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Apple’s latest Android app is already getting trolled by 1-star reviews

Pill+ App

Apple can’t catch a break on Android. When Apple released its first app on Google’s platform last month called Move to iOS, Android fans were quick to negatively rate the app that only existed to help people switch from Android to iPhone. To date, Move to iOS has roughly 30,000 1 star reviews to only 10,000 5 star reviews with not much happening in the middle.

Now Apple has its second Android app on the Google Play Store called Beats Pill+. It’s a companion app to Apple’s new portable Bluetooth speaker with the same name, allowing both Android and iPhone users to pair two speakers as stereo or amplified and use a DJ feature for queueing up tracks from multiple phones.

And the reviews? Just as extreme despite Beats speakers working with both iPhone and Android and only recently being bought by Apple…

Pill+ reviews

At the 1 star end we have:

Apple need Android users to stay alive. Amazing how many apple lovers are giving it five stars. But obviously are using android to review it. You downloaded the wrong app people. It’s called move to iOS. Go back where you belong.

Doesn’t work as advertised I left my Benadryl in the other room so I downloaded this app with hopes that it’d use its Bluetooth or cloud services or whatever to fetch it for me. It did no such thing. One star.

Does not work with my prescription pills I tried to pair this with my pills but it simply does not work. Thanks apple!!!

Incorrectly advertised Downloaded this app expecting it to be a cloud-based prescription medication reminder. Instead it’s some Google play music knockoff. Uninstalled, don’t know what the developer was thinking when they made this.

Duh.. what?? I thought this app will scratch my back where i cannot reach. Does nothing of that sort. Fail apple. One star.

And at the 5 star end, lots of reviewers are trying to counter the negative ratings:

Disregard the one star reviews Just a bunch of Android fanboys who are attacking Apple for nothing. Mark the trolls as spam

Looks great Don’t have a Beats pill, but the app looks great. 5 stars to combat the pointless 1 stars

Because It’s Apple Everything Apple makes is golden. Or rose golden.

If there’s one thing to learn here, it’s that Apple should brace for the same behavior at a much larger scale when Apple Music for Android launches this year. Beats Music, which existed on Android for a while before Apple bought Beats, comparatively enjoys over 130,000 five star ratings versus just 18,000 one star reviews. Hates gonna hate, hate, hate…

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  1. gjconstructs - 7 years ago

    For every three android users one has switched sounds like a enormous win for apple.

    • Atlas (@Metascover) - 7 years ago

      That’s not what Apple said. 30% of iPhone 6S owners coming from Android doesn’t mean 30% Android owners switched to iPhone 6S.

  2. David Kaplan - 7 years ago

    I hate Android so much. They don’t deserve an app store.

    • iSRS - 7 years ago

      Liked for your support of the GOAT! Go #TB12!

      The defense was on fire last night!

  3. viciosodiego - 7 years ago

    Lol the fandroids are pissed off.
    No wunder all of them don’t have a brane to speak of.

    • whatyoutalkingboutwillis - 7 years ago

      But you’re the one who misspelt ‘wonder’ and ‘brain’

  4. The Gnome (@gnomehole) - 7 years ago

    I learned long ago to stop hanging out with Fandroids – childish crap like this just validates that decision. Buncha trolls.

  5. Ryan Simmons - 7 years ago

    There aren’t many Apple ‘fanboys’. Most of the people that follow Apple do so because they respect them, they want to give credit where credit is due.

    And for me, while that means I dislike Android, and I’m enormously loyal to my Mac and my iPhone, it doesn’t mean I do childish things like this. In many ways, I’m thankful for many things Google has done – I use many of their products – I don’t go and place dimwitted reviews on apps.

  6. beardman - 7 years ago

    They are all eaten up with envy.

  7. Keith Vukasinovich - 7 years ago

    Android users don’t like an Apple developed app. LoL who cares? #butthurt

  8. bhayes444 - 7 years ago

    There are reviews like this on many different apps in the Play Store. The Apple apps just so happen to have brought out more of the fake reviews. Many of the 1 star reviews you pointed out in the article are there to be “funny”. There are other reviews that rate an app 5 stars and say it sucks. It’s just a bunch of people trying to get attention. What really sucks is having to sift through those reviews to find good ones to read in an app. Nothing new is happening here, that doesn’t happen.

    The reactions of fanboys from both sides only fuels the pointless “fires” between the two sides. No use in insulting Android fans, as there is no use in insulting Apple fans. People really need to grow up or learn a better way to get rid of their frustrations.

  9. 89p13 - 7 years ago

    Android Fans have so much to HATE about . . . . . their own insecure, “open” to carrier controlled updates and crapware loaded OS. I’m so thankful that Steve told the carriers, “Hell No – You’re NOT Loading My Phone Up With Your CrapWare! Take it or Leave IT!”

