Party DJ lets you and your friends vote to queue up music (Free from today)

I released my music app Party DJ last year – it shuffles all your music (or just music from chosen playlists), and allows friends with smartphones and tablets to vote on what music to listen to next.

It’s a great app for listening to music with friends & family, and I’ve just released an update that makes it free-to-try and brings a whole lot of new features.

Party DJ

Party DJ supports the iPhone and iPad, including the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus


  • Party DJ can shuffle your whole iOS music library, or only songs from playlists of your choice.
  • Non-iOS users (eg. Android & Windows Phone users) can vote too, using a web interface.
  • If you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection available, iOS users can still connect and vote using Peer-to-Peer Bluetooth – great for playing music on road trips!
  • Party guests can add music from their own library into the queue, if the host allows it.
  • As the host you remain in control, able to skip and re-order tracks as you see fit.
  • The latest update brings lots of new features, likes crossfading and a beautiful TV display showing what’s playing now and upcoming tracks.

Here’s the website for the app:

Party DJ is available on the App Store at: