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iOS 9 hits 12% adoption in 24 hours, similar rate of uptake as iOS 8 in same period

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iOS 9 has now been out for 24 hours now and the first usage data is in. According to analytics from Mixpanel, iOS 9 has crossed the 12% adoption mark of all iOS devices one day after launch. Although 12% is a good figure, it is actually down a bit from last year’s rate of adoption of iOS 8, which managed 16% device penetration during the same period. This is despite iOS 9 actually being easier to update due to lower storage space requirements, but it’s possible that early server hiccups led some users to delay updating. Mixpanel says iOS 9 and iOS 8 are currently reporting similar upgrade paths:

iOS 9 has received 12% adoption in the last 24 hours and is being adopted similar to iOS 8 last year. However, one issue for it being substantially slow compared to iOS 7 is that servers are having trouble keeping up right now as people update.

iOS 7 continues to dwarf both iOS 8 and iOS 9 in terms of initial adoption, reaching over 20% penetration in its first day of availability. Data from 9to5Mac’s audience is more impressive with over 50% of readers already on iOS 9.0. Obviously, our data has a tendency to be heavily biased upwards because of our audience demographics.


In fact, there are 11% of readers already on the iOS 9.1 beta, which means 2/3rds of our audience are currently using some version of iOS 9.

Although it is a bit concerning that iOS 9 adoption is slower than iOS 8, given Apple’s efforts to make iOS updates easier, it’s hard to make conclusions until more data is available. Many users will not have received the Software Update notification yet — it can take up to seven days for the automatic OS prompt to show on devices. iOS 9 will also get a bump when the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus ship next Friday, which come preinstalled with the new OS.

(Note that other publications are reporting iOS 9 adoption is actually faster than iOS 8. This is not the case and arose because of an error reading the Mixpanel charts.)

Data from Tapjoy says similar:

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  1. iSRS - 8 years ago

    The sky is falling!

    Seriously, though, how many more iOS devices are out there now over last year? Could still be the same number of people that have to do it day 1. And as far as I can tell, there has been no active push by Apple yet. Nothing showing up on a device unless you go looking.

    I’ve only done 5 devices so far. Three last night, two just now. Still 2 to go.

    • chrisl84 - 8 years ago

      Well actually this year ZERO iOS 8 devices were held back….so actually its quite an interesting stat. Last year a large number of iOS 7 devices could not got to 8. But this year all the old iOS 8 devices can move to 9 so, yeah.

      • Rich Davis (@RichDavis9) - 8 years ago

        Probably the last year for all old iOS 8 devices to move up to iOS9. Why? 64BIt support is my guess. Either Apple will allow one more update to iOS 10 for a lot of these aging 32Bit devices or they won’t. I don’t know if the last year of the last 32Bit devices sold can be upgraded that many more times. They usually have 4 years total. 1 year for the release year, 2 year for the first update, 3 year for second update and 4 year which is after the product has been off the market. Or is there a total of 5 years? I forget. :-)

        I suspected that once Apple releases 64 Bit devices and they drop off all remaining 32Bit devices that it’ll take about 2 years for 90+% of the install base to upgrade to 64 Bit devices..

        I can only imagine how many years/decades it’s going to take Android. I’m sure Microsoft doesn’t have to worry since they only have a couple of users outside Microsoft. Calm down Microfans, I’m just joking.

    • Rich Davis (@RichDavis9) - 8 years ago

      7 iDevices? For just one person or are doing for a small business or an entire family? just curious.

      • iSRS - 8 years ago

        We actually have 8 (an original iPad the is still on 5.1?)

        That is for a family of 4.

        The iPad also slows adoption down. We still use the heck out of the original iPad. The iPad has a much longer lifespan as it doesn’t involve cell contracts.

  2. writingallwrong - 8 years ago

    As an S-cycle buyer, I just wait for my new phones to arrive with the OS preloaded.

  3. minieggseater - 8 years ago

    Any show stopping bugs appearing yet ? Is the new podcast app bug free ? I will probably wait till next week to see if anything surfaces over the weekend and restraining myself not to add an s to my 6+

    • applegetridofsimandjack - 8 years ago

      The podcast app isn’t bug free at all and it is much much worse looking.

