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Apple’s ‘Move to iOS’ app gets blasted with 2700 1-star reviews by angry Android users


Update: Now at over 30,000 1-star reviews:

Apple launched its ‘Move to iOS’ Android app yesterday as part of the iOS 9 launch, which streamlines the process of migrating data and apps from an Android phone to an iPhone. Just hours after launch however, Android users are not taking well to Apple’s first Android app (if you discount Beats Music, which existed before Apple acquired them). The app has accrued over 2700 1-star ratings in the few hours it has been available, with a less-than-spectacular 1.9 star average rating.

Very few of the commenters seemed to have actually used the app to migrate data to an iPhone and are instead using the reviews section to vent their frustration at Apple in general. The reviews are dominated by Android users complaining about iPhone battery life, overpriced Apple Watches, ‘iSheep’ and more …

Here’s a selection of the reviews in the store (emphasis added):

Ben Bartlett: 1 star — Do not install! Unless you want a lobotomy. Seriously? You think people to move to a restricted ecosystem that won’t even allow you to try apps before you buy?? Google why did you allow them to put this app here? Oh that’s right you promote innovation and don’t charge for it or place restrictions on it..

Marty Ballard: 1 star — Poor functionality I attempted to switch to ios (apparently zombies ate my brain) and my iPhone 3G would not accept my data. Also, my micro USB would not fit.

Jonathan Perez: 1 star — Dear Apple I downloaded this application with hopes of switching over to Ios from android. I’ve burned all my pencils since the only worthy writing tool is the holy apple pencil. I’ve decided to sell one of my kidneys, because I need that gold apple watch. And now I gotta have the iPhone 6s, because 3d touch just sounds like an intimate way to get to know my phone. Hope to throw my money at you soon sincerely- Mr. Complete Sarcasm

Rather amusingly, on the Play Store developers can actually reply to comments left in reviews. We doubt Apple will actually do that though with these ‘toxic’ comments. As of right now, the app has 706 five star reviews weighed against 2736 1 star reviews. The app is also nowhere to be seen in the top download charts for its category on the Store.

You can get the Move to iOS app on the Play Store for free. Hopefully, Apple’s port of Apple Music from iOS will get a better reception when it comes to Android later this year.

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  1. Jealous crap users :D

    • But guys, do you know what’s sad about this? How many devices is there with Android and there’s just those few thousand ratings. It’s so sad. It proves my point: Android = dead devices.

      • epicflyingcat - 8 years ago

        The Facebook app on iOS has just 143 ratings as I type this. You can’t judge how active the devices on a platform are by the number of reviews of an app that few would’ve heard of or will use.

      • iAlborz - 8 years ago

        it’s good to note that on iOS with every update all the review are erased. you only see the review for the latest version.

      • mazecookie - 8 years ago

        epicflyingcat: that is just the current version. The actual app itself has 618,841 ratings as of writing.

      • Paul Andrew Dixon - 8 years ago

        @epicflyincat — um…the 143 ratings is just for the recent update… if you go to reviews, then click ALL VERSIONS you will find that it has 618,818 ratings

      • esz (@__esz) - 8 years ago

        Well Facebook on Android has over 32 000 000 reviews

      • Lol. I have an Android and I don’t need that app so I won’t be leaving a review. You seriously think Android users are looking for a “Move to iOS” app?

      • It proves nothing. Ratings and reviews don’t prove anything as the majority of users on any platform don’t rate or review

    • Curtis Howard - 8 years ago

      How are people jealous if everybody can go out and buy a iPhone if they want it. Real tired argument that people with droids can’t afford iPhones when most people I see with Droids have the phones that cost as much if not more then a iPhone. My Note 5 cost more then both iPhones out

  2. PhilBoogie - 8 years ago

    LMAO. And what’s even more funny, it’s the first app by Apple that not a single iPhone user is going to download. *Snort*

    • Jassi Sikand - 8 years ago

      Actually, a lot of iPhone users are going to download it because it’s a porting to iOS app…

      • PhilBoogie - 8 years ago

        No, it creates a private WiFi network on the Android device to which you connect your iPhone to. There is no separate app that you need to install on your iPhone.

  3. Alex Moran - 8 years ago

    You know it’s funny. People generally call apple users sheep. Wouldn’t this be sheep mentality ? Mindlessly attacking apple users this way ?

    • applegetridofsimandjack - 8 years ago

      We call them botgoats. That’s what I do on other tech websites and it makes them go absolutely bezerk. It makes them really really mad.

    • Matthew Judy - 8 years ago

      They’re worse than sheep. The people on the Play store are a different kind of mindless mentality: a mob. A gang of bullies who have convinced themselves that they’re right, and are ignorant of other views. They spout an outdated set of talking points devoid of fact, believing that the majority share— or should share— their ideals, and that what is good for them is good for everyone else. In reality, they are a subset of a subset of the general consumer population: vocal, tech-savvy geeks who have the necessary skills and desire to administer a confusing, inconsistent platform, which has been proven to have many security risks unless you do have those skills.

      It’s a fine thing to offer a educated counter-opinion, but there are precious few of them to be found in the reviews for the “Move to iOS” app on Google Play.

    • Rich Davis (@RichDavis9) - 8 years ago

      Well, if you look at the market share numbers, Microsoft would be considered Sheep mentality because 90% of the computer using population use Windows desktop and laptop OS. And about 80% of the world population of smartphones/tablets are Android users, so those would technically be considered Sheep.

      They are just pissed off because they see the tides turning as Microsoft and Android aren’t the mobile platform of choice at IBM and that IBM is partnering with Apple to go after the Enterprise market. That pisses them off because when Apple came out with large screen phones, the shift back to Apple started, the iPhone 6S/6S+ are two more products to help in that effort and all they are doing is trying to discount what Apple’s doing because THEY have sheep mentality towards Microsoft Windows and Android.

      I wonder how many of the 1 stars are from people that actually have a legitimate gripe and how many are phony jealous Android users.

    • And sadly the tech world is filled with them. Apple has their sheep, Android, Samsung Google, have theirs, Mircosot ha theirs Luckily they are only a small fraction of users.

  4. vecter304 - 8 years ago

    What a bunch of idiots.

  5. airmanchairman - 8 years ago

    LoL, what did the tech world expect?

    Android geeks rank among the most aggressively-opinionated voices on the entire ‘Web, and even on Apple-centric sites like this they can handily outnumber all-comers, never mind Apple device loyalists. OMG, my sides hurt.

    Benjamin, change your bye-line to “Captain Obvious” this very minute!

    And thanks for the LoLs…

    • I find it so odd that Android Fanboys often scream about how Apple users are “Sheep” or “Elitist,” yet this is by far more of a mob/elitist mentality.

      • This is a problem that every mobile OS has. Android has it. iOS has it. Windows has it. But it is only a small fraction of users. You can’t base the entire user base of a small percentage

  6. davidt4n - 8 years ago

    At least they are saying the bad of Apple that can be changed if Apple wants instead of saying the good of Android. Android will be nothing if Apple does whatever these people want.

  7. applegetridofsimandjack - 8 years ago

    They are butthurt.

    Android Botgoats just can’t stand the fact people are massively switching to iOS.

    • Dave Olden (@dh_olden) - 8 years ago

      I’ve been a Mac user for about 20 years (I’m writing this on my 15″ MacBook Pro).

      But my budget has been too little to afford an iPhone, too. So I have an Android — a Samsung Galaxy SIII, that, as soon as it’s paid off, will become an iPhone. At least that’s my wish.

      My future upgrade to iPhone in mind, I go to the Google Play store this morning, find the “Move to iOS” app, and click [install]. (So that it’s ready to go when my wallet is… ;)

      Then I see all these… those… acidic reviews! (“Botgoats” is a perfect name. I’d add that their posts are “Botgoat Cheese”! (the stinky kind)).

