Open Letter: 9to5 and Commenting

Dear 9to5,

I have been a regular reader of the site for numerous years (2009) and have seen the site grow into a respectable source for credible and exclusive information regarding future products as well as serve as an excellent filter for all the rumour noise, obscure and false reporting.

…but it’s time….again…

To reevaluate the current state of the site’s commenting system and the ability for your readers to engage with each other. I understand the struggle, I’ve been through many iterations, everything from Vanilla. I even participated in the former “9to5FORUMS”.

Personally, I’ve enjoyed WordPress comments. It has probably been the most reliable system yet. It’s worked across all the devices I’ve owned. However, with the growing number of commenters, its limitations are pronounced and have made debating and replying in thread like manner infuriating, something that you see on a regular basis in your articles.

For the sake of the community, it would be great if the site would consider using alternate comment systems, particularly ones with emphasis on tidy thread arrangements (Currently, we are unable to even reply to replies)  and noticing regular contributors as seen on previous implementations, where positive points would  contrite to a positive score therefore a positive contributor.

Your considerations would be great and I would love to hear back with your thoughts.



P.S. Article open to recommendations and considerations.

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