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A look inside what’s reported to be the world’s largest Apple Store, in Dubai (Video & photo gallery)


Last month in Brussels gave us our first look at the all-new Apple Store design after Jony Ive and his team went to work, and today we can see what looks very much like a carbon copy of that look in the new Dubai store set to open on Thursday.

We see the same indoor trees and huge screen as seen in Brussels, but on a much larger scale. Gulf News, which took the photos below, says that the store is still being reported to be the world’s largest Apple Store, overtaking London’s Covent Garden, though it notes that “at first appearance” it looks smaller than expected … 

The store, located in the Mall of the Emirates, will be the first Apple Store to open in the United Arab Emirates when it opens at 4pm on the 29th, but UAE residents won’t have long to wait for the second: the Abu Dhabi store opens just three hours later at 7pm the same day.

Gulf Business also gave us a quick video tour.

And another video overview:

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  1. Inaba-kun (@Inaba_kun) - 7 years ago

    Disappointing that Apple continues to trade in countries with appalling human rights records. For one outspoken on gay rights like Tim Cook, this is particularly problematic. Being gay in the middle east may well mean death. I guess money trumps human rights, even for Cook.

    • louiethelug72 - 7 years ago

      Sickening isn’t it…!!!
      I completely Agree..!!!

    • j0hnf23 - 7 years ago

      When money talks, everybody listens. :-)

    • Kmnnj Ijmcimimvimvi - 7 years ago

      As a card carrying gay, your line of thinking is ridiculous. Better to have a presence in these countries and influence the population through your corporate culture and speak frankly to these governments (as Cook does, frequently) than turn down a revenue stream. Capitalism, the free market and free expression made being gay okay in the west. It can do the same in the rest of the world too. I would be personally angry if Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. stopped trading in these countries. People need to understand politics better. Banging your fists and calling for revolution gets an issue nowhere. Gradual influence and compromise propels it forward. If the hardcore activists instead of the politicians had taken hold of the gay rights movement early on I’d still be in the closet. Money and moderate dialogue speaks loudly.

      • Kmnnj Ijmcimimvimvi - 7 years ago

        Edit: Rather, “speaking” as a card carrying gay…

      • ronaldcschoedeliii - 7 years ago

        Trade and friendship gets us much further than refusing to play on the world stage as a way of forcing an ideology. How much influence does N. Korea have around the world? Want to change an individual’s mind? Talk with them as a peer, as a friend, be genuine, and show them that what you are and what you stand for is decent. Want to have no influence except with people you already agree with? Shout and wring your hands over how someone else is wrong, mock them, belittle them.

      • Inaba-kun (@Inaba_kun) - 7 years ago

        I disagree, boycotts can work. They worked in South Africa. Personally I’d like to see the entire Middle East treated as international pariahs. It’s just rather unfortunate that the west is still addicted to burning fossils.

        As for gentle influence, do you really think gay marriage will ever happen in the Middle East? Those nations are so infested with dark ages mysticism and nonsense that it seems unlikely for any significant change to happen for centuries, if ever. They’re a lost cause.

      • bellevueboy - 7 years ago

        Agree. Also let me tell those who don’t know that most people shopping at these places are expats from other countries. Ofcorse the local population will shop too but bulk of folks are workforce a from other countries or tourists on shopping trips.

    • kliffy77 - 7 years ago

      Sour grapes syndrome, Long live the UAE

    • “Disappointing that Apple continues to trade in countries with appalling human rights records.”

      Yes… Apple should stop selling its products in the United States!

    • mytawalbeh - 7 years ago

      I don’t see any connection between Expanding business and being Gay ! Why would anyone speak about it over and over again?
      It’s their country and their rules but you can’t force the world to follow you in your sexual, personal things.
      Don’t MIX Technology with S**T.

    • boggitsuk - 7 years ago

      Yanks lecturing the world on human rights issues, makes me chuckle. People in glass houses…

  2. Abdallah Nasser - 7 years ago

    Middle east is such a great place for Apple stores. It has the environment and a big opportunity is waiting in the middle east. Dubai is a great city to get the first and the largest Apple store. It has always been a leading city.

  3. rogifan - 7 years ago

    I’m glad to see Apple is getting rid of the brushed silver and replacing it with wood. The wood and trees make it a warmer environment IMO. But I still think the stand alone Apple stores look nicer than the stores located in shopping malls.

  4. Drew (@gettysburg11s) - 7 years ago

    This is good. We should encourage good relations with countries in that part of the world. Go Apple!

  5. I’m so fed up with Dubai. I don’t like them.

  6. Humaid AlSuwaidi - 7 years ago

    Dubai’s infrastructure and its ambitious way of expanding in a unique way is how apple also works, apple wasn’t a big company as now 10 years ago, even Dubai wasn’t the Dubai which you see now 30 years ago, it was a dessert and I am a local from Dubai. People whom where talking about being gay in the Gulf or middle east would mean “DEATH” its wrong here in Dubai being gay for your self is ok would showing how gay are you or grabbing attention, but if a person is privately gay it wouldn’t cause him a problem in “DUBAI” or “UAE” as I am talking, you can relay on the say of a person whom lives there, but you can relay on some people sayings they have heard or seen in some websites, propaganda plays a big role.

  7. Douglas Conner - 7 years ago

    Just for info the GLA of the MoE Apple Store has a GLA of 16059 sq ft, not the much publicised 50000 sq ft

  8. So what is exactly the point of Apple Stores nowadays?

    We just had a horrible experience at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York. The lady had a brand new iPhone 6S plus and we were looking for a good case for it. The store selection was ridiculously limited, just the basic Apple cases and hardly anything else. The same lack of accessories all the Apple products.

    I was trying to buy a few items and waited quite a while to get any attention, nothing happened. The new grey Apple shirts make it a lot harder to tell the staff from the customers. I went to the only area that looked like a place where one could actually pay something, and the girl guarding it said that I should go to stand by the table in the corner and someone will notice me. I told her that I guess it’s easier to not buy anything as I had been waiting quite a while already. I got “whatever” from her. I was thinking about dropping the items on the floor and simply leaving but returned them to the shelf and left without buying anything.


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