      My migration to iOS can’t come soon enough to save me from these vermin….

      • applegetridofsimandjack - 8 years ago

        Hahahaha save yourself from that horrific os.

        Yes I know Botgoats is a good name because I have been using this term for a year or 2 on multiple tech websites and Android fans get really angry. I also noticed other readers picked up the word and used it themselves…

        I call them like this because they are like robots (troll day and night, at least the android fans i know…) and remind me of goats…

        Get the 6S man and have fun with your first real smartphone :p

    • And you are just as bad as those commenting in the Play Store. Such a cretin you are. You should really grow up and stop being so sad

  8. DubDJ - 8 years ago

    I’ll never understand these people, fair enough you prefer Android but why spew this ridiculous abuse towards an app because one of its competitors makes it? Imagine you were a developer of an app and had to deal with this. I can’t imagine how bad the reviews of Apple Music will be, good app but it still has it’s fair share of bugs.

    I’ve always found Android users to be more hateful to iOS users for some reason. I don’t usually see the same ‘Android is crap’ thing that often.

    • The things is you can see (even on 9to5mac) many Android trolls but I’ve never seen an Apple troll on Android website and that tells you a lot. iOS users are more mature than Android users and actually care about more than specs.

    • Curtis Howard - 8 years ago

      My question is why do you iSheep care what happens in a Google Play site none of you will apparently use. You people act like you are actually the real people who make the Apple Hardware and software. Guarantee 90% don’t own Apple stock. Apple big wigs probably laugh at your blind loyalty. They sit up there and say look at all these idiots fight for us but are not on our payroll.

  9. Josias - 8 years ago

    Haters gonna hate

  10. Joe Monaghan - 8 years ago

    And a perfect example of why the Apple App Store is so much better than the Play Store – you can’t leave BS comments like this unless you actually purchased the app!

  11. Lars Pallesen - 8 years ago

    Imagine if iPhone users gave the same immature feedback to apps in the App Store, just because they were made by Google – which is the same thing happening here in reverse. Not so. Indeed most iPhone users have at least one or two Google apps on their iPhones that they enjoy and appreciate.

  12. Whoa, whoa! Calm down, Android users. No one is hurting you in anyway. You are making yourself look like ignorant fools. I have never seen people attack Google’s offerings on the Apple App Store. Distasteful, really. I find the only time people act so foolishly over such trivial things is when they are jealous or scared. Slow your roll, people. No one is forcing you to convert. The app being there is not hurting a single person.

    It is interesting that Android users claim to be better and more enlightened than iOS users, but, act like this, all the time. I have never met an Android user that didn’t scoff at my iPhone or iPad. On the same turn, I have only met like 4 iOS users that actively down Android the same way. Grow up. Worry about a REAL issue.

  13. xprmntr - 8 years ago

    They must be mad because of their frustrating user experience

  14. Neil Guillot - 8 years ago

    Who are those sad little people?

  15. Sean Raidley - 8 years ago

    That’s kind of funny and kind of sad…lol

  16. haha some much QQ its funny, only android user have the time troll apple stuff. I can imagine them writting does comments with tear in there eyes furious! lol

    • Not true. There are Apple fanatics that troll Android sites. To try and say this is an Android only problem is foolish. Android has there fanatics that do this. As does Apple as does Microsoft. They are a small % but they are the loudest.

  17. Daniele (@HolyByxe) - 8 years ago

    Like dogs barking at the post man as soon as they here someone in front of the door.

  18. Herbi Williams - 8 years ago

    this made my day :) complai’t ning about how their phones can’t handle this app. I wonder wether it’s because the app was badly built, which rarely happens when done by apple, or if its because their phones are bullsh** :) what on the other hand happens quite regularly hahahaha
    I also saw some comments, that they complained about not following the design of android. As if all the android looked the same on the different devices :)

  19. Mathias R. S. Sørensen - 8 years ago

    This is only fun seen from my perspective. That does tell everyone how a real “Fan-Droid” is. Disparaging other companies is just distasteful. The application offered in Play Store is simply there to help users transferring data from one operating system to another. So it is for those customers who already decided to switch to iOS.

    Microsoft did the same and their application is available in Apple App Store and Play Store. There is not the same attitude from us using iOS og Microsoft as from Android users. We simply believe in using the device that fit us the most. And if that is Android for some users, fair enough. Just don’t be rude!

    • This is a number of users. There are over 1 billion Android devices in use. Only 2 thousand something reviews. This is the fanatical part of the user base that sadly every company has.

  20. Manu eL (@D_xt3r) - 8 years ago

    Wow.. I didn’t even know that there are more than 2700 androids who are on 4.0, surprise surprise! :-D

  21. Steven Mason - 8 years ago

    I have downloaded it and waiting to use it when I transfer to an iPhone 6s, so will rate on it once I am able to use it. Can’t actually use it until you have your new phone and you set it up through the start up process on the iPhone.

  22. rnc - 8 years ago

    I think the first reason Apple published the App was for this, exposing Android Fanbois.

  23. mockery17 - 8 years ago

    Years ago I thought Apple fanboys were obnoxious. But now I know Android fanboys are even worse.

    • Both have their obnoxious fanatical user base. They are very small percentage of both compared to their overall userbases.

      • Pedro Coimbra - 8 years ago

        True, but I get the clear feeling that the fanatical part of Android users are getting much more vocal and edgy than the fanatical part of Apple users (don’t know enough about Windows phone users). I mean, you wouldn’t see this attitude from iOS users, certainly not of this magnitude if it was the other way around, specially considering there are already google apps in the app store. It could be also because androis users tend to be more geek and nerdy, and we all know how those guys can be zealots and agressive (in the safety of internet anonimity, that is) about their preferred technologies, be it game consoles, mobile OSs, desktop OSs etc.
        If that is due to the android subculture, or from the samsung-apple war, or just the outcome of the much bigger user pool of users, I don’t know.
        Anyway if their phones are so superior as they say, shouldn’t they be more relaxed and secure of themselves?

        By the way, NEWS UPDATE: 2700 negative fake voters? now is 10x more: *22.274* 1star votes. WTF? Seriously this one will be remembered for a long time, and android users won’t look good in the picture, small percentage or not.

  24. rix530 - 8 years ago

    Android users are about that virus, Trojan, getting their info stolen life. Pathetic.

  25. My guess is, a lot of Android users are just annoyed that such an app exists, when Apple would no doubt prevent a “Move to Android” app from being released in the iOS App Store.

    I bet the Apple Music app will get better reception though. I could see a family of mixed devices subscribing to an Apple Music family subscription, or a person who has used Apple Music / iTunes for a while but has moved to Android benefitting from such a thing.

  26. repooCsirhC - 8 years ago

    I think they all probably need to remember who actually brought the smart phone into the grasp of their greasy little Droid like fingers… And if I remember correctly, iPhone launched June 29, 2007…and it wasn’t until November that Google announced the Android OS and then November the following year that the first Android phone launched. As someone who has had an iOS device since day 1 (and I also own an Android based tablet), I can see the “pluses” of both devices, but there’s a reason that my every day carry device is iOS

    • @dannypwins - 8 years ago

      “I think they all probably need to remember who actually brought the smart phone into the grasp of their greasy little Droid like fingers…”

      I’m an iPhone user too, but lets not act like Apple invented the smartphone..

      • mockery17 - 8 years ago

        You’re right—they didn’t invent it. They reinvented it.

      • Name_O - 8 years ago

        I think we all know that Apple isn’t the first to make a smartphone by now. The point is that Apple reinvented the smartphone and revolutionized the whole smartphone industry.

    • And don’t forget…. even though the iPhone didn’t launch until June 2007, it was announced at the MacWorld Expo on January 9th, 2007 – Almost a full year before Android even came out with anything! And even then it was just a Blackberry knockoff –

  27. Steve (@SteveJaay) - 8 years ago

    There’s a reason why they are Android users…
    I guess this example explains pretty well why….
    :cough: brain damage… :cough:

    • jowens1259 - 8 years ago

      When the Android user uses the app they will be come an Iphone user. Will they still suffer :cough: brain damage….:cough:?

