Searchr – One place for all your search

Search combined with actions.

Is a tool for everyday life. Searchr saves you time by allowing you to search wherever you want, and perform all the actions you want.

Message with the people you care about, look in music services, Maps, Yelp, Youtube, eBay, Google Search, create a new note with Evernote, Drafts, Dayone, search in Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, translate what you want, view your calendars, your task, interact with your contacts like never before, sends messages with Whatsapp or Skype, calls with FaceTime or Skype, post on Facebook and Twitter and much more. If you already did all these things, Searchr will make everything easier and faster.

Simple actions:

-Rename, delete, download, view files in your cloud services.

-Create notes, calendars, reminders and contact has never been easier.

-Share your favorite links wherever you want.

-Save your file from one cloud service to another.

-Create your favorite actions.

-Save your photos on your cloud services.

-And much more.

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