Users reporting early issues updating to iOS 9, GM seed also has OTA update


Update: Apple has posted an official workaround for the “Slide to Upgrade” bug…

While Apple has officially released iOS 9 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, several readers are reporting issues with updating to the new operating system. Developers using the iOS 9 GM seed released last week are also able to update to today’s release over-the-air, although the same error message is impacting those users.

Earlier today Apple announced that it was delaying the release of watchOS 2 for Apple Watch, although iOS 9 was not delayed. It’s likely, however, that the current issues with updating over-the-air are related to server load and not pulling the release. Other users are still seeing the previous iOS 8.4.1 version and unable to attempt to update just yet. For my own update to iOS 9 GM to the released version of iOS 9, rebooting my iPhone 6 and checking Software Update in Settings resolved the issue.

As with any major release, the best troubleshooting solution is likely being patient and letting Apple’s servers catch up. In the meantime, some but not all users are reporting some success with updating using iTunes.

We’ll keep an eye on the current updating issues and share the latest with you. If you’re experiencing these issues then you’re not alone, and let us know in the comments how your update process is going.

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  1. mariobros27772 - 8 years ago

    Anyone having any luck? I heard through iTunes works but stuck with no computer here. Any suggestions?

    • Briuscione - 8 years ago

      Just tried using iTunes. It doesn’t work.

      • Gevan Young - 8 years ago

        just download true itunes it works now i am runing ios 9

    • Dobs Dobs - 8 years ago

      if it happens, just click on settings and it will take you back to the “download and install” option…select it again and BOOM! THAT’S IT!

    • Fernando Cotta - 8 years ago

      I tried through iTunes. The update was downloaded, then the install process began. The iPhone was restarted and “ta-da”!! I’m still using iOS 8. I don’t understand what happened. Everything looks like ok but the update was not installed.

  2. 89p13 - 8 years ago

    Have tried numerous times since 1:00p.m. (EDT) – at first it got to 2 minutes left – PHAIL!

    Every time since – PHAIL!

    Phone is plugged in and WiFi is Strong Like Bull!

    Phone pre-order was successful –iOS 9 update is a PHAIL!

    • The Z - 8 years ago


      • 89p13 - 8 years ago

        No – PHAIL!

        Now downloading OTA – with 44 Minutes remaining. Don’t have my laptop here so it’s OTA or wait until I get home.

      • 89p13 - 8 years ago

        And – Another FAILURE!

      • 89p13 - 8 years ago

        Now – after about 30 retries – 3 complete shut downs and reboots – my phone is at about “2 Minutes Remaining.”

        I. Hope. It. Works!

      • 89p13 - 8 years ago

        Down to 1 minute left.

      • 89p13 - 8 years ago

        28 seconds remaining!

      • 89p13 - 8 years ago

        SUCCESS! “Preparing Update!”


      • 89p13 - 8 years ago

        Update – after downloading and preparing – took about 25 minutes to install. 25 nerve-racking-minutes, as the phone showed the normal line, sliding left-to-right – but then it sat at the far right for about 10 minutes, rebooted and the dull Apple sat there for another 10 minutes – with the line underneath, doing nothing. Finally, the 6Plus (128 GB unlocked) did reboot and come up with the “new Phone Screens” and after answering the usual Apple setup questions, it did start – all the Apps were there, but it seemed very slow in responsiveness. 1 reboot and everything feels good to go.

        Be patient and just let it do it’s thing. YMMV

    • Gevan Young - 8 years ago

      use itunes it work for me

  3. Suhail Awad - 8 years ago

    I was having this issue when i tried at 1pm EST. First few attempts threw that error, but i kept trying and its been running now for about 10 minutes. Keeping an eye on it in case i have to restart it if it fails. Fingers crossed though.

  4. Alex H (@MetalHaze) - 8 years ago

    I am currently having this issue. I have the iOS9 GM seed on my phone and iOS9 Beta 3 on my iPad. Neither can update to the iOS9 Public release

  5. maxleopold - 8 years ago

    I am not able to pull it via iTunes at all – it still notes that 8.4.1 is the latest Version.
    And OverTheAir, I receive the noted Error Message.

  6. Juan C. A. Ferreira - 8 years ago

    Hi, update by iTunes is working.

  7. Alex Thomason - 8 years ago

    Through iTunes it’s currently downloading, OTA update, failed every time.

  8. dennyc69 - 8 years ago

    So far it looks like that only through iTunes can you do the update error free.

  9. kshen1 - 8 years ago

    I actually was able to update from GM to public release immediately – guess its because I hit it right at 10

  10. Oliver VanDervoort - 8 years ago

    They always, always, always have server issues, usually for hours when they first launch a new OS.

  11. Dan Watkins - 8 years ago

    No problem for me. Installed through iPhone and not iTunes.

  12. paulywalnuts23 - 8 years ago

    Got that error, but just plugged into my Mac and she is downloading like a champ.

  13. Sam Carroll - 8 years ago

    my itunes is showing 8.4.1 is the most up to date iOS. Failing on OTA

  14. Jacob-Kiki Hantla - 8 years ago

    I couldn’t get OTA update to work on any devices, but updating through iTunes works fine.

  15. applegetridofsimandjack - 8 years ago

    I just got an error while trying to update



  16. Both iPhone & iPad on 8.4.1, get the error message on the iPhone, iPad is updating as we speak. Weird.

  17. Sabina Krasnov - 8 years ago

    Use iTunes, OTA NOT WORKING

  18. Carlos Gonzalez - 8 years ago

    Had the same issue. Updating through iTunes works. Mine is updating now.

  19. joesiegler - 8 years ago

    My iPad is updating. Old iPod (4th Gen) is updating. Everything else (iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPad Mini, couple others) are throwing the error.

    • maxleopold - 8 years ago

      The touch 4th Gen with 3.5inch Screen is stuck on iOS 6.1.6 –
      only the touch 5th Gen or current 6th Gen, with the larger 4inch Screen are iOS9 eligible !

  20. Sabina Krasnov - 8 years ago

    OTA shows 1GB while on iTunes it shows 1.84GB

  21. ytsethunder - 8 years ago

    Same thing happened to me with each public beta. Keeping iPhone/iPad unlocked and showing download screen was effective.

  22. Ashish Gulati - 8 years ago

    For anyone who has tried the iOS 9 GM release and is updating to this public release, do let people like me know if you find any differences between the both of them.

  23. Jason Bryant (@nukethis) - 8 years ago

    I can confirm that iTunes works just fine.

  24. Julian (@thejulianw) - 8 years ago

    Anyone else just sitting at home, being on iOS 9.1 Public Beta?
    Was so excited for watchOS 2 :(

    • Rolf Haug (@rolfhaug) - 8 years ago

      I was going to ask that. If we are on beta 9.1 we should just skip the 9.0 public release? 9.1 beta is running fantastic for me on my 6 and iPad Air 2

      • Ashish Gulati - 8 years ago

        But how to be sure if this release of iOS squashes any bugs that iOS 9.1 Beta might still have. I just want to have the least buggy release possible on my device. As per my experiences of using the betas for iOS 9 and 9.1 go I have not really found much differences. May be because there aren’t much (new emojis and ‘Hey Siri’ feature)

      • Julian (@thejulianw) - 8 years ago

        iOS 9.1 works just totally fine for me. I’m not noticing a single bug besides some Apple Music issues that are due to the service itself not to the OS.
        I won’t downgrade to iOS 9.0, I assume the next iteration of 9.1 beta will have everything 9.0 final has + whatever makes it 9.1

    • Yeah, same here. “iOS9.1 Your software is up to date.” It makes me wonder if I’m on the final version without knowing it! Everything is working fine, tho.

  25. ippylad - 8 years ago

    No luck with OTA but managed to update all my devices from GM to new update via iTunes.

  26. Briuscione - 8 years ago

    Just tried using iTunes. It doesn’t work.

  27. Oliver VanDervoort - 8 years ago

    Yeah, my iTunes is saying 8.4.1 is the latest version too, so can’t update that way.

  28. iluvappleblog - 8 years ago

    Update error on OTA, tried few times, trying iTunes on windows and so far so good, but the update is larger at 2.04GB v/s 1.2GB OTA

    • Oliver VanDervoort - 8 years ago

      How did you get access to it? Mine says 8.4.1 is the latest version.

      • paulywalnuts23 - 8 years ago

        Do you have the latest version of iTunes installed or are you at work where they might be blocking the update site/server?

      • iluvappleblog - 8 years ago

        Just plugged in my iPhone 6+ plus and opened iTunes, a pop up window came up with the message that software update for iPhone is available.

