Introducing PodCleaner 1.0
PodCleaner is a revolutionary application for audio cleanup, especially focused on podcasts and interviews.

PodCleaner main interface

Under an elegant, eye-catching and easy-to-use interface are hidden powerful technologies such as cluster-based noise gate and the synchronization engine.

Cluster-based noise gate

The cluster-based noise gate, unlike traditional filters, reduce and eliminate all clicks and unwanted noise while maintaining the best voice quality.

Auto-Sync engine

The synchronization technology is based on an algorithm that determines the level of overlapping, which allows optimum results with voices from different sources.

Job status

PodCleaner works with almost any audio format and with QuickTime video.
PodCleaner 1.0 is on sale for Macintosh; Windows version will be released soon. The free trial allows you to test PodCleaner and all of its features for 15 days.
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PodCleaner, the essential tool for audio cleanup and for podcasters.

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