Have you ever been turned down by your better half? Is it hard to tell if they’re in the mood? Luhvah is for couples to share just that, whether or not they are feeling frisky.¬†

Using your “Luhvah level” you can set what your level of desire is and it is immediately posted to your partner. You can have a direct line to their interest level just by launching the app.

Imagine being out with friends and getting a notification that your better half was at a “10.” Even better, imagine never being rejected from “pleasuretown”, because you can just check your app and just know if they’re ready to go.

You can use the built in message post system, nudges, to share private, secure, instantly gone messages to possibly improve your chances of success. This isn’t like your typical chat app. You send a nudge, your partner views it, and once dismissed it is gone. Complete privacy.
Never have a message popup on your screen during a meeting, never have someone glance at your phone and see that text you didn’t want shared. It all stays within the app. This will revolutionize your relationship.

Available starting today here.

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