This GIF summarizes the evolution of technology over the past 30 years


eBay today is running an promoted post across image sharing site Imgur that shows how technology has transformed over the recent years. In the GIF shown above, you can see how everything that used to be placed on a desk can now be done with a single MacBook and a smartphone.

The company also shows the evolution of MP3 players, which is ironic seeing that they are sometimes considered dated even in our current era. Other evolutions include the switch from floppy disks to flash drives, boomboxes to portable Bluetooth speakers, tube TVs to flat screens, disposable cameras to modern high-megapixel digital cameras, and perhaps most importantly, the evolution from dated desktop computers to laptops and tablets.

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  1. PhilBoogie - 8 years ago

    Cool! Though I’d disagree with their last (8) picture. If anything, the Mac didn’t evolve into the Surface

    • alexmihaichoco - 8 years ago

      Ha, I just noticed that. I guess its their way of saying that a computer has gone from something on your desk to something you can hold in your hands.


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