Editors Keys, the recording and editing equipment company based in the UK has released its new range of silicone shortcut editing covers.

The brand new covers are designed to fit MacBook, iMac wireless keyboards and Apple extended keyboards and offer full shortcuts for Adobe’s Creative Cloud applications and audio production software DJay and Avid Sibelius.After-Effects-Macbook01.jpg

The team at Editors Keys designed the silicone covers to offer protection for editors, against everyday dirt such as dust, crumbs and coffee spills. In addition to this, the covers also allow you to edit up to 40% faster by displaying all of your program shortcuts. Easy to clean, the covers can be washed with water and dry within seconds.


Adobe Creative Cloud Covers

The covers which can be used for the Creative Cloud include Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and InDesign which are all available to purchase on the Editors Keys website now. The covers contain over 90 shortcuts for each program. These covers will join existing covers for Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop. The covers mean that creatives who work across multiple Adobe programs can change the shortcuts depending on which program they’re using.



The DJay cover is perfect for DJ’s and has been designed in conjunction with the programs makers Algoriddim. The Djay keyboard cover will let you play and mix your djay tracks on your Mac and turns your MacBook into a fully functional DJ station.


Avid Sibelius

The Sibelius cover allows users to compose, arrange and publish quicker with over 120 shortcuts available along with extensive colour coded shortcuts at your fingertips.

All covers are available to purchase on the Editors Keys website www.editorskeys.com starting at a retail price of £27.99.


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