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Sorkin’s ‘Steve Jobs’ movie gets riveting new 2+ minute trailer

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Universal today has shared the second official trailer for its upcoming Steve Jobs film. The movie debuted last week at the Telluride Film Festival and received almost universal positive reviews. Universal’s film stars Michael Fassbender as Jobs and is directed by Danny Boyle, previously behind hits such as Slumdog Millionaire

Universal’s Steve Jobs movie focuses on Jobs backstage at three of his biggest product launches while at Apple. Universal says that the biopic takes viewers “behind the scenes of the digital revolution to paint an intimate portrait of the brilliant man at its epicenter.” The film is written by Aaron Sorkin, who drew heavily from Walter Isaacson’s biography on Jobs. Other actors include Seth Rogen as Steve Wozniak, Kate Winslet as Mac engineer Joanna Hoffman, and Jeff Daniels as John Sculley.

Earlier this week in an interview with Stephen Colbert, Apple CEO Tim Cook slammed the recent wave of films based on Steve Jobs’s life. “I think a lot of people are trying to be opportunistic and I hate this,” Cook explained. “It’s not a great part of our world.”

Universal’s Steve Jobs is next set to show at the Centerpiece for the New York Film Festival later this month before debuting at a first wave of theaters on October 9th. The full release is slated for October 16th. The first trailer for the film can be seen here.

Update: And another trailer, this time featuring a creative use of the Mac startup chime.

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  1. transmatrix - 8 years ago

    It’s so weird hearing Fassbender with an American accent.

  2. Not bad. I’ll definitely watch it.

  3. myke2241 - 8 years ago

    interesting. trailer score was kind of annoying and I’m not so sure i am convinces on the look of eras. id still watch it

    • JERSH (@oriyentel) - 8 years ago

      that music was by SOHN. probably one of the most under appreciated and overlooked artists of 2014. hopefully he gets some recognition after this.

      • RP - 8 years ago

        love the music on the trailer.

      • drmstrue - 7 years ago

        Thank you for sharing this!! For the life of me I could not recall the artist but I knew I had heard this song before.

  4. cdrank - 8 years ago

    better than ASHTON KUTCHER… hahah

  5. chrisl84 - 8 years ago

    If Apples taught me anything over the years….skip version one and wait for the sequel.

  6. Looks brilliant! Great cast and perhaps the best screenwriter in Hollywood today. So happy with this non-traditional 3-act biography that focuses heavy on Lisa. So many things they have gotten right, and running 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. Cannot wait to see this!

  7. sardonick - 8 years ago

    Just can’t take it seriously with those actors.

  8. scumbolt2014 - 8 years ago

    When are the biopics about Steve Ballmer and Larry Page going to come out. They both are brain-dead after all.

  9. Anthony Wolfe - 8 years ago

    seth rogen as woz??? no way i can take that seriously

  10. BDKennedy (@BDKennedy) - 8 years ago

    I would hardly call it “riveting”.

    • Alex Moran - 8 years ago

      Totally agree on your judgement of the movie purely based on a 2 min trailer !

      You should start a website

  11. kylem1701 (@Gray_Sebben) - 8 years ago

    German, blue-eyed Michael Fassbender looks nothing like Syrian dissented Steve Jobs. It’s really insulting that all of our heroes have to be made white in order for us to swallow them. This movie is part of the illness that got that Muslim kid arrested for making a clock in Texas. And people think Aaron Sorkin is “liberal”.

    • modeyabsolom - 8 years ago

      Other actors who look a lot more like Jobs were approached to play the part in this movie, Fassbender was chosen in the end because the others rejected the part. Then there’s the other recent Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher who was almost a copy of his character. Not to mention Noah Wyle who played Jobs in The Pirates Of Silicon Valley (who also looked a lot like him). Ethnically Jobs was half Syrian, half German-American…Jobs was apparently not all that interested in his own ethnicity anyway according to his biography…by the way Fassbender is Irish/German. I don’t think race was a casting issue here you’re being paranoid.

      • kylem1701 (@Gray_Sebben) - 8 years ago

        I’m pretty sure there would be plenty of non-blue eyed people willing to play Jobs if asked. The idea that the only person available was Fassbender is ridiculous. And I don’t think it’s paranoid to believe they wanted a white guy as the star when most films are written, directed, and starred in by white guys. You really want to explain to me that their’s no bias in Hollywood?

  12. modeyabsolom - 8 years ago

    The trailer’s okay and if this movie comes to my town I’ll go watch it. But I’m still not seeing Fassbender as Jobs. He just looks and sounds too different, I’m having difficulty suspending reality here when watching these trailers, maybe it’ll be different watching the movie itself. Rogan looks a little more like Wozniak than Fassbender does to Jobs, but character-wise here, not at all!

  13. MaxBay - 8 years ago

    I did not plan on seeing this movie, but I’ll go because of this trailer. I have not attended the other Jobs biopics in theaters.

    While Christian Bale had everything going for him as Steve, I can also see it would have been a problem.When an actor looks exactly right and sounds perfect when graded against the original, it means he can only become what we think this guy was. For example, one of my favorite movies is The Right Stuff, which was based upon a great book. Sam Shepard had little in common with the man he portrayed, Chuck Yeager, but he was terrific. He brought things to the performance which a Yeager lookalike could not have. People would have thought, “Chuck would never had said that or acted like that.”

    It’s obvious Fassbender has caught the essence of what I think Steve was.Some of the dialogue is too much Sorkin, but you can forgive people who are changing the world for talking about changing the world. About 99.999 percent of Apple fans never knew Jobs privately, so Fassbender’s challenge isn’t that hard to meet.

    I’ll see it in a real theater because of the presentations Jobs gives in the movie. I figure Boyle filmed it so that the movie theater audience would feel they were at the Flint Center and other locations. Audience members in the movie theater may have the feeling of sitting and watching Steve Jobs putting on a show.

  14. drtyrell969 - 8 years ago

    Gotta revise Steve don’t we? It’s a mandate to take Apple down. Enjoy.


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