Every app has its own story

The guest of our weekly column “Every app has its own story” today is Carmine Barbato. He talked to us about his experience on MakeItApp, from the point of view of a user who had never had experience with app creation, as the majority of users of the MakeItApp platform. The app he created, of which you will read about below, was chosen by Apple as Best App of the Week when it came out.
The sincere story that Carmine told us does not need any extra word, so we will now let him speak to you about his experience with the MakeItApp flexible working model and with sharing a project with someone you didn’t know who becomes passionate about it as much as you. If after reading you wish to jump on board and create your own successful app, click here and propose your project!

“Do you know Mr. Wolfe, the character from Pulp Fiction? Right, I wish I could just introduce myself as he does. Hi I am Carmine and I solve problems. But the truth is that I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.

I live in Cagliari (Sardinia), I do system analysis as a job, I am a telecommunication engineer and I always loved start-up stories. When I was 22 (totally unconscious) I began working in marketing agency and with 2 free press local magazines. Right after I graduated I undertook studies on how to transform and idea into a business and I even tried to do so with a product I projected. I got to the National Innovation Prize but I soon realized that ideas are not enough: there is the market, there are competitors, the break-even point! I thus decided to attend an MBA… just to become even more confused about what I want to do when I grow up!

One day I read about a start-up that was actually making it. It promised to connect developers, graphic designers and project managers. I am obviously talking about MakeItApp. At that time, as a coincidence, I was looking for someone to develop an app for a website that I had created, but the costs were totally discouraging. The idea was quite cool and very useful: I wanted to solve the riddle we all read on reviews on TripAdvisors or similar platforms that say “Prices are normal”, “The bill was fair”. I decided to do it with MakeItApp and in only 5 months my first app was ready: Il Conto, Grazie! (The Bill, Please), an app where the reviews of restaurants and pubs begin from the bill.

It was all possible thanks to master developer Erik, met on MakeItApp, who joined my project and worked with me exactly from 526,62 km away, bearing daily Skype rings. I think he might have printed a picture of me and put it on his desk! 

Now the public strongly demands an Android version of the app, thus we are looking for a second developer and probably for a designer… on MakeItApp, of course.”

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