      The podcast app in iOS 9 looks terrible: the podcast icons are extremely small, it is very unclear from which podcast there are unplayed episodes. It’s written on the side but you really have to read the line ‘no new episodes available’ while when there is/are new episode(s), it will say ‘X new episode(s) available.
      Before iOS 9, you could see at a glance if there was a new episode.
      Also, the pods don’t always sync. between devices. I often listen to pods on my iPad Air 2, switch to my iPhone 6 and despite refreshing like a gazillion times, the podcast I was listening to will not resume where I left off on my iPad.
      The podcast app in iOS 9 in very very confusing and doesn’t sync!

      I really miss Instacast, too bad they went bankrupt because that app was simply brilliant.

      • minieggseater - 8 years ago

        Thanks for the feedback. Hmmm that’s not very positive! Maybe the guys can cover the app in next weeks podcast (hopefully). Out of interest have you tried Overcast or iCatcher or Downcast etc ?

    • incredibilistic - 8 years ago

      The update has been amazing! Love the new system font, the new app switcher screen, the Back to [app name] button along the top, everything about it is great.

      I do, however, have one very nagging and confusing issue: I can’t access the App Store anymore. I’m still able to access the Updates page and as of yesterday I was getting update notices even though the App Store was inaccessible. I don’t have any updates as of now so it’s hard to say if yesterday’s updates were the last I’ll see until I get it working again (or if fixes itself).

      I’ve tried signing out and back into iTunes as well as iCloud and rebooted several times but no dice. All the App Store pages, save for the Update page, are stark, white pages. I get the little loading circle next to the carrier ID for a second but that’s it.

      Of 3 other iPhones I updated last night (two standard 6’s and a Plus) they were all able to access the App Store with no issues so I don’t know what’s going on with my phone.

      Last thing I know to try is to restore the phone from scratch. I hate to have to do that but I don’t really have much of a choice. What’s funny is that if I search for an app from the new Siri screen or just pulling down from the Home screen I can search and download apps. I guess for now I just have to know what I’m looking for rather than seeing the top apps, what’s free for the week, etc.

      I opened a discussion thread on Apple’s support community board but no replies yet. If someone here’s seen the same thing I’d love to know what you did to resolve it.

      • galley99 - 8 years ago

        The App Store has been rather flaky. Give it a day or two.

  4. applegetridofsimandjack - 8 years ago

    4% difference is actually quite a lot!

    I think that these days people are holding off due to the terrible bugs in the first iOS 8 releases last year… Lots of people waiting to see how people who have upgraded, react, to see if there aren’t any big bugs that could prevent cellular phone calls like last year…

    Also, the errors we keep getting while trying to upgrade the os doesn’t help much.

  5. canobass - 8 years ago

    Maybe we learned our lesson not to upgrade to make our devices lag.

  6. imimike - 8 years ago

    Last year iOS 7 was so good that I was excited about iOS 8 which was a bit disappointing in the end as I found annoying small bugs in it. So this year I’ve learned my lesson on I’m not going to update to iOS 9 soon…

  7. usmansaghir - 8 years ago

    Hoping iOS10 will be a massive update on new features and more services. UI is great. But iOS10 will need something extremely new. Its what average consumers look for instead of tweaking everything.

  8. bpmajesty - 8 years ago

    Upgraded immediately. No issues at all. Siri is wonderful. The new search is superb. The new transit in Apple Maps (which was HUGE for me, b/c I use it daily) is a GODSEND. It blows any other maps out of the park. It’s a good solid move forward.

  9. Ilko Sarafski - 8 years ago

    Still 7.1.2 here. :) iPhone 4. Hoping for the 6S in a couple of months!

  10. Rich Davis (@RichDavis9) - 8 years ago

    I just did an iPad and an iPhone and I’m playing around with the iPad 4 and so far so good, the new app switcher looks cool as I can see more apps on the screen at the same time. Still playing with to see all of the differences, but it works pretty smoothly so far. The News doesn’t work yet on my iPhone 6+ so I think it’s more of a connection issue, that’s what it looks like, but so far so good.


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