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All iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models now sold out worldwide ahead of Friday launch

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Ahead of the official launch on Friday, Apple has now sold out out of all iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus on in the US and worldwide, twelve launch countries in total. The earliest delivery quote you can now get for a new iPhone is September 29th. The iPhone 6S Plus has been sold out for about a week now and now the 6s has followed suit, four days ahead of release.

Apple is yet to give official numbers for the iPhone 6s reception, apart from saying it is on pace to beat the 10 million unit record set last year by the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in opening weekend sales. Earlier today, Apple announced that response to iPhone 6s has been ‘extremely positive’.

Normally, Apple sells out of new iPhones in a much shorter timeframe (preorders began September 12th). However, this year, Apple has had another week buffer before the iPhones launch meaning that they could likely build up more inventory and, thus, sell more stock in advance.

In a normal iPhone presales period, Apple typically opens preorders on Friday and sells out early in the following week. If you discount an extra week’s worth of sales, that’s essentially what has happened this time around, with iPhone 6s selling out late on Monday.

If you still want an iPhone sooner than September 29th, you are not completely out of luck. Apple has said it will have more stock available in-store on Friday which you can buy on a ‘walk-in-and-wait’ basis. Apple will not have stock in some select locations though, as announced in this morning’s press release:

iPhone is available by reservation only in China, Hong Kong, Japan and US stores in tax-free states.

You can read all about Apple’s launch plans for the iPhone 6s in our report from last week.

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  1. Jacob Soehlke - 8 years ago

    /Users/jacobsoehlke/Desktop/Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.32.07 PM.png

    • dcj001 - 8 years ago

      Jacob. I do not know about anyone else. But I do not have access to the screen shot images that exist on the desktop of your Mac.

      If you are trying to show the picture to everyone, the file must be uploaded to an online source like or a similar website.

  2. Jason (@JMAN_TN) - 8 years ago

    Sprint’s website for shipping times still list the regular 6s as shipping on the 25th

    • sulfen - 8 years ago

      Is sprint still locking the phones to their service? They probably still have stock that Apple allocated for them to sell to their customers.

  3. Can’t be sold out Worldwide if its not available Worldwide.

    • Benjamin Mayo - 8 years ago

      Sold out worldwide in all of the launch countries ;)

      • Sorry Benjamin, The meaning of worldwide is:

        world′wide′ or world′-wide′,

        adj., adv.
        throughout the world.

        If you meant to say “Sold out worldwide in all of the launch countries” then state that, you are a writer; right? just saying – Especially when you used that as your title .

      • dcj001 - 8 years ago

        Maybe they are not sold out. Maybe Apple simply stopped accepting preorders.

    • Thomas Yoon - 8 years ago

      Tomay-tos, tomah-tos. Why even bother pointing this out if you’re aware that iPhones are sold in specific countries across the world? The literal term may be incorrect, but I’d prefer seeing “Worldwide” instead of “iPhone sold out in all of its launch countries”. One of the basic skills of writing is to reduce redundancy.

    • Justin G (@JuiceInVA) - 8 years ago


    • vandiced - 8 years ago

      Stop being a little Bitch. Be a man.

  4. Ilko Sarafski - 8 years ago

    “and US stores in tax-free states.”… aren’t they just 2? :) But just as I predicted (along with many others, too), the new phones will beat last year’s! And again, with the massive overhaul redesign of the 7… more than 100 million next year! :) Remember this! :)

  5. Also I guess he didn’t know Hong Kong is in China either, Hong Kong is not a country. Just saying

    • Terrence Newton - 8 years ago

      As far as the market (and many other things) are concerned, Hong Kong is separate from China mainland. Feel free to read about it on Wikipedia. For example, the iPhone was available in Hong Kong for quite a while before it was available in mainland China. Also, neither the author of this article nor his sources claim that Hong Kong is a country. It’s fine if making these kind of comments is the highlight of your day, but at least get your facts straight.

      • I wasn’t going to respond back until you said get your facts straight. First off China is one country with 2 systems. Hong Kong is not an independent country and is part of China. However it is also not a province.

        Special Administrative Regions
        Under the Chinese constitution, the central government is allowed to create SARs as they deems necessary with special rules. There are currently 2 SARs – Hong Kong and Macau, both former European colonies and each are govern by a “mini-constitution” known as the Basic Law.

        So maybe it’s you who needs a history lesson, when I read an article and it title incorrect and has incorrect information; as a reader I have the right to call out those incorrectness. Especially when the phone isn’r available where I live.

    • Caleb (@dalfical000) - 8 years ago

      Hong Kong is not part of China. It is much like Puerto Rico to the United States.

    • vandiced - 8 years ago

      Jesus, angry black guy much?

  6. Is there any way to find out which local store will/won’t have any in stock to purchase on Friday?

  7. timi222 - 8 years ago

    Poor Shitsung, can’t copy this…

  8. spiralynth - 8 years ago

    * ~ * BA-LINGA-LING ~ $$ AAPL $$ ~ CHALINGA-LINGA-LING * ~ *

  9. hayesunt - 8 years ago

    I’m glad for 3D Touch. I know Samsung loves to copy (attempt to copy, in their own crappy knock-off way) every little thing Apple does, but I think this feature will be harder for them to replicate. Both in the areas of getting around Apple’s patents and technologically.

  10. taryngshah - 8 years ago

    I’m bummed because I pre ordered a week ago yet my order (from ATT) says “preparing to ship,” and gives and estimated shipping date of October 1 – 8.
    When I pre-ordered it they told me it would show up on launch day or, worse case scenario, a couple days later.
    But now I’m probably just going to wait in line and the store and cancel this order if I get no shipping confirmation soon!

    • x0epyon0x - 8 years ago

      I’m on AT&T as well. Mine says “In Progress” and shows an estimated shipping date of September 24.

  11. Robert Dupuy - 8 years ago

    So the launch is supply constrained and the number are entirely dependent upon how many Apple made.

    Presumably they decided to make more than last year for a new record, but we won’t be able to gauge Y-O-Y demand for another quarter.

    Well, some would argue you really have to judge that in hindsight anyway, lol…fair enough. But ‘first weekend’ sales are so gamed, that I don’t find them as interesting any more – at least we know the universe didn’t blow up and Apple is still going to move a lot of phones.

    • strawbis - 8 years ago

      I pretty much said the same thing on another forum! First weekend sales are now a joke, as so many order 4 iPhones for bragging rights “videos”, then make excuses for sending 3 of them back to Apple.

      College brats really boil my p*ss.

  12. Robert Dupuy - 8 years ago

    by the way, lets not forget last years ‘launch’ weekend, was 1-> supply constrained, 2-> included 1 week less of pre-orders, and 3-> didn’t include China, which is 30% of Apple’s market and btw, was reported to have 20 million pre-orders last year. (Yes, I know that China launch weekend last year is double last years ‘first weekend’ record, but it is what was reported at the time – CNET picked up the story.).

    So if China launch last year was 20 million alone, you’d expect this year, which includes China, that anything lower than 20 million is only a ‘first weekend’ record but would fail to set a new ‘China launch’ record. However, that isn’t exactly fair, because Apple simply ramps up production around this time – and its been about how many phones they want to stockpile in advance, rather than true demand. Presumably they could have sold 30 million if they had help up ‘first weekend’ until China’s regulatory problems were resolved (glad they didn’t, of course).


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