      • Luke Zering - 8 years ago

        Restarting my iPhone fixed the latest version issue through iTunes

      • Luke Zering - 8 years ago

        restart your iPhone. Fixed the issue for me!

  29. Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan - 8 years ago

    from the Dev. devices i’m fine updated, but from 8.4.1 can’t update still, getting the same error, even after starting to download, it will stop and give the same error

  30. Prem Patel (@prem_4tw) - 8 years ago

    It’s not working for me either. It said 23 minutes when I tried at 1:02 PM but after that I just keep getting error messages.

  31. It’s easy, simply must put the device in DFU mode.

  32. Working for me,using iTunes

  33. tiggs14 - 8 years ago

    1:30pm Eastern, still getting the error message on both iPhone & iPad. What’s the deal with the Watch OS delay?

  34. tonywmd23 - 8 years ago

    Installing now! Had the issue for about a dozen times, but kept trying and it finally started downloading. Now the download has finished and the install has started! I suppose the error was just due to the extraordinarily high server pressure over the first couple of minutes the update was released. This happens almost every time when a brand new firmware gets released by Apple.

  35. Imay Noko (@ImayNoko) - 8 years ago

    ins’t the version released today the same as GM released last week?

    • maxleopold - 8 years ago

      9.0 GM seed – Dev. Build 13A340 (Sept. 09th 2015)

      today we receive Build 13A344

      • rafterman11 - 8 years ago

        Apple also updated the GM links on the Dev site to 344 too.

  36. Patrick (@stpatrick77) - 8 years ago

    OTA not working. DL thru iTunes working fine ..

  37. Sandip Bose - 8 years ago

    Please download it via itunes. Seems likeOTA is not working at all.

  38. OTA Failed, i have plugged it into iTunes. I have a wired 240MB download connection and iTunes is telling me the download of iOS 9 will take 6 hours. Apple need to sort their stuff out pronto

  39. eduardo22i - 8 years ago

    It’s not working for me, iPhone 6. I tried with iTunes and it’s downloading.

  40. David Kaplan - 8 years ago

    This exact same thing happened to me from GM version, it returned an error message. I was surprised that I had an update already running GM, must have some additional bug fixes.

  41. Dobs Dobs - 8 years ago

    if it happens, just click on setings and it will take you back to the “downlaod and install” option…select it again and BOOM! THAT’S IT!

  42. Rasmussen (@Twitboydk) - 8 years ago

    Mine seems to be downloading OTA now. Both on iPhone and iPad

  43. Nicolas Cloutier - 8 years ago

    Was getting the same error. Turned off wi-fi, unplugged power. Turned on wi-fi again and now it works.

  44. wally (@wellypierre) - 8 years ago

    its fixed I’m in haiti

  45. Yashasvi Patel - 8 years ago

    It requires at least 1GB of free storage space. I got the same error message, but it has been resolved now.

  46. I’ve downloaded now installing on 6 plus through iTunes

  47. Adam (@GatorAB) - 8 years ago

    If you press the “Settings” option after a failure, then immediately try to download again, it will work. I tried this from the US on an iPad Mini 2 and iPhone 6. The settings option will not take you anywhere, it will just dismiss the dialog box.

  48. Alex H (@MetalHaze) - 8 years ago


  49. Steve Santjer - 8 years ago

    Try plugging it in. It worked fine for me.

  50. David Kaplan - 8 years ago

    It’s working for me now

  51. dolevmonfred123 - 8 years ago


  52. Milan Ševečka - 8 years ago

    I came to it, you have to: turn off the password and ID, and disable the touch find my iPhone

  53. Prem Patel (@prem_4tw) - 8 years ago

    9 minutes remaining! Hope it doesn’t crash again!!

  54. dshort35 - 8 years ago

    just tried again and it worked

  55. davidt4n - 8 years ago

    OTA works for me from iOS 9 GM now. Downloaded in few minutes.

  56. Alan Sparling - 8 years ago

    I had zero problems updating my iPad Mini 2, 35 minutes start to finish. Then got the “Software Update failed” message for three attempts. Waited about team minutes, tried again, download succeeded, now about 25 minutes into the install.

  57. Yeah worked for me after a few times clicking.

  58. RED (@JessLynch15) - 8 years ago

    it happens a million times but i got it to work i have ios 9 now

  59. Help! I was in the middle of updating my iPhone5 to iOS 9, and it asked me to allow location updates, which I did, and then it brought me to a white screen with the “slide to upgrade” bar flashing across the bottom. But I can’t slide it and nothing is happening. I can’t even turn off my phone and restart it!

  60. Anshuk Saxena - 8 years ago

    First of all, iOS 9 software update is 1 GB download and not 42.3 MB. I was facing this error in morning but now it is fine. I downloaded the update and it is working fine.

  61. Richard Smith - 8 years ago

    OTA worked fine on my Air 2 and iPhone 6. Maybe because had GM on them?

  62. Chris Smith - 8 years ago

    Just updated with Ipad Air 2 on iTunes. No issues and took only 20-25 mins

  63. William - 8 years ago

    In the UK: updated via iTunes. ios9 doesn’t have News app in the UK (though existing apps moved into a normal, non-Newstand folder). Also, Content Blockers setting missing from Settings > Safari > General and the content blockers that I know about aren’t visible in the UK App Store.

    • I live in Ireland and its missing also

    • William - 8 years ago

      To follow this up, as of 10pm UK time content blockers are in the app store and working. I’ve seen one person claim to be able to use the news app here, by restarting and toggling between regions, but I can’t reproduce that.

  64. Had the same issue, just do it through iTunes and it goes right through.

  65. Have managed to shut down twice, and I keep getting to the “slide to upgrade” flashing on an all-white screen, but I cannot slide it. My only option is to turn it off, and then I’m back to the same problem. My phone is not usable right now. Does anyone know what to do?

  66. ajschwe - 8 years ago

    I had the same issue with an iPad Mini 2. My fix was just simply closing all apps and restarting the iPad. After restart the update worked perfectly.

  67. John Huthmaker-TheFirst - 8 years ago

    Just to confirm, has anyone been able to do the OTA update from 9.1 Beta to the new 9.0 today?

  68. All updated in the UK and looks awesome! Split screen is amazing, and the trackpad selection on the keyboard just superb. No News app though, thought it was coming with iOS 9, was looking forward to it. My Air 2 feels brand new, just waiting until around the 9th October for my 6S Plus 📱😀

    • sleepyhead14 - 8 years ago

      Should have the News app, got it on mine and also in the UK. Think I’ve got a Plus coming on release day :)

  69. Both of my devices are updated now. I had the problem at first but eventually the updates went through. Such a nice change seeing 1GB update to a totally new build of iOS.

  70. DJ Keolo (@Djkeolo) - 8 years ago

    Got mine through Itunes 30 min after announcement.

  71. Simon Trevena - 8 years ago

    4 tries and then installed without any issues. Presumed like many software downloads, system just busy. Just retried till it worked

    Has been working for last 2 hours without any furthers concerns

    No extra memory freed up oh well

  72. Yury M (@Antidipresant) - 8 years ago

    My iPhone updated. But “phone app” doesn’t work. To make a call I have to open contacts app and then make a call from it. Anyone has the same problem? Or I’m lucky?

  73. Downloading… 12 hours remaining. LOL

  74. Chris Merritt - 8 years ago

    Perform a hard reset on your device and then it will work.

  75. Smoke Dogg (@smeze13) - 8 years ago

    mine downloaded fine the first time using over the air…

  76. Mike Vaughn - 8 years ago

    I can’t get it to work via over the air or connected to iTunes. I assume they are working to solve the issues at hand.

  77. James Transue - 8 years ago

    Just did the ota update on my iPad mini with no issues and only took about 10 mins to install

  78. Cee (@Loraccee) - 8 years ago

    I have an iPhone 6 Plus. IOS 9 downloaded and started to install fine.
    I got to the 2nd black screen with a bar at the bottom, and it is stuck there. Nothing happens with the bar.

    • Jordan Conway - 8 years ago

      Same did you find a resolution yet

    • Adam Helm - 8 years ago

      That is the same problem I’m having now!!! It says slide to update and it won’t let me slide or go any further at all!

      • Andy Maldonado - 8 years ago

        i have the same issue did you find the resolution on how to fix it??

      • Melanie Danis - 8 years ago

        Were you able to resolve this issue? Mine has been stuck there since last night. I tried to reboot in recovery mode and start over but still no luck.

  79. Frank Sim - 8 years ago

    my 6plus downloaded iOS 9 and installed. however, at the “finalizing screen” after rebooting, no progress was made for more than 30 minutes. It just seems hanging there without any progress until now. how could this problem be overcome. while typing, i am downloading iOS 9 to my iTune. Kindly help. thanks.

