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New iCloud Storage tiers now active, get 50 GB space for $0.99 per month

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Apple has now activated the new iCloud Storage tiers, as announced last week at Apple’s September event. The new tiers do not bump the free tier — it remains at 5 GB. However, for $0.99 per month you now get 50 GB of storage, up from 20 GB. The 200 GB plan is now cheaper at $2.99 and the 1 TB plan is now half the price at $9.99 per month.

Apple has removed the 500 GB plan completely. Users currently on this plan will be migrated automatically onto the 1 TB tier, even though this is actually more expensive than what they were previously paying. iOS users not his plan will want to consider their options and will be forced to drop to the 200 GB storage tier if they want to save on money.

Naturally, iCloud pricing varies across countries. Apple posted international pricing earlier today and is generally inline with normal iTunes conversion rates.

The new iCloud Storage tiers come into effect alongside the launch of iOS 9, released publicly earlier today. iCloud Storage plans can be paid via normal debit or credit card transactions or through iTunes credit. Just top up your before you buy a plan and Apple will bill against your iTunes Store credit rather than your bank account.

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  1. rettun1 - 8 years ago

    I’ve been using the $1 option, will I be auto-enrolled to the new one or will I need to register again?

    • Joe Dowdell - 8 years ago

      I’ve been on the 200GB plan. Just check the iCloud settings in iOS9 on iPhone, and it looks likes I’m still on the 200GB plan, it’s just a cheaper rate. So yes, automatic migration to equivalent cheaper plan.

      • rettun1 - 8 years ago

        Yep, looks like I’m still on the old plan as well. And I don’t see a way to upgrade straight from iPhone or iPad

    • Jerry Suppan - 8 years ago

      I have automatically received my 50GB from 20GB. Did nothing. Was automatic.

  2. Haven (@havenyoung) - 8 years ago

    Existing $0.99 plan not showing 50GB yet

  3. I went to the change plan screen and I was auto enrolled in the 50GB plan, however the upgrade hasn’t been applied yet

  4. dennyc69 - 8 years ago

    No, mine still shows 20gig, I’m sure the update will make its way to the midwest soon

  5. applegetridofsimandjack - 8 years ago

    Still showing the same old plans here. 1€ for 20GB…

  6. Rupert Applin - 8 years ago

    Why don’t Apple start giving us capacity based on the number of registered devices? I could easily create different email addresses for use with iCloud, but still maintain a single one for purchases and then have 5GB for each of my devices. But by following the ‘rules’ I’m stuck with 5GB unless i start to pay – though I admire their cunning! ;-)

  7. Lucas Mariani - 8 years ago

    How does one top up on itunes credit?

  8. calisurfboy - 8 years ago

    Should be 5gb free for each Apple Product owned to reward customer loyalty.

  9. applegetridofsimandjack - 8 years ago

    The entry level storage plan is 5GB because we all store our content on our devices locally. That must be the reason.


    Phil Schiller said last year that the entry level iPhone is still only 16GB because people store their things on the cloud…

    Busted… Apple being hypôcrïtes.

  10. applegetridofsimandjack - 8 years ago

    The entry level storage plan is 5GB because we all store our content on our devices locally. That must be the reason.

    oh but wait

    Phil Schiller said last year that the entry level iPhone is still only 16GB because people store their things on the cloud…

    Büsted… Apple being hy pôcr ïtes.

  11. prius3 - 8 years ago

    The problem is lacking the upload bandwidth to actually store stuff up there and use it…. OK – it is a one time thing, still….

  12. Jerry Glonek (@jglonek) - 8 years ago

    As others have said, when I click on “Change Storage Plan” it says I’m on the 50GB/99 cents plan, but for Total Storage it still says 20GB.

  13. eastpointvet - 8 years ago

    i had the legacy plan where i just payed 12 a year for the 20 gigs because i rather pay yearly than once a month even though its only a dollar. But i see its not updating that plan to the 50 gigs

    • My understanding is if you pay yearly you are locked into the legacy plan until you go monthly. Supporting that I had the yearly 20 GB plan and it did not upgrade automatically but my wife was on the 20 GB monthly and her’s did upgrade to 50 GB automatically.

  14. I’m also on the $1 for 20GB and when I hit upgrade storage it says it’s 50GB now but when I manage my storage is says I only have 20GB still. Giving them a few days to see if it fixes before I contact them.

  15. Paul Andrew Dixon - 8 years ago

    Considering many other companies offer more free storage than apple is a joke…in a digital world 5gb is not enough – this is enough to hold one 1080p movie, it wont even manage 2…

    It’s great that they provide more storage for paying customers, but iCloud is more or less forced upon us if we want to experience better synchronicity across devices — i think 10gb (at least) should be offered as free storage – this will be enough for a general back up, with some space for photos and videos… if you then want to keep many photos and many videos etc, then purchase an upgrade

    • Rolf Haug (@rolfhaug) - 8 years ago

      No offense to you sir, but this argument is a little ridiculous and it has been beaten to death over and over again. Why is apple attacked because companies offer more storage for free? There is ALWAYS someone offering more storage than someone else. How come nobody ever mentions Dropbox only offers 2gb for free? Apple offers 150% more than Dropbox, one of the leaders in cloud storage, but Apple is the “joke”? Dropbox also offers 100gb for $2 a month, Apple 50gb for $1 a month.. Prices are right in line. OneDrive offers 15gb for free so I guess that makes Dropbox a total embarrassment, same for at 10gb free? is $10 for 100gb but OneDrive is $7 for 1TB. Talk about a joke. Flickr offers 1TB for completely free for pictures and videos though… So that makes them all a joke I guess. Unless you want Google’s picture storage, which is unlimited storage, if you agree to a specific stored resolution quality. There is always someone offering more for less.

  16. Valterfabiano - 8 years ago

    Stuck on the 20GB but the same thing, when looking to chance the plan shows I have the 50GB.

  17. Steven Mason - 8 years ago

    with my office365 subscription I get 1TB of one drive space, but £7 for 1tb of online storage doesn’t seem bad at all to be honest, I would consider that competitive price. Drop box give you 50GB for free when you register but if you want to upgrade to 1TB it £8 quid for the year. Can’t see why people are moaning.

  18. NatureOily - 8 years ago

    I would say it will change to the new tiers when your billing cycle rolls around for those on monthly plans.

  19. nosamyrag - 8 years ago

    Mine upgraded automatically to 50 GB from the 20 GB for 99¢. I didn’t need to register again.

  20. I just received an email ( I´m in the UK ) from Apple saying that : “We recently introduced new, more affordable iCloud storage plans and your 200GB plan’s monthly price will be reduced from £2.49 per month to £2.49 per month. Your storage plan will automatically renew at £2.49 on your current renewal date and your credit card on file will be charged each month until you change or cancel your plan” – check out the error of the email from Apple.

  21. I pay yearly and I’m still on 20GB plan :(

  22. Lisa Clark Winkleman - 7 years ago

    I am thinking of subscribing, is this 50gb for the year or 50gb every month?


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