  10. 311sie - 7 years ago

    First time was funny, actually it was hilarious, they get points for that. But, again? Really?
    It appears the toxicity on this platform doesn’t just run in the software, it extends to the users as well.

  11. This is what I hate about customer reviews. It’s difficult to gauge to an accurate opinion of an app. I’d do away with all reviews across all app store platforms because the whole thing is becoming an unholy mess. Google Play at least allows you to obtain a refund easily if you don’t like the app (for whatever reason) – the Apple App Store is currently a right pain in the arse if something doesn’t work. What often happens is that because a customer isn’t able to obtain an immediate refund, people then post rotten reviews without contacting the developer or Apple. Apple needs to work much harder in this area IMHO.

    • You can get a refund (if you don’t like the app you bought) ‘t the App Store very easily as well. I don’t know what are you talking about.

      • Paul Andrew Dixon - 7 years ago

        Yup…this is true – i think it depends on the app, but i think you have 14 days to try the app… in the UK i think its 30days…if the apps doesnt work as described you can request a refund

  12. These guys.

  13. We also think to give 1 star to all google apps on iOS

    • viciosodiego - 7 years ago

      Can’t love the google app.

    • mytawalbeh - 7 years ago

      Apple users will not do that because they “Think Different”.
      Unlike the children over there, I would not give Google’s app 1 star just because it’s made by Google.

  14. realgurahamu - 7 years ago

    At least iPhone users give google apps honest and impartial reviews on the apple App Store. Call us sheep all you want but try to think – us giving honest positive reviews and android users giving dishonest negative reviews – who are the real fanboys here? Makes me lose faith in evolution because clearly many people are still less intelligent than even apes.

    • ericisking - 7 years ago

      These people use the same phone as more than 80% of the world (Android) and the same computer as more than 90% of the world (Windows PC), and yet they dare to call someone a “sheep” for using an iPhone. They lack self-awareness, as well as manners.

    • jowens1259 - 7 years ago

      Is that the same Iphone users that was involved when Instagram was brought over to Android?

  15. See. I told you. They will rate anything from Apple negatively. You’ll see that with Apple Music app as well. They are just dumb, nothing else.

  16. Howie Isaacks - 7 years ago

    Let these morons rage on. They’re just pissed that some people who want to move away from Android crapware can do it more easily now.

  17. Paul Allen (@starxd) - 7 years ago

    What a bunch of petulant children.

  18. Tom A (@Newdeal99) - 7 years ago

    I actually think these reviews are good for apple because people with half a brain will read them, download the app, like it somewhat, and then feel like a douche for being associated with android like the trolls they just read the reviews of…then they are only the end of their contract away from switching to an iPhone

  19. scottwilkins - 7 years ago

    Hater gonna hate….

  20. Atlas (@Metascover) - 7 years ago

    So much frustration….

  21. mytawalbeh - 7 years ago

    That’s funny! Seems “android authority” childish website is doing well. You can realize how big is the difference between Apple and android users, there are a lot of Google made apps on the App Store but nobody rated them 1 star just because they are made by google.
    GROW UP!!

  22. Cameron Granger - 7 years ago

    It’s like we’re in a world full of 12 year olds. This is just sad.

  23. Cameron Granger - 7 years ago

    I owned a Galaxy S6 edge for 4 months, and hated it with a diehard passion. I like my iPhone, I also don’t like somethings about it. But I’m not going to be this childish and rag on android. This is ridiculous.

  24. Paul Andrew Dixon - 7 years ago

    It’s the fact that people will go to such lengths to download an app just to write a review… worse is that they feel the need to do it.

    Yes it’s released by apple, but it is also for Beats which is more or less the same as before apple took over, which was still a great device used and loved by many many android owners – now all of a sudden, just because it’s owned by apple, it is crap — really?

    Most of the comments are not even relevant… i am sure there are many genuine users who actually want to read something useful.

    These obsessive people from android, and even those from micrsoft and even apple, just spoil it for the normal everyday person – their comments and information do not help and in fact just put people off – my family all use android, but i use apple – neither of us brag, neither of us try to get the other to change – in fact when my mum has a problem with her phone i help her out…i dont say “OMG mum, how can you use an android… i’m not touching that”…
    it just a difference in preference…

    there are some apps that work better on android and others that work better on ios, and sometimes there is very little difference…

    i dont go on the chrome app and leave stupid comments – im even using chrome right now on my mac – shock horror!!!

    The fanboys/gals need to just shut up and go back to their dark corners and stop disturbing the rest of us – we honestly dont care how much you love your devices, and i certainly dont want to think about what you do with them…

  25. Jason Kichline - 7 years ago

    This is why I don’t make an Android app… because I don’t need to deal with these childish and whiny people. Every time I make an announcement about our top-rated iOS app, I have a bunch of Android users whining that we don’t make it for Android and get nasty about it. No thanks. I rather deal with civilized people that appreciate their devices and don’t expect hand outs from hard-working app developers.


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