  80. Tahirih Roberta Bennet - 8 years ago

    I have managed to download iOS 9 but it pops up with this message when I try to install it :/

  81. joelwrose (@joelwrose) - 8 years ago

    I had an issue trying while connected to an AT&T wifi hotspot. 30 minutes later I was on a private hotspot and no issues. I’m wondering if some company-provided hotspots limit large downloads.

    • Cecilia Calderon - 8 years ago

      See I thought that might be the issue for me as well with my university wifi but my iPad mini that has the beta software updated just fine while my iPhone kept saying “an unexpected error occurred”

  82. ios9 upgrade worked for me. I did it using only the phone, I didn’t go thru itunes fwiw.

  83. nicovertv - 8 years ago

    I Found the solution!!! Disactivate the auto lock screen! And that’s it

    • Mo Louise Green - 8 years ago

      Didn’t work for me. :(

    • Susan Kearney Rash - 8 years ago

      My son just tried to update his iPhone 5 with the new ioS9 and the update says complete, but then opens a screen that gets stuck on Slide to Upgrade. Anyone know how to fix? What do you mean “disactivate?” and how do you do that if you can’t get past the “slide to upgrade” screen.

      • Andy Maldonado - 8 years ago

        im having the same issue did you find a way to fix it and if you did what did you do because my 5s is still stuck on the slide to the right and im not sure what to do

  84. Paul Seaward - 8 years ago

    installed fine first time through iPhone not iTunes, but i don’t have the new News App? and it isn’t on app store…

    • thestevenng - 8 years ago

      me too, i dont get the news app too

    • So you are not seeing the news app most likely because of your location….. the news apps is only available in certain countries atm

    • McKinsey Speirs Tolson - 8 years ago

      I installed just barely and it won’t let me get past the “slide to upgrade”. I’ve tried shutting it off several times and it makes me go through the motions again until I reach that same spot of slide to upgrade. Very annoying. Not sure how to resolve?

      • Tugce Ipek - 8 years ago

        I have the same problem, anyone find solution?

  85. im stuck on the white ‘slide to upgrade’ screen been on it for about an hour now

  86. Will Van Gelderen - 8 years ago

    Worked fine for me through iTunes, all upgraded. Didn’t work OTA through iOS though

  87. Alan Sparling - 8 years ago

    All Numbers / Pages / Keynote data gone. New Numbers spreadsheet not shared across devices. Notes iCloud data accessible. I had updated the app yesterday, data was still accessible.

  88. Jordi Iserte - 8 years ago

    I have an iPhone 5 with the iOs 9 beta since june, and i can’t upgrade the released version of iOs 9!!! what can i do?

  89. Mo Louise Green - 8 years ago

    It updated fine on my iPad but not on the mini. No idea why. Ideas??

  90. Michael Soussan - 8 years ago

    I have been using the GM Candidate since it’s release.

    But, I don’t have the option to upgrade to the non-beta iOS 9.

    I am currently on 9.1 Beta, but not sure if this entitles me to all the features and removal of any bugs/issues.

    When I try to download iOS 9 on my Mac/iTunes it says “the resource was not found”

    Not sure if this is just me or other people are experiencing the same thing.

    • Derrick Cochran - 8 years ago

      I’m experiencing the same issue. Currently on iOS 9.1 Beta, it doesn’t even give me the option to get iOS 9

      • Did you delete the ios 9 beta profile then reboot and check for a new update with that profile removed?

  91. My 6 worked no issues, I had to do a fresh restore the the 6 plus using DFU mode as it locked up after report on the OTA update.

  92. keilonni - 8 years ago

    Not working says the same thing as the above picture and it’s really frustrating

  93. Jafar Shah (@JafaShah) - 8 years ago

    Are you kidding me, my update was 1GB, how in the world are people getting to download this with only 42.3mb????

    Also my storage in icloud went down from 2.7gb available space to 1.4GB, why I don’t know

    I have taken a screen shot of that to prove it

    is anyone else having similiar issue????

    • It’s 42.3 because they’re already on a beta (Gold Master?) build. See the font on the dialog box, it actually looks nice. As for the storage, I would need to see the screenshots to see what is taking up the space.

  94. airmanchairman - 8 years ago

    My iPhones 5 & 5S updated to 9.0 with no drama within one hour… App folders intact, AOK.

    iPad 3 is updating as I write this comment. Fingers crossed :-)

  95. Jafar Shah (@JafaShah) - 8 years ago

    Also don’t have this new NEWS app which every video on youtube shows people using

    not on app store

    btw i am using Iphone 6 if that makes difference

  96. David Shulan - 8 years ago

    Had the problem. Updated via iTunes with no problem there.

  97. Daniel Sinclair - 8 years ago

    Not working connected to iTunes on my PC. Will try OTA. Won’t even download on PC. “We could not complete your iTunes Store request. The requested resource was not found…. Please try again later.”

  98. Gary Lum - 8 years ago

    Downloaded and installed to iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad but the app store doesn’t display new updates. I know there will be apps to update but they’re not showing.

  99. Khurram Sajjad Khawaja - 8 years ago

    I am stuck with log into iTunes logo while updating my iPhone 6 to ios 9. am in a fix….what to do

  100. Susan Hurst - 8 years ago

    help…my ipad says download successful but I seem to be stuck in a loop when it comes to putting in apple id. It says just a few more steps before you begin and then it goes back to the start again ‘hello’ aaarrrggghhhh

  101. William Robinson - 8 years ago

    I get this message after update downloads and installs:

    The iPhone “xxxx iPhone” cannot be used because it requires iTunes version 12.2.2 or later. Would you like to download the latest version of iTunes now?

    But it did install. Unsure if I can keep syncing to iTunes without upgrading it (which I don’t want to do).

  102. twinkieslife - 8 years ago

    I can not find the news app on my phone after upgrading what do I do?

  103. i just updated my iPhone 6 and now when I can a text message there is no SOUND to alert me!! already rebooted phone and that didn’t correct it, also my keep getting UPDATE FAILED when I try to update my iPad,

  104. Cherelyn Gillson - 8 years ago

    Downloaded and installed with no problem but Microsoft Outlook App won’t run. I use this app instead of Mail and Calendar so I will be lost without it.

  105. mxchan3 - 8 years ago

    If you have problems updating your phone, I suggest you use iTunes to backup and restore iPhone, the only solution I can think of!

  106. distressedcactus - 8 years ago

    Went fine on the iPad Mini, stalled four times and got that error message on a 5C.

  107. Jason Normandeau - 8 years ago

    my friend just tried installing iOS 9 and for the last 5 hours her phone keeps restarting the install progress when it reaches about halfway. Anyone else have this issue now or before?

  108. Kandi Lee (@thekandilee) - 8 years ago

    I have found critical bugs in iOS9. How can I report them?

  109. It’s great for me :)

  110. KimChu Perrington - 8 years ago

    I was able to download and update without issue. However, now the issue I am having is with the cellular restriction not truly restricting. When you go to cellular then to the applications and turn off all the apps that you do not want accessing cellular and then you go to restrictions and enable restrictions. Then go to Cellular and select DO NOT ALLOW CHANGES. Now once that is done you go to cellular and all the applications do not have the on/off switch grayed out (change restricted). In ios 8 these switches were Grayed out and could not be changed as long as the restriction was enabled. As such the applications can have the cellular turned on even though the setting is set to DO NOT ALLOW CHANGES. The Interesting thing is that if you go to settings then scroll to applications and then select an application the cellular switch is grayed out but could still be changed under the cellular menu. This a a flaw that could lead parents to data usage charges that they are assuming are restricted.

  111. Matthew Pass - 8 years ago

    I still can’t update my iPad 2… it is stuck at 8.4.1…. driving me nuts! Any suggestions?

  112. Jordan Conway - 8 years ago

    My phone is stuck on the slide to upgrade please help

  113. Deborah Agro - 8 years ago

    Have tried several times to update to IOS9 for iphone 5s, but each attempt has been unsuccessful. I did, however, successfully update to IOS9 on my Ipad with no issues. Need to resolve the iphone 5s issue.

  114. Diana (@tipicdiana) - 8 years ago

    I can’t on my iPad Air 2 HELP!!!!

  115. Joy Wang - 8 years ago

    I have an iPad Air and an iPhone 6, I tried to update my iPad OTA firstly, but it stuck on verifying update and it seems the update will never be finished. I have tried reboot it, but the update was not done. I followed sone guide to put my iPad into recovery mode, and I finally tried to update via iTunes, it worked!