      • Pedro Coimbra - 8 years ago

        Since you don’t see iphone users sabotaging en mass Google app ratings, I guess not

      • Pedro Coimbra - 8 years ago

        Apparently it didn’t created it, just modified an already existing one, but that’s irrelevant. The thing is, if the 1star botgoats knew this, the negative backlash would been 1/3, if not less. By the way, the original 2700 1star voting is already at 22.274, almost 10x more. Come on, even you have to agree that this is ridiculous and doesn’t do any good to android users image.

        As for the instagram case give me a break, that was 3 years ago, and the only case you guys keep using to prove your point about ios users smugness, which means there aren’t that many more. On the other hand, cases of android fanaticism are like mushrooms poping out here and there, and this “move to ios” is the latest, and the biggest.

        The ones that voted 1 star creating a backlash, don’t be surprised if a backlash is coming to them later.

    • And you prove you are no better than those leaving the reviews

  28. NY3Ranger (@ny3ranger) - 8 years ago

    That just means is going to be successful.

  29. These seem like a reaction to someone trying to justify having the phone/system they have.
    After typing it I can see that person smile and think, “I just made Apple sad, I’m glad I’m on Android for life.”

    Had the users simply let it go and drift off into the App Sunset, it probably wouldn’t hit the Top List anyway, instead, the amount of negative ratings make this a story and thus the App is back in the limelight.

  30. iSRS - 8 years ago

    So apparently you can review an app on the Google Play store that you never purchased. Good to know.

  31. theaccidental - 8 years ago

    “The only thing more insecure than Android is its userbase.” – Can’t RemembEr

  32. Vincent Conroy - 8 years ago

    What did they THINK was going to happen? That’s like putting an app out there to switch from Playstation to Xbox (or vice versa). You’re gonna get a ton of hate from people invested in the ecosystem.

    Apple will not reply to these because it’s not worth their time.

  33. chrisl84 - 8 years ago

    But I thought all android users would love this and Apple Music for android….thats what everyone here told me whenever I said otherwise!

  34. Colin Fox - 8 years ago

    Android sore losers. I had a nexus 7 with latest android. It was terrible. Got an iPad 2 mini and it works the best

  35. Yaseen - 8 years ago

    Wonder why then Apple is making so much money from iPhone sales..hmm…perhaps they have a golden goose somewhere.

  36. Apparently, Apple users are not only well-heeled, but also the well-mannered. At least in comparison with the the other group.

    • Ignorant comment. I have meet Apple users who are just as bad as those leaving reviews. Apple like Android isn’t without it’s fanatical users. Only the fanatics are leaving reviews. The majority don’t care.

  37. Drew (@gettysburg11s) - 8 years ago

    Wow, it doesn’t take much for these Android guys to get violent. These are people who have nothing else to do, clearly. They are also very insecure about their OS. Maybe even jealous. Personally, I don’t “hate” software platforms. I like things about Android, Windows, etc., even though I am an iPhone user. Geez, lighten up people.

    • These are just a small number of fanatical users. They hate anything that isn’t Android/Samsung or whatever it maybe. Most leaving reviews I guarantee are Samsung users. Android isn’t alone in have their fanatical users tho. Apple has them do. As does microsoft.

  38. Chee Yi - 8 years ago

    The funniest thing is that they aren’t even actually using it, which is really something to do before posting an honest review for an app. They’re mostly just downloading it and reviewing it for the sake of spreading some anti-Apple rage around, lol.

  39. usmansaghir - 8 years ago

    So all them people tried to transfer all the data to iphone all in one day!!

  40. Tyler Jon Warnecke - 8 years ago

    Don’t these Android users realize that we are just trying to help them?!

    • These are the fanatical users that exist for every OS. They are the users that hate anything but their chosen product and make up a very small number. Every company Every OS has people like this

  41. Gregory Wright - 8 years ago

    Nice job author you got what you wanted – page hits.

  42. bpmajesty - 8 years ago

    Yo, this HILARIOUS! I was cracking up laughing while reading this!

  43. x0epyon0x - 8 years ago

    This is just dumb. As a long time Android user that will be switching when my 6s comes in next Friday, I’ll definitely be using this app. My only gripe is that doesn’t follow Material design, but otherwise, it looks nice. I’ll do a full review on the Play Store once I’ve made the switch.

    • Google doesn’t follow Apple’s design with their apps so why Apple should?

      • Plus, from Apple’s side it makes sense. You are migrating to something new so you already see the new in the app but what about Google? Google is just ignorant on iOS.

      • Jassi Sikand - 8 years ago

        Actually, for the longest time they followed Apple’s Flat Design and before that whatever design the Apple design was called. They only started moving towards Material on iOS in the last year or so. But good point

  44. Howie Isaacks - 8 years ago

    Big deal. Who cares what these Android using morons think? Apple’s app store won’t allow you to rate something unless you bought it. Does Google’s store have the same restriction? If not, then this is yet another indicator for how inferior their platform is.

  45. scumbolt2014 - 8 years ago

    That’s fandroids for you. Talking shit about subject matter they are clueless about. Enjoy the adware and malware you jerks.

    • jowens1259 - 8 years ago

      Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. You can read these comments and tell me this is any better than what everyone is claiming about the Android users?

    • Someone is seriously uninformed and has proven they are on the same level as those leaving the reviews. You should grow up.

  46. The Gnome (@gnomehole) - 8 years ago

    This is exactly why I will never use Android. I don’t want to turn into a complete douchebag. I’ve had to stop hanging around with Android owners as they want to spend every minute of the day talking negative about what you own, obviously leaving nothing left to try enjoy the device they own. Fandroids simply cannot move on from 2009… its still about who did things first (not best) and this sheep thing thats completely ironic.

    • You are painting with a very broad brush. You are painting an entire user base off a few fanatical users. Most Android users are like that. It is a small number of users, Mostly Samsung users It isn’t like Apple/iOS is immune to having the same thing. I know Apple users who are just as fanatical and put everyone down for not using Apple. And I know Microsoft people who do the same. But again they are small numbers of the actual user base. but you don’t care about that do you

  47. standardpull - 8 years ago

    Two year contracts are very long, particularly for a kid. My brother’s kid was Android-proud too. But he decided to switch to the iPhone 6 when he went to college, which coincided with his contract expiration.

    People that actually use the app won’t bother to rate it and will never have to deal with the crapfest known as Google Play ever again.

  48. Parwinder Bhagat - 8 years ago

    This is really childish. Specially from people who call themselves ‘pro’ users.

  49. vertsub2015 - 8 years ago

    I’m surprised no one is commenting on how Apple COPIED the likes of Samsung and Sony who have released migration apps already! Stop copying android features Apple!

  50. Haha I’ve never seen a more pissy, whiny bunch of people than Android users. So insecure…

  51. Tom A (@Newdeal99) - 8 years ago

    I have had a whole lot of iPhones and I have had a few windows phones and android phones. I will say that the iPhone is really the best in my opinion. The only feature that I would like to have is an easy way to use it like a usb thumb drive like can be done with some android phones, and also to a lesser extent a nice adblocker. Other than that Windows phone is better than android aside from its app shortage (and lack of google maps especially, Here is really bad in Canada) and iOS crushes android also in my opinion

  52. Julian (@thejulianw) - 8 years ago

    I guess Ben Bartlett already got his lobotomy. Wants Google to be restrictive over the “restrictive” Apple. Well thought out.

  53. So they are saying they would rather stay in an ecosystem, were they have to wait 6 months, to a year for the hardware maker to release updates, AFTER the updates had already been made available! Oh then lets not forget, add another 6 months, a AT&T/Verizon have to add their blokeware! So instead of waiting a year, like apple, you would have to wait two years for the update, and that is if your cheap phone is deemed worthy of the update!

