Minute App Updated – Boost Your Meeting Productivity

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce we just launched a complete new Minute version in the AppStore. We introduce a brand new, state of the art Minute design, featuring all your agenda topics, documents, tasks and notes in one screen. All your important meeting information is instantly visible.

Minute meeting

Anonymous Testing

We believe Minute is the ultimate meeting tool for having more efficient, productive meetings, but we can imagine you want to experience that for yourself before creating an account. Therefor we developed the anonymous button. A smooth way of testing Minute and all its features, so you can decide for yourself if Minute is really suited for your (company’s) meetings. Make sure to create an account after your testing phase, otherwise users will not know who’s inviting them to a meeting.

anonymous account

Webversion Available

The most requested feedback we received in our beta phase was to develop a Minute webversion. We listened carefully to our user wishes and are proud to announce a webversion for those without an iPad available. As you’ll notice it’s a read-only version. This means you’ll be able to view your meetings, attend meetings, see agenda items, documents, tasks and notes being added (real-time) by other participants, but you won’t be able to add or edit information (yet). We’re working on the editable webversion as we speak!

We’re excited for you to try out Minute app. The Minute app is live in the Apple App Store and available as a webversion.

Want to learn more about Minute? Check: http://getminute.com