  116. Manjit Dhaliwal - 8 years ago

    Still not loading and I’ve been trying since 10 am this morning and now it’s 8pm!!!

  117. <slide to upgrade message after successfully installing the software won't slide. upgrading on the 4s. been with customer support with att for hours resetting and restoring while they held my hand, still no success. I'm essentially locked out of my phone.

  118. Wasim Azam (@wasimazam) - 8 years ago

    Fail to install via iTune reporting “unknown error 1671” phone is showing cable and red iTunes icon. Not sure how to restore back.

  119. Shelby Lynn Ladner - 8 years ago

    My phone has remained on the apple screen since I updated my phone at 4:30 today. I put it in recovery mode, restored it, and updated it, and it is back to where it started.

  120. Mine is freezing on the “slide to upgrade” screen. I keep rebooting it and it keeps stopping there. It won’t let me slide.. My phone is completely useless.

    • Glenn Artajo - 8 years ago

      Hello Casey, is your phone okay now? Just encountered the ‘slide to upgrade’ thing right after installing. Can’t open my iPad, please help…

      • Nope, still having the same issue. I went into restore mode (I think that’s what it’s called.. I held the Home and Lock buttons down till it shut off, then kept holding the Home button down) and was able to restore my phone through iTunes. I thought it would work, but after the restore completed, I chose to restore my backup from iTunes. Then I ran into the same problem: Slide to Upgrade Freeze. I’m going to do that process over again but this time choose to program it as a new phone. Gonna be a pain – if it even works – because I’ll lose all my data, but it’s better than having a phone that’s totally useless. I can’t do it till I get home from work tho b/c it requires WiFi and I don’t have that at work. This is so frustrating!

  121. Mohamed El Dardery - 8 years ago

    I installed IOS 9 and after I can’t open the slide lock screen to start the phone, Can any one advice please?

  122. sumitgaur (@rit2010073) - 8 years ago

    same issue with my iphone 6

  123. Alan Hyden (@Mapt11) - 8 years ago

    went to upgrade iPhone 6. Followed directions, all seemed fine through accept conditions etc and now my screen is stuck on a picture of the lighting plug pointing to iTunes logo. I unplugged powered off an on the computer and iPhone and then plugged back into the lighting to USB on my computer. The computer doesn’t see the phone and therefore iTunes doesn’t show the phone. Phone is stuck and useless – picture on phone for last hour. computer: Windows 10

  124. Yogi Sharma - 8 years ago

    I tried to download IOS 9 on my iPhone 6 plus over the air and it bricked my iphone and I lost all my data. Now I am getting a screen where it tells me to connect to itunes. When I connect to itunes it says your phone can not be restored, reset it to factory default settings. So frastrating!!!

  125. pdanut - 8 years ago

    I got “Software update failed” but tried again an hour later and the update went smoothly.
    However… since getting iOS9 on my iPhone 6 (128GB) I haven’t been able to get 3G working. All was fine before the upgrade and now it refuses to connect. The status bar shows my carrier and a strong signal as well as the 3G indicator but all apps report being offline. I’ve deleted the carrier’s profile and reentered all config settings (rebooting the phone many times along nicely the way) but to no avail.
    Thanks Apple for turning my $1,000 iPhone into an iPod Touch.

  126. Intially I had the “”An error occured downloading iOS 9” but it automatically got resolved.. But there are 2 issues
    1) I can’t see the News App.
    2) I had one app named “Konnect Me” and now I’m unable to open it.. I use that app daily. Can anyone tell me what could be the issue and how to solve?

  127. Jason Vaughn - 8 years ago

    I updated my Iphone 6 OTA, and the download failed and sent my phone into recovery mode. Plug it into Itunes and I get error (9), (14), (1671), and OXE8000065. Changed USB cables, disabled all firewalls, uninstalled all antivirus, updated Itunes, updated OSX, switched to a PC running Windows 10. tried a different PC running 8, restarted the computer, nothing yet. Called Apple, got shitty service and was told I needed a replacement phone. Emailed Tim Cook. This is my 5th iPhone 6. All replaced due to hardware malfunctions. WTF

  128. Pieter Van Der Merwe - 8 years ago

    iPhone 6 Plus – Download went smooth, Installation went smooth. and I’m loving it! However I cant find the new ‘News” app… South Africa

  129. Samme error accoured to me. Worked fine through itunes though.

    • Susan R., New Jersey - 8 years ago

      Spoke to Apple Support regarding upgrade issue on iPhone 5 where upgrade seems stuck at “Swipe to Upgrade.” Apple advised rebooting phone through iTunes. Said patch may not come for weeks. Entire phone wiped clean. Not good for my son who did not have a backup.

  130. deepubarath - 8 years ago

    Updated to iOS 9 but when i open contacts its getting stuck. Not able to make calls. Any fix?

  131. Helen Tam - 8 years ago

    i can not slide to upgrade on my iPhone 5

  132. Ashiq Ashiq - 8 years ago

    downloading iOS 9 to my iTunes for my iphone 4S then time 12:30 am nice moment when see update IOS 9.0 for my Apply 4S

  133. Ciaran Reen - 8 years ago

    I’ve downloaded through iTunes and am stuck at the “> slide to upgrade” screen with no user input being recognised…

    • Glenn Artajo - 8 years ago

      Hello Ciaran, I have the same problem here. Have you figured out how to troubleshoot? I’m still stuck with the ‘slide to upgrade’ thing. Help please…

  134. Tammy Eich - 8 years ago

    I am unable to upgrade to ios 9 on my Iphone 6 plus. I get an error occurred downloading ios 9 message. I shut down my phone 3 times and still get the same error. The tried yesterday 3 times and 3 times again today.

  135. Andrew Williams - 8 years ago

    Updated an iPhone 6, an iPhone 5s and two iPad Air 2’s last night, one iPad via iTunes and the other three via wifi. No problems, apart from that failure message on the first couple of attempts, but that was only minutes after it went live. Loving it so far.

  136. Sophea Chhoeurng - 8 years ago

    Hello Please Help me! I got this error message” The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (14) When I’m try to restore to iOS 9 on iPhone 5s. I don’t know what happening on my phone…So Please help me…

  137. Evan F. Clements - 8 years ago

    I downloaded ios9 for my iPad Air, fine and everything so far seems to work except the font size changing function in Pages…I press the buttons to go up in size and down in size but nothing changes. I am an author and rely on Pages almost exclusively. Has anyone seen this glitch?

  138. Stacey (@iamstaceymills) - 8 years ago

    No trouble here. I downloaded mine at 6am yesterday.

  139. Glenn Artajo - 8 years ago

    Hi, I’m using iPad 2. Mine is not working. After installing, it said it needs set up and I pressed continue. Now, it’s frozen white with ‘slide to upgrade.’ I have reboot it but once it opens back, it does the same thing, continue for set up and then just froze… what to do? Help please…

  140. Tim Souza - 8 years ago

    HUGE problems with ios 9 I downloaded it yesterday on my ipad mini and I got it.. but I can only get into some apps and others I cant get into I have certain apps and games I play and spent alot of time and money on and cant get into them it’s pissing me off.. and I was going to unistall some of those apps and try to reinstall them but when you hold down the home button and the X comes up to unistall the ipad locks completely I have to hold the power and home button to reset it ??? every time…..

  141. Samantha Donohue - 8 years ago

    my iPhone 6+ is stuck on the “connect to iTunes” screen. I’ve upgraded iTunes –> connected phone and still have the same error message. I can’t get to OTA because the iPhone is stuck on that screen. Any suggestions?

  142. Stanley Javier - 8 years ago

    i can’t get into my home screen after installing the new software, keeps asking me to connect to itunes everytime i hold my lock button and when i do,it will ask me to download the ios 9 once again which will take like a whole day, so just………help!

  143. Quetta Gray - 8 years ago

    Mines is having the same issues . im going to try and reboot my phone and start over.

  144. Randy Morrow - 8 years ago

    My email app no longer works – or connects – since I upgraded my iPhone 6+ to IOS 9. Anyone else? I am connected through a MS Exchange – and it has always worked before. It stopped right after the upgrade. Checked settings. Uhg. Work email is critical….

  145. Willy Pimentel - 8 years ago

    I can’t get pass a screen telling me to install java… annoying

  146. Keith Morlock - 8 years ago

    I wish getting mine to update was the end of my issues. While the update seems to be fine on my iPad Air, my wife’s 6 has caught the dreaded “my screen is in landscape mode, even though my phone is in portrait.” My 6+ has the same condition, with the addition of now lagging between functions, freezing apps and screens that are now randomly black or white for 2-5 seconds prior to opening or loading other apps. Overall my 6+ is lagging and feels just like its OS is weighted down similar to my original iPad 1.