    Sorry, I like my security fixes, and OS updates in a timely manor, not a delayed manor! That or I guess I could partake of the mobile industries commodity treatment of mobile phones, and just buy a new one every year? Again, no thanks, those phones are cheap, break easily, and are horrible to use! I much prefer my BMW of phones, over dealing with the economy brand that has no value!

  54. nottellinyou - 8 years ago

    Haters gotta hate I guess but seriously this entire episode makes Android users look silly and childish.

    If they can, and if Google releases it’s own Move to Android app for iOS, I hope iOS users don’t conduct the foolishness seen here. It’s a tool that helps people who want to switch and believe it or not users in BOTH iOS and Android switch from time to time. Oh the horror!

    While I’m on the topic…the need to actually spend time to download an app and then write a BS review about a company you don’t do business with about a product you don’t own really should be looked into as a physiological disorder. I’m being TOTALLY SERIOUS and it’s all over not just here! I just can’t fathom running around reading Android articles or trolling Android enthusiast web sites to leave negative comments or flames. I have MUCH better things to do with my time but it seems many do not.

    Hey… I wish anyone that uses an Android device all the best there’s enough market to go around and competition is good for all!

  55. suchkunt - 8 years ago

    Pathetic immature crybabies. I’m convinced that the android smugness comes from autistic users (because you know, who the hell else has hours to waste hacking firmware just to get a functional product) who can’t or won’t spend the money for Apple gear…. and must therefore crap on iOS users to somehow convince themselves they’ve made the right choice.

    They resent the “status symbol” status that society has affixed to apple products and vehemently, emotionally, retardedly defend their choices to convince themselves they got the right product.

    You notice that in a discussion, Apple users always talk about how good their iPhone is and how much they love it, while android users always try to trash iphones and whine about cost.

  56. Android users, to me, sound like Angry people.

  57. scumbolt2014 - 8 years ago

    Marty Ballard’s comment makes no sense. Zombies and Fandroids with brains both don’t exist…

  58. technicalconclusions - 8 years ago

    All jokes aside, the mob like reaction to a tool like this from Apple doesn’t speak well for the Android user population. It’s clear that, even the existence of a tool that would make it easier to switch platforms disturbs these individuals profoundly. Seriously, they need mental help.

  59. Dbolander - 8 years ago

    My review of the app would be:

    1 STAR

    Unfortunately this app won’t migrate over all my chlamydia-infected Android apps to my new iPhone.

    Also, I think there should be more buttons and toggles and switches—because…customization.

    I’d also like a button that says Root, so I can completely feel superior my superior Android smugness.

    And finally, there’s no way for me to snap a photo in the app of my neckbeard.”

  60. Pedro Coimbra - 8 years ago

    That’s some seriously butthurt android fanboys :D
    Such a pathethic example of infantile fanboyism.

    BTW I use android, but hopefully not for long.

    • No OS or company is immune to these types of fanatical fanboys.

      • Pedro Coimbra - 8 years ago

        True, but I’m noticing it on the android base much more lately.
        It’s like Apple users are from a club, one that used to be very snob, now a little less so. Android users have more of a tribe, clan mentality, that sometimes become “violent”

  61. Just left a 5 Star review just because xD

  62. Curtis Howard - 8 years ago

    You people are calling Droid people aggressive and haters, but you are all doing the same thing. When I see a pro droid post, it gets filled with Apple haters also. I use to have a iPhone then realized I can do way more with my Note 4 now Note 5. True multitasking, customize my home screen, being able to download from any website including torrent sites, better screen, using my included pen to crop cut any article or picture from anything that shown on my screen. Write my text on the screen if I don’t feel like using my fingers. Google Now kills Siri, Google Maps kills Apple maps. But watch the apple fanatics act like that is not needed until you guys get it with the iPhone 10 or something. Also I typed this on my Mac Book Pro, and have a iPad Air 2. Just saying this to show you sheep, I’m not loyal to no company. I buy what I deem as the superior product. Note 5 is greater then any Apple phone by a landslide. Also any of you ever heard of wireless charging. Maybe that will come out with the iPhone 8 or something.

    • Jassi Sikand - 8 years ago

      I’ve never seen an Apple fan on an Android site being so vehemently anti-Android. There’s a difference between being pro-Apple and anti-Android. But let’s talk about your complaints. I’ve used Google Now – I don’t like it. Nor do I think Siri is the best either – in fact I prefer Cortana. As for Google Maps, the only time I use it is when I need transit directions which Apple is adding throughout iOS 9’s lifecycle and beyond. I’ve used Samsung’s phones and Sony’s phones. I hated my Samsung phone and while I liked my Sony Xperia Arc S, I didn’t like Android. As for wireless charging, the reason Apple hasn’t come out for it yet is that a) atm it’s a fad and b) it really hasn’t been standardized. You know what that sounds like? NFC. Wtf was NFC actually good for? It was a gimmick before Apple made a use for it (Note Samsung & Google Pay) and as for Note 5 > iPhone that’s solely a matter of opinion. iPhone matches or beats current Android products on tests even though it has technically inferior specs. You’re right – Apple usually isn’t the first with stuff. It’s the first to get it right.

    • Pedro Coimbra - 8 years ago

      Oh, the old “but I can download even torrents”. Who the hell needs torrents on a phone? And at what cost, to deplete your battery and trash your dataplan if you’re not on wifi? To be yet another malware entry door? And by the way do you plan to be fair and upload at least twice the data you downloaded (torrent etiquette), but hurting again your battery and dataplan?
      In fact why not get a virtual machine running XP on a phone just to show how “amazing” but completly useless that is?
      Phones, no matter how ‘smart’, are *not* desktops, and they’re not meant to be, maybe except to some OEMs that want to go crazy with unnecessary specs and “capabilities” that they can’t fully develop anyway, just to show off, while helping the users get forever the label of utter nerds.

      And please, enough with the multitask, what in the world do you need to multitask that ios doesn’t already do, playing music or hearing satnav directions while doing something else? iOs already does it. Everything else is a non issue, you don’t need to do a cgi rendering while navigating the net, or compress zip files while visiting the playstore. Again, a phone is not a desktop. Does iOS pause 98% of other apps when the user opens another one? yes, because not everything needs to run in the background at the same time. If the user switched to “that” app, then he needs all resources on that app, not on something that he isn’t even seeing and interacting anymore, see how logical that sounds?
      stop milking that cow, it’s been dry for a while now.

      • Curtis Howard - 8 years ago

        Typical response for Isheeple. You guys always say what you don’t need, because your phone can’t do it. But then when you finally get it, you people cheer and brag about it. I remember you people saying who needs a bigger screen, its only a phone. Then what happens, you get a bigger screen and you all get it. And pausing a app is a bad thing when you need it to run. Apps like dropbox, one drive, google drive etc. Hate on my iPad I had to have the app open continuously in order for all my data from my iPad to go to the cloud. I love being able to use Facebook and Twitter at the same time on the same screen. Or take pics from my gallery and drag them to my messaging app to send to people. Funny you say who needs multitasking when even apple finally is now doing it on the iPad air 2, but not the stingy ram iPhone. And the excuse of using my data plan and wasting battery is the users issue, not the manufacturer limiting my phone so it can’t do it. Back in the day people said why do we need internet on a phone, a phone is meant only for talking. Sounds like you right now saying phones are not meant to be desktops. Only a person without this ability says bs like that. Like when poor people say money can’t buy happiness. Easy to say when you don’t have a lot of money. It’s only said to make poor people feel better. Which is what you are doing with your phone thats about 3 years behind what my phone can do.

