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Rose Gold iPhone 6s shows up at customer’s home early, she benchmarks heck out of it [Gallery]

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While the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus aren’t supposed to start arriving to pre-order customers until this Friday, at least one lucky AT&T customer got a surprise today. A Twitter user by the name of @MoonshineDesign based in San Diego today received her iPhone 6s in the new Rose Gold color variant. According to her tweets, she ordered the device through AT&T.

The user shared a variety of images of the device as she unboxed it and set it up. The device shipped in the same packaging that we’ve seen leaked several times already. In addition to images of the device itself, Geekbench results from the device were shared, as well. In a single-core Geekbench test, the iPhone 6s scored a 2413, beating out the Retina iPad mini, iPad mini 3, and even the iPad Air 2. The multi-core score of the device was 4293. The Geekbench results also confirmed that the device features 2GB of RAM.

The official @ATT Twitter account even went as far as to congratulate the recipient of the early iPhone and compliment her puppy, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the device should not have arrived until Friday.

At this point, it doesn’t look like anyone else has received their iPhone 6s ahead of schedule, although as the week progresses, it’s entirely possible that more devices will arrive ahead of schedule. Apple usually, however, does a relatively good job of working with UPS and other delivery services to ensure that there are few, if any, early arrivals. Some customers, however, claim that their tracking numbers show delivery dates as early as tomorrow, the 22nd.

Earlier today, Apple sold out of all iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus units on ahead of the official release on Friday. For now, the only solution to getting an iPhone 6s on launch day is to take the classic “wait at an Apple Store” approach on Friday. Likely for several hours.

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  1. Iven Tenz (@ivenalot) - 8 years ago

    T-Mobile still stays UPS Shipping label created on 9/19/2015 , since I received the tracking number. No shipping yet.

    • yuniverse7 - 8 years ago

      Same here. I don’t even know where they are shipping it from. I would think somewhere in US.

      • Vladimir Burmistrovich - 8 years ago

        They’ll probably ship UPS 1-day overnight on Thursday so it arrives on Friday – the email from them regarding jump on demand lease states that it ships 1-day overnight service.

      • askep3 - 8 years ago

        Finally I found people other than me who pre ordered through T-Mobile, do you expect to get it on Friday or Monday?

      • askep3 - 8 years ago

        Finally I found people other than me who pre ordered through T-Mobile, do you expect to get it on Friday or Monday?

    • kenyonhicks - 8 years ago

      Same here. T-Mobile check your status still say: processing for me. But the thing is they already charged my card and a rep called me to actually say my order is ready for shipment?!!?! Weird

    • x0epyon0x - 8 years ago

      For me on AT&T, it still just says “In Progress” with an estimated shipping date of September 24. Have not received my tracking number.

  2. vecter304 - 8 years ago

    Holy hell. If iphone 6s’s A9 chip scores that high… then I can’t imagine how powerful ipad pro’s A9X chip will become.

    I mean A9X will have at least one more core and it will be clocked more faster and has 4gb of ram. Man, this guy will be a freaking beast

  3. hayesunt - 8 years ago

    Blows a certain copy cat’s latest device out of the water. =P

    • Dave Canan - 8 years ago

      I have a question here. I’m not trying to start a flame war here; it’s just a question. On my Galaxy s6, single core reports a value of 1414 (clearly not as fast) but a score of 4445 for multi-core. Is the value for single core considered more important here? Does this depend on the efficiency of the OS? If it is better at multi-threading than is the multi-core more important?

      • tylercohn - 8 years ago

        Unless you are a power user who uses several power-intensive apps at the same time and does a lot of intensive multi-tasking on your phone, you won’t really reap any benefits of having such a high multi-core benchmark. In your everyday tasks or texting, emails, phone calls, internet, etc. the single-core benchmark is a truer representation of the phones fluidness and speediness. The phone’s OS is also key. If an OS is not properly optimized, then now amount of specs with effectively eliminate any lagginess. For most users, the single-core is the most important. However, some android phone makers want you to buy into the spec-race even though it may not be as necessary. Hope this helps some.

  4. b (@therealdesib) - 8 years ago

    Wow….those benchmarks are incredible!

  5. giorgiopagliara - 8 years ago

    An iPhone that score like the new MacBook (retina)…WOW!!
    Is this the time to leave Intel and use Axx cores also for Mac? Or maybe use our iPhone as the only device we need thanks to a dock that transform it in a desktop?

    • No. No it isn’t.

    • vandiced - 8 years ago

      Can you run xcode on iPhone and make iPhone apps on it? If no then no

      • mikhailt - 8 years ago

        That’s merely a software problem, there’s nothing preventing them from doing this. Apple can build Xcode for iOS and have it compile and install the app on the same devices. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Xcode on iPad Pro first within 5 years and I also would expect Apple to use iPad Pro as an experiment to see if it can be the beginning of ARM + iOS machines. It probably will not work but who knows.

        Microsoft is doing something like this with their Continuum feature in Windows 10.

      • giorgiopagliara - 8 years ago

        How many users use Xcode? I guess just a very small percentage…

    • tonywmd23 - 8 years ago

      ARM architecture and X86 architecture do totally different things. It’s so not just about specs, people. iPad pro still won’t quite be able to replace the 12-inch macbook, in this regard.

      • giorgiopagliara - 8 years ago

        Different things? What do you mean? Ok, every software have to be compiled again for ARM, maybe some of them have to be re-written but in my understanding nothing more. Apple already did this in the past when they migrated to x86.

