t-mobile through the apple store? The other 3 carriers all have upgrade options.

    • Melinda Losee - 8 years ago

      Have now been on hold for 45 min. Not impressed t-mobile.

      • Melinda Losee - 8 years ago

        Just got off the phone with t-mobile and after the almost hour long hold the pre-order process was very easy and only took about 5 min. $199 down and $20 a month for a iPhone 6s space grey 128gb is awesome. He also guaranteed a 9/25 delivery date!

  28. Matt Martone - 8 years ago

    Mine says it will be delivered 25/9-29/9, what does “9-29” mean exactly?

  29. Jason Boyce - 8 years ago

    I was able to preorder my 128GB 6 Plus Space Gray from T-Mobile without much issue, just took a few min on the phone, just waiting on my EIP email now

  30. confluxnz - 8 years ago

    Apple’s website was having issues well after the advertised preorder time. Got a bit desperate and used the app. Worked a treat on the first go, and now got 2 X silver 128GB 6s’ on the way! YUSS bring on Sept 25th! :)

    • ziezee - 8 years ago

      I got my EIP but instead of a $22/month payment as I was told, and advertised (for the 6S Plus), the EIP says it is $31.25. I’ve talked to 3 different people, been transferred each time, and am hold again. Been on phone 45 mins now and counting. Nobody can answer why.

      • kenyonhicks - 8 years ago

        That’s odd, they told me mines would be 20$ a month but happened to be $17!!

  31. saifrawahy - 8 years ago

    People are not buying the new 6s
    U can still preorder the iPhone now and get it by 25th September

  32. versaceboy54 - 8 years ago

    What bs so bc I want to stay on a 2 year contract with att and want a 6s+ I need to wait until October16-23 to get a phone. Why doesn’t att have 6+ stock?! It’s obserd and my order went through early at 253am.

    If the ship date doesn’t change closer to the 24th I may cancel and try to get one from an att store.

  33. Jake Brennan - 8 years ago

    I am currently live-tracking all the Apple Store worldwide ship dates for the iPhone 6s & 6s Plus for anyone interested here:

    (Updates every 10-15 minutes, sorry I’m doing this all manually as not to upset any server overlords!)

  34. Ilko Sarafski - 8 years ago

    It’s very fucking sad how we, the people from the 2nd and 3rd world, are always behind you guys. I am living in this pathetic country called Bulgaria, which is basically at the bottom of the European Union, etc, etc, so it’s total shit here. So we are getting the phones at the beginning of December. Well, we do have some shipments prior to December, but the cost of the phone is usually twice as the normal… For some reason I wasn’t fortunate enough to be born in the USA. Whatever, I’ll just wait until December when already nobody will care about the 6S, because the rumors about the 7 will be already spinning haha. Congrats to all of you who already ordered yours! Tell us how it is, when you get the phones! :)

  35. 89p13 - 8 years ago

    At 9:15 a.m., from the East Coast of the US – The On-Line Apple store (not from the app – but from my computers) has completely crashed out! I went to check my account, just to see the response of the On-Line Store / Account Status page and I have been unable to sign in for over 20 minutes!

    Anyone saying people aren’t buying the Apple iPhones is smoking an illegal drug that is altering their reality — or they’re Samsung Fan-Bois talking crap!

    My Apple stock will love this year’s release – again!


    • shareef777 - 8 years ago

      Don’t know what issues you’re running into, but I can get thru the store now and get everything except rose gold delivered for release day. That’s NOT a good sign of stellar sales.

      • 89p13 - 8 years ago

        2 Questions: did you attempt to Login and where are you located?

        I still cannot get access to any of my orders via the web site – but the app is working fine.


      • shareef777 - 8 years ago

        I’ve only been checking the fully unlocked one (T-Mobile) and while they were all good this morning (except gold) the 6s+ has now slipped to 2-4weeks depending on size. Though the 6s is still available for 9/25 delivery in all sizes (verified all the way to the checkout page).

  36. pratafw - 8 years ago

    Anyone can confirm me if the t-mobile full price is factory unlocked? I need to use it with other carriers abroad

    • shareef777 - 8 years ago

      Yes, completely unlocked.

      • Ali Dhanani - 8 years ago

        Shareef, how were you able to confirm this. Any light you could shed on this would be appreciated.

      • shareef777 - 8 years ago

        I’ve been buying the unlocked one direct from apple since they started offering them, including last years model. It’s always sold as for T-Mobile, but is always unlocked.

  37. Robert Dupuy - 8 years ago

    There was no expectation of limited availability for this one, so I didn’t get up at midnight PST(which is 2am here)…instead I slept in.

