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Apple Pay gains over 70 new bank and credit union partners in the US

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Apple Pay is picking up a huge wave of newly added banks and credit unions across the United States to support the mobile payment service. Following a couple dozen more banks lighting up earlier this month, Apple has added over 70 additional participating banks to its list of active partners including HSBC in the US. These are the latest banks that now work with Apple Pay:

Achieva Credit Union
Alcoa Pittsburgh Federal Credit Union
Alliance Credit Union
AmeriServ Financial Bank
APCO Employees Credit Union
Bank of American Fork
Bridgewater Savings Bank
Community Bank & Trust
Cross Keys Bank
Directions Credit Unio
Eagle Bank
East Texas Professional Credit Union
Eastman Credit Union
Eaton Family Credit Union
FedEx Employees Credit Association
First Bank of Newton
First National Bank of Granbury
First Northern Credit Union
First State Bank of Colorado
First United Bank
First Western Trust
Fleur de Lis Federal Credit Union
Generations Federal Credit Union
Guaranty Bank Trust
Hastings City Bank
Haven Savings Bank
Heartland Bank
Heritage First Bank
HomeTown Bank
IH Credit Union
Impact Bank
Jeanne D’ Arc Credit Union
Johnson Bank
Kennebec Savings Bank
LBS Financial Credit Union
Lewiston State Bank
MainStreet Bank
Marlborough Savings Bank
Marquette Savings Bank
MAX Credit Union
Members First Credit Union of Florida
Merco Credit Union
Miami Postal Service Credit Union
Monson Savings Bank
Ocean Communities Federal Credit Union
OceanFirst Bank
Omni Community Credit Union
One Bank & Trust
PeoplesChoice Credit Union
Perfect Circle Credit Union
Phenix-Girard Bank
Planters Bank & Trust Company
Point West Credit Union
Public Service Credit Union
Quest Federal Credit Union
Red Crown Federal Credit Union
Semiconductor of Maine Federal Credit Union
Service 1st Credit Union
SIU Credit Union
Solarity Credit Union
Solidarity Community Federal Credit Union
Sterling Bank & Trust
Team One Credit Union
Texas Dow Employees Credit Union
The Park Bank
TMG Financial Services
Velocity Community Federal Credit Union
Western Rockies Federal Credit Union
Whitney Bank
York County Federal Credit Union

That massive wave of new partners comes just as signs that Apple Pay in Canada is getting ready to launch. Just a week ago TD Canada shared on its website that Apple Pay is coming soon. That detail comes after 9to5Mac and others have reported that Apple is targeting Apple Pay in Canada for this year. China has also been a clear target for Apple Pay launching. Apple Pay is currently limited to the US and UK, which joined this summer.

Adding new partners in groups ranging from a dozen to nearly a hundred certainly helps Apple’s claim that its mobile payment service is continuing to see double-digit growth each month.

Apple Pay supports contactless payments in stores using iPhone 6 and later as well as Apple Watch which works with iPhone 5 or later. Apple Pay also supports purchases in apps on iPhone 6 or later as well as iPads with Touch ID. Starting with the recent iOS 9 software update, Apple Pay added support for Discover cards, retail cards, and loyalty cards. Passbook, where Apple Pay lives on iOS, gained a new app icon and name, Wallet, to reflect the change.

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  1. PhilBoogie - 7 years ago

    These seem to be weekly updates to the rollout of Apple Pay supporting banks. Is there a list maintained on this site with all of them? TIA

  2. strawbis - 7 years ago

    I’m still waiting for Barclays Bank to get its finger out! Probably the UK’s biggest and it doesn’t support it. bah humbug. :(((

    • John Biondini - 7 years ago

      Just switch – Had the same problem and I switched to Nationwide, better package no hassles and £200 shared with my friend for refer me.

  3. ryancgoodfellow - 7 years ago

    i have a feel apple pay is coming to canada very shortly. now, when i try to navigate to, it does not throw a “website not found” error. it is just an endless connection. perhaps i’m just overly optimistic.

    • PhilBoogie - 7 years ago

      Please read the article before sharing your feelings. Thank you.

      • ryancgoodfellow - 7 years ago

        yeah, those articles are from a week ago. when the news of apple pay in canada on the TD site first started, it was immediate denial if you tried to go to Now, it seems like it is trying to connect for several minutes. you don’t need to be so condescending.

      • PhilBoogie - 7 years ago

        Sorry, wasn’t meant that way. I simply thought the answer to your question was in the article, is all.