  6. Beast of a score, especially as the OS is tailor made for these processors!
    I doubt Apple will move to putting these chips into laptops as they arnt quick enough for high end tasks with a big screen, they just wouldnt be able to handle it, but the macbook is possible…….
    Now I just cant wait for the Iphone 7 but way to early to think about that!

  7. cdm283813 - 8 years ago

    To be honest I would have taken the day off to sale it. It’s rare to get one days in advance like this.

  8. standardpull - 8 years ago

    I call FAKE.

    These numbers are likely faked by this blogger looking to increase ad hits. It’s a great way to drive traffic, but in the end it is totally unrealistic, likely by some fanboy looking to fake-shame Samsung.

    Otherwise Apple would have been justified in calling this an iPhone 7.

    • wdm6502 - 8 years ago

      Why do you call FAKE? Apple says the A9 is 70% faster in CPU. These benchmarks are showing numbers similar to that over what the iPhone 6 gets. And the product naming has nothing to do with it, the S models have been making huge performance gains since the beginning.

      • Nycko Heimberg - 8 years ago

        Nice…but no USB, small screen 4.7″ NO extentions, for Wat ?
        DLNA ? 4k Apple TV ? No sense ;-)

    • o0smoothies0o - 8 years ago

      Yeah it’s not faked. YouTuber MKBHD Did a benchmark too and got 2534 and 4406.

      Nice try.

      • ag80911 - 8 years ago

        The insane thing is A9 with 2 cores its able to beat the 8 core Galaxy S6 Edge+ (4186) easily

    • bottheorynetwork - 8 years ago

      Why would you go and make a complete fool of yourself making this accusation with no evidence at all? And no one said anything about Samsung except you. If you would have take a minute to do some quick research, you would have found that this has indeed been confirmed already. She’s not the first.

  9. 89p13 - 8 years ago

    Mine is shipping from Harrisburg, PA – but it’s not scheduled to arrive until Friday! No sweating customs this year!

    This has been the smoothest iPhone launch / ship yet. The store opened when advertised – if you used the Apple App – checkout was very speeedy – and the information has been coming in a timely manner.

    A BIG thumbs up to Tim and Company – It appears that his knowledge of Logistics has really paid off with this new phone launch!

    • 89p13 - 8 years ago

      Oh, Crap! I just checked the UPS Web Site and found this:

      “Philadelphia: Friday and Saturday, September 25-26” and since my iPhone would come through Philly . . . .


      • 89p13 - 8 years ago

        Forgot to add this:

        “Temporary Service Impacts Due to Papal Visit”

        Security measures will be in place in areas of Washington, D.C., New York City, and Philadelphia as Pope Francis visits the United States September 22-27, 2015. UPS is implementing contingency plans to minimize service impacts.

        During the visit, no pickups and deliveries will be available in some ZIP codes. The days when service will be impacted are:

        Philadelphia: Friday and Saturday, September 25-26″

        I can only hope that UPS has the foresight to get the iPhone into New Jersey on Thursday!

  10. applewatch20152015 - 8 years ago

    Ordered mine at 2:55am from Verizon and got my tracking info on Saturday. Set for a Friday delivery via FedEx!

    And as for these benchmarks, I can’t WAIT to get this iPhone. Lightning fast!! And shooting the 4K video in portrait mode? Shaking my damn head. COME ON!!

  11. potato 3 (@nickurrrr) - 8 years ago

    Fedex keeps telling me mine is still in Memphis Tennessee. I wish it would hurry up and come to Oklahoma!

  12. strawbis - 8 years ago

    I call FAKE too …but I think this is a pre-release journalist handset, rather than a fake review. Someone’s trying to get recognised for being the first customer delivery & that’s just not so! It’s way too early even for early birds.

  13. Noah Alpern - 8 years ago

    As Adrienne’s Husband it’s disappointing the harsh things some people have said about my Wife. After a very long day of work Adrienne spent hours replying to hundred of requests for benchmark tests, photos being taken, video, etc. People are saying nasty things all for what, taking a video vertical VS horizontal? No one deserves this. I’m proud of Adrienne for being the smart, beautiful and creative person she is. Her receiving a phone due to a shipping error does not warrant these comments.

    • calikodream - 8 years ago

      Why sweat the haters? Most people are grateful for what she’s done and excited!

      I remember being one of the first in the country to get a Nintendo DSlite and I got a small share of jealous losers too :p

  14. Lam Tran - 8 years ago

    Mine will arrive on Thursday, 9/24 via USPS tracking.

    • applewatch20152015 - 8 years ago

      Post Office??? Or did you mean UPS? I didn’t know Apple used the Post Office for iPhone deliveries. I guess that’s good for the volume going out but I hate the USPS in my area. Glad mine is coming FedEx!

  15. nathillien - 8 years ago

    It may be faster than the sluggish MacBook, but it still trails behind Galaxy S6 and Note5 running on a 6 month old CPU.
    LOL way to go Apple.

  16. JM (@jollygoat) - 8 years ago

    Hrm- i haven’t gotten any notification yet. I ordered mine through US Cellular’s preorder on their own website. i hope this doesn’t mean it will be WEEKS after everyone else. Mine 5s died at the end of august and this wait has been horrible. I’m using some old android loaner. eew! :)

  17. Phage Aliotte - 8 years ago

    Sprint have a great shipping info data sheet:

    According to this – I will get my Gold IPhone 6s 64gb on or after 10/5

  18. nathillien - 8 years ago

    Will be interesting to see this clip to the end:
    Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6S



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