Hello !

We’ve just released the app created by us which allows the user to place themselves in a huge virtual cinema.  Application is dedicated to Cmoar projection goggles (currently on Kickstarter), compatible with Google Cardboard as well. 


You can find it here:



It’s the first app on Google Play of this size that is focused on VR virtual cinema (IOS version will be available soon).


The way you can operate it is very natural and intuitive.  The user just needs to point their heads on a virtual remote they’ll see on the left and they will see the menu on the virtual screen that will allow them to rewind, pause and choose any seat they want to. The range of choice is wide –  it doesn’t matter if the user wishes to sit in the first row, the last row or in the middle. 


The app is mostly aimed at more powerful devices, however it should work with less powerful as well.


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