  147. Mary Howard - 8 years ago

    Updated fine but now my newer iPad air is basically nonfunctional. Mail crashes immediately, all my pages docs are gone and I’m unable to turn on iCloud to retrieve them (it immediately reverts back to “off”), the screen flickers badly during games. I cannot sync my photo albums, and then what does show up is a mixup of pictures in the wrong folders (folders I removed but have now reappeared for no reason). Total mess. Hoping for an update or will have to try to get rid of this.

  148. photodesign30 - 8 years ago

    issue as well
    what can i do against it

  149. Krishnam Kapoor - 8 years ago

    updated to ios 9 bugs nd bugs no news app nothng hanging alot in iphone 6

  150. Howard Ev (@howardev11) - 8 years ago

    Mine error’d and then crashed. Now it is saying it cannot be restored or updated and I will lose my media. UGH!!!

  151. Vivan Hardgainer - 8 years ago

    Got a issue with USE MOBILE DATA FOR(settings> mobile data> use mobile data for) i used to turn off the data services for few apps when not in use and after upgrading to ios 9 last night ..i’m not able to switch them back to on as it resets itself to off .. i’m locked out not able to use data services. any solution ?

    • theshellygrace - 8 years ago

      I have the same problem and it’s getting frustrating! I have an appointment with Apple on Sunday to try and fix it.

      • phoebejonesss - 8 years ago

        Have you found out how to solve this problem? I’m having the same problem and it’s really annoying! :)

    • oddbeat - 8 years ago

      Me too. Can’t use mobile data. Did reset network settings, lost all settings, but still doesn’t work. Is Apple really that f#&@ed, since Steve went on better place.

    • Melissa Stott - 8 years ago

      The enhanced voices for VoiceOver sound like they are under water is one of my issues. Also, triple tapping the shift key does not turn caps lock on. Is anyone else having these issues?

  152. i have three iOS devices – one iPad mini, one iPod Touch 5th Gen (64GB), and one iPod Touch 5th Gen (16GB). I downloaded the updates this morning and the iPod Touch (16gb) is stuck in set-up mode. The touchscreen responds until it goes back to “slide to upgrade”, which I’ve done. In iTunes the problem persists and a restore is not possible because the iPod is recognized as “locked”. It worked just fine until the update to iOS 9. I have not updated the iPad Mini, as of yet.

    • Jessy Landry - 8 years ago

      same issue here

    • Just Inc. (@SlackMorris) - 8 years ago

      The best way to redownload the update if you are stuck in setup mode, try deleting the .ipsw file. On a PC it is under:

      C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates (just delete the file or to be safe, copy/paste to your desktop and then delete)

      OR on a Mac:

      ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates (Go to Finder menu at top of screen and click “Go”. Hold down the Option key and select Library there. It is hidden by default.

      Try redownloading the update again!

    • Just Inc. (@SlackMorris) - 8 years ago

      @willow…..that may or may not work though. It is really a crapshoot. The best way is to power the device all the way off, HOLD the home button and DO NOT LET GO. Plug it into your computer with iTunes on it and still hold on to the home button. Answer the restore prompts and see if that works. If not, I put some directions for deleting the .ipsw (iPhone or iPad Software Update) file.

      Good luck!!

  153. i got a message on my Iphone 5c to upgrade to ios9. i okd process. Now my phone is stuck on a white screen that says slide to upgrade. It is frozen. It will not slide. I am furious. I cannot use my phone for 6 hours now. I have missed business calls all morning. BS

    • Jessy Landry - 8 years ago

      yup same same same exact issue…..any fix on this?

      • Haley Burdge - 8 years ago

        thats exactly how mone is. i called apple and they said there doing everything they can to fix it but it might take awhile ):

    • AYESHA (@ayeshadhillon) - 8 years ago

      What did you end up doing? Did it end up working a few hours later? Mine is on this screen now…

    • Kamila Hahahahaha - 8 years ago

      Mine too, it was said that that slide for upgrading but, it cant be slide.. N I had rebooted but still it will end with this part… Plz help!! Argh….

    • pinchaslandis - 8 years ago

      I’m with you guys.

    • Fitzhugh Lee - 8 years ago

      Same issue… :(

    • Natalie Williams - 8 years ago

      Mines been like this for 5 hours and I don’t know what to do?

    • mpias3785 - 8 years ago

      OTA upgrade or tethered?

    • Shivesh Singh - 8 years ago

      After getting the dead white screen with the “slide to upgrade ” never sliding option , read many posts and tried to connect through itunes and restore but it is throwing error at itunes –> ” go to icloud settings on your iphone and turn off find my iphone before restoring your iphone” i opened icloud and completely clueless how to turn off f
      ind my iphone application. i have 5s 16gb . Please if anyone has any idea , how to proceed from here , please help !

      • dokm0002 - 8 years ago

        I’m having the same problem but I have a 4s. Re-stored and everything! Seems turning off “Find my iPhone” is the solution, but how can we do it if we can’t access our phones?

      • Just Inc. (@SlackMorris) - 8 years ago

        What you do is log into with your Apple iD > go to “FInd My iPhone” > if you have multiple devices, select the one you want to turn Find My iPhone off (probably grayed out) > Select “Remove from Account” and this will disable Find My iPhone. Try your update again!

        Hopefully this helps you out.

    • Maartje Braakman - 8 years ago

      oh pfew im not the only one! I hope this can be fixed! i dont want all my photos to be gone! and my chats and notes and ugh… the iphone itself.

    • Sajal Dewangan - 8 years ago

      press the restart button for 10-15 second then see what happenns

    • Sue Walsh - 8 years ago

      I had the same issue on my ipad. I held both buttons to force powerdown and rebooted. i could then slide to upgrade but now my ipad is stuck on the download bar :(

  154. Christian Jørgensen - 8 years ago

    Whenever I want to restore from iCloud my iPhone 6 goes into a boot loop. There’s nothing I can do to fix it, except to restore it again and this time install it as a new iPhone.

  155. Dave Mitchell - 8 years ago

    I started using my iPhone and iPad this morning after installing the iOS 9.0 upgrade, and found this extremely irritating “feature” where the keyboard goes back and forth between upper and lower case letters on the keys as one types. How on earth can I turn off or get rid of this “feature”? It is driving me crazy.

  156. shadtal - 8 years ago

    My phone is stuck on a white screen that says slide to upgrade

    • pinchaslandis - 8 years ago

      I have the same problem. Did you get it resolved?

      • shadtal - 8 years ago

        No . i’m still searching

    • Sue Walsh - 8 years ago

      Try a forced shut down. i did that with my ipad and reebooted and it let me slide to upgrade

  157. Guus ten Bosch - 8 years ago

    i am a player of kingdom age for 3 – 4 years. Today all my 5 devices (iphones and ipads) stopped playing with the game.
    Further more i had 4 freezes on my iphone (needed resets) and problems with deleting apps.
    Not so glad with ios9

  158. Mee Rulz - 8 years ago

    installation done and stuck at “Slide to upgrade” Screen. WTF.

  159. luxlamf - 8 years ago

    I upgraded with no issues whatsoever (again), I usually wait a week or so to upgrade to a new OS to see if problems ariise etc… ( still gun shy from being a Mac user before OS X appeared and the crashing with programs that didn’t work etc…..) . Plugged my iPhone 6 into my iMac and upgraded through iTunes, not sure of the time it took, less than an hour I would have to say, chose the “Download only” option instead of “Download and Install”. I left it alone, came back and it was done, couldn’t have been more than 30 minute. My iPad Air I upgraded from the unit instead of iTunes, took a bit longer I think, still done quickly as it was ready to go some 90 minutes later. I am on a network that is about 30-35 mbps, Are all these failures coming from people on giant common networks (Starbucks etc.)?

  160. Zeshan Ali - 8 years ago

    i updated my iphone 5s this afternoon it took realy long to update now my iphone is stuck on a white screen saying slide to update and its not working i am feeling furious and helpless .

  161. Keith Lindsay-Ayres - 8 years ago

    i updated iPad to ios9 however my wifes iPad gets stuck at ‘slide to update’ Have closed hers down x????? still no joy. Any ideas?

  162. jerilynnezabel - 8 years ago

    Mine crashed. Updated no problem. Then in an app slowed way down. Locked up and crashed. Now a stupid apple and crashed. I hate apple. I’m going back to Droid

  163. Cyd Hoggard - 8 years ago

    Not been able to use ipad air 2 now for over 12hrs since upgrading. Screen saying slide to upgrade but frozen. Tried fixing through itunes but nothing worked. How is this problem fixed. Not happy.

