ProType – The REAL keyboard for iPad


The Real Keyboard for iPad – Engineered for Flexibility

NCODX is introducing ProType 1.0 – the real keyboard for iPad. ProType is a third-party product bringing a familiar full-size keyboard with advanced features to iPad, catering for coders, writers and everyone simply longing for a real keyboard experience. It was carefully crafted to look, feel and behave just like a physical Mac keyboard, enabling users to touch-type easily, and work faster.

ProType offers the following features:

  • 19 different keyboard layouts; supporting 12 different languages;
  • simultaneous multiple keyboard activation, enabling different purposes, such as coding and text writing;
  • layouts come with Quick Settings, enabling users to adjust configurations for their purposes;
  • operates with restricted access, without compromising on features, for additional users’ security and peace of mind;
  • quick and precise cursor positioning using either the arrow keys or a convenient swipe gesture within the space key;
  • forward and backward deletion;
  • deletion of whole words at once using a swipe gesture;
  • autocapitalization;
  • automatic full stop insertion on double space;
  • super easy character accentuation;
  • auto-completion of brackets, braces, quotation marks; and more

ProType 1.0 is completely based on Apple Inc.’s brand new and fantastic Swift programming language, version 1.1, which enables ProType to load extremely fast, be super responsive throughout and most importantly safe. Thanks to Swift’s advanced and modern features, such as Optionals, ProType runs extremely reliably, making it one of the fastest and least buggy third-party keyboards available.

Availability & Compatibility

ProType is available worldwide through the App Store at just 2.99 (USD), 2.69 (EUR), and 1.99 (GBP).

ProType runs on all iPads supporting iOS 8, namely iPad 2, iPad 3rd Generation, iPad mini, iPad 4th Generation, iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina Display, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 3.

¹ Supported keyboard layouts in version 1.0: English (US, UK, CA, AU, IE), Deutsch (DE, AT, CH), Español (ES, ISO), Français (FR, CH, CA), Italiano (IT), Nederlands (NL), Norsk (NO), Polski (PL), Português (PT), Suomi (FI), Svenska (SE), русский (RU). More layouts will feature in version 1.1