      • yojimbo007 - 8 years ago

        Whats so interesting is why these android user are so scared of an app that allows an individual, if he chooses so, to move to ios?
        Its his/her choice.. What are u guys afraid of…
        If your product is superior then why are u scared of little app?
        And the ridiculous frenzy u have brough about your app store and here at an apple centric forum, just becouse there is an app that facilitates migration is mind bogglingly stupid and in many ways so desperate and dictatorial.
        Its just an app for those who choose to a choice not a loaded gun against android useres to switch.
        Dont like it , dont use it…..
        u are acting like fanatics…

      • Pedro Coimbra - 8 years ago

        @Curtis Howard
        «Typical response for Isheeple»
        Yes, an “isheeple” that doesn’t own any Apple product (yet) but has an android phone, so I know what I’m talking about. I download lots of torrents, but on my desktop, where they are meant to be. So, congratulations for your profiling capabilities.
        If users from the iphone or Windows phone , which by the way is also a much more optimized platform than android, will someday brag about torrents in their system I will criticize them for that too, because is a stupid and overkill gimmick to appease to less than 0.5% of users, and frankly, it’s just too nerdy.

        «I remember you people saying who needs a bigger screen»
        Don’t generalize things, many iphone users said before that they wouldn’t mind bigger screens. I see nothing wrong in bigger screens, on the contrary, except for those that are an exageration, clearly the silly outcome of a screen size war while throwing praticability and ergonomics out of the window. Seeing people phoning with those things is like seeing them talking to those slate boards. Ridiculous.

        «Hate on my iPad I had to have the app open continuously in order for all my data from my iPad to go to the cloud»
        Google Drive and One Drive have background uploads. Dropbox too, but uploads stuff periodically in the background.

        «I love being able to use Facebook and Twitter at the same time on the same screen»
        Iphone 6+ (maybe even the 6) already do that. The same for some ipads.

        «Funny you say who needs multitasking when even apple finally is now doing it on the iPad air 2»
        I never said who needs multitasking, I said “realtime multitasking”, which except for some apps, isn’t needed.

        «Easy to say when you don’t have a lot of money»
        No, easy to say because torrents on a phone is silly. And overkill. And silly. NFC before Apple Pay was ultra useful compared to that. That’s for desktops/laptops.

        «And the excuse of using my data plan and wasting battery is the users issue, not the manufacturer limiting my phone so it can’t do it»
        Suppose a manufacturer said no to the possibility of putting 2 ports on a new phone, 1 for a keyboard and the other for a mouse (pretend you didn’t have bluetooth to connect them), was that a manufacturer limiting your phone? Or eliminating superfluous stuff that would be used by a very small % of the user base?
        Seriously, give me a ratio of people that actually need torrents on a phone, but be honest.

        «Which is what you are doing with your phone thats about 3 years behind what my phone can do»
        Strangely enough my phone has a tiny little green robot on the inside, and yet I never felt the need to install uTorrent on it, despite downloading lots of torrents in my PC.
        Still there are some cool well made Android phones that I wouldn’t mind having: Wiko, the only european brand (maybe the only western brand) making smartphones, and Oneplus. But for the rest, no thanks.

  63. Jesse Zapata - 8 years ago

    Wow this is beyond pathetic. I myself have been a Android user since 2.0 and love the Android OS a lot but I’m making the switch to the new iPhone 6s! They’re both great OS and both have their pros and cons.

  64. yojimbo007 - 8 years ago

    It smells like an orcastrated reaction by google and alike!

    Dont use it if you dont want it… Whats the big fuss?

    For those who may choose to migrate its a good thing. …

    Typical googlesque lowlife behavior …

    It has Eric Mole Schidth written all over it….. Lowlife PR moves

  65. lkrupp215 - 8 years ago

    The comments about the app are priceless. Somebody should collect them all and produce an audio book of readings like Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” bit. Real Android fans should be ashamed of what is happening on Google Play over this app. Talk about the true colors of the iHater religious sect. And they call US iSheep?

    But this happened before way back in 2007 when the iPhone was introduced. The user review section on C|net at that time was inundated with 1 star reviews and similar comments long before the iPhone was even available for sale. People who had never even seen the device were trashing it.

    • The real Android fans are ashamed. Me for example. I love Android and iOS. I even like Windows Phone. All are great operating systems. And if it weren’t for HTC i would have an iPhone 6 Plus.

  66. TrueCopy (@TruthCopy) - 8 years ago

    I believe, ladies and gentlemen, that this is called irony, especially as rabid reviewers invoke the “iSheep” or general Apple hate on an app they don’t use and, frankly, probably doesn’t apply to them. Talk about blind allegiance. Disgusting. It’s good that there are two (and a half? can’t forget about MS) platforms. It makes them better. And one does not fit all.

    Why the hate? I just don’t understand it.

  67. Danielle Berges - 8 years ago

    Not for nothing are these people stupid and don’t know how to back up their phones properly? You need an app to handle that for you?? My god people are progressively getting dumber. Its not like iPhones are a new thing….And did one of the users complain about an “iPhone 3G”? Friggin trolls.

  68. mashdots - 8 years ago

    It’s almost like Apple did this to troll android users and they’re falling for it.

  69. Scott Lunsford - 8 years ago

    Somebody call the waammbulance!

  70. Why do they even care? If I think a Honda is a better car than a Mazda, I don’t have any vested interest in converting Mazda owners, and it is pointless to despise them. If you like android better, great!, but me liking IOS doesn’t take anything away from your experience.

  71. Rich Davis (@RichDavis9) - 8 years ago

    I’m wondering how many of them are paid by someone to complain or how many are legitimately switchers actually using the app to switch on a legitimate level.

    I think there are a LOT of pissed off Android users at the fact that IBM, chose to migrate to Apple products and become a reseller of Apple products to the Enterprise market and that Cisco is supporting that effort. If Samsung or Google had a similar agreement with IBM and Cisco, they’d be peeing all over themselves gloating. Whomever owns the Enterprise market wins the war is what it’s all about.

    The thing is that Microsoft has always wanted to become a monopoly and they would do nothing to stop it, even if it meant having illegal OEM contracts. Android, wants to be Microsoft-like but as cool as Apple, because they are also doing the OEM route drumming up as many iPhone and IPad Apple wannabes they can to go after every price point and every market and have the power of 50 OEMS against Apple, because they are more concerned with market share than making a decent net profit and making a decent product line to the world that people might use. Now whether or not everything is perfect that Apple puts out is at question because these anti-Apple people simply want to bash Apple when there is the tinyiest of problems so they can hate because it makes them feel superior. I would love to see Google, Samsung, Microsoft or any company constantly put out products that don’t have bugs or little flaws from time to time. it happens, but I’ll bet this application gets fixed a lot faster than the bugs on any Google or Microsoft software app/OS.

  72. SKR Imaging - 8 years ago

    wow, how childish… it’s as if iPhone owners start blasting reviews of Youtube app or other Google apps just cause it’S Google.. have some dignity folks. There are Pros and Cons to both platforms.. learn to coexist and use whatever device you want. just my 2 Cents.

