Apple releases OS X 10.11.1 with new emojis, Microsoft Office bug fixes, and more

el cap update

Apple has published the first update to OS X El Capitan since it launched last month. The update introduces a collection of new emojis and fixes many bugs, including problems with Microsoft Office, Mail, and Audio Unit plugins.

You can download the update for free on any El Capitan-capable Mac through the updates tab on the Mac App Store. Apple also released iOS 9.1watchOS 2.0.1, and the GM build of tvOS today.

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  1. tonywmd23 - 7 years ago

    I really look forward to seeing the fixed MS office compatibility.

  2. recentconvert - 7 years ago

    Thank you. Downloading now.

  3. Doug Bixler - 7 years ago

    I have no issues with Office on my El Capitan iMac. What were people running into???

  4. Mark - 7 years ago

    I won’t be moving to El Capitan until the Native Instruments issues are fixed in Logic Pro X. I am not sure who has to fix it, but they sent an alert out just before release saying most things failed AU Plugic compatibility and to hold off on upgrading.

    • anthonyjrwtf - 7 years ago

      “Resolves an issue that prevents certain Audio Unit plug-ins from functioning properly.”

      Hopefully this is what they were waiting for.

  5. Andrey (@andmev) - 7 years ago

    New Magic Keyboard icon in System Preferences:

  6. Frank Bicking - 7 years ago

    I really don’t get what Apple is doing. Emojis and still no RAID support in disk utility. Not sure if Apple is going to be happy till they turn OSX into IOS. I can’t even consider updating till Apple adds RAID. I actually spent time in the Microsoft store today looking at Windows machines. Why remove RAID for power users? Most of the other photographers and videographers I are also now looking at Microsoft or Unix as we need RAID for protection of our data.

    • Mike Beasley - 7 years ago

      Apple’s whole software strategy is baffling and frustrating. The company seems to be focused entirely on dumbing things down.

    • strawbis - 7 years ago

      SSD’s make drives faster than any Bus can handle, and Time Machine (wireless or directly connected) handles back-ups with aplomb. So what’s the point of RAID again? Olde Worlde RAID has passed its sell by date… and by the sounds of it, so have you.

      • William Robinson - 7 years ago

        I think the OP was referring to redundant raids to as to have two of every project in case of disc failure.

      • strawbis - 7 years ago

        @William Robinson: Time Machine creates & restores exact duplicates of your chosen machine’s entire disk drive\s automatically! You can also cherry pick what you choose to restore if you so wish.

        It makes RAID redundancy redundant.

      • Frank Bicking - 7 years ago

        Time Machine does not make RAID redundant for heavy users. I have 16TB’s of data. Most professional videographers and photographers have enormous amounts of data. Everyone I know uses RAID to protect that data. Sure I use SSD for my current project and system drives but I have to store the projects somewhere when done. Also Time Machine does not allow you to continue doing work if a drive fails. You then have to restore the work and that takes time. With RAID I simply pop a new drive in and keep working while the new mirror is built. RAID is not outdated, it is still used by 10’s of millions of people and companies to protect data. Point me to one 16TB drive that could act as a Time Machine backup. Get your head out of the sand, there are people that live in a professional world that use Mac OS in a professional way. If there wasn’t then the Mac Pro would not even be made. Love Apple but don’t be so blind as to think because they remove something that it means it’s day has ended. Do a little research first. Ever wonder how they make SSD’s so fast? They segment the data areas and create and internal striped RAID to make them fast. Learn technology before saying something is old world or dead. For your nonsense thought that SSD’s are faster than the bus can handle try again. A good SSD can transfer 500-600 MB\s. Thunderbolt 2 can handle 20Gb\s so type this into Google. 20gb/s to mb/s Thunderbolt 2 can handle 2000 MB\s so even that statement is built on a complete lack of knowledge.

  7. William Robinson - 7 years ago

    Can I assume if I wait patiently that there will be a combo updater?

  8. blakezoe - 7 years ago

    EL capitan bring more quality & reliability for Apple company. As a leader of software and hardware industry. Apple Mac has brought many changes for software’s function. As far as I know many games and software could support 5k retina and el capitan operating system like ibox and Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player.

  9. blakezoe - 7 years ago

    As a leader of software and hardware industry, EL capitan bring more quality & reliability for Apple company.. Apple Mac has brought many changes for software’s function. As far as I know many games and software could support 5k retina and el capitan operating system like ibox and macgo blu-ray player.

  10. Michael Kummer - 7 years ago

    Have you guys thought about hardware RAID? If I was a pro photographer/videographer I wouldn’t want to rely on software RAID. I’m neither but use a LaCie 5big RAID connected via Thunderbolt 2.

    • Frank Bicking - 7 years ago

      I do have two hardware RAIDS with Thunderbolt but there are still many uses for software RAID. For one look at the price of a 12TB hardware RAID from WD. I can get two drive for less and use the software RAID to configure them. Also under the new disk utility hardware RAID does not even show properly. My other issue my hardware RAIDS always take time to catch up with Apple. Both G Technologies and Western Digital are having issues with their hardware RAID on El Capitan. With software RAID I could upgrade OS on my main Mac and leave my secondary on older OS while the hardware companies catch up. I have done this for 6 years of upgrades and so do many others.

      I will give you an example of one way I use software RAID that a hardware RAID would be a pain. I am on location shooting for a dance company. My camera is tethered right to my Mac for quick review for the art director. I want those photos saved securely. I simply take to smaller easier to carry drive and make a software RAID before starting to shoot. Yes I could use a hardware RAID but they all need external power. With portable drives they pull the power from the Mac. I do this scenario at least two or three times a month. Ask a videographer who is capturing 4k in the field how many of them do it. Many use the same setup that I do for my photography. When you have one time to get it right redundancy is the key and Time Machine only backs up every hour. Many creative pros that use Apple have been screaming about the removal of RAID and how they don’t think they can stick with Apple without it. I am a huge Apple fan not some guy trolling. I hate that Apple is going this way and really hate the idea of using other OS’s. RAID worked fine and needed no updates. So why is Apple ripping out features? The only thing I can think of is they want to drive heavy users off and have a casual user base. But many of us heavy creative users stuck with them when they were struggling because they had our backs with what we needed. It is just becoming clear that they do not anymore.

  11. m_gol - 7 years ago

    I don’t see the 10.11.1 update in the Mac App Store. :/

  12. For those looking for the RAID Utility in El Capitan I found it under /System/Library/CoreService/Applications/RAID