Apple Watch OS on iPhone 6 (Video)


That didn’t take long. Andras Horvath put together this concept of Apple Watch OS running on an iPhone. Enjoy.


  1. JD Lien - 8 years ago

    While using the Watch OS on an iPhone seems ridiculously absurd, it does make one ponder a few things.
    First, it would be really handy to have a watch emulator on the iPhone to try out some features and also to interface with other watches to test things. A handy tool for developers, mainly.

    Second, it makes me think about how much the iPhone impacted the computing industry and how some of the great features of the iPhone have started making their way to the Mac (for better or for worse). Perhaps some interesting ideas will come out of the Apple Watch that will trickle up into the iPhone. The Taptic engine could be handy for some things, for instance.

  2. noahlach - 8 years ago

    Wow, someone knows how to crop the sides off of the Apple Watch video and put it over a picture of the iPhone 6 they found online. I’m amazed.


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