  73. Gabby Schuler - 8 years ago

    One, I am an android user that couldn’t care less about Move to iOS because it doesn’t apply to me (Don’t want it, don’t use it, see how that works?)…
    But on the flip side, anyone who wants the app and hears about it can just search for it, so I’m not sure why the ratings are such a big deal. Especially since it’s free???? I don’t know, feels like people are just ignorant arseholes, regardless of what kind of software they prefer on their smart phones :)

  74. androidsoldado - 8 years ago

    This is so ironic. Based on these few users, some Apple supporters here claim all Android users are dumb and disadvantaged in some way. Am I an angry, dumb person? Am I disadvantaged because I have an Android phone? Some Android users did comment on the app just to promote Android, but others just said they honestly didn’t really like it/didn’t work very well. What is being said here is just as bad as some users commented on with the app. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and what is being said here is wrong.
    Now I have some interesting points I would like to bring up. I find it very interesting that a prank was made that tricked iOS users into thinking Android was iOS 9. Only a couple people in the prank video recognized the Android elements on the iPhone with Android. I am wondering how many people can be tricked here from the comment section into thinking Android is iOS 9. I also wonder how many Android users will recognize Android over iOS 9.
    Here’s a suggestion; personal experiences and critic reviews from tech sites, when arguing for a point, should be taken with a grain of salt. If this was an objective world/you could verify claims for everyone, then it would be a different story. Reviews of phones from sites such as this and Android sites (fewer in number) tend to favor their respective phone(s) and operating systems. People get angry and comment on sites citing bias on both sides because, in a way, there is a little favoring to both sides.
    And finally, to some people here who will always put Apple on top without any reason, I encourage you to explore the other side. That is the bravest thing you can do. Try to look in to Android and take away all of the media baggage; the lack of “innovation”, the security, how “hard it is to use”, and other little phrases associated with Android. Some of these things may be a little true, such as security. But some are also exaggerated heavily. Experiment. Try something new. And stop with this cult-like insulting going on here. It is just as bad as promoting Android and trashing Apple on the app.

    • Pedro Coimbra - 8 years ago

      «Some Android users did comment on the app just to promote Android»
      Dude, that kind of comments, lying about the app and 2700 1 star votes are *NOT* promoting Android, unless you mean promoting android users in a bad way.
      «but others just said they honestly didn’t really like it/didn’t work very well»
      what 1% of them?

      «What is being said here is just as bad as some users commented on with the app»
      Not it’s not, don’t try to pretend both are equal. After something like that, everyone here can say that behaviour was petty, imature, hateful, sheep-like, childish and moronic, and even mock a little that kind of attitude, without descending to the same level. And if you have a problem with that, then it’s your problem.
      Even a known tech journalist and main contributor to an Android news site, Chris Chavez, gave his 1 star and commented that the app locked his android phone!

      A so called tech journalist, pulling a stunt like that, it’s very serious and speaks volumes about his credibility, which to anyone with common sense, is now 0.

      «I am wondering how many people can be tricked here from the comment section into thinking Android is iOS 9»
      If it is a very good imitation, not everybody, not immediatly that is, but wait until it starts lagging and with force closes. That happens even in vanilla android, imagine with a special skin/launcher or whatever

      «Try to look in to Android and take away all of the media baggage»
      I use android, some things I like it (back button, multi-colour notification LED, choosing preferred apps), many I don’t (lag, java/dalvik layer, specs just to compensate overhead AKA not optimized software, being forced to dig endless topics looking for the latest cooked rom the brand didn’t bodered to make, reading endless pages from those topics wondering how many new bugs the previous but correction created, force closes, reboots, in essence the eternal beta stage that sh1t always is)
      By the way, I laugh every time an android user defends it saying that “it’s much stable now, I only have 1 or 2 reboots a week”… :P you were supposed to have NONE a week.
      Time for me to try a new pristine platform, although that Oneplus one is tempting…

      • Pedro Coimbra - 8 years ago

        Moderators: Any chance you could reduce that image size? Thanks

  75. Wow. These reviews prove some truths about Android users. a) they are butt hurt that there are better phones that they can’t afford or are too stubborn to try b) they aren’t too intelligent. c) they are real dickhead idiots. (read, I would switch if you don’t want to be associated with that)

    Really? You’re going to slam it because it didn’t let you transfer to an iPhone 3G? Do you know how old that phone is and how dumb you sound? You couldn’t figure out how to plug in your micro-USB charger? Really? You want to try it before you buy? What, do you do that at restaurants? You can’t watch a video?

    The one-star review goes to these morons, not iOS.

    • Yeah let’s bash an an entire user base of 1 billion users because of the actions of a couple thousand. I guess if we are doing that we should bash all iOS users for trolling Android sites or go back a couple years and see how a handful of iOS users reacted to when instagram launched on Android should we bash all iOS users for that and call them butthurt unintelligent dickheads? Hmm. Should we bash Windows users for basing Mac and iOS? You can’t bash every user for the actions of a small number. It would be stupid for Android users to bash every iOS user for the actions of a few (be it those who troll Android sites or those who reacted negatively to Instagram for Android) it would be stupid to call them unintelligent or dckheads. But you don’t care about that. You just want to bash an entire user base on the actions of a a small few. So sense that is the case. I guess Android users should bash iOS users for this should Android call all iOS users dickheads for that? I don’t think so but under your logic I guess that would be the case. I bet you are too afraid to respond.

      Also all major Android phones cost the same as iPhone.

  76. Paul Andrew Dixon - 8 years ago

    Completely retarded…

    If the android store works anyway like the apple store whereby you must download the app before you can comment, it would appear that many android users downloaded the app just to write a review…

    Essentially though, anyone with any common sense would realise that none of these comments are actually useful – after all, this app is intended for those who want to jump ship to what they think to be a better system…

    plus, if so many android users feel threatened by this app it just proves that they are so concerned about android… plus it just goes to show how small minded they can be – i have friends that have a basic android phone, use a windows computer, and have an apple ipod —

    At the end of the day though, it’s only android users reading these — people who are generally using the app are not gonna think “omg…such horrid this…these words make me want to take my new shiny iphone back”…

    The shocking thing is that the reason for this app is because there has been an increase in android users changing to apple and one of the main requests was to make the transition easier…

    Oh well… they can continue to use their android devices, most of which cannot even run the most recent update…and many of which are so full of customisation that they run so slowly and look like a child has been playing with it…

    At least with apple with have bootcamp for windows – we’re not kicking up a fuss for having such software… i use chrome on my mac and iphone – shock horror…

    • androidsoldado - 8 years ago

      Okay, if Google put a “See How Much You Are Missing On Android” app and you didn’t like how Google was trying to “steal” Apple users, how would you react?
      Ha ha, I don’t need the most recent update. See, when the older iPhones slow down on iOS 9 and everyone claims they don’t know what happened, then you can see why Google doesn’t force the Marshmallow update to the Galaxy S3 or something like that.
      I admit that some Android phones are slower than others. But my G3 is fast. In fact, the only complaint I have is ironically the service, T-Mobile!
      Please stop citing how bad some of the Android comments are and then calling Android phones toys. In fact, I could argue that the iPhone is a toy because you can’t do anything with it. I have so many more options on my year old G3 versus the new 6S. It’s the truth. There is nothing wrong with that, but your argument falls a little flat there. I am glad you like iPhones and I can live with your decision but please stop insulting Android users.

      • Craig Jacobs - 8 years ago

        How would I react? I wouldn’t. I have a life and my identity is not dictated by my phones OS…

      • Pedro Coimbra - 8 years ago

        «how would you react?»
        I wouldn’t react, I wouldn’t care, having one or not. People eventually grow, you know? The saddest part is that those users wouldn’t react so vigorously -as they didn’t so far- if it was an app that spreaded malware, tryed to hijack phones, very poor taste apps etc. And *THAT’s* what makes this so small minded and petty, and gratuitious.

        «when the older iPhones slow down on iOS 9 and everyone claims they don’t know what happened, then you can see why Google doesn’t force the Marshmallow update to the Galaxy S3 or something like that.»
        The older iphones will still be very manageable with ios9 as soon as some things are polished. And they aren’t forced to accept the update anyway.
        But wasn’t Lollipop and Marshmallow supposed to be more light? Then why not continuing the support for older devices? No Google won’t force the Marshmellow, but with that, will force users to buy a new phone much sooner than older iphone users.

        «Please stop citing how bad some of the Android comments are and then calling Android phones toys. In fact, I could argue that the iPhone is a toy because you can’t do anything with it»

        And there it is, typical fanatic android fanboyism, based on ill based facts.
        You are complaining so much about ios users (because of something started by android users, mind you), but you are aware that people here are being polite, right? If you were an ios user saying those things in an android forum, they would be eating you alive by now, you know that, right?

