Convertr Lite

Convertr Lite aims to take the concept of unit & currency conversion to a different level. With simple controls and gesture-based interface, users can effortlessly Tap, Pinch, Scroll and Swipe through the most complex conversions in a matter of few seconds.

Whether you are looking to convert currency or figure out power or volume, Convertr Lite gets the conversion done amazingly fast. This app provides comprehensive support for 12 most practically and frequently used categories such as Currency, Area, Length, Mass, Temperature, Time, Data, Volume, Power, Angle, Energy and Fuel.

Convertr Lite offers innovative scroll and zoom feature for streamlined navigation between the ranges. This is one app that knows your preferences. It remembers your most recent and extensively used conversions, as well as lets users save conversions. You can perform your conversion in 7 different languages; English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Russian.

Let’s take a look at the features that this app offers:

  • Fast and minimalist interface requiring least number of clicks
  • Accurate currency conversion, supporting 157 world currencies
  • Unique scroll and zoom feature allows effortless navigation between the ranges
  • Save your conversions for quick use in future
  • Easy access to your most recent and favorite conversions from home screen
  • Choose your preferred app background
  • No Ads Supported
  • “All-in-one-pack” which includes no ads, custom themes, currency conversions, and option to save conversions at one go

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