[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IC3pGgQT-6s&ytsession=vI3cmjm9HMoao921F3Dzq7CnQoCesTEaRQaWd3twR9tQ3k3pZy1-ZMj8KE7AEWccfwE_TNvaUfhaeeR5drRL5JKl0lyoSQxT856g4gFsXLjhs89Tj0ZskAVB6XHlXjWtESnTuTE9hRYEwa7qyMgrbv_jTV7VUZEvc41xW3jo2-CXIV4TQ2Tc2BkQC27AmwVIc2Cd0UrkctEmz8NOTeRQKjabwRGhAeRD4vTQFqgRCbU0leWkjqwLsyEiWuT3_zoClHaYgayJCRw68JfcZhQLVhxNe5zYYhpsxAIrjU9ZnQL8LZ6wLc9F303k_r_YdUwoFRMYebD3190]

Okay, it’s a parody (but you knew that already, right?), but the iPad mini (7.9-inch) isn’t that much bigger than that iPhone 6 Plus (5.5-inch). For what it’s worth, though, the first thing I did after buying an iPad mini was pocket it into my shorts and buy a coffee… so much more utility than skinny jeans.

What’s it gonna be, skinny jeans or iPhone 6? I guess Apple really is entering fashion in a big way this year.

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