Apple Pay McDonalds Drive Through

Both Walgreens and Whole Foods have had similar Apple Pay advertising at checkout for a while, but I noticed today that my local McDonalds recently received their own Apple Pay signage displayed at each drive through window.

I still preferred paying with my card so the cashier didn’t have to hold a terminal out of the window, but when the terminal struggled to read my card I asked if Apple Pay worked. The cashier said yes and knew to hold the terminal out toward my car. Unfortunately, that terminal seemed to be having an off-day as my iPhone didn’t respond either. (Eventually we went back to using my debit card wrapped in receipt paper, the age old trick, to complete the transaction.)

Even though Apple Pay didn’t work this time—I’m certain it was a bad terminal, although for someone less determined to push forward with the mobile payment service it might mean not using Apple Pay in the future—I’m happy to see more advertising for Apple Pay… plus Google Wallet and Soft Card in this case.

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Zac Hall

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