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If you want but always can’t keep a journal , this app definitely deserves a try! :-)

With 365 journaling prompts throughout the entire year, journaling can’t be easier.  You don’t have to stare at the empty pages and worry about what to write about anymore, just launch Loop Journal and spend a little time answering the question, it’s just that easy!

Answering questions to get your journal done is just the beginning, what’s more awesome is that you can answer the same question year after year and see how you’ve changed or developed over the years. Simple but powerful, you won’t find another journaling app like this!


  • 365 thought-provoking questions for the entire year
  • Beautiful themes allow you to add a personal touch to your journal.
  • Friendly reminder prevents you from forgetting to write the journal
  • Backup to Dropbox
  • Password lock keeps your secrets safe.
  • Sharing your thoughts to Facebook and twitter is just a tap away.

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Please reply to notify other users if you’ve redeemed the promo code, feel free to contact us for any further questions. Have a great week! :-)

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