Menote – is perhaps the best way to keep all your ideas, notes, important information and your daily notes in a one single place. Simple, beautiful and easy to use – these are the standards that we stand for, while building and improving Menote.

With its simplicity and card-style design, you will easily get all your tasks together and will manage them as easy as like never before. You can add and manage images into your notes, write down your ideas and make them look awesome on your iPhone.

This is a first note app ever you’d want to write more, and enjoy your personalized card notes.

Main Features:

– convenient and informative notes card-style list – no limitations using Menote in offline mode – keep your notes in the cloud and manage information between your devices – simple ordering of notes by category: colors will help you quickly navigate the records, and the menu allows you to quickly filter out the desired category – create your own categories and assign the original colors to each and one of them – unlimited number of your own categories and text records – the ability to add images and photos on the note; intuitive control with attaching images – notes archive with the possibility of their recovery – search notes on the text – publishing and sharing notes on a generated link, with a web view interface

Premium Features:

– creating password protected notes, which can be accessed only after entering the password – add Reminders and alarms to your notes – an outstanding dark theme – set up the time for a Night Mode, you want it to work – additional 1GB of space on the server to store your stylish notes with photographs and drawings (and other media content real soon)

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