  164. Charles Hornback - 8 years ago

    Iphone 6 update to ios 9 failed. Phone unusable. Not really happy with having $600 plus for iphone 6 and then this happens again. Had same problem trying to do update to IOS 8.1.

  165. Michael Burton - 8 years ago

    Does anyone have an answer for this problem on the locked white screen with slide to upgrade. Apple should NOT release software when it doesn’t work…Not the first time. I need my phone as a doctor. Please help someone.

    • Linh Nguyen - 8 years ago

      yes, I have same problem with the lock white screen with slide to upgrade, before that make phone call hear no ring, other side can’t hear me either, when they called me, I can’t hear them or they can’t heard me

    • Miriam Simon Cotter - 8 years ago

      I have the same issue with my ipad2! This is very frustrating! Where are the Apple people telling us how to fix this?

  166. Aaqib Barkathi - 8 years ago

    I have updated my phone ios 8 to 9 but now I lost all my data. The images which I had in my gallery is all erased (it is not opening at all) how to fix ??

  167. Tyson Robert Reinisch - 8 years ago

    after update had issues, tried to reset the ios, now it wont restart, just continues in a boot loop, shows progress bar, then apple symbol. it will not allow for hard reboot, or for itunes either… I dont see how it can even be fixed without the hard reboot. guess im sol on my ipad now…

  168. Patrick Huxford - 8 years ago

    Every time I am in Netflix and I go to slide to see other movies, it reboots my Ipad Air 2.

  169. Jerry Knoski - 8 years ago

    IPhone 5 said “Update Completed”, few more things to do, press “Continue.” Did so, entered pass code. Got Black Apple on white screen. Then got “Hello” screen, message “slide to set up”. Did so, entered pass code again, get Black Apple on white screen and message “>slide to upgrade.” Can’t slide anything. Message stays there, nothing happens. Have done hard reset three times still go through same issues every time. Need help!

  170. Gail Heylmun - 8 years ago

    My iPad wouldn’t update over the air. When I connected to my computer and iTunes, it updated, but the download must have been corrupt. It bricked my iPad and I couldn’t get another download or restore to work for several hours. I finally tried again and it did install. I backed up before the upgrade, so I was able to restore all my apps and data. ALWAYS BACKUP FIRST!

    • Just Inc. (@SlackMorris) - 8 years ago

      Excellent advice. TOO many people get excited for these updates and forget the basics. Always back up and use iTunes to update anyway. Over the Air updates are unreliable, take MUCH longer, and people are just asking for trouble. Updating via iTunes will automatically backup your device before attempting the update, No matter what happens (white screen, having to restore, whatever……) at least you can restore without issue. Thumbs up Gail!!

  171. hunglikejesus - 8 years ago

    I have ipod touch 5th 16gb – I downloaded and installed with no problem BUT!!!!! It freezes up when ever I do anything other than stare at the home screen. I am so sick of apple.

  172. Kerry-anne Kesbird - 8 years ago

    i have just downloaded and installed the new IOS update however, I try to turn this on a get to the completed installation page and then I am diverted to a white screen that says slide to update but it wont let me slide!!! I am absolutely fuming and I cannot use my phone at all. has anyone found a way to fix this problem?
    not a happy customer!!!

  173. Kerry-anne Kesbird - 8 years ago


  174. Leung Keith - 8 years ago

    I upgraded to ios9 yesterday and now screen locked and flashing after standby, need to do hard reset. Similar things happen when switching between APPs by using home key. Hope Apple will fix it soon.

  175. Michelle Steffani - 8 years ago

    The photos I had previously are now blurry and wont allow me to email them to see if maybe they are clear then to print

  176. Konrad Dexter Asuncion - 8 years ago

    my Ipad doesn’t work anymore after upgrading it. it says upgrade complete and my screen turns all white saying “swipe to upgrade” but my screen doesn’t respond… how to troubleshoot?

  177. Balaji Kaliappan - 8 years ago

    I have updated to iOS9 on my iPhone 5s and it gives me very disrupted experience while Opening Apps, Folder and Pressing Home Button and is so cranky and very digitised whereas iPhone 6 has still got good smooth experience.

  178. HeyCarpy (@HeyCarpy) - 8 years ago

    I completed the download and installation OTA, then got as far as restarting, confirming my AppleID and Location Services, and now the phone is in a boot loop. The status bar fills about 10% and then reboots again. Connecting to my PC does nothing, and the phone is essentially bricked at this point. I’m a little nervous here.

  179. brittysimps - 8 years ago

    I tried to download the update on my iPod, it’s the newest iPod touch that was released…. It will download the update and start to prompt finishing it, it shows a screen saying “only a few more steps – continue”, but upon hitting continue it goes to a screen saying “slide to upgrade” and it won’t let me ‘slide’… Gus I can’t access anything on my iPod at all

  180. Scott Morris - 8 years ago

    I had to have my iPhone 6 plus replaced tonight after the install went bad and bricked my phone i tried multiple times to restore and just update and it would go through everything and then nothing even the apple store tried and it did not work. They checked the hardware and nothing came up wrong very frustrating and annoying night.

  181. Sheila Miller-Croasmun - 8 years ago

    Same here Slide to Upgrade……. Need resolution please…..

  182. Abdou Hafez - 8 years ago

    my iPhone 6 Get into Recovery Mode due to iOS 9 Upgrade and now i cant do anything to bring it back , i reported to apple but they couldnt help me and they said they will let someone contact me after 2 days

  183. Debra Kilichowski - 8 years ago

    i also have ipad 2. tried to install ios9. got to second slide to upgrade and it looks like it has a cloud over it and I cannot slide it over.Please help!

  184. Akhil George - 8 years ago

    My iPhone 5c (32 GB) keeps randomly freezing. It freezes for so long.
    I can’t even use Apps properly. My phone is so slow and my battery is draining.

  185. Debra Kilichowski - 8 years ago

    so now when i slide it goes to my security lock then back to slide but no farther!

  186. Madala (@wandilebrian) - 8 years ago

    yeahp.. after an update to iOS9 now iPhone freezes. have to master restart everytime. screw this!

  187. Mani Bhooshan - 8 years ago

    Do not let your iPhone go in sleep mode during downloading process… keep bugging until it finishes download. I have successfully completed the updated even i got error initially.

  188. Jerikah Valencia-Gomes - 8 years ago

    after downloading the ios 9 my phone froze at “slide to unlock”.I held the start button and the home button until the apple came up. it helped a little but now when i slide to upgrade i put my password in and the apple reappears then the black bar comes up under the apple then when it goes all the way through it goes back to the “slide to upgrade” screen. How can i fix this? im really mad at this new update. Help please……….

  189. Vlatko Najdov - 8 years ago

    I upgraded on my 5s, only issue I’ve noticed so far there is lagging in transition animations, frustrating!
    Though, while updating i got this issue with “software update failed” several times, but passed.

  190. Kenny Kendrick - 8 years ago

    iphone 6 has no issues with update,,,but my ipad 2 will not log in different accounts on game center. it shows which account im trying to load in welcome banner but game is total different account

  191. Camille Samaha - 8 years ago

    I updated my ipad and it does not reboot properly. It starts rebooting with apple logo on and then stops for sometime and restarts again and again and again. any idea how to solve this issue?

  192. Jonathan Raho - 8 years ago

    Anyone getting issues with calls after the updating to iOS9? All my calls sound like chipmunks and i can’t call or receive.

  193. UPDATING IPHONE 6 to IOS 9. once it reached signing in the ICLOUD it says. COULD NOT SIGN IN ( There was an error connecting to iCloud)
    ANY HELP ???

  194. My iPad crashes going from mail to safari when you select the link in the email. It restarts and then I have to go back through whole process again. Also, it is majorly slow!!!!!!!

  195. Claire McLennan - 8 years ago

    my phone says upgrade is complete but then the screen goes white and freezes, it says slide to upgrade but i can’t slide as the screen is frozen. I have tried rebooting my phone but it just keeps coming back to the same frozen screen.

  196. Pasquale Lo Zito - 8 years ago

    Anybody with sistem keyboard’s problems on iPad Air 2? My keyboard is sliced in 2! I had to install a third-party key
    And I’ve reported also a lot of other bugs in this new iOS

  197. Anahita Mukherjee - 8 years ago

    So my iPhone upgraded to iOS 9 but after that it is not loading the call logs page (Phone). i can’t see my missed calls or the keypad.. i can, however, make and receive calls. Any solutions?

  198. Lisa Braner Russell - 8 years ago

    I’m having trouble using my touch id. doesn’t seem to work and when i try to redo… it kicks me out before it reads my print completely.