    I put a reservation in for a phone at 9:40am – my local Apple store still had plenty of stock for a launch day phone.

    Of course Apple also made more of them this time and aren’t having the same issues as they did with not being able to make many 6 plus models last year…., but the pent up demand isn’t there either.

  38. Phelipe Hamoui (@phelpX) - 8 years ago

    I brought one 6S+ Unlocked – 2-3 weeks. My question is, 2-3 weeks from now or after 9/25?

  39. hayesunt - 8 years ago

    I’m seeing several models’ ship times slip. Good thing I got mine within 3 minutes of launch!

  40. AirDJ31 - 8 years ago

    Stupid question: with Force Touch/3D Touch, should we even buy screen protectors for the new phones?

    • hayesunt - 8 years ago

      You said it, not me. Why would 3D Touch factor in to whether you get a screen protector or not? It doesn’t make a difference.
      Personally, I don’t like the feel of a screen protector and have never needed one.

  41. Kenneth Jin - 8 years ago

    Is the T-Mobile Full Pay an unlocked phone?????????? I wanna use AT&T on that!

  42. Diego Eduardo Solano - 8 years ago

    Just wondering, if I buy the iPhone version that says “contract free (T-Mobile)” through the Apple Store App, does this mean that it is unlocked and I can use it on any compatible gsm carrier worldwide ??? Thanks for your replies

  43. mentions support for TD-LTE bands fore model A1633 but on there is no mention of TD-LTE bands. Argggh,, Why apple why. Why do you have to make everything so complicated.

  44. jamesjonesdet - 8 years ago

    Either Apple beifed up their servers big time this year or demand wasn’t that high in the opening minutes this year because I was in and out by 12:08 PT and that is by far a record.

    My previous best was ~12:30 ish for the 3GS.

  45. Henrique Santos - 8 years ago

    received the confirmation page on the website but still haven’t got the confirmation email and the order still not showing up on the app. Happened with anyone else? :(

  46. Shipping times have slipped to 2-3 weeks for all capacities of the T-mobile unlocked version, and the 64 and 128 GB on Verizon are pushed to 2-3 weeks

  47. Charles Hedlin - 8 years ago

    I spend over an hour and it kept failing trying to retrieve my next contract when ordering with the App (this is after indicating that I am eligible). After over a dozen tries I got through on the website and it worked, but the 6S Plus in Rose Gold at 64GB was already to a 2-3 week wait. Very annoyed that I put so much effort into pre-ordering and got left out.

  48. Freddy Rodriguez - 8 years ago

    I bought mine iphone6s plus grey 64gb by 301am. Est. the site say deliver 9/25 got the email at 302 saying it will be 10/16-10/25. That’s some bs right there. As soon as I get them I’m going to T-Mobile tha hell with att

  49. #itsElijah (@lol_elijah) - 8 years ago

    Does anyone know when in-store reservations will open up for the 26th in the U.S.? I wanna do the iPhone Upgrade Program but reservations for day one are filled up.

  50. JT Ray (@TheRealJTRay) - 8 years ago

    I can’t believe how smooth this order went. Ordered 1 6s Rose Gold through the iOS App Store App. Then reserved two for inshore pick up. I will likely have two extra I don’t need. Hedge my bets each way. Willing to bet there is a nice grey market for these.

  51. Eric Hoitsma - 8 years ago

    I’m an Apple fanboy with an iPhone 6 plus 64gb, but screw this crap. I’m not paying $400 for a phone any more.

  52. S (@MumbleMouthAss) - 8 years ago

    Question: If I am not ready for an Upgrade with Verizon until December. Is it possible to get the Apple iPhone monthly program and have that phone connected before my contract ends without having to pay the extra fee for adding an extra phone to my contract and use my same phone #?

    • R.A.W. (@R_A_W420) - 8 years ago

      We call that cell phone carrier utopia a place that only exists in our wildest dreams a place so insouciant we could upgrade 4 months early and never pay more than $20/month for access, phone, and fees.

      This place doesn’t exist, neither does the situation you described unfortunately:(

  53. mysocialbox - 8 years ago

    Anyone knows how many days will take to receive the iphone from apple? Its says delivers 25th.. thats true? Ive also reserved 4 iphones to pick up at the store from 1030 to 11 in chicago.

  54. latinoboyboy - 8 years ago

    Am I the only male to order the Rose Gold for himself? I just like Rose Gold a lot. My father’s wedding band has white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, so I’ve always found the latter to be very pleasant looking.

  55. Mahesh - 8 years ago

    3D Touch sounds really interesting. Can’t wait to use it.


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