After posting a hands-on with the Late-2016 13″ MacBook Pro, I immediately received lots of questions about the so-called hidden Power Adapter Extension Cable inside of the MacBook Pro’s box. This rumor, which is based on an apparent joke from a popular YouTuber, has gained enough traction to where I received numerous comments about the fact I didn’t show the hidden cable in my video review.

To be clear, there is no extension cable hidden inside of the MacBook Pro’s box. Apple will gladly sell you a Power Adapter Extension Cable for $19.00 at the Apple Store, but it’s not giving it away in the box.

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As we noted in our hands-on video review of the new MacBook, the extension cable is no longer included with the MacBook Pro like in times past. Instead, users are provided with a 2-meter long detachable USB-C cable for charging.

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