  199. Bill Shull - 8 years ago

    Who the hell let this update out of Q&A.

  200. keldol (@kel_dol) - 8 years ago

    I updated my iPhone 4s yesterday. Now I cannot make outgoing phone calls. Also, the supposed update to make the battery last longer does not work; in fact my battery is actually draining faster, at about 1% ever 30-60sec.

  201. My iPhone 5 is also frozen in the “slide to upgrade”, even after a lot of resets! Pls, someone help me 😭

  202. Darcy Delaney - 8 years ago

    same problem…”slide to upgrade” repeatedly for the last 6 hours. Called support, I was told apple is aware of problem and working to resolve

  203. Maureen Wilson - 8 years ago

    My games are freezing, hayday. Township wish I had not updated yet till Apple got it sorted

  204. Shivesh Singh - 8 years ago

    if you are facing the white light dead screen issue with never sliding slide to upgrade option. keep your new version of itune opened on your desktop or laptop . Just put iphone power button for a while till your screen becomes black , connect your cable to your computer and hold the home button of your phone for 10s atleast, it will connect your itunes and ask for update or restore . choose restore option and just wait for a while it will boot and load ios9 as a fresh new phone , all data will be lost ! If you get an error that ” go to icloud settings on your iphone and turn off find my iphone before restoring your iphone” . log into this site and remove your iphone from find my iphone application as currently it will show your device offline . disconnect your device and close itunes . Then again repeat the above mentioned steps it will work ! it worked for me . Hope it helps to people who cannot download ios8.4.1 as i upgraded from ios7 to ios9 on iphone 5s 16gb and after doing all above steps and losing all my data i am now on ios9 , but losing all data and applications seriously ***** !!
    [ To save data try first connecting your phone to your laptop (windows as i have) and see the update in my computer as it shows when we plug in any new device . see if you can navigate inside from there and save all your images and videos stored . it fluctuates but works if you try some number of times . Any data being stored in any additional application will be lost definately as it happened for me for few camera applications . ] . Atlast phone is functional !.

  205. Samantha Beaumont - 8 years ago

    I also received a notification to download the new IOS9. I just tried to update my iphone 5. its asking me to sign into my apple account… ive tried this numerous times now, even resetting my ID etc (I even received the reset email). I tried the old and new passwords but it wont work. My phone just says “Cant sign in”… and ofcourse now it wont leave this screen and I cant use my phone!!!! What to do??? Soooo frustrated!

  206. Panayiotis Antoniou - 8 years ago

    after i slide to upgrade it asks me to enter my pas-code but the first two numbers of my pas-code cannot be pressed????? keep force restart but nothing changes???

  207. CTZ (@charissezulueta) - 8 years ago

    I couldn’t sign in even if I already downloaded the iOS 9. I alsoenter my apple id and agreed upon the conditions.

  208. CTZ (@charissezulueta) - 8 years ago

    I downloaded iOS 9 but when I open it and enter my apple id and agreed upon condition, I couldn’t sign in! Don’t know what is the problem.

  209. Susan Haury - 8 years ago

    I updated my iPad Air 2 first, and it was pretty quick. There are issues with some of the apps, including Messages. The keyboard now covers the text box typing area. When I want to read what I typed, I have to tap the keyboard symbol to lower it, then tap inside the text box to type again, an so on. I don’t like the keyboard in the middle of my screen! This appears to be the case no matter what app I’m in. It’s quite annoying. A couple of apps I removed and reinstalled — they had weird looking blackout pieces. Once I reinstalled those apps, they were fine.

    Updated hubby’s iPhone 5s next. Took longer to go thru the process but so far it appears okay. But then he hasn’t been on it much. May have more to follow.

    Last, I updated my iPhone 4s. This one took the longest and now I am unable to use it. It is locked/frozen on a white screen with the words “Slide to upgrade.” I have tried six times powering down and restarting, keeping my fingers crossed it will work again. Nope…nothing! Come on, Apple people, let’s get it right!

  210. Nathan Cruise - 8 years ago

    my iphone 4s wont even slide when it says to slide to download it freezes there and it wont work ive tried turning it off and on and i can get through the set up put when i have to slide to download it wont work WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!?

  211. dittoheadadt - 8 years ago

    After the update, my photo albums (both iPhone 6 and iPad Air) are a jumbled, scrambled mess. Pictures have been rearranged in all the wrong (and sometimes right) folders, and dozens and dozens of additional albums (using existing albums’ names) have been created, with pictures scattered throughout. It’s an effing mess.

  212. Carolyn Howe - 8 years ago

    I’m having problems getting into Game Center. Anyone else having the same or ideas? Can’t play any games linked to Game Center either.

    • darkangel25810 - 8 years ago

      I have the same issue, I’ve left 1 of my games that uses gc on it was stuck at loading screen then after 20 mins it finally started. I’ve read beta testers had this issue too so why on earth did Apple release the update without fixing!!!!!

  213. Waqas Ayub - 8 years ago

    after the whole installing process, the ipad goes black, not functioning
    then bring to shop , they format and install old version 8.still not possible to update ios9??

  214. Darren (@dwitb) - 8 years ago

    After multiple attempts with the wife’s 5s over WiFi I simply plugged it into my MBP and poof….it worked.

  215. ANGELA™ (@deynaaah) - 8 years ago

    Got this issue where in I have to log in my apple id after typing it in “it may take a few minutes to set-up your apple id” it directed me to the terms and condition after clicking “agree” after fe seconds it would say “could not sign in” I don’t what to do please help :(

  216. Henning Kleine - 8 years ago

    since having updated my ipad to 9.0, in my email notifications earlier an email was shown as not having been read.Apparently thic email was still in the delete folder of my laptop. Later an email was showing in the notification, but there was none. The fault is continually showing up.

  217. Lyn Cowburn - 8 years ago

    My ipad has updated susscessfully my iphone 5 says it’s updated and then asks me to slide to update, but it wont slide. I have tried rebooting and that doesn’t work so I now have a phone which isn’t doing anything

  218. Vijay Damle - 8 years ago

    After updating to iOS 9 the Apple TV video not working only sound heard with a caption ” unknown radio station”. Unlike HDMI the sound can be controlled from iPad2. Second problem is while reading Safari page after few seconds it disappears.

    • Vijay Damle - 7 years ago

      I had problem with Apple TV video after upgrading my iPad 2 to iOS 9. This is solved after I updated Apple TV software also.

  219. I found a WORKING solution for the “Slide to update” -problem:

    1. Log in to your iCloud account via computer.

    2. Go to the ‘Find my iPhone / iPad’ and choose your device from the list.

    3. Click the “Remove from this account” and “Remove” as in this pic:

    4. Log off from the iCloud (propably not necessary but i did so) and turn off your device.

    5. Turn the device back on and try to restore it again from the iTunes. If the problem doesen’t solve, force boot the device (i had to force boot my ipad2 a couple of times before this problem compelitely solved.)

    6. Restore your device and (try to) enjoy iOS9 :)

  220. Davide Calitescu - 8 years ago

    Updated my 16GB iPhone 4s this morning,i waited for it to install,no problems,and then i got the update complete screen,then i get the “hello” screen,i enter my ID and pass and i go further on,i accept the location,i accept the Terms and Policies and then i get the “connection impossible” message,please help !!

  221. Rebecca (@Bex_Hodgson) - 8 years ago

    Downloaded it on to my Ipad and now it keeps teling me to ‘ Swipe to upgrade’ it begins loading, stops and i have to keep redoing the process, any idea on how to sort this out?

  222. Joshua Glowzinski - 8 years ago

    So, my iPhone 6 plus keeps saying update for the beta is available. I click on the thing in settings. It says “update requested.” It never gets beyond that. It is rather annoying. I even went to the beta site and redownloaded the thing. The phone restarted and I had assumed it installed. Yet, still, I get the message. Any time I go to my home screen. The message is (A new iOS update is now available. Please update from the iOS 9 beta.) I just can’t do it. haha

  223. Pamela Harridine - 8 years ago

    Problems in photos – won’t scroll backwards in albums, just keeps flickering madly. Have to exit the app and remove it from memory then go back…each time I want to look at a different album. Not good as I am a professional photographer and need to display and show people photos quicky!

  224. wynettamilen - 8 years ago

    i couldn’t sign in when i upgrade to ios 9 , what can i do? please help me …..

