Kimmel suggests “Apple Just Give Us Your Money” service, a $20/mo. Apple protection racket

Late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel occasionally jokes about new Apple products, and used yesterday’s launch of Apple Music as a launching-off point to suggest a new Apple service: “Apple Just Give Us Your Money.” For $20 a month, the service protection racket doesn’t have any obvious benefits… except insuring that no harm comes to you when enjoying Apple products. Funny or not? You decide.


  1. mytawalbeh - 8 years ago

    Not funny at all !

    • fgsamm - 8 years ago

      It’s obvious that you never have used Apple Pay,this happens quite often.

  2. chrisl84 - 8 years ago

    It speaks to the larger issue of subscription services are multiplying exponentially at this point. HBO NOW, Apple Music, iCloud Storage, Netflix, Showtime, Amazon Prime, the list goes on and on. At some point that bubble will burst and its not going to be pretty when it does.