    • Unlike the US, in Canada Apple need only partner with 5 banks to enable most Canadians. With less than 10 they may have well over 98% of the population covered

  4. modeyabsolom - 7 years ago

    It seems 99% of banks that now support Apple Pay are all US based. Why isn’t there a similar adoption rate through out the rest of the developed world?

    • PhilBoogie - 7 years ago

      Companies tend to try things out on a small scale. Not that the US is small, but it’s their home market, which they understand, including the language. Before going global it is a wise decision to try your product out, refine when needed, and slowly upscale.

      Of note: Pay isn’t limited to the US, for some time now.

      • strawbis - 7 years ago

        They been active in the UK since the Summer, around 5 Months now! It’s just the way Barclays do business! They’ve already said they’ll adopt Apple Pay “in the near future”, but will insist on a discount from Apple, so we won’t get it until Apple folds.

        Barclays Bank both sucks and blows at the same time! Do you hear me Mr. Barclay?

    • John Biondini - 7 years ago

      You are right, Apple should really push this at least in Canada and the rest of Europe. I suspect that Japan & China could be a massive market too.

  5. bellevueboy - 7 years ago

    I get a feeling that there is a different play here from Apple. These are regular and routine updates on the banks and cus but nothing on retailers. Which makes me think whether apple will pivot in to peer to peer payments. Why put so much energy in to one side of the equation?

    • standardpull - 7 years ago

      Paying by card in the USA is in great flux, with chip-based cards becoming the norm this quarter and many retailers getting new card readers. Any most newer readers also support NFC, and many of them support Apple Pay.

      So now I don’t know if I should tap, swipe, or insert my card into a retailer’s reader.

      Given this, my first instinct now is to just give Apple Pay a shot. If that doesn’t work, I try to insert my chip card into the reader. If that also fails, I swipe. And then often we have to sign our name on an LCD screen, which is an incredibly stupid game, but that’s America’s card consortium for you – backwards and confused.

      Hopefully Apple Pay will help set an example of how it should be done. But the card and retail industries are still all over the place.

      • bellevueboy - 7 years ago

        Agree 100%, especially about what mode do I use. SO if you(retailer terminal) try to confuse me I m going to try to do one thing that will work for me and get me out of there…user apple pay. That’s(payments) the only reason I bought the watch. Where ever possible I use the watch first even today and I have identified places where apple pay is accepted and I frequent, eg. places I get my take out food from.

      • AbsarokaSheriff - 7 years ago

        I agree with some of this.

        “Paying by card in the USA is in great flux, with chip-based cards becoming the norm this quarter and many retailers getting new card readers. Any most newer readers also support NFC, and many of them support Apple Pay.”

        Chip based cards are still way behind in the US. Only one major retailer, Walmart, has implemented Chip and Pin live in their stores. Actually it’s Chip and No Signature but I have used it. Target is talking about it along with Whole Foods but haven’t actually implemented it. There has been lots of equipment upgrades to Chip and PIN, Apple Pay terminals as you said. What hasn’t been updated is US Consumers patience because Chip and PIN/Signature takes more time. Apple Pay for most transactions is actually a little bit faster but a whole lot more secure.

        About a third of the credit cards now have a chip on them so that’s a great sign of progress. But people complain about merchant adoption with Apple Pay. It is much much worse with actual Chip and Pin capabilities.

        My preferred usage would be Apple Pay > Cash (No benefits) > Chip PIN > MagStripe only if absolutely necessary.

  6. Graham J - 7 years ago

    And still no Canada – WTF?

  7. lkrupp215 - 7 years ago

    How many new retailers though? Without places to actually use Pay it doesn’t matter how many banks and credit unions support it. So far in my area I have McDonalds, Macy’s, Panera Bread, Walgreens, and a local grocery chain. That’s it.

    • Joe Ronchetto - 7 years ago

      I certainly agree completely. We see all the time that new banks and credit unions are joining but very very few stores accept Apple pay. Disappointed!

  8. Great, now add some more vendors that accept it. Like Publix, Target (this year) CVS, Walmart etc..

  9. jorn - 7 years ago

    Oh, the Barclay’s Apple Rewards card is FINALLY working on Apple Pay. derp

  10. Ron Cronovich - 7 years ago

    Well this is really great news! Millions more people will be able to link their credit and debit cards to their iPhones and experience the discovery that almost all of the stores they shop don’t accept Apple Pay.


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