The iPhone had received nearly 200 bids since it was listed, with the price surpassing $100,000 Monday night. However, the item has since been removed by the seller, Alex Kantor (username Kimberlyk1018).


He reportedly received the prototype by accident when US network provider Verizon sent it to him when he ordered an upgrade. Despite only having one previous sale on the site, he gave a “110% guarantee” that the prototype was real (and the pictures certainly seemed to verify his claim, with the phone running in developer mode and not iOS 8). It also appeared to be without the regulation markings usually found on the rear of all iPhones sold to the public, as well as it having a red charging port.

There is no indication that the device has been sold. Kantor just appears to have withdrawn the listing which could be for a number of reasons (Apple may have contacted him asking him to return the phone, he may have received a private offer outside of eBay, or he may have decided to keep it for himself).

Back in 2010, an unreleased iPhone was sold to technology blog Gizmodo, with Apple subsequently pursuing criminal charges against Gizmodo and the seller. Steve Jobs was forced to drop the charges due to insufficient evidence; however Gizmodo still had to return the device. Either way, Kantor certainly got his 15 minutes of fame, and maybe we’ll hear more in the future.

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