        And “you can’t do anything with it”, really? Well at the very least with an iphone you can beat more recent androids with more specs in real world usage, for starters. What about that for a toy?
        I didn’t read here anyone referring to androids as toys as you said, but, well, maybe in a way they are: It’s users are always eager like opening Christmas presents to try different skinned roms they saw on some forum, then install other kernels just to play with the thing a little more, and then experimenting with different governors for the cpu, they get all ‘wet’ with that. Not to mention the personalization, the themes and icon packs, the tunning of some obscure script files to make the wifi work of switch the internal memory to the external SD card. Seriously it’s like Lego Technic for phones.
        Whether the iphone, it’s ready to work out of the box, no tweaking needed. So, what’s the real toy here?

        «I am glad you like iPhones and I can live with your decision but please stop insulting Android users»
        Apparently you can’t live with other people decisions because you came to an Apple forum complaining for the poor android users feeling insulted, when in reality the android users are the ones who insulted themselves by behaving like spoiled, petty, stupid brats. And I’m an android user.
        Tell me can *you* live with android users that want to switch and want the process easy as possible to them, as in, do you aprove the “Move to ios” app? Because if you don’t, then no, you apparently *can’t* live with other people decisions.

      • ”Okay, if Google put a “See How Much You Are Missing On Android” app and you didn’t like how Google was trying to “steal” Apple users, how would you react?” First of all, there *are* Google apps on iOS and OS X, there are people using Windows on their Macs with Bootcamp, Chrome on their ”toy iPhone” and no one is offended by it, now imagine what would happen if Apple had released iTunes or Safari on Android based on what happened to this app. Also, I can never be 100% sure but based on my experience on both Apple and Android websites I don’t think that would happen if Google put a ”Move to Android” app. I recommend you to browse 9to5mac, Macrumors or any websites similar to them you will see some people actually requesting it for equality.

    • Yes the Play Store works the same way as the App Store. You must download the app before you can leave a review. These are examples of the fringe fanboys that Android, iOS, and Windows each have. Like it or not each of the 3 mobile OSes have these fringe fanboys that will bash on anything non OS of there choice. Not all Android users are like this. Me for example. I am just an HTC fan. I like HTC’s hardware and HTC Sense which not only looks good but is super fast and fluid. I think iOS is a good operating system. Most Android users are not like these cretins leaving reviews

      • Joseph Singer - 8 years ago

        Do people really not understand what a homophone is?

      • Pedro Coimbra - 8 years ago

        «Most Android users are not like these cretins leaving reviews»
        Thankfully. The 5 other android users I know personally are not like that at all.

      • I am currently an android user waiting 6S to switch to iPhone but sadly only android users that have a high-end Android that I have met on both ”real life” and internet are pretty much like that except me and you (and maybe 3 of my friends). I try to not become stereotypical but to be honest it’s getting harder and harder.

      • fistsoffrost123 - 7 years ago

        Google’s multitude of apps do not have raving iOS users venting about their business model or competing devices.

    • Andrew Jason Sanders - 7 years ago

      Have you you even used an android? Move to iOS is in fact garbage. I sell phones. I use it and its absolute trash. Copy My Data is the best fit. Different OS’s will always cause issues, or have people fussing over the switch. But don’t go bashing android users cause you’re precious iphone is fine for you. And all the customization can be dumbed down to the simplicity of an iphone if you so chose to. Or, you could be smart with it and customize it to your favorite liking. This post may be about apps, but the newer androids blow iphones out of the water… faster, better screen, better camera, more RAM, and usually less expensive.

  77. esz (@__esz) - 8 years ago

    The funniest thing is that reactions here are of the same quality as the reviews.

  78. nekomichikun - 8 years ago

    There are ones accusing Apple of being a closed system yet their attitude is what’s closed-minded.

  79. nhand42 - 8 years ago


  80. Bill K. (@bt1234yt) - 8 years ago

    I feel like Google should only allow reviews that are about the app and not anything else.

  81. KenC - 8 years ago

    Wow, that really says it all about the Android community.

    • 2 thousand reviews out of 1 billion users? Sorry but this doesn’t say a thing about the Android community. Most Android users are like this. Most just like Android or want something different or a fan of a certain company. Like me for instance I am HTC fan Most uses respect Apple and iOS. Judging the entire Android community off a few fanatical fanboys is stupid. It would be like judging the entire iOS community or the entire Windows Phone community of off there radical fanboys of which they have a plenty. I have seen iOS fantiacs troll Android message boards and websites. I have seen WP do the same to Android and iOS. Each OS has their fanatical users that hate everything that is not their product of choice. You can’t just 100% of users on the actions of less than 1%

    • Sam M. (@unigolyn) - 8 years ago

      In that case the rabid fanboys in the comments section on Macrumors says everything about the Apple community. Oh, wait, that’s a stupid generalization.

  82. Jim Hassinger - 8 years ago

    Remember, it’s Apple who are the fanboys! The irrational victims of MARKETING! When’s the last time there were bad reviews for a Google app on iOS?

    • Each company has their irrational fanatical fanboys. Android has their fanatical fanboys. As does Apple. As does Microsoft To make these out as an Android only thing when there are a small percentage of iOS and Windows Phone users that do the exact same thing makes you look foolish. This isn’t representative of the entire community. It is a very small fraction.

    • “…irrational victims of MARKETING!” This is a common and tired accusation among Fandroids, ideologues and taste-free tech consumers. People like you seem to get some kind of thrill out or endlessly repeating the insult, but without ever supporting it with evidence. What’s yours?
      (I can hardly wait to see this.)

      • Jim Hassinger - 8 years ago

        I guess I needed a tag. See, I know this is the charge. Apple users are zombies who fall for marketing, whereas Android is pure and open and presented by Google as a purely public-spirited donation. I don’t supply evidence, because there’s no need.

      • yojimbo007 - 8 years ago

        Lol i have not seen more delisional post ..
        Android is a blatant knock off of ios tanks to the very honest scum bag eric MOLE Schidth double crossing at apples board..and stealing info !
        Wake bro .. And get out from under the rock u live in !!
        This move by the android clan is nothing more than dedperate
        And dictatorial
        “Choice is bad”
        Android only!
        How datre apple try to facilitate those who want to migrate by their own choice!
        This whole thing is a joke …
        Move on and do better things with your life !

      • Pedro Coimbra - 8 years ago

        @Jim Hassinger
        «I guess I needed a tag. See, I know this is the charge. Apple users are zombies who fall for marketing, whereas Android is pure and open and presented by Google as a purely public-spirited donation. I don’t supply evidence, because there’s no need.»

        So, your argumentation is “I know this is how it is, so I don’t need evidence”

        … Really, it’s almost funny.

        About how open android is:

  83. Not all Android users are as pathetic as these cretins. I am just an HTC fan. And it weren’t for HTC I would probably have an iPhone 6 Plus. Some just like Android. These are examples of the fringe fanboys that plagues the tech industry. iOS has there fringe as well. As does Microsoft and Windows Phones. Best thing is to ignore these cretins. Hopefully Google takes action against these reviews.

  84. yojimbo007 - 8 years ago

    Whats so interesting is why these android user are so scared of an app that allows an individual, if he chooses so, to move to ios?
    Its his/her choice.. What are u guys afraid of…
    If your product is superior then why are u scared of little app?
    And the ridiculous frenzy u have brough about your app store and here at an apple centric forum, just becouse there is an app that facilitates migration is mind bogglingly stupid and in many ways so desperate and dictatorial.
    Its just an app for those who choose to a choice not a loaded gun against android useres to switch.
    Dont like it , dont use it…..
    u are acting like fanatics…

    • yojimbo007 - 8 years ago

      But i still believe this a deliberately orcastrated reaction ….
      Lowlife PR..That has backfired now…

      • Pedro Coimbra - 8 years ago

        Orchestrated or not, it has now 10x more 1 star votes than before: 22.274 fake votes. Unbelievable!

