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Bronson Watermarker, the popular Mac utility for watermarking PDFs, has been completely revamped for version 2.0, with a new single-window interface and additional features to help keep documents in the right hands.

The new version, now named Bronson Watermarker PDF, is available on the Mac App Store for $19.99 and also available for site licenses through Quote-Unquote Apps.

Bronson Watermarker PDF is a Mac utility for creating personalized watermarked PDFs. Version 2.01 adds support for encryption, password protection, and localizes the app for German, Chinese and Russian markets.

“Bronson was our first Mac app, released in 2011,” said company president John August. “This update was a chance to rebuild it from scratch and incorporate the features our users wanted most.”

Like its predecessor, Bronson Watermarker PDF allows users to generate any number of personally-watermarked documents with just a few clicks. But the new version goes far beyond the original, offering a streamlined workflow and new customizations.

– Open and save lists of frequently-used names.

– Choose from five five watermark styles (Center, Diagonal, Triple, Header and Footer).

– Choose font, size, weight and opacity.

– Choose outline or solid text.

– Use “Fit” setting to adjust text to cover the entire page.

– Automatically remember last settings used, or revert to defaults.

Because a watermark alone may not be enough for some situations, the new Bronson Watermaker PDF provides optional security features to keep PDFs protected:

– 40-bit encryption, balancing strength with compatibility.

– Choose passwords, or auto-generate individualized passwords.

– Invisible fingerprinting, creating digital watermarks the naked eye can’t see.

– Random Noise, which prevents straightforward filtering.

– Deep Burn, which saves every page as an image with the watermark embedded.

Bronson Watermarker PDF is as notable for its new interface as its new features. Its flattened, single-window design anticipates many of the changes due in OS X Yosemite, yet works today under Mavericks.

“We looked for ways to strip the chrome away and really focus on the work. Here’s the document; here’s what you can do with it,” said designer Ryan Nelson “When we talked with our customers, we found some people used it three times a day, while others used it once a month. We wanted Bronson to feel right to both of them.”

Within the minimalist aesthetic, the developers allowed for some flourishes. “If you’re encrypting and watermarking hundreds of documents, that can take a while,” said lead programmer Nima Yousefi. “So instead of a progress bar, we give you a custom animation that shows what it’s doing under the hood. It’s a small thing, but it makes using the app more enjoyable.”

Bronson Watermarker PDF is available today in the Mac App Store, with localizations for English, German, Chinese and Russian.

Site licenses are available through Quote-Unquote Apps:

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