  225. wynettamilen - 8 years ago

    i couldn’t sign in when i upgrade ios 9 what can i do? help me…………

  226. Pam Maas-Maciak - 8 years ago

    Updated iPad Air to IOS 9 this morning. Screen froze black with An Apple and would only progress ¼ on the bar then back to black screen….looping. Tried all solutions on line. Ended up restoring Everything backed up to Cloud but It didn’t come back. Lost data, pics…three years worth, yet….it did the update to IOS 9. My stuff is gone. Have an appt. with the “Genius” Bar….earliest was Tuesday. I’m not very happy about it…never had an issue updating like this before.

  227. after i updated to ios 9 on 5c when i press agree then it could not sign in??? WHYY

    • Dareen Ahmed - 8 years ago

      i have the same problem!!!

      • Cedric Enriquez - 7 years ago

        is your iphone okay now? i got the same problem too. When i tap on agree, it says it could not sign in. please notice this problem of us =(

    • Lisa Crosby - 8 years ago

      this also happened to mine , mine finished the update , but when i tried to swipe the screen to get back to my lock in , it just froze , i am very angry about this as I do not want to lose all my pics !! does any 1 no how i can fix this because i tried to backup my phone , but it said you need the serial number which is in my phone ??

      • John Rowe - 7 years ago

        Lisa, same thing happened to me (screen froze – not responding to touch). I finally got it working again by draining the battery to zero then recharging and restarting.

  228. Joshua Lewis Simmons - 8 years ago

    I installed successfully, with only one apparent issue. The much-touted News App didn’t install. When I search for it on the App Store, it has this nifty little box that says ‘Open News’ at the bottom, apparently being a link to the App. Upon clicking ‘Open News’, my iPhone then opens Safari, but it is a broken link. I really wanted to check that News App out. I wonder, is it incompatible with an iPhone 6?

  229. gadlaw - 8 years ago

    Well I updated yesterday and today my iphone 6 is a brick. The touchscreen is unresponsive as I can’t get it past the slide to unlock screen. I’m able to get it connected to the iTunes and am rescuing my photos from the device before I get further on in trying to get something figured out. Researching my options.

  230. Mary Roberts - 8 years ago

    yep, wow this upgrade was the worst process I’ve had. I have my iPhone 5c up and running but mail will not finish unless I add another email account to it (google/yahoo/outlook etc.) but I don’t want to add any others to my phone. I just my .mac account. I’m not finding much in the way of help either…..any solutions???

  231. Marie Faucher - 8 years ago

    tried updating on ipad 2 and update completed but reset my entire ipad and has me setting it up as if its new. once i hit agree to terms and conditions it tells me that it “could not sign in”. now my ipad is useless. no way to get past this step.

  232. Joe Albertini - 8 years ago

    Updated iPad Mini to ISO 9. Entering passcode is required after installation restarts iPad Mini but I HAD NO passcode and now I am locked out of my iPad Mini. I tried to access iPad Mini from iTunes, but iTunes requires you to respond from your iPad and iPad is locked?

  233. Ritz Carltn - 8 years ago

    Damn, iOS 9 upgrade was Terrible I’ve had. I have my iPhone 5 and during the upgrade it just hangup and screen froze via “slide to upgrade”. I deleted device in my .mac account. I’m not finding much in the way of help either…..any solutions???

  234. Sue Walsh - 8 years ago

    My ipad is stuck at 1/3 download on the bar…can’t do anything with it, just frozen on that. Tried rebooting but same thing. Asks for my pin code then returns to the apple logo and download progress bar. It’s basically bricked now. Can’t use it :(

  235. Kareem Grissom - 8 years ago

    I update my iPhone 6 to the IOS 9 and now my phone keeps rebooting itself over and over and in the middle of rebooting its rebooting so it never turns on. I have a nice expensive useless brick in my pocket.

    • Mary Trujillo - 7 years ago

      having same problem once i was updating the new software through my computer phone connected it was ok then it froze while in 1/3 download bar and won’t turn back on ? did you get yours fix?

  236. Why is iOS 9 missing the favorites and recents shortcut at the top of the screen?!?! I used this feature every day for calling. Yes, I actually use my devices to call people. I hope they bring it back with 9.1! My iPad 3rd Gen and iPad Mini (1st gen) upgraded to iOS 9 with no problems. The iPad 3rd Gen seems slower. I’m hoping the first bug fix corrects this. So far so good on the iPad Mini. My iPhone 5s would not upgrade for two days, sighting the “failure to download” notification but finally did after several attempts, but it too seems slower. I also seem to be missing the cool colorful “wave” wallpaper that has been advertised with iOS 9. Do newer iOS devices offer more wallpaper options? Not a big deal, but I’m just curious.

  237. rezyblanchedaguro - 8 years ago


    dreammakr 15 points 5 days ago*
    Finally fixed it! You have to downgrade to 8.4.1. Outlined the steps below.
    Step 1 – Backup your pictures! Even though you can’t get to your phone and use it you should still be able to backup your pictures
    Step 2 – Download IOS 8.4.1 for your iPhone or iPad from this site –>
    If you are confused which file to download check the model on back of your phone and use site below to determine the version you need.
    The file was taking a while to download for my phone so I searched the filename on Google and downloaded from Mega.
    Step 3 – Reboot phone into DFU mode – hold down power button and home button – when it reboots let go of power button – still hold home button
    At this point it will ask you to connect your phone to iTunes – will have to connect phone to the computer.
    Step 4 – Hold down the Option (Mac) or Shift (Windows) and and then click restore.
    Step 5 – Browse to the 8.4.1 file you downloaded and select it. This should restore to the previous IOS version. Note: This will wipe phone.
    Step 6 – Restore from backup. Hope that you backed up before attempting to update.
    UPDATE : After installing 8.4.1 I was able to update to IOS9 with no issues. I was initially running IOS7 when I attempted to upgrade the first time. Hope this helps everyone out.

  238. John Price - 7 years ago

    After updating to iOS 9 on iPhone 6s, the Apple “Stocks” app will not download charts or news !!

  239. Gina McBain Heidrich - 7 years ago

    successfully downloaded the upgrade but it will not finish setting it up. Everytime i agree to the terms i just keep getting an error that it can not sign in….
    any suggestions…i am truly frustrated as I can not access my ipad at all
    I have tried restoring and that did not work

  240. Phaneendra Dindukurthi - 7 years ago

    i am unable to dial anything form dailer after iOS9 update. In oder do dial a contact i need to use search option. Could you please help me in fixing this?

  241. Donna Squires - 7 years ago

    After update all my photos got horribly blurry

  242. Saip Arifi - 7 years ago


  243. Monika Evers - 7 years ago

    Upgraded my Iphone to to an iphone 6s today. Plugged into Itunes upload info then got the white screen with”swipe to upgrade” …nothing—no swipe facility.
    read up …held done home and right side button cleared screen until apple logo appeared.

    Said to plug into itunes. got apple error 1671 on itunes. but moved on after a few minutes. Said there was a bug fix install and upgrade.
    started upgrading but keeps asking for password—so far 6 times…and its done less than 10% of the upgrade.

  244. kieran1327 - 7 years ago

    I have a solution… Before you do a fresh restart, my way is downloading the IPSW from choose your device and firmware and download…. When that has downloaded, open iTunes, plug in your device and hold down SHIFT (Don’t know mac, I think it’s Command button) And click ‘UPDATE’ Then find where you downloaded your file, click that and then sit back and let the magic happen. All your files should still be on your device! I hope this helps! :)

    If that doesn’t work, try downgrading to IOS 9.0.1 or just IOS 9, then upgrade when apple has fixed this.

  245. My iPad 3 has been taking so long to open the App Store then when it does it just keeps staying on the screen. I’ve reset and everything it’s still doing it. It’s really starting to get on my last nerve! It started when I updated it. To the new ISO9. Any suggestions

  246. Raju Ahmed - 7 years ago

    After updating to 9 ios ma ipad turn worst,,,, when i use imo and skype video call get cut every one mind and voic cannot hear ,,, ,,, always app closses,,, please. Fix it 😡😕

  247. Lionel Lumbroso - 7 years ago

    This has to be one of the worst upgrade I’ve seen from Apple (and my first machine from them was an Apple //e!). On my iPad 3, in particular, and to a lesser extent on my iPhone 5, touch command and main button action are VERY unresponsive. Even with 9.1, it takes punching 2,3,4 times or even more to get a result, apps or switching can take 30 seconds to launch or operate, sliding from one screen to the next can at times be impossible!…

    A first logical assumption is to reckon that, in the process of handling new varying-pressure touch on the 6s, they’ve f….ed regular touch command on previous devices. What a major error! And frankly, two months later, ouh ouh, anybody home?? Some of those tens of millions of users (including this one) are bound to end up very frustrated if this very incapaciting bug is not fixed very quickly.


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