Fixing iTunes

Earlier this morning Rene Ritchie on Twitter had the open ended question: “iTunes is a monster and you want it reinvented. But, you still have to support USB iPod + iOS device sync. And on Windows. What do you do?”
They can do exactly what they did in iOS. Split up all the apps. Everything is better separate, especially when each section of iTunes has grown far bigger than what they were when they started. To be more specific:
  1. A media sync/backup app.
    1. Sync contacts, calendars, etc. if the user doesn’t use iCloud
    2. File-like access to all your purchased content on iTunes. Simply drag, drop, select, whatever you want, to the iOS/ iPod device. No stores. You can’t open anything. Just transfer and sync.
    3. Back-Up ability for iPods and iOS Devices
  2. iTunes Music Store
    1. An app to buy music. (à la Mac App Store)
  3. Music App
    1. An app to listen to your purchased music, radio  stations, and view Connect
    2. You have the ability to purchase an Apple Music Subscription. Apple Music catalog should gain a look identical to the iTunes Music Store. Instead of the price, it should have “Add to My Music.”
    3. The return of Cover Flow (?)
  4. iTunes Movie & TV Shows Store
    1. Purchase/Rent Movies & TV Shows
    2. View all your video content
  5. iTunes Podcasts
    1. View, subscribe, and listen to all your podcasts
  6. iOS App Store: Personally, I find no use in having an iOS App Store on the Mac. The “media sync/backup app” backs up the apps you have installed on your iOS device.
  7. Move Audiobooks to iBooks, give iTunes U a separate app on the Mac App Store, and leave Ringtones to the Music Store
On Windows you do the same exact thing.
Problem solved. Maybe easier said than done. Feel free to point out flaws.