Take a Photo or a Video of whatever you want and whenever you want…even if during the night with a perfect resolution.
Reflex Camera is the first app with “Manual Mode”,to take professional pictures and to record videos, using the LiveView of your device.It will be like have a real SLR with all function.
You will be set the parameters of your camera and to use the manual mode in addition to the usual auto mode and a new P-Mode with which you can quickly set the brightness of your photo and video.
In each mode you can use the Manual Focus and the Manual white balance.
In M mode you can change: shutter speed and ISO sensitivity togheter with MF and MWB.Choose the manual focus to enhance the subject of your photo and video, using the “Macro Focus”, to capture the smallest details, and the “Infinite Focus” to define perfectly distant subjects.
Use the self-timer to take a Selfie with friends or when have to take a photo in the night and do not want to move the device while you start shooting.
“Auto Mode” to take perfect pictures automatically
“P Mode” to take to choose the perfect exposure in fast and easy way
“Manual Mode” to change Shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, Manual Focus, Manual WB.
Take advantage of the orientable interface to choose the best angle ….
Photograph,Record, enjoy and share with Reflex Camera
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