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I’m a Creative Editor passionate about Apple Retail and design. My stories highlight the work of talented artists, designers, and customers through a unique lens of architecture, creativity, and community.

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Can’t visit an Apple Store? Try AirTag accessories and Precision Finding with AR

Starting today, AirTag and a collection of matching accessories are available to purchase and try hands-on at Apple Stores that have fully reopened. If you’re unable to visit an Apple Store location, augmented reality experiences allow you to compare Apple-designed AirTag accessories and discover Precision Finding from home.

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New World: Today at Apple imagines post-pandemic life through creativity

Today at Apple New World

“The sessions have been like tiny art galleries.” Han, a Creative Pro at Apple Carnegie Library, summed it up best in a discussion with illustrator Ohni Lisle on April 14. The event was the 19th of 21 virtual sessions held over the past 12 weeks thanks to a partnership between Today at Apple and It’s Nice That. Through those tiny galleries, more than 20 leading artists and a global audience of creatives shared profound ideas for a post-pandemic world.

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COVID-19: Which Apple Stores have reopened?

apple store open doors

On March 13, 2020, Apple closed all of its retail stores outside of Greater China in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. As regions around the world ease and impose new restrictions, Apple reopens stores with additional safety procedures and temporarily recloses other locations. In the US, each state has responded differently to the virus, which may leave you wondering: is my Apple Store open?


Accessible augmented reality tools unlock new experiences for art, education, retail, more

Creators are discovering new ways to tell immersive stories through augmented reality (AR). Driving the adoption of AR is a new generation of apps, tools, and technologies that democratize art creation and make virtual worlds instantly accessible to anyone. The evolution of AR from a novelty to an essential communication tool will unlock new experiences for artists, teachers, shoppers, travelers, students, and more.

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