Photoshop fail: Apple’s official Lightning Dock page mistakenly depicts iPhone 5c with Touch ID

One of these things is not like the others

One of these things is not like the others

The iPhone images above are all featured on the store page for the new Lightning Dock that Apple released earlier today, but only three of them depict real iPhone models.

The iPhone 6 Plus, 6, and 5s all look correct, but if you look closely, you’ll notice that the pink iPhone 5s somehow ended up with a Touch ID button. While there have been rumors of a 4-inch iPhone 6C variant, there’s a pretty good chance that this isn’t an early look at that.

Instead, it’s probably just a case of someone forgetting to toggle a layer in Photoshop before exporting the image. In all likelihood it will disappear and be replaced with a corrected image in the near future.

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Update: Somebody at Apple cracked open Photoshop and fixed the home button. The revised image is below.



  1. zubeirg87 - 8 years ago

    In my opinion this has to be an updated iphone 5c with touchID and probably 5s internals. I think these pictures are all of actual devices rather than virtual ones and they are only refined on photoshop.
    Besides if cutting down manufacturing cost was the reason apple replaced the 5 with the 5c, then it would make a lot of sense for them now replacing the 5s with an updated 5c. Anyway if that is indeed the case, I think it’s great, because the 5c feels like a much tougher and more durable phone than the 5s.

    • Mike Beasley - 8 years ago

      Nope, these are all fully ‘shopped. There’s no possible way they could line the images up *exactly* like that. Try overlaying these iPhones on top of each other. You’ll see pixel-for-pixel matches between models, like the home buttons. They are perfectly aligned in each image. Definitely not real photos. This is not an updated anything.