        Another thing that I find inexcusable, this time from Google, is that if I search the Play store for Move to iOS (the exact name of the app) and press enter, I have to go through 6 rows of results until I finally see that one. Six rows of apps with names that won’t even resemble “move to Ios”!
        Something like this from the giant search engine, that’s not bad at all… ohh, no.

      • yojimbo007 - 8 years ago

        The 27k Android users have shown their pathetic face to the whole world..
        Its a joke
        Dont use it if u font like it?

        Or is it 27000 android useres wanting to migrate and they found the app has a bug …???
        27000 want to migraye Apple .. Fix the app !!!

        Its either dictatorship against choice.. And that is what the frenzy is about ( Eric Mole Schidth)
        Or it is a bad app and 27000 android useres who who want to migrate to ios are really upset that the app is not good enough to make the switch..

        Pathetic Galore Eric MOLE Schidth .
        Its just a freaking app … Not a loaded gun pointing at android users

      • Pedro Coimbra - 8 years ago

        More than 24k and counting. Strangely enough, now searching for “move to ios” shows the app in the 1st row, finally.

    • roguedog - 8 years ago

      Regardless of the lopsided review comments, its clear that the 706 5-stars given, represent 25.6% of the 2763 1-stars given…. does that portend that nearly 26% of Android users are contemplating switching to iOS? Perhaps these rabid FanDroids do have a lot to worry about, and that may explain their irrational reaction…. the handwriting’s on the wall!

  85. charilaosmulder - 8 years ago

    Apple probably shouldn’t deploy Apple Music on Android.

  86. Curtis Howard - 8 years ago

    I wonder how many of you Isheep actually are making money off Apple. You guys in here taking it personal if people don’t like iPhones. I bet 99% don’t even own Apple stock. Just using your parents money to give to Apple shareholders and fight there marketing battle for free. Hilarious

    • Pedro Coimbra - 8 years ago

      Android user here (for now) and I don’t own any Apple stock (I wish), so, that’s kind of a stupid thing to say, specially considering you’re in an apple forum calling others isheep, while actually android users are at fault for what have happened. What a nerve.
      Can an iphone user, after something bad iOS users did, go to android forums, and call them botgoats because they surely are in bed with google or something, without being verbally sodomized? The way you’re *not*, by the way, by saying that stuff here?

      You talk about “isheeps” taking something personal, after what happened at the Play Store?? sorry, who did take very personal having another plattform app on their beloved sacred ground aka Play store?
      You insinuate people here doing the marketing work for others, who downloaded the app in droves just for the sake of downgrading it, making it suspiciously likely that a campaign was orchestrated by e.g. samsung, google, or others? Have a little shame, you “botgoat”. That’s right, the “isheep” equivalent in android.
      Anyway I don’t know what the hell then are you doing in this forum, besides trolling, that is.

      • Curtis Howard - 8 years ago

        I can be in any forum I want. And by the way I do own some Apple products, like the iPad Air2 and a 2015 Mac Book Pro. So I have every right as anybody to be in this forum. Plus I doubt you really have a iPhone. Your fanaticism is just to great to be this much of a phone soldier for something you don’t even own yet. Go outside away from your basement and socialize. There is life outside of a Isheep cult forum

      • Pedro Coimbra - 8 years ago

        @Curtis Howard
        Yes you can be in any forum, but you can’t be rude (actually you can, by your previous posts), or shouldn’t be rude and judge what others have or don’t have. I mean, seriously, who the hell are you to judge?

        « I doubt you really have a iPhone. Your fanaticism is just to great to be this much of a phone soldier for something you don’t even own yet»

        I’ll ask a legitimate question here: Are you dumb or just can’t read very well? I stated several times in this thread that I have an *android phone*, and *don’t own* any Apple product. Sorry if that wrecks your weak and again judgemental argumentation. Besides your sentence makes no sense. Your fails reach new hights each time.

        «Go outside away from your basement and socialize»

        Oh look, the done to death, copy-paste “basement” cliche… how cute. Not feeling original, are we? This is 2015, people still use that?

        «There is life outside of a Isheep cult forum»

        You mean the same “isheep cult forum” that you strangely like so much to post on, because, you know, you have all those Apple devices…
        What about I started doubting you actually had those products, the same way you doubted that user has any Apple stocks? It goes both ways pal.

        Yes there is life outside this forum, so maybe you should stop trolling on it, then.
        You have Apple products? Maybe you have, good for you. You’re still a troll, one that I’ll feed no more, so don’t even bother to respond.
        Good ridance.

    • Actually, it may have been different in past but now, all hardcore fans are on Android. I mean there is nothing wrong with being a fan or loving something but these people are pretty impolite and intolerant, and it’s in my opinion, quite unpleasant. Do not believe me? Go to an Apple-based website and criticize one of deficiencies of Apple platforms that Android has, then go to an Android-based website and do equivalent thing. After you have received enough number of reviews, compare reactions.

  87. yojimbo007 - 8 years ago

    27000 android useres wanting to migrate found the app has a bug …???

    27000 want to migrate Apple ..!! Fix the app !!!

    Its either dictatorship against choice.. And that is what the frenzy is about ( Eric Mole Schidth)
    Or it is a bad app and 27000 android useres who who want to migrate to ios are really upset that the app is not good enough to make the switch..

    Pathetic Galore Eric MOLE Schidth .
    Its just a freaking app … Not a loaded gun pointing at android users

  88. yojimbo007 - 8 years ago

    27000 k android usere are unhappy with ios app?
    Why ? they tried to migrate and itket them down?
    Sorry .. Apple pleae fix the bug!

    Or is this orcastredc riot against a choice by Google snd android fans.
    What are u so scared of?
    Its just an app..
    Whats your objection ? “CHOICE” ???
    Dont like it dont use it!
    Whats the Fuss?

    Ahh but we know better.. Have u ever seem an app with 27000 comments?
    Its a Joke

  89. I think this event is going to hurt Android a lot. A couple years ago, main argument of Botgoats were about ”the iSheep” and it was pretty much true, then Android community started becoming more Botgoat and Apple community less iSheep, it reached in point that Apple-based websites become more rational, knowledgeable and mature while Android gone Botgoat and many Apple users started that counter-argument, now this event was the last thing needed, a certain and tangible evidence for Android users being more radical and hateful with a ”sheep” mentality, also softwares similar to that in past on Apple platforms like Motorola Migrate were available on Apple platforms, basically an android counterpart of ”Move to iOS” and they didn’t receive any kind of radical and negative reaction from Apple users. So, starting from now, whenever iSheep argument gets started by an android user, Apple user can destroy that argument just by pointing this app, or maybe using this event to prove Botgoats are insecure because even only a migration app can make them go crazy.

  90. せいか (@nseika) - 7 years ago

    It’s the enemy ground and easily seen like an act of invasion. Nothing surprising.
    Not like most of the average users in iOS or Android would care anyway. They don’t write review unless nagged by the developers.

  91. applegetridofsimandjack - 7 years ago

    This is sad

  92. Will Payson - 7 years ago

    I’m just an old guy who really enjoyed using my iPad listening to my music that I had accumulated over time and also playing solitaire card games at the same time! It so happens I have been enjoying this “combination” while also engaged in an exercise program on a treadmill! This morning I went to to this regular activity and suddenly all my music was lost and gone and replaced by some new app that was mostly black in the page and I have spent all day trying to find my music with no success., I am absolutely pissed off at this apple outfit and if
    Incould get my hands around the neck of the genius who screwed up my enjoyment I would wring his neck!!
    My problem is no doubt meaningless to mist but it was meaningful to me.,
    I have no way of figuring out how to find my many songs and using them as before and obviously no one cares!
    Thanks for nothing.


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