This is the original Apple Watch (Video)


Most of the world has been patiently waiting for the arrival of Apple Watch. This is probably one of the most anticipated products that Apple will release in 2015, but did you know that it’s not the first watch Apple created? Back in 1995, Apple actually used the watch shown in the video below as an incentive to upgrade to System 7.5. Meet the original Apple Watch. Take a look at Jonathan Morrison’s video for a closer look at it.


  1. Upgrade to System 7.5… LAAAAME!

  2. Eric Benroth - 8 years ago

    The guys who said “it has Steve Jobs all over it,” needs to study his Apple history, or just go bend more iPhones.

  3. Shoot. I have one of these somewhere. Man. I have no idea where it is.

  4. Mario Gonzalez (@yuusou) - 8 years ago

    @Eric Benroth I thought the same thing! And I think most of these guys on the video need to go back to bending iPhones. They oozed Apple hate.

  5. That is not the original Apple Watch. First I know of was black with rainbow logo, 1986. In the 1987 Apple catalog.